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scholar, and the republic of letters extends over the whole surface of the globe-he was a poet, and increased the literary treasures of a language which is also our mother tongue; but more than all, he was prominent in a cause which breaks down all barriers of distinction between men, and unites those who are engaged in it, in bonds of the most affectionate brotherhood. A devoted friend to the cause of missions, during his whole professional life, and at last a voluntary martyr to that sacred cause, it was in this character he excited our deepest interest, and in contemplating it with admiration and respect, his elegant attainments, his extensive learning, and poetical inspiration, were comparatively unobserved. Now however his various excellences have been placed before us in a strong light, and in him we see and acknowledge, “splendid talents, profound learning, cultivated taste, poetic imagination, the loveliness of domestic virtue, saintly piety, and apostolic zeal, combining together to form a character almost perfect.”

All these estimable qualities are amply illustrated in his “ Journal in India,"--a work too well known and too highly estimated to need commendation, and one that will make all who have read it, desi

rous of perusing whatever else may be presented to the public from the same source.

The American Publishers have been anxious to gratify this curiosity by the early publication of the present volume. The Sermons it contains, as will be seen by the English preface, were in part prepared for publication by the lamented author. The others were selected by the editor-his widow,of whom it will be acknowledged, that as she is more deeply interested in his fame than


other person can be, so has she proved by the past execution of her editorial duties, that there are few more competent than herself to extend and establish this fame, both by the publication of his remaining works, and by the Memoir of his life which is promised. The Sermons preached by Bishop Heber while in India, and also a selection from the parochial sermons at Hodnet, are announced in the preface to the present work. We anxiously look forward for the reception of these volumes, and particularly the latter. The clear and forcible exhibitions of scripture truth, the earnest appeals to the conscience, and the affectionate exhortations of such a man as Heber in the discharge of his duties as pastor of a beloved flock, must possess deep interest, and be calculated for exten

sive usefulness. The Sermons in the present vol ume, although by no means deficient in the above qualities, nay, on the contrary, distinguished for the union of practical reflection and exhortation, with ingenious and learned disquisition; yet being prepared for public occasions and delivered principally before learned bodies, are less adapted to universal perusal than parochial sermons would be. To the man of letters, and the theologian especially, the present work will prove a valuable acquisition, and the Publishers have great satisfaction in thus presenting it to their notice.

New-YORK, June, 1829.

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