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Portraiture, a Picture of Reprefentation

Potentate, a fovereign Prince
Potion, a Medicine

Poulterer, one who fells Fowls
Preamble, the Beginning, or
Précedent, an Example
Preceptor, a Mafter, or Tutor
Précipice, a jeep dangerous

Precóntract, a Bargain made afore-hand

Préference, Choice
Prejudice, Damage, Injury
Premium a Reward

Prefbyter, a Prieft, alfo a Lay


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Probity, Honefty

Procédure, a going on

Rectangle, a long Square

Réctitude, Uprightness

Recúfants, Roman Catholics

Prodigy, an Effect beyond Na- Rectory, a fpiritual Living

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Réference, a Mark of Direc tion

Regency, Government, during
the King's Minority, or Ab-
Regicide, a King-killer
Regimen, Government, Rule
Region, a Country
Regifter, a Book of Records
Rehéarfal, Relation, Report,
also a Recital

Reluctance, Unwillingness
Rémedy, Cure, Help

Puritans, a Nick-name given to Remittance, Return of Money

Purity, unmixed Honefly



Rencounter, an unexpected Ad


Rendezvous, a Place appointed for an Army's Meeting Renegade, one who renounces bis Religion Repartée, a quick Reply Repentance, Sorrow Replevin, a Writ fo called Reprifals, a taking again Republick, a Commonwealth Requital, a Reward Refemblance, a Likeness Refentment, Displeasure Réfidence, Place of Abode Refidue, Remainder Resistance, a Withstanding Refpondent, he who answers Retinue, Attendants Retirement, Privity Retrenchment, a cutting away Revenue, yearly Profit Réverence, Honour, Refpect Revífal, a fecond Examination Rhápfody, a confufed Collection Rhetorick, the Art of Speaking

well Rheumatism, a Difeafe Ribaldry, obscene, or mean Dif courfe

Ritual, a little Bock of Church
Royalty, Kingship
Rudiments, the firft Principles
Ruffian, a defperate Villain
Runagate, a rambling Fellow


Sácrament, an boly Sign. Sacrilege, Church Robbing Sadducees, a People that deny the Being of Angels, or Spi


Salary, Servants Wages Saltpétre, a Kind of Mineral

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Satyrift, a Writer of Satyr
Saxifrage, an Herb

Scaramouch, a Pofture-Mafter
Scavenger, a Dirt-gatherer
Schifmatick, one guilty of un-
lawful Separation

Scrivener, one who draws up

Scullion, a Kitchen-Wench
Secrement, the separated Part
Secrecy, Privacy
Séctary, one of any Sect
Section, a Divifion
Sediment, fettling in Dregs
Senator, a Member of Parlia
ment, or Council

Sentiment, Opinion
Sepulchre, a Grave"
Serenáde, Night-Mufic, played
by a Lover

Sérgeant, an Officer
Series, Order, Course
Servitor, a Waiter
Servitude, Slavery

Seffion, a Meeting of a Council
Settlement, a fettled Revenue
Signature, the Signing of a
Writing, alfo Refemblance
Sillabub, Milk mixed with
Wine, Beer, &c.

Simony, the Buying and Selling
of Church Livings
Skeleton, the Bones of a human
Body put together in due Order
Sodomy, Buggery

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Sólecifm, a Contradiction in Télescope, a Glass to view dif


Solitude, Retirement
Sophifter, a cavilling Difputer
Sorcery, Witchcraft
Sovereign, a Prince
Species, a Kind, or Sort
Specimen, an Example
Spectator, a Looker on
Spectacle, a publick Sight
Speculum, a Looking-Glafs
Station, our Place, or Calling
Strangury, a Difeafe
Strappádo, a Kind of Punish-


Strátagem, a fabtle Invention
Suavity, Sweetness, Pleafant-
Subfidy, à Tax, or Tributé
Subterfuge, Evafion, Shift
Suicide, Self-Murder
Sullennefs, Obstinacy, Stubborn-

Summary, an Abridgment
Supplement, an Addition
Suppófal, Imagination
Surplufage, that which is over
and above

Surgery, the Practice of à Surgeon

Surrogate, a Deputy in the Spi

ritual Court

Surveyor, a Meafurer of Land Survivor, the longest Liver S'ycophant, a falfe Accufer, a Th Flatterer Symmetry, Proportion Symphony, Harmony Synagogue, a Place of Worship with the Jews Synopfis, a brief View


Táffety, a Sort of Silk Tapestry, a fine Manufacture for Hangings

tant Objects Temperance, Moderation Tendency, Aim, Drift, Aptness, Fitness

Tenement, a Dwelling-Houfe Terrier, a Court-Roll, alfo a Kind of bunting Deg Teftament, a Will

Testátor, one who makes a Will
Théatre, a Play-Houfe
Theorem, a Mathematical De-

Tobacco, an Indian Weed
Tragedy, a mournful Subject
Treafury, a Place for Treasure
Triangle, a Figure, or three
Tribunal, a Judgment-Seat
Trinity, the Godhead
Truncheon, a fhort Staff
Turmerick, a Root of an In-
dian Herb

Turpentine, a Sort of Oil
Turpitude, Filthiness
Tympany, a hard Swelling of
the Belly

Tyranny, cruel Government

Vácancy, an empty Space
Vacuum, a Space void of all


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Veriment, in Truth

Verity, Truth


Verfion, a Tranflation
Vertigo, a Giddiness.
Veftiges, Traces, Footfieps
Vicarage, or Vicarige, the
Living, or Benefice of a Vicar
Victuals, Food
Vigilance, Watchfulness
Villager, an Inhabitant of a
Vintager, a Dreffer, or Mana-
ger of Grapes
Violet, a Flower
Virágo, a flout Man-like Woman
Vifion, a Revelation
Umbrella, a Sart of Skreen, or

Union, Agreement
Unity, Union

Univerfe, the whole World Volunteer, one who ferves willingly

Vótary, one who has devoted bimfelf

Votarefs, a female Votary Upholdfter, or Upholder, a Seller of Houfbold Goods Urinal, a Glas for Urine

Ufurer, one who lends for Gain Uténfil, an Inftrument, or Tool Utterance, Speech, alfo the Sale of Commodities

Vulcáno, a burning Mountain

Waggoner, one who drives a
Wantonnefs, Waggishness
Wapentake, a Divifion of a

Warrener, a Keeper of a Warren Weariness, Tirefomeness, or a being tired

Wednesday, the fourth Day of the Week Westminster, a City Whitfunday, the Seventh Sunday after Eafter

Widower, one that has buried bis Wife

Wilderness, a wild uninhabited
Wretchednefs, Miferableness


Yeomanry, the common Huf

bandmen Yesterday, the Day last paft


Zábulon, a Dwelling-Place Zodiac, a Circle in the Hea




Noun Adjectives of three Syllables, accented and explained.

Thofe Words of three Syllables that you cannot find in this Table, look for in Table IV. and VI.

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