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HE Subje& of Tythes is the

Great DIANA of the Quakers. They have Bent their Whole Force against Tythe, as the likeliest Means to overthrow the Church. And herein they have Many Abettors. Upon whose Account, İ Resolv’d to Consider of Tythe, in a Discourse by it felf.

My Controversie with the Quakers has led me into Subjects of Different Natures, and Engag’d me among other Parties. As when they began to be Convinced concerning the Neceflity and Benefit of the Sacraments of Baptism and The Lord's Supper : But stuck upon the Administrator to whom they should go for it: To fatisfie them in this, forc'd me Dire&tly upon the Caufe of Episcopacy; This concerned other Dissenters. And received a very Angry Answer from one who Stiles himself a Presbyterian. Wherein I cou'd find Nothing to Reply to but Pasion and Personal Reflections, therefor I let it Sleep:

The like Fate I may meet with in this, That it will be Oppos'd by others than the Quakers. And indeed it is for the sake of others' more than the Quakers that I write it. Of others who shou'd have more understanding, as not being Carry'd


with that Blind Enthusiasm which Poffesses the Quakers. But yet

who suffer themselves to Swim down the Stream of a Popular Sacrilege.

Ther is nothing needful to these Men but to Rouse a little,

open their Eyes, and Confider. And not to follow a Multitude to do Evil.


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I have not in the following Sheets quoted any of the Quaker-Books; or Repeated their poor Arguments, which they on


and down the Highway, the Common Objections that were then Running about, and you will meet with every where; they are all Answer’d, tho not Nam'd in what follows.

But it is very observable, to what an Excess of Fury and Madness against all the Institutions of God that Spirit of Delufion which Poffess’d the Quakers did Hurry them. Even to Account this Part of the Worship of God, the Offering of His Tythe, to be a Renouncing of CHRIST, a Denial of his having come in the Flesh, and a Mark of Antichrist

. As you may see in The Snake in the Grass Sect. XIX.


And there sufficiently Answer'd. Together with their other Den signs they had in their Opposition to Tythes, on Purpose to Ruin and Destroy the Clergy.

Therefor leaving these Men, I turn to More Considerable Adversaries. And first I Name Milton, only for his Name, left the Party should say, That I had not Consider'd his Performance against Tythes. Which has More Wit, but little more Argument than the Quakers.

His Fancy was too Predominant for his Judgment. His Talent lay so much in Satyr that he hated Reasoning. Or rather, he got not leave to make use of it, while he wrote for Hire against his own Opinion. Which Appears by what he wrote Vnbribd (which Mr. Toland has not Re

printed) printed) contrary to what he afterwards had a Pension to set up. He sacrific'd a Noble Genius to the Vices of the Age. He has thrown away some of his Railery against Tythes, and the Church then underfoot. Which Tickld little Toland to that Degree,That tho he has Reprinted that Precious Piece against Tythe calld Considerations touching the likeliest Means to Remove HIRELINGS, &c. among the Rest of Milton's SHAME, yet he has thrust Platches of it into that Life he wrote of Milton, the most Considerable (we must suppose) that he cou'd find, to be Worth this Repetition, as A Pulpit Divine, a LOLLARD indeed over bis ELBOW-CUSHION. And his Sheep fit--- as the Sheep in their PEWS at SMITHFIELD. And such

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