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grand picture of the will of God, and is made up of ten thousand pictures, more or less obvious or minute. In looking at a picture on canvass, or a landscape in nature, a child first discovers the hills, the trees, the houses, the village spires, &c. These he examines long before he attends to the hue of the sky, or the tint of the foliage."

My design in the following Compilation, is to do exactly something of the same kind—to fill the young mind with the clear outlines of Bible pictures, which, like so many posts of observation or landmarks, discover and unite Scripture narrative, precept and doctrine, together, in a pleasing and profitable manner. In executing this, I have confined myself to the Scripture text, esteeming it preferable to anything that could have been put in its place. I have endeavoured to connect and set down events chronologically in the order of time in which they were transacted, interspersing the whole with many valuable practical notes from the best Bible Commentators. In the “Biographical Sketches of Eminent Scripture Characters,” I have made copious extracts from the justly popular works of the Rev. Messrs Watts, Blair, Krummacher, Gilfillan, W. B. M'Kenzie, Headley, and others, to all of whom ] am much indebted. In order that the reader may not be ignorant of what became of the “Seed of Abraham," from the period in which their history closes in the Old Testament until it re-opens in the New, I have added a chapter containing a connecting link between the two.

If, for the use of Schools and Families, abridgments of the Histories of Greece, Rome, England and Scotland, have been found necessary and useful, it may not be too much most respectfully to solicit a share of public patronage for this

Summary of Sacred History," containing a connected account of the wonderful works of God, in Creation, Providence, and Grace, chronologically arranged, from the Creation of the World to the Return of the Jews from the Captivity of Babylon, and the settling of the affairs of Church and State under Nehemiah.

This Volume will be found not merely historical but biogra

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phical, forming a PICTURE GALLERY OF BIBLE WORTHIES, who, when viewed either as Patriarchs, Historians, Heroes, Judges, Kings, Statesmen, Poets, Priests, Prophets, or Saints, have never been equalled, and far less surpassed. No Book of the same size can be more replete with “examples for our encouragement of those who, in every variety of circumstances on the throne, and in the dungeon—in health, and in sickness among friends or foes—in a land of ordinances, or among idolaters—in youth, or in old age—in times of outward peace, or at the risk of their lives—lived by faith in the living God, and were not put to shame! It abounds also in examples for our warning, of men who, in the same circumstances, disobeyed God, and were punished by His righteous judgments."

It is hoped that the utility of this Compendium of Sacred History will not be confined to Private Families, or Public Day-Schools, but be useful to all, especially to Sabbath-School Teachers, by causing a portion of which to be studied from Sabbath to Sabbath, their Pupils cannot fail to obtain, with ease and accuracy, a valuable stock of Bible knowledge. As to past and important events, WHEN, WHERE, and How they took place. As to eminent Bible characters, WHEN, WHERE, and How they lived, What they Did, and How they Did It.

That the perusal of this Volume, whether in the Family or in the Class-Room, may be blessed of God in alluring the Young to grow familiar with His Word, leading them with increased delight and interest to the study of the WHOLE BIBLE, as the only fountain of that truth and wisdom which alone can make wise unto salvation, is the sincere desire of

Their Humble Servant,



August, 1860.



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