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Portraiture, a Pięture of Repre. Purveyor, a Provider fentation

Pyramid, a tapering Figure,
Potentate, a sovereign Prince whose Sides are triangular
Potion, a Medicine

Poulterer, one who sells Fowls Quadrángle, a Figure of four
Preamble, the Beginning, or


Quadrature, the Squaring of Précedent, an Example

any Thing Preceptor, a Mafter, or Tutor Quakerism, the Doctrine of Précipice, a jteep dangerous

Quakers Place

Quality, Condition, Nature
Precóntract, a Bargain made Quandáry, in doubt

Quántity, Bigness, Extent, Na-
Préference, Choice
Prejudice, Damage, Injury

Quarantine, i.

e. Forty, a Premium a Reward

Space of forty Days
Presby'ter, a Priest, als a Lay. Quotient, the Number arifing

of any Division
Préscience, Fore-Knowledge
President, ä Ruler, or chief Rámpier, a great Bank of

Principle, the first Cause, a Rarity, a fine, or scarce Thing

Ratio, Reafon, Relation Privilege, an Advantage above Ravishment, the Ravishing of a others

Woman Privity, private Familiarity

Recital, a Rebearsal Próbity, Honefly

Rectangle, a long Square Procédure, a going on

Réctitude, Uprightness Prodigy, an Effeě beyond Na Rectory, a spiritual Living

Recúfants, Roman Catholics Prógeny, Offspring

Réference, a Mark of DirecProléptis, a Figure in Rheto- tion rick

Regency, Government, during Prophecy, a Foretelling

the King's Minority, or AbProposal, an Offer

fence Prolelite, one converted

Regicide, a King-killer Prostitute, a Whore'

Regimen, Government, Rule Providence, Foresight,' a Pro- Region, a Country: viding

Regifter, a Book of Records Proviso, a Caution, a Caveát Rehearsal, Relation, Report, Psálmody, a Singing of Psalms

also a Recital Punishment, Correktion

Reluctance, Unwillingness Purity, unmixed Honesty Remedy, Cure, Help Puritans, a Nick-name given to Remittance, Return of Money Disenters


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Rencounter, an unexpe&ted Ad- Sanćtion, a Decree venture

Sanctity, Holinefs Rendezvous, a Place appointed Sanhedrim, the Supreme Counfor an Army's Meeting

cil of the Jews Renegade, one who renounces Sanity, Health, Soundness bis Religion

Sapience, Prudence Repartée, a quick Reply Sardonyx, a precious Stone Repentance, Sorrow

Saturday, the seventh Day of Replevin, a Writ so called the Week Reprisals, a taking again Satyrist, a Writer of Satyr Republick, a Commonwealth Saxifrage, an Herb Requital, a Reward

Scaramouch, a Posture-Mafter Resemblance, a Likeness Scavenger, a Dirt-gatherer Refentment, Displeasure

Schismatick, one guilty of unRéfidence, Place of Abode lawful Separation Residue, Remainder

Scrivener, one who draws up Resistance, a Withstanding Writings Respondent, he who answers Scullion, a Kitchen-Wench Retinue, Attendants

Secrement, the separated Part Retirement, Privity

Secrecy, Privacy Retrenchment, a cutting away Séctary, one of any SeEZ Revenue, yearly Profit Section, a Division Réverence, Honour, Respect Sediment, settling in Dregs Revísal, a second Examination Senator, a Member of Parlia. Rhapsody, a confused Collection

ment, or Council Rhetorick, the Art of speaking Sentiment, Opinion well

Sepulchre, a Grave Rheumatism, a Disease Serenade, Night-Mufic, played Ribaldry, obscene, or mean Dis. by a Lover course

Sérgeant, an Officer Ritual, a little Bock of Church Series, Order, Course Ceremonies

Servitor, a Waiter Royalty, Kingtbip

Servitude, Slavery Rudiments, the firf Principles Seslion, a Meeting of a Council Ruffian, a desperate Villain Settlement, a settled Revenue Runagate, a rambling Fellow Signature, the signing of a S.

Writing, also Resemblance Sacrament, an holy Sign Sillabub, Milk mixed with Sacrilege, Church Robbing Wine, Beer, &c. Sadducees, a People that deny Simony, the Buying and Selling the Being of Angels, or Spi.

of Church Livings rits

Skeleton, the Bones of a human Salary, Servants Wages

Body put together in due Order Saltpétre, a Kind of Mineral Sodomy, Buggery



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Sólecism, a Contradiation in Télescope, a Glass to view dif

tant Objects Solitude, Retirement

Temperance, Moderation Sophifter, a cavilling Disputer Tendeney, Aim, Drift, AptSorcery, Witchcraft

ness, Fitness Sovereign, à Prince

Tenement, a Dwelling-House Species, à Kind, or Sort Terrier, a Court-Roll, also a Specimen, an Example

Kind of bunting Dog
Spectátor, a Looker on

Testament, a Will
Spectacle, à publick Sight Teftátor, one who makes a Will
Speculum, a Looking Glass Théatre, a Play-House
Station, our Place, or Calling Theorem, a Mathematical Die
Strangury, a Difease

Strappádo, a Kind of Punish. Tobácco, an Indian Weed

Tragedy, a mournful Subjeâ
- Stratagem, a subtle Invention Treasury, a Place for Treasure
Suavity, Sweetness, Pleasant. Triangle, a Figure, or three

Subsidy, a Tax, or Tribute Tribunal, a Judgment-Seat
Subterfuge, Evafron, Shift Trinity, the Godhead
Suicide, Self-Murder

Truncheon, a lort Staf Sullenness, Obfinacy, Stubborn. Turmerick, a Root of an Innejs

dian Herb Summary, an Abridgment Turpentine, a Sort of Oil Supplement, an Addition Turpitude, Filthine's Suppófal, Imagination Tympany, a hard Swelling of Surplusage, that which is over and above

Tyranny, cruel Government Surgery, the Praktice of a Sur.

V. geon

Vacancy, an empty Space Surrogate, a Deputy in the Spi- Vacuum, a Space void of all ritual Court

Surveyor, a Measurer of Land Vagabond, an idle wandering

Sárvivor, the longest Liver

S'ycophant, a, false Accufer, a Valentine, a Romijh Festival

Vanity, Folly, or Unprofitable.
Symmetry, Proportion

nefs Symphony, Harmony

Variance, Difference, Separa.
Synagogue, a Place of Worsbip tion
with the Jews

Vaffalage, Subjection
Synópfis, a brief View Vatican, the chief Library of

Taffety, a sort of Silk Vehicle, a Name for that
Tapestry, a fine Manufa&ture

which ferues to carry for Hangings

Yenery, Luftfulness


the Belly


being tired

Vénison, the Flelh of a Buck U'surer, one who lends for Gain Ventricle, the Stomach, or Utensil, an Instrument, or Tool Bowels

U'tterance, Speech, all the Veriment, in Truth

Sale of Commodities Verity, Truth

Vulcano, a burning Mountain Version, a Translation

W. Vertigo, a Giddiness

Wággoner, one who drives a Vestiges, Traces, Footfleps Vicarage, or Vicarige, the Wantonness, Waggishness

Living, or Benefice of a Vicar Wapentåke, a Division of a Victuals, Food

County Vigilance, Watchfulness Warrener, a Keeper of a Warren Villager, an Inhabitant of a Weariness, Tirefomeness, or a

Village Vintager, a Dreffer, or Mana- Wednesday, the fourth Day of ger of Grapes

the Week Violet, a Flower

Westminster, a City Virágo, a ftout Man-like Woman Whitsunday, the seventh SunVifion, a Revelation

day after Easter Umbrella, a Sgrt of Skreen, or Widower, one tbat bas buried

Union, Agreement

Wilderness, a wild uninhabited Unity, Union

Place Universe, the whole World Wretchednefs, Miserableness: Volunteer, one who ferves wil

Y. lingly

Yeomanry, the common HufVótary, one who has devoted bandmen himself

Yesterday, the Day last past Votarefs, a female Votary

Z. Upholdster, or Upholder, a Zábulon, a Dwelling-Place

Seller of Houlbold Goods Zodiac, a Circle in the Heag Urinal, a Glajs for Urine

his Wife


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Noun Adjectives of three Syllables, accented and


Those Words of three Syllables that you cannot find in this

Table, look for in Table IV. and VI.


Bórtive, untimely

Benúmbed, deprived of Feeling Absolute, unlimitted Besieged, encompassed with Sol Abllergent, cleansing

diers Abstorted, wrested from

Beftial, beastly Abusive, apt to abuse

Boisterous, unruly Abundant, abounding

C. Accordant, agreeable

Capital, great, chief Accurate, exact, curious Casual, by Chance Affable, courteous

Catholick, universal Affróntive, abusive

Circular, round Alamóde, fashionable

Circumspect, watchful, wise "A'liquant, uneven

Clamorous, noisy, impertinent Alternate, by Turns

Coéqual, equal to another A'mbient, encompaffing

Cómical, pleasant, witty Amorous, apt to fall in Love Competent, fit, convenient Antient, old

Complaisant, obliging, civil Annual, yearly

Conceited, proud, affe&ted Anxious, over-thoughtful Concentrick, having the same Apparent, manifeft, plain

Center Applauding, commending Conclusive, concluding or endApposite, fit

ing Aqueous, waterish

Conducive, profitable, helpful Arrogant, poud, asuming or a lifting Aftringent, bounding

Confident, bold, also a trufly Attentive, drawing

Friend Augmented, enlarged

Congruous, convenient, proper
Authentick,, of good Authority Conjugal, married,
Autumnal, belonging to Autumn. Confi'itent, agreeable to
or Michaelmas Time

Continent, chajte

Contingent, that which may, Bárbarous, cruel


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or may not be

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