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Twamley, Rev. John, Ballitore
Tweedy, J. J., Esq., Dublin
Twigg, Rev. Thomas, Dungannon
Twigg, Miss, Thornhill Glebe
Twigg, Rev. S., Magherafelt
Twigg, Rey. Thomas, Dungannon

Vance, James, Esq.
Venn, Rev. John, Hereford, 2 copies
Vereker, Rev. H.
Verschoyle, Rev. H., Dublin, 2 copies
Verschoyle, Rev. Richard, Balleek
Vesey, Rev. William

WATERFORD, Marchioness of, 2 copies
WICKLOW, Countess of, 2 copies
Wade, Rev. Benjamin, 8 copies
Wainhouse, Robert, Esq.
Wakeham, Rev. H., Ballinasloe
Wakeham, Rev: T., Bandon
Wall, Rev, R. H., D.D.
Wall, Rev. J. A., Portarlington
Wallace, James, Esq., M.D.
Wallers, W., Esq.
Walsh, Rev. Sir Hunt, Stradbally
Walsh, Rev. W. P.
Walsh, W., Esq., 86, Lower Mount-st.
Walsh, Rev. Dr., 2 copies
Ward, Colonel C.
Ward, Rev. Charles, Larne
Wardlaw, Mrs.
Waring, Rev. A., Desertmartin
Waring, Rev. J., Kilrea
Watson, Mr. John
Watt, J., Esq., Queen's Proctor, Malahide
Webb, Stawell, Esq., Kingstown, 3 copies
West, W., Esq.
West, Rev. Dr., Herbert-place
Whelan, James, Esg.
White, John Davis, Esq., Cashel

White, Rev, Newport B., Cashel
White, Mrs., Castlewhite, Cork
Whiteside, Rev. Dr., Scarborough
Whitfield, Rev. F., Annestown
Whitney, Rev. John, Templeudigan
Whitty, Rev. John, New Ross
Wilkins, Rev. William, Cavan
Willcocks, Rev. James, Ballinagh
Williamson, John M., Esq.
Williamson, Rev. Andrew, 4 copies
Williams, Rev. G., Warden of St. Co.'

lumba's Williams, the Ven. John, Archdeacon of

Cardigan Willis, Rev. Wm. N., Limerick Willis, John T., Esq. Wilson, Rev. Hugh, Ballywalter Wilson, Rev. Mervyn, Derry, 3 copies Wilson, Professor, Belfast Wilson, Rev. P. F., Winchester Wingfield, Hon. and Rev. Wm., 4 copies Wodehouse, Rey. Canon Wolseley, Rev. C. Wolseley, Rev. John Woodroffe, Rev. J. H., Glanmire Wright, Rev. James T., 2 copies Wright, Miss, Hillsboro Wright, Miss, Moneymore Wrixon, Rev. John, Belfast Wynne, W. E., Esq. Wynne, Rev, A., Waterford Young, W. E., Esq., Belfast Young, Sir J., Bart, M.P., Bailieboro Young, Lady, Bailieboro Young, Mrs. William Young, Robert, Esq. Young, Rev. Richard, Coleraine Young, Mrs. Young, Rev. Mr.



CH. IX.-History of the Church in Ireland under James I.-Rome succeeds

in establishing a new branch of her Communion in the country.--Notices
of its original construction, first prelates, &c. .. .. .. .. ..


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Extracts from the Ecclesiastical Annals of Car-

dinal Baronius, containing his charge of schism

against the Irish Church of the sixth century,

with some annotations thereupon

The famous Epistle of St. Columbanus to Pope

Boniface IV., on the Three Chapters, now first
given in English ..

. .
V. Bede's account of the symbolical m

the Paschal Rule ..
Note on some analogies between the Covenanters


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. In the first column of this table are set the Numbers of the Appendix which
are expressly referred to in the notes to the work. The second column contains
the Numbers of additional insertions, interpolated chronologically in the Appendix,
although not distinctly mentioned as to be found in it, in the notes aforesaid.

tie. of original documents, or periods, referred to in each article.
tie, of the present work, with which the article is connected.

A.D. 613 304

The “ Instructions" of St. Columbanus, two of

which, (now first rendered into English,) are

given in full, viz. :-

Instruction XII., on looking for the Second

Advent of Christ

A.D. 613 | 304 Instruction XIII., on coming to Christ, the

Living Fountain ..
A.D. 1084 427 | Letter of Pope Gregory vil., commonly called

Hildebrand, to Turlogh O'Brian, King of Ire-
land, containing the first papal claim to any

kind of supremacy over the island .
A.D. 1084 452 Of the ancient Episcopal Sees, Church Discipline,

&c., of Ireland, with several Catalogues of our

old Sees, from various authorities

A.D. 596 42 | Extracts from the Life of St. Kentegern, Bishop

of Glasgow, &c., illustrative of the mode of epis-

copal consecration, &c., in use among the an-

cient Britons and Irish .

. .. .. 1006

495 Illustrations of the intercourse which subsisted

between the Irish and the people of England

and Wales before the Conquest, as in-

A.D. 1068 The account of the Irish Expedition to England,

under the sons of King Harold ..

.. 1014

A.D. 1102 The Letter of Murtogh O'Brien to Primate An.

selm, and the

.. 1016

A.D. 1155 Extracts from the Chronicle of Wales, by Caradoc 1019

A.D. 1122 433 Letter of the Burgesses of Dublin, to Ralph,

Archbishop of Canterbury ..

.. 1041

A.D. 1152 | 483 Irish account of the Synod of Kells

A.D. 1155 488 Bull of Pope Adrian IV., granting Henry II.,

King of England, liberty to seize on Ireland for

himself ..

.. 1045

to which are appended some Anecdotes of the

Proceedings of the first papal Legates con-

nected with Ireland

| A.D. 1172 508 Bull of Pope Alexander III. to King Henry I.,

confirming the preceding one of Adrian IV. .. 1053

N A.D. 1172

Note on the eighth Act of the Synod of Cashel .. 1054

488 ! Some Account of the Tithes and other property

belonging to the Church in Ireland
A.D. 1172 533 Letter of Pope Alerander III. to the Bishops of

Ireland ; given, with those which follow, now
for the first time in English


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A.D. 1172 533 Pope Alexander II 1. to King Henry II., on the

conquest of Ireland, with remarks on the barba-

rity, &c., of the Irish

A.D. 1172 533 The same Pope to the Irish Nobles, on the same

occasion .. ..

A.D. 1172 534 The same Pope to King Roderic Ö Conor : 1091

A.D. 1186 552 Hlustrations of the oppressive policy of the Anglo-

Normans towards the Britons and Irish, fron

Giraldus Cambrensis .

A.D. 1186 | 606 Synopsis of the Episcopal Succession in the See of

'Dublin, from Bishop Donatus, or Donogh, A.D.

1038, to Archbishop Whately ..

A.D. 1486 To which is appended, a brief account of L. Sim-

nel's rebellion

. 1102

A.D. 1486 | 619 Summary of the Episcopal Succession in the pri-

matial See of Armagh, from the commence-

ment, in St. Patrick, to the primacy of Archbi-

shop Beresford

.. 1105

39. A.D. 1291 627 The Confederation of the Ecclesiastics of Ireland,

under Primate Mac Molissa, now first pub-


.. .. 1114

A.D. 1318 634 The Complaint of the Nobles of Ireland to Pope

John XXII., on the wrongs inflicted on them

by the English under papal sanction, now first

given in full to the English reader


40 A.D. 1318 641 Reply of Pope John to the foregoing, addressed

to Edward II., King of England.. ..
1367 State of the Irish Episcopacy at the period of the

Statute of Kilkenny, shewing its general subju-

gation to papal influence in that age .. .. 1139

A.D. 1306

Of the Early Roman Taxations of Ireland, with

a synopsis of that of the year 1306, hitherto un-

published ..

A.D. 1291

Bull of Pope Nicholas IV., making over to King

Edward I. a grant of the Ecclesiastical Tenths

in Ireland, &c. .. .. .. .. .. 1161

42 ! A.D. 1489 671 Extracts from the Bull of Pope Innocent VIII.,

for the confirmation of the foundation of a Col-

legiate Church in Galway .. .. .. 1169

To which are added, Historical Memoirs of the

diocese of Enaghdun, or Annadown .. .. 1171

A.D. 1536 | Notes on the Irish Parliament of the 28th year of

King Henry VIII., to which are appended- 1189

cations of .hitherto ... 1145

A.D. 1536 683 The account given by the Four Masters of King


Henry's alterations in matters of religion, and 1193

An account of the mode of nomination, confirma-

tion, &c., of Bishops, introduced by this king's

legislation .. . .. .. . .. 1194

Also, a passage from the Institution of a Christian

Man, indicating the views which it was intended

to set forth on the same topic . .. . 1196

With some further illustrations of the same, from

the late Hereford Case," and Mr. Justice

Coleridge's judgment thereupon

.. 1197. '9

A.D. 1535

Abstract of the Bull of Pope Paul III, denounced

against King Henry VIII., absolving his sub-

jects of their allegiance, &c.

A.D. 1538 11. Letter of the Bishop of Metz, conveying to

Con O'Neill the suggestions of the Pope and his

Cardinals for stirring up rebellion in Ireland .. 1203

A.D. 1541

2. Letter of Pope Paul III., to the same chief, on

the same subject ..


A.D. 1542 705 Specimen of the Forms of submission of the Irish

princes to King Henry VIII.


A.D. 1560 758 List of the bishops who attended the Irish Parlia-

ment of A.D. 1560 ..

.. 1208

A.D. 1560 758 State of the Irish Episcopacy in a d. 1560. .. 1209

A.D. 1560 773 Account of the Succession of Titular Primates,

&c., in Ireland


A.D. 1545 1. Some notices connected with the History of R.


.. 1227

A.D. 1564 2. Account of the life of Rd. Creagh, first of the

present succession of titular Primates of Ireland 1228

3. Notices of the Successors of R. Creagh, to the

present age .. ..
4. Remarks on the present mode of nomination to

the titular episcopate in this country, as com-

pared with ancient Irish usages . . . IZ

A.D. 1600

5. Of Matthew Oviedo, and his Successors, the

titular archbishops of Dublin, to the present

. 1252

A.D. 1569 777 Bull of Pope Pius V. for the Deposition, &c., of

Queen Elizabeth ..

.. 1253

A.D. 1577 | 7 Bull of Pope Gregory XIII. in favour of the Irish

Insurrection against Queen Elizabeth, headed

by James Fitzmaurice ..

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