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He that hates Learning is a Fool. He that swims in Sin will

link in forrow Text Trust not thine Heart


Remember to keep such Company as you may improve, or that may improve you? and if you cannot make them nor they do not make you better, then leave them for fear they should make you worse? Form of a Receipt.

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Rec. Jan 25 17.56 of Daniel Robinson Esq. eighty Pounds, nine Shillings and ten l'ence

in full.

Abr." "Trusty?




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Learn this Hand,as it is very useful to mark Books or Goods.

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Remember now thy Creafor

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Calúmniate, to flander Capacitate, to make capable Capitulate, to treat with upon Terms

Characterize, to give a Description of

Coagulate, to congeal, to cur

dle Commemorate, to celebrate, to remember

Commiferate, to take Pity of Communicate, to impart, or Show

· Conciliate, to reconcile Confederate, to join together Congratulate, to rejoice with Cooperate, to work together Corroborate, to ftrengthen, to

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Illuminate, to enlighten
Inaugurate, to invest with an
Office, or Dignity
Incorporate, to admit into So-
ciety, alfo to mix together
Inextricate, to entangle
Infatuate, to befet, to bewitch
Ingeminate, to double, or repeat

Ingratiate, to get into Favour
Inoculate, to graft
Infinuate, to give an Hint of
Intoxicate, to make drunk, to

Invalidate, to make void

Méliorate, to wax, or make better

Monópolize, to engross a Commodity


Necéffitate, to force, to com


Negotiate, to tranfall, or ma

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Contains feveral useful and necessary Things to be known, for the further Improvement of the young Scholar in his Learning and Morals.


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AKE five Ounces of the best blue Nutgalls (which may be had at most Grocers in any large Town) break them in a Mortar, but not into fmall Pieces; then put the Galls into one Quart of clear Rain Water, or if this cannot be got, into foft Spring Water; let these stand four or five Days, shaking them often. Then take two Ounces of white Gum Arabick, one Ounce of doubled-refined Sugar, one Piece of Indico, and put to the fame, and shake them well, and let them stand four or five Days more; then take two Ounces of good green Copperas (the larger the better) and having first washed off the Filth, put it to the Reft, and alfo a Piece of clear Allum, about as big as a Wallnut, to fet the Colour, and it will be fit for Ufe. Note, If it be made in Summer Time, and fet in the Sun, the better; if in Winter, add a Dram of Spirits of Wine or Brandy.

Directions for WRITING.

LE The Pen be held flopin

ET the Pen be held floping, almoft to the fecond Joint of your Fore finger about one Inch from the Nib of the Pen, and lay it flat on the Pen (not with the Joint up) and keep your Middle-finger close to your Forefinger, but a little lower on the Pen, placing the Side of it against the Side of the Pen; and your Thumb at the fame Time, about as high above your Fore-finger, as your Middlefinger is below it, obferving at the fame Time to let your Thumb be bent outward, but by no means ftrait, because it will hinder the free Motion of the Pen. Thus will your Pen be fupported by your Fore-finger, Middle-finger and Thumb, and laying your fourth Finger, and little Finger under your


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