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Tránfact, to manage Tranfcend, to furpafs, to excel Transcribe, to copy out Transfer, to remove from, to make over or tranflate Transform, to change into another Form

Transfufe, to pour out from one into another

Tranfgrefs, to trespass Tranflate, to transfer, alfo to turn out of one Language into another

Tranfmit, to convey Tranfmute, to change one Matter into another

Tranfpierce, to run through the
Pores of the Skin
Transplant, to remove
Transport, to convey to another


Tranfpofe, to change the Order
of any Thing
Trável, to go a Journey
Traverse, to trace out a Matter
Tremble, to shake with Fear
Trepán, to beguile
Tréfpaís, to commit a Fault
Truant, to loiter or idle

Trúndle, to roll along
Tumble, to fall
Twinkle, to sparkle
Twitter, to shake, to tremble

Vánish, to disappear
Vapour, to brag

Vary, to alter, to change
Venture, to hazard

Vibráte, to shake or wind to and fro

Vifit, to go to fee

Vouchfáfe, to condescend
Upbraid, to reproach
Uphold, to keep up

Utter, to pronounce, vend or


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Thofe Words that you cannot find here, look for in the two next Tables, in Words of three Syllables.



béttor, one that advifes Abridgment, a fhorten

Ac'cidence, a little Book of firft Principles

Accident, Chance


Accómplice, a Companion
Acquital, a Difcharge
Adjournment, a putting off
Adjument, Help, Aid
Adjutant, an Affifiant
Admiral, a chief Commander at


Adventure, Chance

Advocate, a Pleader for another

Advowfon, a Right of Prefen


Enigma, a Riddle

Affiance, a Confidence, or
Trufting in
A'fluence, Plenty
Aggregate, Total

Aggréffor, a Beginner of a
A'gony, Horror

Alderman, a Magiftrate in a
Corporation Town
Alémbick, a Still

A'narchy, without Rule, or Go


Anchoret, an Hermit
Animal, any living Creature
Annoyance, Damage, Nufance
Antártic, the South Pole
A'ntichrift, an Adversary to

Antidote, a Remedy against

Antipodes, our Oppofites on the

Antipope, a falfe Pope
Antitype, that which is prefi-
gured by a Type
Aperture, an Opening
A'pologue, a moral tale
Apóftate, a Backflider
Appartment, a Lodging
Appendage, any Thing which
belongs unto, &c.
Appendix, added to another
Apricot, a Fruit well known

Algebra, a fpecious, or short Aptitude, Fitness


Alien, a Foreigner

Aliment, Food, Nourishment
Aliture, Nourishment of the Bo-
Allotment, Appointment
Allowance, Maintenance, alfo

Almanack, a yearly Account of
Time, Weather, &c.
Almoner, a Difpofer of Alms
Alphabet, all the Letters of a
Language, vulgarly call'd the

Altitude, Height
Amnesty, a general Pardon
Amulet, any Thing worn as a
Anagram, a Verfe made of the
Letters of one's Name

Aqueduct, a Fountain or Con

Arcánum, a Secret
Architect, a Mafter Builder
Argument, Reafon or Proof
Armáda, a great Navy
Arraignment, the Form of a


A'rtery, a Blood-Veffel in the
Article, a chief Head of a Dif
Artifice, Cunning
Afsaillant, one who affaults
Affeffor, an Officer who fettles

A'fterik, a Small Star used in
Atcevement, a Performance
Some great Action


A'theifm, the denying of God Attachment, aDiftrefs of Goods, alfo ftrongly inclined to Attribute, a Property belonging


Auction, a Way of difpofing of
Goods to the higheft Bidder
Audience, an hearing
Avenue, a fine Walk or Paffage
Augury, Divination by Birds
Axiom, a felf-evident Principle

Bácchanals, drunken Feafts
Bachelor, an unmarried Man
Baronet, the lowest Degree of
Honour bereditary
Barreter, a Wrangler
Barrister, a Lawyer
Bafilifk, a venomous Creature
Benefice, an Ecclefiaftical Living
Bigotry, Superftition
Bifléxtile, Leap-Year
Blafphemy, Curfing of God or

his Word

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Cárriage, the Carrying of Goods
Cartilage, a Grifle
Catalogue, a Lift of Names
Catechifm, a Book of theGrounds
of Religion

Catherine, a Woman's Name
Cavalcáde, a Show on Herfe

Cavalry, the Horfemen in an Army Caveat, a Caution Cavity, Hollowness Celandine, an Herb Century, an hundred Years Champion, a valiant Man Chancellor, an Officer Chastity, Purity

Chemistry, the Art of Reducing natural Bodies Chimera (pronounced Kimera) an idle Conceit Chorifter, a Church-Singer Chronicles, Hiftories of Men and their Actions Cinnamon, a Spice Circuit, a Compass about Citadel, a frong Fort Citizen, an Inhabitant or Frees man of a City Cochinéal, a cofly Grain ufed in Dying Cógnizance, Knowledge Colloquy, a Conference Combatant, a Fighter Comedy, a Play

Committee, a felect Company
Commixture, mingled toge
Complement, the Remainder
Compliment, kind Words or

Compófure, Calmness of Mind Cómputant, an Accomptant Comptroller (pronounced Controller) an Inspector, or one that infpects into Affairs Cón

Cóncernment, Affair, Bufinefs,


Concórdance, Agreement Concurrence, running together, alfo Agreement Cónference, a Difcourfe Confluence, a Concourfe, or Refort of People

Conformist, one who conforms Conjecture, Guess, Opinion Connivance, a winking at Cónfequence, a Conclufion, or Inference

Confonant, agreeable in Sound Contéxture, a joining together Continence, Chastity Continent, firm Land Conveyance, a Deed, alfo carrying Coroner, (pronounced Crowner) an Officer Corporal, one Degree above a common Soldier Coverture, any thing that co

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Diamond, a precious Stone
Diary, a Day-Book
Dictator, he that tells another
what to write or Jay
Director, a Guide, or Manager
Difafter, great Hurt, or Damage

Dáffodil, a Flower, called Daf- Discipline, Education, Inftruc


Dalliance, Wantonness

Debentures, Bills used in the Exchequer, &c.

Debauchée, a debauched Per



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Distúrbance, Disorder, Trouble Dividend, a Number given to be divided, alfo a particular Part of any Thing Divifor, the Number you divide by

Document, Admonition, Inftruction

Dramátic, a Poem by Way of
Drapery, Cloathing
Dueller, one who fights Duels
Dungeon, a dark ftrong Hold


Eclíptic, a Circle in the Heavens
Effigies, Image, Likeness
Ejectment, a throwing, or caft-
ing out

Elegy, a Funeral Song
Element, the Sky or Firmament
Elements, the first Principles
Elephant, a large Beaft jo cal-

Ellipfis, an Oval

E'logy, a Teftimonial in Praife of Embargo, an Arrest upon Ships Embally, a Commiffion given by a Prince Embryo, imperfect State Eminence, Excellency, alfo a rifing Ground Emperor, a Sovereign Prince Emphafis, Strength of Pronoun


Empirick, a Mountebank Endorsement, a Writing on the Back of another Writing Endowment, a natural Gift E'nergy, Force, Efficacy Enginéer, an Artist in Fortifi


Enigma, a Riddle, or dark Saying

Enlargement, a Difcharge from
Enmity, Hatred, Variance
Enfámple, Example
E'nterprize, an Attempt or Un-
Enticement, an Allurement
E'ntity, a Being

Epicure, a voluptuous Person
Epigram, a fort, witty Poem
Epilogue, a Conclufion of a
Epiftle, a Letter
Epitaph, an Infcription on a

Epithet, a proper Term
Epocha, the Term from whence
a Reckoning is begun
Equator, the Equinoctial Line
Equipage, Furniture, Atten-


Equity, Justice

Eringo, a candy Root
Errata, Errors

E'timate, Value, or Eftimation
Eucharift, the Bread and Wine
in the Sacrament
Evidence, Plainness, alfo a

Exáctor, an unreasonable Demander'

Examen, a Trial or Proof Excentrick, out of the common Center

Exchequer, the Place which

receives the King's Money

Excrement, Ordure, Dung
Exercife, Labour, Motion
Existence, Being
Exorcift, a Conjuror
E'xtacy, a Trance, or Savoon
Fáction, a Party ·
Faculty, Ability, Talent


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