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Cónverfant, familiar, also

Duplicate, double
one fit to discourse

Durable, lasting
Copious, full, abounding

Corporal, bodily, gross, Eáfterly, towards the East
Corpulent, big-bellied, fat Eccéntrick, not having the
Corosive, fretting, gnawing

lame Center
Crédible, worthy of Credit E'dible, eatable
Credulous, apt to believe

Effective, which brings to pass Critical, of nice Judgement,

Embossed, raised with Knobs also cenforious

Emergent, sudden, accidental
Cúbical, belonging to a Cube Eminent, high, renowned
Culpable, blame-worthy Emulgent, Aroaking
Cumbersome, troublefome Enormous, out of Rule, heinous
Cursory, basty, short

Erratick, wandering

Eternal, of infinite Duration
Debonnair, courteous, sprightly Evafive, crafty, deceitful
Décimal, belonging to Ten

Evident, clear, plain
Decífive, deciding, determining Exalted, lifted up, excellent
Defective, wanting, imperfect

Ex'cellent, choice, valuable
Définite, limitted,

Exceflive, beyond due Bounds
Delicate, dainty, neat

Exempted, freed from, privi-
Dependant, depending

Désolate, uninhabited, lonesome, Exhausted, emptied, spent

E’xigent, needy, necesitous
Desperate, resolute, dangerous Exotick, outlandija
Desponding, despairing Expensive, chargeable, coftly
Despotick, arbitrary

Explicit, clear, plain, formal
Déftitate, forsaken

E'xquisite, exa&t, perfect, com.
Dexterous, cunning, Skilful pleat
Diffident, doubtful

Extérnal, outward
Diffusive, Jpreading

Extrissick, belonging to the Out-
Discordant, dijagreeing, un. fade

Díffolute, loose, wanton Fábulous, feigned
Diffonant, antunable, jarring Factious, fedinous
Diffuáfive, apt to disjunde Fallible, that may err
Diurnal, daily

Fantaliick, concrited
Dócible, teachable

Feasible, qubat is likely to be Dogmátical, rash, positive, Feculent, full of Drugs absolute

Vederal, belonging to Covenant
Domestick, belonging to Home Feminine, of the Female Kind
Dónative, belonging to, or by Filial, belonging to a Son
Way of Gift

Finical, affietid, foppih, fine
Dropsical, subje&t to the Droply Flatulent, windy
Dubious, doubtful

Flexible, easy to bend, pliant


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Fluminous, full of Rivers Immérged, plunged into Fluftered, di for dered in Mind, I'mminent, approaching, ready confufed

to come upon us Forcible, Atrong, violent

Immódeft, wanton, rude
Fortunate, lucky, fuccefsful Immoral, prophane, unman-
Frangible, that which may be nerly

Immortal, everlafting
Fraternal, brotherly

Impendent, hanging over Head
Práudulent, crafij, deceitful Imperfect, unfinished
Frivolous, of no Account, filly I'mpious, ungodly
Frolickfome, full of Mirth Implicit, tacitly underfood
Fulminent, thundering

Important, of great concern
Furious, mad, fierce

Improper, inconvenient, unfit

Imprudent, unwise
Gárrulous, full of Talk I'mpudent, shameless, faucy
Generous, free, bountifal

Incentive, that which Airs Genial, joyful, pertaining to

up, or incites Marriage

Inceffant, without cealing Genuine, natural

Inclusive, compreberding Gigántic, Giant-like, very Incompact, not clofe faftened large

Glóbular, round as a Globe Incomplete, imperfect, not fi-
Glorious, famous, full of Glory nibed
Glutinous, clammy

Inconstant, uncertain
Gluttonous, greedy, devouring Incorrect, faulty, not correct
Gorgeous, costly

• Incorrupt, untainted Gracious, full of Grace, fa- Increate, not created tvourable

Indécent, unbecoming Gradual, by Degrees

Indented, notched
Guttural, belonging to the I'ndigent, needy, poor

Indirect, unfair, unbandsome

Indiscreet, unwise
Hállowed, made boly

I'ndolent, infenfible, careless Hazardous, dangerous

Infamous, fcandalaus Heroic, valiant

Infernal, belli Hídeous, frightful

Infertile, barren, unfruitful
Horrible, ghafly

Infinite, boundless, without
Humourous, full of odd Conceits End
Hyémal, winterly

Infúsed, poured into, foaked, or
I. and J.

steeped I'dolize, to dote upon

Inherent, abiding
Ignoble, base

Inhumáne, barbarous
Illegal, contrary to Law Innocent, not guilty, also half
Immatúre, unripe, not come to witted

Insecure, not fafe


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Insípid, tasteless, far

Másculine, manly
I'nsolent, faucy, proud

Matérnal, motherly
Infólvent, not able to pay Ménial, belonging to the Houfen
I'ntegral, whole, entire

Internal, inward

Menstrual, monthly
Inteftate, dying without Will Metálline, of the Nature of
Inteftine, inward, within

I'ntimate, familiar

Militant, fighting, subject to
Intrépid, fearlefi, undaunted Trials
Intrinfick, inward, secret

Mimical, apih
Invalid, weak, not good in . Mineral, belonging to Mines

Moderate, temperate, fober
Invective, railing, reproachful Momentou:, of Weight, op
Jocular, pleasant, merry.

Jovial, merry

Mórbulent, fickly
Itálick, belonging to Italy Moveable, that which may be
Juvenile, youthful


Mountainous, full of Moun Laboursome, itoublesome

tains Lacónick, brief

Multiform, of many Shapes Lácteal, milky

Mufical, belonging to Mufie
Lateral, fideways

Mutable, subject to change
Laudable, commendable Mutinous, feditious
Laxative, loosening

Mutual, alike on both sides
Legible, easy to read

Mystical, belonging to Mystery

Lenitive, affwàging, bealing

Limited, bounded

Natural, easy, free, unaffeated
Lineal, belonging to a Line

Nauseous, loathsome
Literal, according to the Letter Nebulous, cloudy, alfo fmall
Logical, belonging to Logic Negative, denying
Lubricous, Nippery, uncertain Negligent, careless
Ludible, given to play

Neighbourly, friendly
Luminous, full of Light Niggardly, covetous
Lunatick, distracted

Nocturnal, nightly
Lushious, or Luscious, over Noxious, hurtful
sweet, cloying

Numeral, belonging to Number M.

Numerous, abounding in Num. Majéstick, noble, fately

ber Malignant, hurtful

Nuptial, pertaining to Mara Mánifeft, clear, plain, evi. riage dent

Marginal, belonging to the Obdurate, bardned, obftinate

Obliging, civil, courteous
Maritime, belonging to ibe Sea O'bstinate, pubborn
Martial, warlike, valant Obsoléte, out of Date


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Obvious, clear, plain

Phrénetick, troubled with Mado Ocular, belonging to the Eyes ne's Odious, bateful

Physical, natural, belonging to Odorous, sweet smelling

Phyfick Offensive, displeasing

Piteous, fad, grievous O'minous, ill-boding

Plausible, seemingly fair . Operose, laborious, active Plenary, full, compleat O' 'pportune, convenient, fea- Plenteous, very full, and pleno Jonable

tiful Opposite, over against, con- Popular, great, also in Favour trary

with the common People Opulent, wealtby

Portable, that may be carried Orthodox, found in Faith Positive, fure, certain Overplus, over and above Possible, that may be done, likely

Pofthumous, after Death Pacífick, peaceable

Pótable, drinkable Pálpable, manifeft, clear, evi. Practical, belonging to Practive dent

Pragmátick, over-busy, faucy Parallel, equally, every where Precédent, foregoing alike

Preceptive, belonging to Precept Paréntal, belonging to Parents Prévalent, powerful Pártial, biassed by a Party or Previous, going before Interest

Primary, principal Passable, indifferent, also that Primative, antient may

be passed through Probable, likely to be done Paftoral, belonging to a Shep- Prodigal, lavish, vain-glorious berd

Projected, contrived Patérnal, fatherly

Prolifick, apt to breed, fruitful Pathetick, moving the Pallions Prominent, jutring out Pátible, sufferable

Prosperous, fortunate Patient, enduring

Paerile, childish Pectoral, belonging to the Bread Puissant, powerful Pellúcid, clear, brignt

Punctual, nice, exact Pénitent, forrowful

Pursuant, according to, followa Perilous, dangerous Permanent, lafling

"Q. Perplexed, confounded

Quadrántal, belonging to a Pérional, belonging to a Perfon Quadrant Persuasive, apt to perswade Quadratick, four-square Pertinent, fit for the purpose Quadrupede, four-footed Pervious, easy to be pased Quadruple, four-fold through

Quárrelsome, apt to quarrel Petulant, faucy

Querulous, apt to complain
Phlegmátick, troubled with Quiéfcent, at Rejt

Quintuple, five-fold






Sensual, given to Pleasure Rádiant, bright, sining

Seráphick, belonging to SeraRadical, belonging to the Root Recumbent, in a lying Pofture

Sérious, fober, grave Redundant, over-flowing, a- Serpentine, belonging to a Sero: bounding

pent, winding Refracted, broken back again

Sideral, belonging to the Stars Refulgent, shining bright Singular, particular Régular, according 13 Rule Siniiter, base, dishoneft Relative, having relation to Slanderous, abufive Renéwed, begun afresh

Solvable, that may be explained Renowned, famous

Soluble, unl oled, disolved Réprobate, caft off utterly Sonorous, founding Repugnant, contrary to

Specifick, special, particular Réquisite, necessary

Spécious, fair in Appearance Resolute, bold

Spermátick, full of Seed Respléndent, shining

Sphérical, roundish Restringent, of a binding Na- Splenetick, full of Spleen

Spurious, counterfeit, false Rétrograde, a going backward Strenuous, atlive, vigorous Reverend, worthy of Honour

Submíflive, bumble Revérsed, turned up-side down Succedent, following Righteoas, upright, juft Succeflive, that which follows Riotous, lewd, disorderly

or succeeds Romántick, idle, fabulous Sumptuous, rich, cofly S.

Superfine, very fine Sabbátick, belonging to the Sab- Suspended, put out of Office barb

for a Time Sánative, healing

T. Satúrnine, melancholy

Tácitly, filently Sávoury, that tastes or relishes Tangible, that may be touched well

Temporal, belonging to Time Scandalous, disgraceful Tenable, ibat may be held

тау Scholáttick, belonging to a Scho- Tenebrous, full of Darkness lar

Terrible, dreadful Scorbutick, troubled with the Tertian, every third Day Scurzy

Timorous, fearful Scrupulous, nice, précise

Titular, that bears a Title Scurrilous, fcandalous,

Topical, belonging to a particu,
Secular, temporal, worldly lar Place
Sedulous, diligent

Towardly, obedient
Seizable, that may be seized Tractable, easily managed
Seminal, belonging to Seed Traitorous, Traitor like
Sensible, apprehensive, witty Transcendent, excellent
Sensitive, that has the Faculty Tránsient, paling away
of feeling or perceiving.


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