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Fálconer, a Manager of Hawks Gálbanum,.a Gum fo called
Fallacy, Deceit

Gallantry, Intrigue, fine Behe-
Falsity, Untruth

viour, Bravery Fanátick, an over zealous Pro Gallery, a Sort of Balcony felir of Religion

Galliot, a small Sea-Vesel Fárrier, an Horse-Doctor Gambádoes, & . Sort of Bcots Fashion, Mode, Dress

for the Legs Favourite, a Darling

Gardener, a Dreffer of Gardens Fellowship, Company, Partnern Garniture, Eurniture, Trimhip

Ferúla, a foolisa Instrument used Garrison, a Place of Defence
in Schools

Gazettéer, aWriter of Gazettes
Féftival, a Feast or Holy-Day
Fiction, a Device, Lie, or Géneral, a Commander, also

feign'd Story
Filaments, smallFibres or Strings Genesis, Creation
Finery, fine Attire

Genius, Nature, Fancy
Firmament, the Sky

Gentian, an Herb
Fishery, the Trade of Fishing Gentilism, Heathenism
Fiftula, an

Gentleman, a Person of a good
Flagelet, a Pipe, or Wind In,


Gibberish, non fenfical Talk
Flattery, fawning, wbeedling Glazier, a Worker in Glass
Fluxion, a flowing

Glimmering, a faint Light
Folio, a large Book of two Government, Rule, Dominion
Leaves in a Sheet

Governor, a Ruler, a Come Foppery, Fantansticalness

mander Forefter, a Keeper of a Forest Granary, a Storehouse for Corn

Forfeiture, losing one's Right to Grafier, one who feeds Cattle 1: Forgery, Counterfeiting Gravity, Sobriety, Seriousness,

Formalist, a formal Person Weight
Fortitude, Courage :

Guardian, one who takes Charge
Fraction, Strife, also a broken of a Person er Thing

Gudgeon, a small Fille
Fratricide, killing of a Brother

H. Friction, a Rubbing or Chafing Hábitude, Disposition | Frontier, the Limits or Border Halcyon, the Bird called the

Function, Duty, or Office King's Fisher
Funeral, a Burying

Harbinger, one who goes be-
Furniture, Household-Goods fore to provide
Fusion, melting of Metals Harmony, Melody, Agreement
Fustian, a Sort of Cloth

Harpsichord, a musical Infru-
Galáxy, a broad white Place in Hecatomb, e Sacrifice of an

hundred Oxon




the Sky

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Hellebore, á Plant

Jésuit, a Popish Priest Heilespont, the Streights of Con- Jeweller, a Dealer in Jewels ftantinople

Ignorance, Want of Understand-
Hemisphere, half a Globe, or ing

Impeachment, Accufation
Heptagon, a Figure of feven Implements, Tools

Impostor, a Deceiver
Heraldry, the Art of Blazoning Impostume, a Swelling
Coats of Arms

Impofture, a Cheat Herbalist

, one skilled in Plants Inchantment, a Charm Heretick, one who denies the l'ncident, happening by Chance

true Faith, or a Name given Incisure, a Crt or Gań
to all that are not Roman Incitement, Motive, Induce.

Heritage, Inberitance by Suc- Inclosure, a Place inclosed

I'ncrement, Increase, ImproveHeresy, contrary to the Fundamentals of Religion

Indenture, a Writing indenied Hexagon, a Figure of fix Sides Indigo, or Indico, a blue Stone, and Angles

much used
History, an Account of Things Inducement, a Motive
Homicide, Manslaughter Indulgence, Fondneji, also a
Homily, a Sermon

Horizon, is that Circle which I'ndustry, Diligence,

bounds the Sight, between the Infancy, Childhood
Sky and the Ground

Infantry, the Foot Soldiers of
Hórologe, a Clock, or Dial, &c. an Army
Hospital, an House erected for Infeóffment, a Settlement in

Hugonots, a Nickname, given I'nference, a Conclufion drawn

to Protefiants in France from any thing
Humourist, a whimsical Person Influence, to sway, to have
Hurricane, a violent Storm

Power over Hyacinth, a Flower. so called, Ingény, Genius also a precious Stone

Injury, Wrong, Offence
Hypocrite, a Dissembler Innocence, Harmlefiness

Inquiry, a Search
Jacobites, a Name given to the l'nstrument, a Tool to work
Friends of James the 2d.

with Javelin, an half Pike

Insurance, or Assurance, SecuIdiom, a peculiar Way of Speak

rity ing

Intéridant, a Governor Idiot, a Fool

I'ntercourse, mutual CorresponJealousy, Suspicion

dence. JEHOVAH, the sacred Name of


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I'nterest, Use-Money, also Power Léthargy, Drowsiness
Interim, in the mean while Levity, Lightness
Interlude, done between the Aets Libertine, a loose Liver
of a Play

Liberty, Freedom
Intérment, a Burial

Library, a Place for Books Interréign, the Space between Lieutenant, an Officer

the Reign of one King and Lígaments, small Threads the other

which rie together the Joints Interstice, Space between

of the Body I'nterval, a Pause or Distance Litany, a general Prayer Interview, a Sight of one ano- Liturgy, a form of Prayer ther

Logarithms, artificial Numbers Intruder, be that intrudes upon Longitude, Length another

Lottery, by Chance
Inventor, a Contriver. Loyalty, Fidelity
I'rony, by Way of Derision Lucifer, the chief Devil
Jubilee, a Year of Rejoicing Luxury, Sensuality
Judaism, the Religion of the


Máckarel, a Filh well-known

Meander, a Matter of IntriKidnapper, a Person wbo decoys


Magistrate, an Officer of Ful Kilderkin, half a Barrel, or a tice Measure of 18 Gallons

Magnitude, Greatness Knavery, deceitful Dealing Mahomet, the Turkish Impostor L.

Maintenance, Support Lábyrinth, a Maze, or intri. Malaga, a sort of Wine cate Place

Manacles, Fettes Laity, the comm

common People Mandámus, a Writ & Larceny, taking away with a Mánual, a Pocket-Book Defion to steal

Mariner, a Seaman Laterán, one of the Pope's Pa- Marmalade, a sweet meat of lares

Quinces, &c. Látinist, one skilled in Latin Marriage, the Joining of a Latitude, Breadth

Man and Wife Laudanum, a jeepy Medicine Martyrdom, the Death of a Lavender, an Herb

Martyr Leachery, Luft

Masquerade, a Company of PerLegacy, left by Will.

fons dancing in Disguise Legatée, one who has any Thing Massacre, Butcherly Slaughter left

Matricide, Murder of a Morber Légion, a Number of about Medicine, a physical Remedy 6000

Medium, middle, mean State Lenity, Mildness

Melilot, an Herb
Leprofy, a dry Scurs

Melody, Harmony
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young Folks


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Mémory, the Faculty of Remem- Móuntebank, a Quack Phyfi.

Mendicant, a beggarly Friari Mulberry, a Fruit well-known
Menftruum, a diffolving Liquor Multitude, a great Number of
Merchandise, Goods Soldby People

Mummery, Romance, Buffoone-
Mercury, an Heathen God, also ry

Murderer, one who kills another
Merriment, Mirth, follity Muséum, a Study or Library
Messenger, one who goes of any Musquetéer, a Soldier who

carries a Musket Metaphor, a Simile of borrow'd Mútiny, Sedition, Revolt Speech

Myriad, the Number of ten
Meteor, a Vapour

Microcosm, a little World, the Mystery, a Secret, a Trade or
Body of Man

Microscope, a magnifying Glass

Millener, a Seller of Gloves, Narrative, a Relation, or Story
Ribbons, &c. &c.

Narrátor, a Relator of Things
Million, ten bundred Thousand Nation, a People, also a Coun-
Minion, a Favourite, allo a try
Sort of Canon

Nazarite, one devoted to God by
Minister, a Clergyman, Preacher, Voru
or an Ambassador

Nicety, Exa&ness
Miracle, an Effeet above the Novátor, a Changer, an Usurper
Power of Nature

Nóvelty, Newness
Miscreant; an Unbeliever, a Nuncio, the Pope's Ambassador

Nunnery, a Place for Nuns
Mission, a Sending

Nutriment, Nourishment Mittimus, a Warrant

0. Mockery, Banter

Obelisk, this Mark (+) all a
Modesty, Sobriety

Modicum, a little Matter Obloquy, Evil-Speaking, Re-
Moiety, one Half

Monarcby, kingly Government Obsequies, Funeral Rites
Monastry, a Place of Monks Observance, Performance, Re-
Monitor, an Over-Looker in a Spect

O'bitacle, Hinderance
Monument, a Tomb, Statue, Occident, the Wet

O'cean, the Sea Moralift, one killed in Mira Otagon, a Figure of eight lity

Sides Motion, Disposition, also a Proa Octávo, a Book of eight Leaves posal

in a Sheet Moveables, Personal Goods Oculist, one filled in Eyes


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or Pillar



Offi'cer, che in Office

Pátriarch, a chief Father
Opium, a Neeping Potion

Patriot, a publick Benefactor
Opponent, one who opposeth Patronage, Defence, Protection
O'racle, an Answer, or Coun. Paucity, Fewness, Brevity

Peasantry, the Country People
Orator, an Eloquent Perfon Pedagogue, an. Insiructor
Ordinance, a Degree, or Sta- Pedeltal, the foot of a Pillar

Pedigree, Descent from a Fa:
Organist, a Player upon the mily

Pelican, a Bird
Orient, the East

Penalty, a fine of Punishment
Orifice, the Mouth, or Entry Pendulum, a Weight hanging
Origin, the first Rise; Stock, to the End of a String or

Ornament, Beauty, Finery

Pension, a Salary
Ornature, an Adorning Pentateuch, the forf five Books
Orthopy, the Art of right Pro-

in Scripture

Pentecoft, Whitsunday ..
Overture, an Opening, a Pro- Penury, extream Want

Perfidy, Treachery
Oxygon, a Triangle, having Period, a full stop, or End .
three Sharp Angles

Perjury, falfe Swearing

Perquisites, all Profits above the
Palisádes, /mall fright Pales common Allowance
Pannier, a Sort of a Bread Personage, an honourable Person

Perspective, an Art which give
Parable, a Simile

Kules for drawing of Objects
Paradif, a Place of Pleasure Perusal, reading over
Paradox, a strange Affertion, Pestilence, the Plague

or fieming. Contradiction Pickerel, a young Pike
Paragraph, a small Divifon Pigeon, a Bird well-known
of a Book

Pinnion, the Wing, or Feather
Paramour, a Lover

Pinnacle, the highest Top
Parafite, a Flatterer

Pleurisy, a Diseaje
Párcity, Sparingness

Poetry, Verse
Parentage, Kindred

Policy, Craft
Parity, Equality

Polity, Government
Parricide, a Murderer of Polygon, of man Corners.
Parent, a Traitor to his

Pomgranate, a Fruit

Pópery, the Popis Religion.
Particle, a small Word or Part Populace, the common People

Porphyry, a curious spotted
Partisan, a Favourite of a Party Marble
Parvity, Litleness

Portion, a Lot, or Share
Palturage, Pafture


of Matter


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