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In concluding and presenting to the Public our Volume for 1852, we have to perform the time-honoured duty of offering them the expression of our grateful thanks for past favours, and of soliciting their liberal encouragement for the future.

The Volume now added to our long series will not be found, we confidently trust, to be unworthy of its position. That which is to follow shall not lack improvement, if that can be effected by zeal and good-will. It is a good quality that which describes a man's winter as "frosty but kindly." WE, for our parts, albeit nearly a century and a quarter old, are as yet unconscious of any winter of the mind or body. An eternal spring seems to be our possession, and, with the aid of our Friends, and the help of our Subscribers, we hope to devote it, for centuries to come, to the amusement and instruction of mankind.

It is among the maxims of Publius Syrus that Fortune stultifies whom she too highly favours,-" Fortuna nimium quem fovet stultum facit." This will not be found applicable to our case. We have, indeed, enjoyed an exceeding, yet not an excessive, fortune— one exceeding that achieved by any other periodical, yet not excessive, we hope, as regards our merits. On this latter ground we find our warrant for soliciting the continued patronage of old friends, and the added favour of new. With this support, for which we know

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