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without the vail, and without the camp. ( what fruit is here! Here is wisdom for fools; here is justification for the con. demned soul ; here is fanctification for the polluted soul, and clothing for the naked ; riches for the poor, bread for the hungry, drink for the thirsty; all manner of fruit is here, and we are trying, Sirs, to shake the tree of life among you, and bleffed be God they may be gathered. O Sirs, they are dropping among you! O gather, gather, for salvation is in every word that drops from him, for his words are the words of eternal life. But

6. This blessed Plant is renowned for his scent, and pleasant favour. O Sirs, there is such a blessed favour in this Plant of renown, as has cast a perfume through all the para. dise above ; he has cast a perfume through all the church militant, which in If. v. is called God's vineyard. O Sirs, do ye find any thing of the scent of this Plant; I can tell you, if ever you have been made to ken him, it will be so, Cant. i. 2. “ Because of the favour of thy good ointment, thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee." The believer finds a scent about him, he draws a favour from him. What is the design of us ministers but to cast abroad his scent; and it is by this we win souls: and they that cast out and drop the Plant of renown out of their fermons, no won. der their sermons stink, and they shall stink to eternity that throw Christ out of their sermons. The great business of ministers is to cast forth the scent of Christ to people. I shall read you a word to this purpose, in 2 Cor. ii. 14-16. “ Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ:" the apolle triumphs in him, and all other honelt mi. nisters will just triumph in him too, and all Christians triumph in him that know him; “ And maketh manifest the favour of his knowledge by us in every place. For we are unto God a sweet favour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish. To the one we are “ the favour of death unto death, and to the other the favour of life unto life, and who is sufficient for these things?” Who is able to tell the sweet favour that is in him? But then, again,

7. This blcfied Plant (in my text) is not only renowned for his favour, but likewise for his shadow, Cant. ii. 3. “I sat down under his shadow with great delight," the shadow of the Plant of renown. You are all fitting there or standing, but are you fitting under the Plant of renown? Jonah's gourd did him service against the scorching heat of the lun that was like to take away his life; but, alas, that soon failed him ; fur God sent a worm and smote it, that it withered ; and the worm of death will soon fmite and wither you and me; O get

in under the shadow of this Plant of renown, and ye are recue re: against death and vintictive wrath for ever; get in under his thadow, the shaduw of his interceflion, the shadow of his power, the shadow of his providence, the Thadow of his faith. . fulness; O fir downunderbisihadow, and you will find holterthere against all deadly; whatever blasts come, you will find safety there; would you be shadowed from the king of terrors, death is a terror to many, O if you would be thadowed against the awful terrors of death and God's vengeance, get in under this shadow, and you are safe.

Again 8. This Plant is renowned for his stature; he is al high Plant, he is a tall Plant. You see the heavens above you, but they are but creeping things in comparison of him, but this glorious Piant, “he is the high and losiy one that inhabits eternity;" you can never see his height. Your eye will look high, and your thought will reach higher; but neither your eye nor your thought will reach unto him. He is taller than all the cedars in the Lebanon of God; “ Eye hath not seen, nor hath ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to think of the height and glory of this Plant of renown.” But then,

Lastly, This Plant is renowned for his extent, not only for his Itacure, but he is a broad Plant.' He was planted in the first promise in Paradise, he spread through the Old Testament church, he came the length of Glling the land of Judea, but at length this Plant has spread among us, and () that I could spread him among you ! and 0 that I could cpen the leaves' of this Plant io take you in! lie is a broad Plant, he will serve you all. We read of the tree of liic being on every Gde of the river. There is a great river betwixt us and heaven, and that is death, and we are all running to this river of death. As one weil obferves on the place, this tree is in the middle of the river, he is on this fide of time, and he is on that lide of time. Now this Plant is on both fides of the river. Though you were going to the wailes of America, you will find him there as well as here, if you have but the art of improving him. And this Plant will spread himself through all kingdoms, llabak. ii. 14. “ The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, just is the waters cover the lea.” Ile will not only fill the earth, but the whole heavens throu, houteternity. O he is a broad Plant that will extend himiclf both to heaves and earth! And this thall serve for the second thing propofid, namely, to show, that this Plant is indeed a renovned Plant.

III. The third thing I proposed in the prosecution of this doctrine was, concerning the railing or upbringing if this l'L1117. VOL. III.



· You fee it is no other than the great God that raised up this Plant; I find the great Jehovali glorying in his skill and wisdom, in the railing up of this Plant for the use of the church, Plal. Ixxxix. io. Says the Lord, “ I have laid help upon one that is mighty, I have exalted one chosen out of the people. I have raised up David my servant; with my boly oil have I anointed him;" He just glories in it, that he had raised up this glorious Plant of renown. · I will tell you a few things with reference to the railing up of this blotted Plant

ift, le was raised up in the counsel of God's peace from eternity. The Trinity fat in council anent the upbringing of him, “ The counsel of peace was between them both,” Zech. vi. 13. The Father and the Son agreed upon it, that, in the fulness of time, the Son should come into the world. But then, again,

2dly, He was raised up in the first promise to Adam and Eve. Until this Plant was discovered to them, they were like to run distracted. And indeed, Sirs, if Chrifless Goners faw where they were, and the wrath of God that is hanging over their heads, they would be ready to run diftraded, till a revelation oí Chriit was made to them. All the promises, a'l the prophecies, all the types, and all the doctrines of the Old Teltament, were the gradual springings of this Plant. But it was under ground, until,

3.1!, His actua'manifestation in the flesh, when, in the fulnels of iime', he appeared: “In the fulness of time, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeemi them that were under the liw, that we miglit receive the adoption of fons.” And then, again,

Vidy, This plant was raised up, even in his death. He was cut off from the land of the living, yet even then he was raised up, even in his very death; when this Piant was cut down on Mount Calvary, his scent and favour ran to the utmoit ends of the earth. And what is it but the doctrine of the cross of Christ, that catches finners unto this very day? Thefe minifiers must be the devil's ministers, and not the mimisters of Christ, who, instead of preaching a crucified Chrilt, entertain their hearers with harangues of Heathen moralitv, forihes of rhetoric, the doctrines of self-love as the principles of religious actions, and the like Ruff. Will erer chese fied the foul, or convert a soul to Christ? Such ways of preaching may tickle the car and please the fancy, but can never be the power of God to lalvation. I say, it was the doctrine of the cross of Christ that subdued the nations, and that ihall be the method of winning souls to Chrilt to the end of the world. “God forbiu (lays Paul) thai I bould glory,


save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Chrift, by whom the world is crucified to me, and I unto the world.” And, writing to the Corinthians, he favs, “I desire to know nothing among you but Jesus Christ, and him cruciucd;" and that will be the way of every faithful minister of Christ. But then, again,

5thly, This plant was raised up in his resurrection from the dead. For in his resurrection from the dead he was as declared to be the Son of God with power, by the Spirit of holiness.” By the upspringing of this Plant after it was cut down, our hopes began to spring up again: And, Sirs, if this Plant had not (prung up again, our hopes had perished for ever. Bud “ bleffed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which, according to his abundant mercy, hath begotten us again unto a lively hope,” by the uploringing of this Piant of renown, after he was cut down. A living Ciiriit, Sirs, is no small matter, a living Redeemer, our life is just bound up in this Plant of renown; because I live, ye shall live alto. But then, again,

6thly, This Plant of renown was raised up higher in his ascen. lion into heaven, when he was set “ down on the right-hand of the Majesty on high,” after he had, by himself, purged our fins : This Plant of renown, though he be preached unto us Gentiles in the church militant; yet he is now in person received up into glory, 1 Tim. ill. and is up above in the church triumphant, he is gone up with a thout. Olct us sing praises to the plant of renown, for he is gone up on high as our Head, as our God, as our great High Prieit, in the higher house.

And then, gthly, He is raised up likewise in the revelation of the everlasting gospel. And thus we are endeavouring to raise him up in the word and facrament this day, as “ Moses listed up the ferpent in the wilderness," John ii. 14. so we are endeavouring to lift up the Plant of renown, " That whosoever believeth in him should not perith, but have everlasting life," John iii. 16. 0 Sirs! I bring this Plant of renown to you, I offer him to every one of your hands, and say, Will you have him! O will you take this Plant, and spread his favour among you? He is the Father's elect and delight, and full not all this company fay, It is he in whom ny foul delighteth? And O, that every one of this company were saying it from the favoury sense of it upon their hearts! O carry him away with you, carry him in your hearts and foreheads, and let il the world know he is yours," My beloved is mine, and I am bis."

But then, again further, &thly, This Plant of renorun is railid up in the day of the church's reformation. When the fallen tabernacle of David is reared up, then this Plant appears gla

rious and beautiful. It is for the honour of Christ that the church be reformed. Alas! we heard a noise of great refor. mation of late ; but where is it? or what doth it amount to? What is there done for Christ? Is there any plant plucked up that lie hath not planted ? Are anv intruders upon Chris. tia: congregations by presentations, or Tham calls, turned out? Is there any thing done with erroneous professors of divinity, when error is running through the land? O! there are few to stand up for the truth this day, when such persons are let go without a rebuke; yea, without so much as a protest taken by them, who, I am persuaded, are lovers of Christ. Alas! it appears there is little courage for Christ, to whom we owe our all: 1 say, this Plant of renown is raised up in the church's reformation; may it not be said, " This is Zion whom no man feeketh after ?” Civil and ecclesiastic authority are studying to bear down Christ, but this Plant will be up upon them, let them tread upon him in his members as they will : His su. preme Deity and sovereignty in his church will yet appear; for his Father hath said, “ Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.”

But then I might tell you, othly, That this plant of renown will be raised up at his second coming : And, o Sirs, this Plant of renown will then appear in different views, and in different lights! To the saints he will appear in glory, they will lift up their heads and fing: But as for the wicked worid, they will see hiin all in red flames, ready to destroy and devour them : behold, he will come in the clouds, and every eye thall see him ; they that have pierced him by error; they that have pierced him by robbing and spoiling his people of the privileges where with he hath made them free; these that spoil ihem of their valuable privileges which he has bought for them with his blood, they will howl and cry in that day; " they who picrced him, and all kindreds of the earth shall Wail because of him,"

And then, Lasily, This Plant of renown will be raised up in the songs of the redeemed through endless eternity. The work of all the ranfomed in glory, will be to raise up the glory of this Plant of renown in the highest hallelujahs: “Worthy is the Lamb that was llain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and lionour, and glory, and blefling, to endless evermore." Every bird in every bush will there ling of the glory and beauty of the Planit of renown, and he will draw all one inillions and myriads that are the inhabitants of the higher house after him; they will be continually highly praising him. Thus you see Christ is a Plant of renown, and what way he is railed up.

IV. The

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