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Falconer, a Manager of Hawks
Fallacy, Deceit
Falfity, Untruth

Fanátick, an over zealous Pro-
feffer of Religion
Fárrier, an Horfe-Doctor
Fafhion, Mode, Drefs
Favourite, a Darling
Fellowship, Company, Partner-

Ferúla, a foolish Inftrument used

in Schools

Féftival, a Feaft or Holy-Day Fiction, a Device, Lie, or feign'd Story

Filaments, Small Fibres or Strings
Finery, fine Attire
Firmament, the Sky

Fishery, the Trade of Fishing
Fiftula, an

Flagelet, a Pipe, or Wind In-
Flattery, fawning, wheedling
Fluxion, a flowing

Folio, a large Book of two
Leaves in a Sheet
Foppery, Fantanfticalness
Forefter, a Keeper of a Foreft
Forfeiture, lofing one's Right to
Forgery, Counterfeiting
Formalift, a formal Perfon
Fortitude, Courage.
Fraction, Strife, also a broken

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Fratricide, killing of a Brother
Friction, a Rubbing or Chafing
Frontier, the Limits or Border
Function, Duty, or Office
Funeral, a Burying
Furniture, Household-Goods
Fufion, melting of Metals
Fuftian, a Sort of Cloth


Gálbanum, a Gum fo called Gallantry, Intrigue, fine Bebaviour, Bravery

Gallery, a Sort of Balcony Galliot, a Small Sea-Veffel Gambádoes, a Sort of Boots for the Legs

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Gardener, a Dreffer of Gardens Garniture, Furniture, Trimming Garrifon, a Place of Defence Gazettéer, aWriter of Gazettes or News

Géneral, a Commander, alfe


Genefis, Creation
Genius, Nature, Fancy
Gentian, an Herb
Gentilifm, Heathenifm
Gentleman, a Perfon of a good
Gibberish, nonfenfical Talk
Glazier, a Worker in Glass
Glimmering, a faint Light
Government, Rule, Dominion
Governor, a Ruler, a Com

Granary, a Storehouse for Corn
Grafier, one who feeds Cattle
Gravity, Sobriety, Seriousness,

Guardian, one who takes Charge
of a Perfon or Thing
Gudgeon, a fmall Fish
Hábitude, Difpofition
Halcyon, the Bird called the
King's Fisher

Harbinger, one who goes before to provide

Harmony, Melody, Agreement Harpfichord, a mufical Inftru


Galáxy, a broad white Place in Hecatomb, a Sacrifice of an

the Sky

hundred Oxen

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Heraldry, the Art of Blazoning Coats of Arms

Herbalift, one killed in Plants
Heretick, one who denies the
true Faith, or a Name given
to all that are not Roman
Heritage, Inheritance by Suc-
Herefy, contrary to the Funda-
mentals of Religion
Hexagon, a Figure of fix Sides
and Angles

Hiftory, an Account of Things
Homicide, Manflaughter
Homily, a Sermon

Horizon, is that Circle which
bounds the Sight, between the
Sky and the Ground
Hórologe, a Clock, or Dial, &c.
Hofpital, an Houfe erected for
Hugonots, a Nickname, given
to Proteftants in France
Humourift, a whimsical Perfon
Hurricane, a violent Storm
Hyacinth, a Flower fo called,
alfo a precious Stone
Hypocrite, a Dissembler
I. & J.

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Jácobites, a Name given to the
Friends of James the zd.
Javelin, an half Pike.
Idiom, a peculiar Way of Speak-

Idiot, a Fool
Jealoufy, Sufpicion
JEHOVAH, the facred Name of

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Ingény, Genius

Injury, Wrong, Offence
Innocence, Harmlessness,
Inquiry, a Search

l'nftrument, a Tool to work with

Infurance, or Affurance, Security Intérdant, a Governor Intercourfe, mutual Correfpondence


I'ntereft, Ufe-Money, alfo Power Interim, in the mean while Interlude, done between the Acts of a Play Intérment, a Burial Interréign, the Space between the Reign of one King and

the other Intértice, Space between I'nterval, a Paufe or Distance Interview, a Sight of one another

Intrúder, be that intrudes upon another

Inventor, a Contriver
I'rony, by Way of Derifion
Jubilee, a Year of Rejoicing
Judaifm, the Religion of the


Kidnapper, a Person who decoys young Folks

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Kilderkin, half a Barrel, or a Meafure of 18 Gallons Knavery, deceitful Dealing


Lábyrinth, a Maze, or intricate Place

Laity, the common People Larceny, taking away with a Defign to feal

Laterán, one of the Pope's Palaces

Látinift, one killed in Latin
Latitude, Breadth
Laudanum, a fleepy Medicine
Lavender, an Herb
Leachery, Luft
Legacy, left by Will.
Legatée, one who has any Thing

Légion, a Number of about

6000 Lenity, Mildness Leprofy, a dry Scurf

Léthargy, Drowsiness
Levity, Lightness
Libertine, a loose Liver
Liberty, Freedom
Library, a Place for Books
Lieutenant, an Officer
Ligaments, Small Threads
which tie together the Joints
of the Body

Litany, a general Prayer
Liturgy, a Form of Prayer
Logarithms, artificial Numbers
Longitude, Length
Lottery, by Chance

Loyalty, Fidelity

Lucifer, the chief Devil

Luxury, Senfuality


Máckarel, a Fish well-known Meánder, a Matter of Intri


Mágiftrate, an Officer of Juf


Magnitude, Greatness

Mahomet, the Turkish Impoftor
Maintenance, Support
Malaga, a Sort of Wine
Manacles, Fettes

Mandámus, a Writ
Mánual, a Pocket-Book
Mariner, à Seaman

Marmalade, a Sweetmeat of
Quinces, &c.

Marriage, the Joining of a
Man and Wife

Martyrdom, the Death of a
Mafquerade, a Company of Per-
fons dancing in Difguife
Maffacre, Butcherly Slaughter
Matricide, Murder of a Mother
Medicine, a phyfical Remedy ·
Medium, middle, mean State
Melilot, an Herb
Melody, Harmony
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Metaphor, a Simile of borrow'd
Meteor, a Vapour
Microcofm, a little World, the
Body of Man
Microscope, a magnifying Glass
Millener, a Seller of Gloves,
Ribbons, &c. &c.
Million, ten hundred Thousand
Minion, a Favourite, alfo a
Sort of Canon
Minifter, a Clergyman,Preacher,
or an Ambajador
Miracle, an Effect above the
Power of Nature
Mifcreant, an Unbeliever, a

Miffion, a Sending
Mittimus, a Warrant
Mockery, Banter

Modefty, Sobriety

Modicum, a little Matter
Moiety, one Half

Monarchy, kingly Government
Monaftry, a Place of Monks
Monitor, an Over-looker in a

Monument, a Tomb, Statue, or Pillar

Moralift, one skilled in Mara lity Motion, Difpofition, also a Propofal Moveables, Perfonal Goods

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Palifádes, fmall flight Pales Pannier, a Sort of a Bread Basket

Parable, a Simile
Paradife, a Place of Pleasure
Paradox, a ftrange Affertion,
or feeming Contradiction
Paragraph, a mall Divifion
of a Book

Paramour, a Lover
Parafite, a Flatterer

Párcity, Sparingness
Parentage, Kindred
Parity, Equality

Parricide, a Murderer of a
Parent, a Traitor to his
Particle, a Small Word or Part
of Matter

Partifan, a Favourite of a Party
Parvity, Littleness
Pafturage, Pafture

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Penfion, a Salary
Pentateuch, the firft five Books
in Scripture

Pentecoft, Whitsunday.
Penury, extream Want
Perfidy, Treachery

Period, a full Stop, or End
Perjury, falle Swearing
Perquifites, all Profits above the
common Allowance
Perfonage, an honourable Perfon
Perspective, an Art which give
Rules for drawing of Objects
Perufal, reading over
Peftilence, the Plague
Pickerel, a young Pike
Pigeon, a Bird well-known
Pinnion, the Wing, or Feather
Pinnacle, the highest Top
Pleurify, a Difeafe.
Poetry, Verfe

Policy, Craft
Polity, Government

Polygon, of many Corners
Pomgránate, a Fruit
Popery, the Popish Religion
Populace, the common People
Porphyry, a curious spotted

Portion, a Lot, or Share

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