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Réfpite, a Delay for fome Space of Time

Refúlt, Conclufion

Revenge, Satisfaction for an Injury

Review, an Examination, or fecond looking over

Rhubarb, the Name of a purging Plant

Riddle, a dark Saying

Rigour, Harfbness, Strianefs
Riot, a Tumult

Románce, a feigned Story

Quarto, a Book of four Leaves Rúbbish, Refufe, Dirt

in the Sheet

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Rábble, the Mob
Radix, a Root

Raiment, a Garment

Raifin, a dried Grape
Rancour, Malice
Random, Uncertainty
Rapine, Robbery
Rapture, Transport of Mind
Rafcal, a Rogue
Rafhnefs, Haftiness

Razor, a harp Infrument to
fhave with
Receipt, a Difcharge
Recefs, a withdrawing
Récord, Teftimony

Rector, the Parfon of a Parish
Reflux, a flowing back
Refuge, a Place of Safety
Regárd, Refpect
Rélict, a Widows

Rubrick, a Direction of the


Rupture, a breaking


Sábbath, a Day of Reft

Sable, a rich Fur

Salad, a Sallet

Samphire, the Name of a Plant

Sample, a Pattern

Sandal, a Sort of Shoe
Sapphire, a cofly Stone
Sarcafm, a Scoff or Taunt
Satchel, a Bag for Books
Sattin, a Sort of Silk
Saturn, one of the Planets
Satyr, a Kind of Sharp Lan-
Scabbard, the Sheath of a

Scandal, Offence, ill Name
Scantling, Size or Measure
Scepter, a Royal Staff
Sceptick, one who disbelieves
every thing

Schedule, (pronounced Sedule) an additional Writing annexed to a Will or Deed F4


Schólar, one who learns, also a learned Perfon

Science, Knowledge
Scion, a Graft

Scoundrel, a rafcally Fellow
Scripture, the Writings of the
Scruple, a Doubt
Sculpture, a painted Picture,
alfo Engraving

Scurvy, a Difeafe, alfo naughty
Sector, a Mathematical Inftru-


Segment, a Piece cut off
Serpent, a venomous Creature
Serum, the waterih Part of

the Blood
Sexton, a Church Officer
Shambles, Butchers Stalls
Sharper, a Cheat

Shekel, a Jewish Coin about 2 s. 6 d.

Sibyls, certain Propheteffes Signal, a Sign given, also remarkable

Signet, a Seal fet in a Ring
Siren, a Mermaid
Sloven, a nafty Fellow
Sluggard, a flothful Perfon
Socket, Part of a Candlestick
Sonnet, an Italian Poem
Sophift, a fubtle Difputer
Sorrel, the Name of an Herb
Sorrow, Grief
Sparrow, a Bird
Spectre, an Apparition
Spikenard, a fweet Smelling

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Squabble, a Wrangle
Squirrel, a Creature well known
Statue, an Image

Statute, a Law
Stature, Shape, Size
Steerage, fleering

Steward, an Household Servant
Stickler, a Zealot
Stipend, a Salary

Stirrup, an Iron faftened to a

Stomach, a Part of the Body,
Storage, Warehouse-Room
Story, a Tale
Streamer, a Flag
Stripling, a young Man
Structure, a Building
Strumpet, a bold Harlot
Stubble, Stalks of Corn
Student, one who ftudies
Subftance, Wealth, also the
Matter of any Thing
Suburbs, the out Part of a

Succéfs, good Luck
Súccour, Help
Suffrage, a Vote

Suitor, a Lover, aRequefter of a Favour

Sulphur, Brimstone

Summer, one half of the Year
Summit, the highest Top

Surety, Safety, Bail

Surface, the Out-fide
Surfeit, an Indifpofition
Surplice, a Minifter's white

Surprize, Aftonishment
Swallow, a Bird

Symbol, a Badge or Mark Symptom, a Sign or Token Synod, an Affembly of Minifters Syringe, a fquirting Inftrument Syftem, a Scheme or orderly Representation


S'yftole, a drawing together


Táble, an Index to a Book, &c.
Tailor, a Maker of Clothes
Talent, (of Gold) worth 54751.
Tallow, melted Fat

Talmud, a Book of Jewish
Talon, a Claw

Tankard, a filver Mug with a


Tanner, one who tans Hides
Tanfy, an Herb

Taper, a long wax Light or
Candle, &c.

Tapfter, a Drawer of Liquors Target, a Shield

Taffel, a Bunch of Fringe
Tavern, an House well-known
Temper, natural Difpofition
Tempeft, a Storm

Tenant, one who hires another
Perfon's Houfe
Tendon, the End of a Muscle
Tenet, a Doctrine, an Opinion
Tenour, Intent
Tenter, an Hook
Tenure, Poffeffion

Terrafs, a Bank of Earth
Terrour, Fright
Tefter, Part of a Bed
Tetrarch, a Governor
Tetter, an Humour
Texture, Compofure
Thefis, a Subject to dispute upon
Thicket, a Place full of Buhes
Thistle, a prickly Plant
Thresher, a Beater of Corn
Thunder, a Noife in the Air
Thursday, the 5th Day of the
Ticket, a small Note
Tiger, a furious Beaft
Timber, Wood for Building

Timbrel, a Musical Inftrument
Tincture, a Stain or Dye
Tinder, burnt Rags
Tinker, a Mender of Brafs.
Token, a Gift

Tonnage, a Duty to the King
Tophet, a Valley mentioned in

Topick, Head of a Difcourfe Torrent, a violent Stream Tortoife, a Creature wellknown

Tory, a Nickname given to those
who call themselves High
Church Men (in Ireland)

Towel, a wiping Cloth
Tower, a Cafle
Tractate, a Treatise
Traffick, Trade
Traitor, guilty of Treafon
Tranfcript, a Copy of an Origi

Tranfit, a Pass
Travail, labouring Pains
Treacle, a Medicine
Treafon, Disloyalty.

Treasure, Riches, Goods

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Véftals, a Sort of Priefteffes
Veftry, a Parish Meeting or
Place in a Church
Vefture, Cloathing
Vial, a fmall glass Bottle
Vicar, a Deputy

Viscount (pronounced Vicount) next Degree to an Eart Victim, a Sacrifice

Victor, a Conqueror

Vigil, an Eve before a Feaft

Vigor, Strength
Village, a fmall Town
Villain, a Rogue

Vintner, a Seller of Wine
Viol, a mufical Inftrument
Viper, a venomous Creature
Virgin, a chafte Maiden
Virtue, Quality, Efficacy, &c.
Vifage, Countenance
Vista, a Profpect

Valley, a deep Trench in the Vifor, a Spy


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Vizard, a Mafque

Ulcer, a running Sore

Ullage, is what a Cafk wants of being full

Umbra, a Shadow

Umpire, a third Perfon to de-
cide Differences
Uncle, a Father's Brother
Voider, a Table-Basket
Volley, a general Discharge of


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Wafer, to feal Letters with
Wager, a Sort of Contract
Waggon, a Carriage
Wainscot, thin Boards fixed to
a Wall

Wallet, a travelling Bag
Walnut, a large Nut
Walter, a Man's Name
Warden, a Guardian or Keeper
Wardrobe, a Place for Clothes
Warfare, a military Expedition
Warrant, a written Order
Warren, a Place for Rabbits
Weapon, a Sword or any war-
like Inftrument
Weather, the different Change
of Air

Weaver, one who weaves Silk,
Cloth, &c.

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Noun Adjectives, accented and explained.

N. B. Thofe Words of two Syllables, that you cannot find here, look for in Table I. or Table III.

The following Words fhould be wrote with fmall Letters, except at the Beginning of Sentences, or after a full Stop.

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Alért, brisk

Abftrúfe, fecret, not easy to be A'ntick, ftrange, antient



A'bfent, not prefent

under food

Abfurd, foolish

Acute, ingenious

A'djunct, joined to

Ardent, zealous

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