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Efféntial, neceffary

E'xecrable, bateful, accurfed Exórbitant, extravagant Expedient, neceffary

I'mitable, which may be imi


Immutable, unchangeable

Immóderate, exceffive

Extempore, on a fudden, with

Impartial, juft, equal

out Study

Excuberant, abounding


Facétious, pleasant, witty
Fallacious, deceitful
Familiar, free, ufual, also a
Fictitious, feigned, counterfeited
Fiducial, trufty, fure
Figurative, Spoken by Figures
Foliated, leaved
Formidable, dreadful
Fortúitous, accidental
Fundamental, principal, also
belonging to a Foundation
Génerated, begotten, produced
Granivorous, feeding on Grain

Hábitable, that may be dwelt

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Impaffable, not to be passed
Impatient, hafty

Impenitent, wilful, hardening in Sin, not repenting

Impérial, belonging to an Em-
Imperious, haughty, proud
Impertinent, filly, troublesome
Impetuous, violent

Implacable, not to be appeafed
Importunate, troublesome
Impregnable, not to be taken
by Force
Improbable, unlikely
Improvident, careless, forget
ful to provide

Inaffable, not courteous
Inanimate, without Life
Incestuous, guilty of Incest

Incognito, unknown

Incohérent, not agreeing, or
Sticking together

Incompetent, incapable
Incongruous, unfit
Inconsistent, not Suiting
Incóntinent, unchafte

Incredible, beyond Belief

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Illuftrious, noble, renowned

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Infléxible, not to be bended, or


Ingeminate, to encrease much
Ingenious, full of Wit
Ingenuous, free, fincere

Inglorious, dishonourable
Initial, the first of all
Injurious, hurtful
Inoffénfive, harmless

Inórdinate, immoderate

Infatiate, unsatisfied

Infidious, treacherous

Intelligent, understanding
Intemperate, immoderate
Interdicted, forbidden
Intermural, between two Walls
Intractable, ungovernable
Invidious, envious
Invincible, not to be overcome
Ironical, poke contrary, by Way
of Scoff

Irrefolute, unref.lved, uncer-
tain what to do
Irreverent, unmannerly
Judicious, wife, difcreet


Laborious, painful

Lafcivious, wanton, luftful Legitimate, born in Wedlock Libidinous, lafful

Licentious, lewd, diforderly

Litigious, quarrelsome
Loquacious, full of Talk

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Luxuriant, wanton, abounding

Orbicular, roundish

O'rdinary, common

Oriental, Eaftern


Magnánimous, courageous,


Magnificent, fately

Malevolent, full of Hatred
Malicious, Spiteful

Málleable, that may be hammered out

Matérial, of Concern, or Mo


Outrágious, fierce, violent


Pálatable, pleafant to the Tafte Parochial, of a Parish Particular, proper, peculiar Parturient, ready to bring forth Peculiar, particular, fingular Pénetrable, that may be pierced Penúrious,

Penúrious, niggardly, covetous
Perennial, lafting

Péremptory, abfolute, pofitive
Perfidious, falfe, treacherous
Perfunctory, lightly,
Pernicious, burtful
Perpetual, everlasting
Perfpicuous, clear, plain
Poetical, belonging to Poetry.
Political, belonging to Govern-
ment, alfo prudent

Polemical, belonging to Controverfy

Pontificate, Pope-like
Pofterior, latter
Potential, powerful

Prácticable, that may be prac


Precárious, uncertain Precipitate, over-hafty Predominate, ruling over Pre exiftent, having a Being before Préferable, that is to be preferred before another Prepárative, which ferves to prepare Prepofterous, done the wrong Way, topfiturvy Prodigious, wonderful Promifcuous, confused, mixed together

Prophetical, belonging to a

Propitious, favourable
Provincial, of a Province

Prudential, wife

Quadrúpedal, four-footed

Quoditian, daily


Rapácious, ravenous Rátional, reasonable Rebellious, difobedient Reciprocal, mutual

Refractory, unruly, headstrong Regality, Royalness Regenerate, born again Remarkable, worthy of Note Réputable, of good Repute Refpónfible, able, anfwerable Reftorative, of a ftrengthning Nature

Revocable, that may be repealed Rhetorical, eloquent

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Terreftrial, earthy

Theatrical, belonging to a Stage
Tólerable, that may be endured
Transfigured, changed

Triangular, belonging to, or in
Form of a Triangle
Triennial, of three Years
Tumultuous, riotus

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Tyrannical, acting like a Ty- Uxórious, over fond of his


V. & U.

Váluable, of Price

Variable, changeable


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Verbs of four Syllables, accented and explained.

N. B. Those Words of four Syllables, that you cannot find here, look for in the two laft Tables.

Abréviate, to make bert


Abominate, to hate, ab

Accelerate, to quicken, to put
Adminifter, to aid, to dispense
or give to

Adúlterate, to forge, or corrupt
A'lienate, to eflrange from
Alléviate, to ease, to affwage
Annihilate, to bring to nothing
Antícipate, to prevent, to do
any thing before the Time


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