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Caréer, full Speed
Cárgo, the Loading of a Ship
Carpet, a Floor-cloth
Cafcáde, a Water-fall
Cafément, a Window that opens
Cafhiér, a Keeper of Money.
Cáflock, a Prieft's Garment
Caftle, a frong Place
Catárrh, a flowing down of ill


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Chaos, a confufed Heap
Chaplet, a Garland
Chapman, a Buyer

Chapel, a Place of Worship

Chapter, a Divifion

Charter, a Grant
Chattels, Goods
Chefnut, a Fruit

Chilblain, a fwelling from a

Chimney, a Conveyance for

Chizzel, an Iron Tool fo called
Choler, Anger
Chorus, finging together

Cieling, the upper Part of a


Cinders, Afbes, Dust

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Cobler, a Mender of Shoes

Cockney, a Londoner
Codlin, an Apple

Coffee, an Indian Berry
Coffer, a Cheft

Coffin, a Cafe for dead Perfons
Coinage, making of Money
Collar, a Ring of Metal, Lea-
ther, &c. for the Neck
Collect, a bort Prayer
College, a Place for Learning
Colon, a Stop, mark'd thus (1)
Colour, the outfide Appearance
of any thing, alfo Pretence
Column, a Pillar
Comma, a fmall Stop, thus (,)
Comet, a Blazing Star
Comment, an Interpretation
Commerce, Trade
Compact, Agreement
Compafs, a Mathematical In-
Compoft, Dung
Concéit, Fancy
Cóncord, Agreement
Confines, Bounds


Cónflict, a Combat
Conflux, a flowing together
Congress, a meeting together
Conqueft, Victory
Confént, Agreement
Cónfort, a Companion
Contact, Touch
Convent, a Religious House
Convex, the Outfide of any round


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Coquét, an amorous Fellow
Córal, a red Stone
Cornet, an Enfign

Cornish, an Edging upon Wain-

Corfair, a Sea Robber

Cortex, the Bark of a Tree.
Coufin, Kinsman
Cotton, woolly Stuff
Covert, a fhady Place
Council, a general Affembly
Counfel, Advice
Countess, an Earl's Wife
Country, a Kingdom
County, a Divifion of a King


Courage, Valour

Couránt, a Dance, alfo the Title
of a News-Paper
Coward, one who dares not fight
Coxcomb, a conceited Fellow
Cranny, a Chink

Credence, Belief, Credit

Credit, Reputation

Critick, a nice Cenfurer

Chryftal, a precious Stone Cubit, 1 Foot 9 Tenths Cuckold, Hufband of an adul

terous Woman

Cudgel, a Staff
Culture, Husbandry
Cupid, God of Love
Curate, an inferior Prieft
Current, running Stream
Cutler, a Knife Maker

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Default, Want, Omiffion

Defect, Blemish

Defence, Refiftance

Degree, Advancement

Deilm, denying revealed Reli

Delight, Joy
Déluge, a Flood

Defcant, mufical Compofition
Defcent, a going down, also a
Defign, an Invention
Défpite, Envy

Detail, the Particulars of an

Diet, Food, alfo an Affembly
Digit, an Inch, also a Figure
Difgúft, a Diftafte or Diflike
Diftich, a Couple of Verfes
Doggrel, pitiful Poetry
Dollar, a Foreign Coin worth
about 4 s. 6 d.
Dolour, Grief

Dolphin, a Fish fo called
Dotage, afdeating


Dózen, Twelve

Draper, one who fells Cloth
Dropfy, a waterish Humour
Drudger, an Oyfter Fisher
Drugget, Woollen Stuff
Druggift, one that deals inDrugs
Duel, a Fight between two Per-

Eagle, a Bird fo called
Eafement, a Refreshing
Echo, rebounding of a Voice
Eclipfe, a Defect of Sight
Edict, a Proclamation
Effects, Goods

Egrefs, a going forth
Emblem, Representation

Engine, an Inftrument

Envoy, a Meffenger
Envy, Spite

Errand, a Meffage

Effence, Subftance, Being
Evént, Iue, Success
Eúnuch, a gelded Man
Europe, one of the four Parts
of the World
Exilé, Banishment
E'xit, Departure
Expánfe, the Firmament
Expenfe, Coft, Charge
Exploit, a manly Action
Extent, Compass

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Flavour, Relish

Fléxure, a Bending

Florist, one killed in Flowers
Fluid, flowing thin
Foreft, a large woody Place
Forger, a Counterfeiter
Fortress, a fortified Place
Fountain, a Place which fends
forth Water

Fracture, the Breaking of a Bone Fragment, a broken Piece of any thing

Frenfy, Madness

Friday, the fixth Day of the

Frigate, a fmall Ship
Frolic, a merry Prank
Furnace, a Copper
Furrow, a Trench


Gauging, the Art of measuring
of Cafks

Gallon, a Measure of four

Gamut, a Scale of Mufic
Gangrene, a Mortification
Garment, a Coat

Garret, the upper-moft Room
Gazétte, a News-Paper
Gélding, a gelt Horfe

Giant, an uncommon large Per-

Gibbet, a Gallows

Glutton, a greedy Eater Gnomon, the Hand of a Clock or Dial

Gofpel, a Name of the News. Teftament

Goflip, a tattling Woman Grammar, a Book of Inftructions for Speaking properly

Grandeur, Greatness or Power
Graver, a Tool for Engraving

Grimace, Hypocrify

Gríftle, a Bony Subftance

Fleming, a Native of Flanders Groundfel, a Threshold


Grúdging, Sparing
Guidance, guiding, leading
Guilder, a Dutch Coin, value

2 S.

Gutter, a Sink or Drain


Hábit, Custom, Cloathing
Harángue, a public Speech
Hárbour, Lodging, or a Place
for Ships to ride at Anchor in
Harlot, an
Harnefs, Horfe Attire
Harveft, reaping Time
Hatchet, a small Axe
Havock, Deftruction
Heathen, Idolater
Heifer, a young Cow
Helmet, an Head-Piece
Hemlock, a poisonous Plant
Herald, an Officer

Herbal, a Book of Plants
Hermit, a folitary Perfon
Heron, a Water Fowl

Hireling, one who takes Wages

Hogoo, an offenfive Smell
Homage, Submiffion

Horrour, Dread

Honour, Refpect

Housewife, a good Manager

Humour, Fancy Hunger, Want of Food Hyphen, a Dafh thus (-) Hyffop, an Herb

I. or J.

· Járgon, Gibberish or Jangling Image, a Picture or Statue

I'mport, Meaning
Impoft, a Tax

Impulfe, Perfuafion, a frong


Inceft, unlawfulMarriage with
near Kindred
Income, Rent, Revenue
Index, an Hand or Mark
Ingrefs, an Entrance

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Motive, Perfuafion
Motto, an Emblem
Mountain, an Hill

Mufcle, fmall fleshy Threads
Mufic, Harmony
Muftard, a mall Seed
Nátive, one born in the Land
Nature, Difpofition
Navel, a Part of the Belly
Navy, a Company of Ships
Niggard, a covetous Perfon
Nitre, Salt Petre
Nonage, under Age
Novel, new, also a Story
Nurture, a Nourishing
Nufance, Annoyance


Pagan, an Heathen
Painter, one who paints
Palace, a Court

Palate, the Roof of the Mouth
Palfy, a Disease
Panick, (Fear) on a fudden
Papift, a Roman Catholic
Paráde, a Place to exercife Sol-
diers in

Párchment, a Skin to write on
of Parfley, an Herb.
Paftime, Sport
Paftor, a Minifter

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Patent, a Grant from the King
Peafant, a Country Fellow
Pebbles, Small Stones
Primer, a little Book
Princefs, Prince's Wife
Problem, a Prepofition relating
to Practice
Procéls, Proceeding
Próctor, a spiritual Officer
Product, the Thing produced
Progrefs, a Journey, a going

Project, a Contrivance Prologue, a Speech commonly before a Play

Prophet, an inspired Perfon
Profpect, a View

Proxy, a Deputy

Purport, Meaning

Purpose, a Defign

Purfúit, running after Diligence

Pénance, Mortification

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