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Transparent, bright, clear Villainous, base, wicked
Treacherous, vile, base

Vincible, that may be over-
Tremendous, dreadful
Tripartite, divided in three Vindíctive, revengeful

Violent, boisterous, bigh, fuTríplicate, tripled, or three- ricus fold

Viperous, of the Viper Kind Trivial, of small Concern Virtuous, endowed with Virtue Tuberous, full of Bunches or Virulent, of a venomous QuaKnots

Turbulent, boisterous, difturbing Visible, that may be seen
Typical belonging to a Figure Visual, belonging to Sight
Tyranous, Tyrant-like

Ulcerous, full of Sores
U. de V.

Ultimate, final, utmosf
Váliant, fout, brave

Unetuous, oily, fat Various, changeable

Undulate, made like Waves Vehement, carnefly

Uniform, regular, even Véndible, faleable

Unweildy, heavy, unactive Venomous, poisonous

Volatile, airy, light Venial, pardonable

Voluble, quick of Speech
Venturela me, bold, hardy Urinal, belonging to Urine
Vertical, over-head

Virtuous, inclined to Virtue Whimsical, full of Fancies
Vicious, wicked, lewd

With red, dried, faded
Vigorous, lively, strong Wonderful, surprising



· Verbs. of three. Syllables, accented and explained.

N. B. Those Words of three Syllables, that you cannot find here, look for in the two laft Tables.


Bándon, to forsake

A'bdicate, to renounce
Abolish, to defiroy
A'brogate, to make void
Accouter, to dress, to trim
Acquiéfce, to comply with
A'ctuate, to move, to quicken

Aggrándize, to make great
A'gitate, to put in Motion
Amplify, to enlarge
Antedate, to date before the

Antiquate, to make void
Appertain, to belong to



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A'rbitrate, to give Sentence, to Depósit, to trup with another determine

Déprecate; to pray again Ascertain, to affert, to afure Derogate, to leffen, to disparage B.

Dignify, to advance, to honour
Beleaguer, to beliege

Disabúse, to undeceive

Disaccord, to disagree
Cálculate, to reckon up Disallow, to dislike, to discout
Celebrate, to keep a Feast in
Honour of any person

Difannul, to make void
Certify, to give Notice Disapprove, to dislike, to blame
Circumcise, to cut of the Fore- Discompose 10 trouble, to put

out of Humour
Circumscribe, to bound, or Disembark, to go out of the

Circumvent, to deceive Disengage, to get off
Circumvéit, to cloath round Difesteem, not to esteem

Dishonour, ta disgrace
Civilizė, to make courteous Dislocate, to put out of Joint
Clarify, to cleanse, or make clear. Difoblige, to displeafe.
Coalesce, to grow together Dispárage, to speak ill of
Compensate, to make amends Dispeople, to unpeople, to dea
Condescend to comply with Aroy
Confecrate, to devite, to cano- Dispirit, to discourage

Disposure, disposing
Constitute, to appoint, or ordain Disquiet, to trouble
Consúmmate, to compleat, to Disregard, to sight

Disrélish, 'to dislike, or be' una
Contemplate, to meditate pleasant to the Taste
Continue, to abide, to last

Dissipate, to disperjez, or scatter Contribute, to give somethingi Distinguish, to discern between towards

Distribute, to divide, or share Controvert, to argue, to dif- Disuníte, to separate pute

Dogmatize, to affert positively Correspond, to talk together one's own Opinion Counterfeit, to diffemble, to

E. imitate

E'ducate, to nourish, to inftru&t Counterpart, another part of Elevate, to lift up, to make the same

cbearful D.

Embárrafs, to clog, to binder Decipher, to unfold a Mystery Embellish, lo beautify Décorate, to adorn

Empannel, to fee down the
Deflower. to ravil

Names of a Jury
Demerit, to deferie weil Enamel, to vary with little
Demolish, to pull down

Demonstrate, tophew plainly Encircle, to encompass about


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Encounter, to fight with

H. Encumber, to perplex and trou

Hésitate, to doubt ble

1. Enervate, to weaken the Mind Illústrate, to explain Enfeeble, to make weak I'mitate, to do ibe like Engender, to beget, to breed Importúne to request, to entreat Enliven, 10 make brisk or lively Ofren Entangle, to ensnare

Imprégnant, to get with Cbild, Entertain, to receive or encou- to make fruitful rage

Imprison, to put in Prison Envenom, to infeet with Poi- Incarnate, to be made Flesh son

Incircle, to encompifs, to furEnviron, to enclose, to compass

round about

Incommode, to prejudice, to Eftablish, to make firm, to set- burt tle

Inculcate, to repeat often, to inE'xecute, to perform, also to Atruct put to Death

Incumber, to clog, to hinder Exhibit, to produce, or bew Incurvate, to bow or bend E'xpedite, io haften the Mat I'ndicate, to declare, to fhew ter

Indispose, to make unfit Expiate, to attone for

Ingender, to beget, to produce Explicate, to unfold, to explain Inhabit, to dwell in Extinguish, to put out, to destroy Inhibit, to forbid Extirpate, to pluck up, to root In'novate, to make new

Instigate, to set on, to provoke E'xtricate, 10 difentangle, to Institute, to appoint, to ordain

Intercéde, to entreat for
Exúndate, to overflow

Intercept, to prevent

Interfere, to clash one with Fálfify, to break Promise, to another counterfeit

Interject, to cast between Fascinate, to bewitch

Interline, to write between two Fluctuate, to flow, also to waver Lines in Opinion

Intermix, to mix with
Fortify, to fence, to make strong Interpose, to put in between, to
Fructify, to bring forth Fruit, intermeddle
to thrive,

Intérpret, to explain,

Interrupt, to binder, to flop
Génerate, to beget

Intersect, to cut in two Gratify, to recompence, to re- Intersperse, to scatter or sprinquite

kle Gurgitate, to swallow down, Intervene, to come between to devour

I'ntimate, to show

* Intitle,


get out

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-Book, &c.
Intitle, to give a Right 10

Introdúce, to bring in

Palliate, to disguise, to cover
Invéigle, to allure, to entice Paraphrase, to express, or ex-
Inviron, to encompass round plain better i
I'nvocate, to call upon

Penetrate, to dive into
Irritate, to provoke, 10 fir up

Perforate, to pierce through
Justify, to clear one's self Perpetrate, io perform, to,ef.

feet Lácerate, to tear in Pieces Persevere, to continue fledfaf Levigate, to make plain or Personate, to perfonate 'a Perfmooth

fon M.

Petrify, to turn into Stone Macerate, to make lean, also Pinion, to pin, or bind fast to foak

Pre-exist, to have a Being be-
Magnify, to cry up, to praise fore-hand

Prohíbit, - to forbid
Manacle, to bind or fetter Promulgate, to make publick
Mediate, to all in behalf of Próstitute, to expose to every

Medicate, to beal, to cure Putrify, to corrupt
Meditate, to mufe, to think


Qualify, to make fit
Mention, to take Notice of

Methodize, to put in Order Rádicate, to take Root
Miscárry, not to fucceed Rarify, to make thin
Misconstrue, to interpret amiss Ratify, to confirm
Mitigate, to pacify, to ease Readmít, to receive again
Modify, to soape, to qualify Reasli'gn, to align again
Mollify, to make soft

Recognize, to take Knowledge
Mortify, to grow dead, to sub- of|

Recolled, to call to Mind
Multiply, to encrease

Recommend, to commit to one's
Mutilate, to maim, or mangle Favour

Recreate, 'to divert
Nauseate, to loath, to abhor

Réctify, to correct, to amend
Nominate, to appoint

Redouble, to double again
Notify, to make known

Régulate, to set in Order
Nullify, to make void

Reimbárk, to take Shipping
Numerate, to count, or number again

Reimburse, to repay
Obligate, to bind, or oblige Reinforce, to refore to former
Occupy, to pollefs, or use

Operate, to bring to pass, to Relinquish, to forsake, to gield



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Remónftrate, to show by Rea- Súbftitate, to put in the Room Jon

of another Reposséss, to popess again Suffocate, to fifle, or choke Represent, to make appear Superadd, to give over and Reprimand, to rebuke

above Ruminate, to ponder in Mind Supercede, to suspend, to put of S.

Superscribe, to write over Sálivate, to flux by spitting Supervise, to oversee, Satiate, to satisfy

Surrender, to yield up Scarify, to lance a fore Surrogate, to depute, to appoint Separate, to part or divide, also Sympathize, to suffer witb in diftinct

Affection Sequefter, to put asunder

T. Signalize, to distinguislo by Tantalize, to mock, baulk, or Some brave Action

deceive Solemnize, to celebrate Terminate, to limit, to bound Specify, to mention exprefly Tolerate, to suffer, to bear with Speculate, to contemplate, or Transfigure, tochange in Shape view

V. Stigmatize, to brand with Dif. Vérify, to prove, to make good grace

Verfify, to make Verses Stipulate, to covenant, to bar. Vilify, to despise, to abuse gain

Vindicate, to defend, to justify Stupify, to make dull or fenfe- Violate, to break, to transgress

Vitiate, to corrupt, to deprave Subjugate, to subdue, or bring Undermíne, to dig, or make under the roke

hollow, allo to do any Thing against a Perfon fecretly



Noun Substantives of four Syllables, accented and




A'cceffary, a Helper, Adviser, Bintéftate, an Heir to one

or Concealer dying without a Will Accomplishment, a Qualifica, Abolishment, a defraying tion, or fulfilling Abortion, Miscarriage in Wo. Accurateness, Exa&ness

Acidity, Sharpness



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