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divine and spiritual subjects. Now Report of the Trustees of the Missioner this peculiar light and knowledge con

ary Society of Conneclicut, to the sists essentially in boly love, or bene

General Association, June 1814. volence, which is the opposite of that moral depravity that blinds and dark- Rev. FATHERS AND BRETHREN, ens the minds of sinners. Every one

We are called to rejoice in the pros. that loveth is born of God, and know perity of Zion. Evidence is daily. elh God."

brightening to show that Jehovah holds 4. The effect of the Holy Spirit in the interests of his church in special renewing the hearts of sinners consists remembrance. In the midst of the in holy affections. In this great work wars and confusion of nations, the glothere is no new natural faculty produc- rious gospel, publishing peace and good ed. There is no need, and there is no will from God, is preached with sucroom, for the production of any new

The efforts of God's people principle, relish, or taste, that is dis-throughout Christendom, to send the tinct froin holy affections. " The fruit word of life to the destitute, are inof the spirit is love." And the love creasing continually, while the Lord of God is shed abroad in the hearts of encourages their exertions by answersaints by the Holy Spirit. Let the ing all their reasonable expectations. moral depravity of sinners be truly de- The prosperity which continues to scribed, and it will be easily seen that attend the missions conducted under the production of holy affections is all your patronage, and by the charity of that the Holy Spirit does effect, or the people of this state, furnishes peeds to effect in the hearts of sinners. occasion for gratitude and joy. Let holy love exist in the hearts of ra- The unceasing and growivg liberaltional creatures, and they will have ity of the people of this state, in conspiritual discernment and spiritual entributing to the support of missions, joyment.

you will gratefully acknowledge with Finally-We may mention the spe- us, and devoutly own the hand of him cial grace of God in renewing the whose are the gold and the silver withi hearts of sinners. This is not remov.| all the fulness of the earth. The ing a calamity, but removing criminal amount of the contributions in May, ity. It is doing wbat sinners do not 1813, is $3275 90. The amount of deserve, nor desire; but oppose.- expenditures in prosecuting the busiAnd this is an act of special and soveness of missions, during that year, is reign grace. And it lays the subjects $5041 81. Thirty four Missionaries of it under special obligations to serve were employed by your Trustees in and praise the author of their holiness the course of the year, and sent in vaand salvation. Hence the apostle rious directions, where it was supposPeter says to his Christian brethren-ed that the necessities of the people, 6 Ye are a chosen generation, a royal and the prospect of usefulness, called priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar for their labors; and abont 600 weeks people ; that ye should, shew forth of missionary service has been perthe praises of him, who hath' called formed. No new field of missions you out of darkness into his marvel- has been occupied in the year past.lous light." --Con. Evan. Mag. The calls for an increase of laborers, in

the fields already occupied by the SoERRATĄ.

ciety, were too great to suffer much

attention to other destitute regions. After “what," at the bottom of page 179,||Contínual experience teaches the im. read," is so. The intellectual facultiesportance of attending to the societies of men have no moral quality. There already formed, and the churches oris therefore, no room for moral deprav-ganized, until they are able, by great fly in the human mind, but only in the” exertions, to help themselves. And

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this they do with fidelity, wherever | tutions in the United States, although due attention has been paid to them they have been much increased in a by the Missionary Society.

few years, furnished but a small proThe Missionaries have faithfully portion of that assistance to the destiand laboriously performed their tours tute which is seen to be necessary, of service. They have been frequent- and which is desired by the peopls. ly called to be with the sick and the Respecting the disposition of the peo. dying, as the epidemic, which has pre-ple in general to receive Missionaries, vailed in many places of the northern and to hear the gospel, it is saying but and western parts of the United States, little of the truth to observe that preaaffected most of the settlements which chers are cordially received, and their they visited. They have, as usual, || preaching meets with a respectful atpaid particular attention to schools, totention. There is a prevailing desire visit them for the purpose of giving ad- in the destitute to hear the gospel.vice on the subject of education, and Missionaries are invited-are intreated to afford suitable instruction to the to come and help them. From many children and youth. The distribution places, urgent requests for assistance of small tracts, enforcing practical god-are sent to your Trustees. Those liness, together with other religious who are sent out to preach the gospel books, and the circulation of the holy to them, behold the extensive field bescriptures, accompanying these gifts fore them, feel the insuficiency of with suitable advice, have formed an their number, and desire that more important part of their service. 2488 may come over to their help. Thoutracts and books of various descriptionssands implore assistance in vain beon the subject of religion, have been cause the ability of the Society is unthus distributed ; and 348 Bibles, equal to it. which were presented for that purpose. Copies of our annual account of by the Connecticut Bible Society, | missions for the members of the Mishave been circulated. The Society, ssionary Society, accompany this retogether with all the friends of the Re-port. In this account the particulars deemer and of his cause, will unite of missionary service are given. To with us, in praise to God our Saviour, the narrative of missions is subjoined for his gracious smiles on the institu- the reports of Messrs. John F. Schertion, in the outpouring of his holy merborn and Samuel J. Mills, who Spirit, on' places visited by our Mis- were mentioned in our narrative for sionaries ; and in preserving the lives the year 1812, as Missionaries whose and health of these laborers, so that particular object was to obtain a more they have not been materially interrup- extensive and correct knowledge of ted in their labors in any instance, the religious state of our frontier setWe are called particularly to notice tlements. The information they have these things, and to render thanks to obtained respecting the religious and Almighty God, because a spirit of war- moral state of the country in general fare, which is invariably hostile to god through which they travelled, is as liness, has so much pervaded our fron- valuable to missionary institutions, as tiers ; and because vast numbers have it is interesting to our feelings. They died of the epidemic in places where abundantly confirm the statement, so the Missionaries preached, and many often repeated, that the people of this of whom were personally visited by land, not only in the newly inhabited them. While we make known these wilderness, but in regions which have causes for thankfulness and praise to been cultivated for near a centary, are the great Head of the church, and feel miserably destitute of religious instructhe encourageinent they afford, we tion. · In the cultivation of the soil, in must add that all the missionary ef-wealth, in population, and in vice, forts of this Society, and similar insti. | they are old; but alas, through ne

lect in morals and religion, they re- BAPTIST MISSION IN INDIA. semble the rude, infested, and noxious Concluded from page 155. wilderness. The whole tract of coun- We have frequently had occasion to try, through which these Missionaries notice the manner in which many of passed, contains about a million and thë Hindus, without becoming Chrisan half of inhabitants, who are alınost tians, begin to be detached from their wholly destitute of the stated ministry native superstitions, and to form sects of the gospel. The wildest dreams of founded on the renunciation of cast fanaticism, the most fascinating errors | under some gooroo, or teacher, to leading to perdition, and the onweari- whom they attached themselves, ed labors of Satan transformed into an Kreeshnoo, one of the converted Hinangel of light, are hurrying thousands || dus, and a zealous preacher of Christo ruin. We feel for them, and trust-tianity, was sent, in consequence of a ing in him who has hitherto helped us, request from some people of this deswe have appointed the following fieldscription, to a place at some distance, for missionary labor in this tract of called Ugrudweepa, to confer with country, viz. The state of Kentucky, their head gooroo. “ In the evening," the Missouri Territory, and the state says Kreeshnoo, "I went to the house of Louisiana,

of the head gooroo. He received me Applications have been made for with much affection, and made me sit suitable men for these places, and on the same seat with himself, declarthere is a prospect of soon supplyinging that he had wished to see me, and at least one of these fields. The ne-l to hear of the faith of Christ." "I read cessities of these destitute regions to him and explained the 5th chapter have not been hitherto felt by those of Matthew, with which he was much who are desirous to devote themselves pleased. He said he was sure that to the cause of missions; but they are this was the true religion, and that he now beginning to excite attention.- would join us. He had separated, he We pray the Lord of the barvest would added, from the idolaters around him, raise up laborers, and send then forth and wished to follow the true religion; to occupy these fields. Oh, that he but they were not of his mind; they would stir up those who are qualified persecuted and beat him; but still tio to come forth with pity for these şuf-was resolved to become the disciple ferers, saying " Here am I, send me." of Christ. “ The cast (said he) is not The members of the Society, togeth-of God: I will, therefore, follow the er with all who love our Lord Jesus Lord with you; for you are all casts, in sincerity and truth, will unite with Englishmen, Mussulmans, and Hinus in these supplications to Almighty doos. At night, about thirty of his God, that the light of salvation may disciples, brahinuns, rajpoots, weavers, fill our land; that religion, pure and gardeners, &c. all ate together. He undefiled, may prevail, in those dark-|| desired me to sit amongst them, and ened corners which are now the habit- partake of the repast, which I did; and ations of cruelty ; and that our coun- we praised God while partaking of this try may be filled with righteousness love-feast. and peace.

After we had all paten, the head May the presence of Almighty God gooroo forbad Moohun-mookja to inbe with you in all your deliberations, vest his son with the poita, and the wife and may bis blessing rest upon you, of Rasoo to give her sons in marriage and upon all your counsels for the pro-|| amongst the idolaters. To a man motion of Zion's welfare.

present, whose name was Bhola-nat'ha In the name of the Trustees, he said, 'We will no longer preserve

ABEL FLINT, Secretary. the distinctions of cast, but seek to HARTFORD, May 11, 1814.

possess the true religion in which there i no cast. Come, let as walk in the

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true way; let us delay no longer. His After stating at least twenty differdisciples all desired instruction from ent places in Calcutta, at which, in him, and assured him of a ready obe-the course of each week, there is dience. To me he said, 'I will con- preaching regularly by the Native sult with my disciples, come to you Converts, the Missionaries observe, and complete the work; for I assured that one of them, Sebukran, preaches ly know that there is one God, one re- || also often to the heathen in the streets ligion, one Saviour, and no more." and highways, and describes the

On this occurrence the Missionaries change in the minds of many as very remark : " It is a fact which has fre- || great. “Our aged brother Vrindavuquently been adverted to in the pro-na, lately come from Agra, was astongress of our inission, that large bodies ished to see people of different casts, of Hindoos have gone off from the an- and Brahmins among the rest, come incient forms of idolatry, and formed to the house of Sebukram, converse different sects among themselves; freely, drink water, and smoke with these persons have generally been op- him, without the least hesitation.” posed to the Brahmuns; but, from On another occasion, they observe; fear of the consequences attending the “ Without exciting the least agitation loss of cast, have in some measure of the passions, the Scriptures, and oth concealed their opinions, and paid a er fruits of the press, are producing a deference in public to the distinction of slow but real change in the reasonings cast, though in private they have lived and moral feelings of this people.” In in the constant practice of violating various parts the leaven is diffusing its rules. These sects have embraced its influence, and the light from heaven discordant opinions, though in many enters the idolatrous temple, and the points they agree. They all profess| mud cottage of the Hindoo." a great reverence for their spiritual “We would not, however, wish our guides, and are strongly inclined to a friends to suppose from hence, that we hospitable and friendly mixture of all expect any immediate general change casts. Many of them have drawn among the great body of the Hindoos; their opinions from that part of the an- but we observe with pleasure, the slow cient Hipdoo philosophy, which teach- and silent, but sure progress of knowles a contempt of the world, and holds edge. At first the Hindoos regarded up to admiration the principles of ab- us only as so many barbarians, without straction, bodily austerities, a rejection manners and without religion; many of cerimonies, and a devotion founded now, from a variety of circumstances, on faith in the object of their worship. but especially from seeing the Bible

“This schism having thus turned issuing from the press in so many lan: the minds of many from the brahmuns, Iguages, begin to think that some good as a body, to the particular religious may come out of Nazareth, and that guides under which they have ranged something more than worldly policy themselves, has opened a wide door may be our aim. This appears to be for the entrance of the Gospel. In the present state of things as it resJessore, Burdwan, and other parts of Ipects the influence of the Gospel on Bengal, these religious guides are nu-those places where it has been most merous; but are now unable to keep published; but a vast portion of tho their disciples faithful to them. Hav- population is yet to be informed, that ing rejected the authority of the Brah- there are good tidings from heaven for muns, they have begun to push their the children of men. enquiries farther; and every now and At Dinagepore, five natives had then these persons will acknowledge been baptized; and at Gomalty, much that they never found the true gooroo, || had been done in forming schools for till they heard of Christ, nor the true the instruction of youth. “The schools way to heaven till they heard the Gos- it is said, increase rapidly." The


school at Bholahaut has increased to can he be set free; and if men do not about fifty boys; that at Muhes-poora, I believe in Christ, how should their sins to about sixty-four; that at English-babe taken away ?" Another leader is zar to thirty-nine; and that at Malda, Shiva-rama-dasa, who has about five to thirty-seven. They increase so rap-| thousand disciples : for a considerable idly at Bholahaut and at Muhespoora. time back we have been preaching to that we bave beeu obliged to refuse them, and a few have been baptized. several children, as the rooms will not A fourth leader is Rusa-raja, whose conveniently hold more than the pres- disciples amount to about one thouént number. Will you be so kind as sand persons; our brethren Chamberto inform me whether I may increase lain, and W. Carey, jun. have had con the buildings ? The children come onversations with this mani: and some of greatly to my satisfaction. They read his disciples have been baptized A the Scriptures fluently, and commit Afth leader is Huri-dissa, who has about passages from the Scriptures to mem-five hundred disciples, several of whom ory with great avidity.”

have been baptized, and there are The accounts from Cutwa, Lakra-hopes of the leader himself. konda, and Jessore, are equally inter- “In a late journey to Jessore by esting. The schools are said to come brother Carapeit and myself, we advison well, and the native Missionaries, ed the deacons to spread the word who are employed there, appear to be through the villages around their own particularly laborious, and zealous in dwellings, and send their journals to preaching in the different villages with brother Petruse, at Chougacha. They in their reach, and conversing with readily agreed to this. From Cliougathe natives; and considerable effects cha we went to Koolagachee, and reseem to attend their labors. One of mained two days, preaching, and then these native preachers, of the name of proceeded to Vusi-poora, to the liouse Kréeshnoo, thus writes to a gentleman of Premdasa, another leader of a sect; in England :

who was once under instruction at Sea At present God is revealing his rampore, and then advised some of his mercy to Bengal in a most encourag-disciples to be baptized, namely, Shiva ing manner. The class of religious dasa, Doolala-dasa, Duyal-clasa, Gouramendicants called Utithis Muhuntas dasa, and Nurottuna. After their baphave long been in search of the true retism, Prem-dasa himself sought to be, ligion, but knew not where to find it; baptized, but was refused, as the wobut now on hearing the Gospel of Je-|| man he lived with was not bis wife. sus Christ, they begin to think, "what Lately, however, brother Petruse has can we do? How shall we abide in the married these two persons, and they commands of this Saviour ?” They have both been baptized. The people frequently come to see us, and inquire of those parts have been struck with more and more respecting the Gospel : astonishment at the conversion of this a few of them have been baptized.- man; adding, 'Our cast must now go; Among these leaders of sects, are Ram- he whom we regarded as a wise man doolala, who is said to have 100,000||has embraced this new way; what shall disciples: they have no reverence we now do ?' for the gods. The name of a second The Orissa Mission, conducted by leader is Neela-dasa, who may have Mr. John Peter, of Armenian descent, five hundred disciples. These eat and Krishnadas, a converted native, with us: but they say, 'If Christ has appears promising. We take particudied for sinners, then there is no more lar interest in this mission, and so will sin in the world : why then do you go doubtless our readers, from its com. about teaching men that they are sin-prehending within its range the temple

To this I answer; "If the of Juggernauth. ebtor apply not to his surety, how In February, 1812, Mr. Peter thus


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ners ?"

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