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Middle-finger, and refting upon your little Finger, and keeping the upper Part of the Hand and Wrist hollow, you may move the Pen up and down with Freedom, by due Obfervation and Practice.


Containing a Set of Alphabetical COPIES.

A. A

covetous Man is never fatisfied.

Abundance, like Want, ruins many.

A Lad's Manners often shape his Fortune.

B. By Diligence and Care, you will foon learn to write fair, By learning to obey, you'll know how to command,

Be wife and beware; and of blotting take Care. C. Command you may, your Mind from Play. Contentment is the beft Fortune.

Confider the Shortness of Life, and Length of Eternity. D. Duty, Fear, and Love, we owe to GOD above. Demonstration is the best Way of Inftruction.

Do no Manner of Harm to any Perfon.

E. Every Plant and Flower, fets forth GO D's Power.
Examples oft prevail when Arguments do fail.
F. Fair Words are often followed by foul Deeds.
Frugality and Industry are Hands of Fortune.
G. Godliness with Contentment is Gain.
Get what you get honestly, and use it frugally,
Generofity flows from a fympathizing Spirit.
H. He that fwims in Sin will fink in Sorrow.
Honours that are true, are lawful to pursue.
He is always poor that is never contented.
I. & J. Ignorance is Learning's greateft Enemy.
It is good to have a Friend; but bad to want one.
It is too late to fpare when all is fpent.

Judge not of Things by their outward Appearance.
K. Keep at a Distance from all bad Company.

Keep out evil Thoughts by entertaining good ones.
Knowledge of GOD is the best of Knowledge.
L. Learn now in thy Youth to follow Grace and Truth.
Learn to live as you would wish to die.

Learning will ftand your Friend when Riches fail.

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M. Many

M. Many think not of living till they are near dying.
Many are led by the Nofe more than by theirUnderstanding.
Murmur not at the Rod which is fent you from GO D.
N. Nothing is certain in this uncertain World.
Never ftudy to please others to ruin yourself.
Nothing more certain than Death and Eternity.
O. Opportunity loft cannot be recalled.
Omitting to do Good is coinmitting of Evil.
Only by Pride comes Contention.

P. Pride is Destruction's Fore-runner.

Poverty and Shame wait upon the Slothful.
Provide against the worst, and hope for the best.
Q. Quiet minded Men have always Peace within.
Quarrelfome People are always at War.

Quench the burning Fire of every bad Defire.
R. Repentance comes too late when all is spent.
Religion in Hypocrites is no more than Skin deep.
Remember thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth.
Sin and Sorrow are conftant Companions.



fine and brave only to play the Knave.
T. Those that do nothing will foon learn to do ill.
They can never be wife that good Counsel despise.
Time and Tide will stay for no Man.

U. & V. Ufe foft Words in ftrong Arguments.
Union and Peace make Difcord ceale.
Understanding is a Well-fpring of Life.
Virtuous and brave Actions gain Reputation.
Vice is always attended with Sorrow.
Virtue is our guiding Star to true Reason.
W. Wanton Actions are very unseemly.
We dance well when Fortune plays.
Who is fo great as the LORD our GOD.
X. Xenophon counted the wife Man happy.
Xerxes wept at the Thoughts of Death.
Xenophilus lived one hundred and feven Years.
Xantippe was Wife to Socrates.

Y. Youth is full of Disorder, and Age of Infirmity.
Your Delight and your Care fhould be to write fair.
Your Copy write fair, and of blotting beware.
Z. Zeal in a good Caufe commands Applaufe.
Zeal when blind is religious Gun-Powder.
Zeno was the firft ftoic Philofopher.


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Verfes on Various Occafions, proper for Writing-Pieces.



HAT Words what Voices can we bring,
Which Way our Accents raife,

To welcome the myfterious King,

And fing a Saviour's Praife!

O'tis too little all we can,

For this unbounded Love;

All that was ever wrote by Man,

Or fung in Hymns above.

But, though we can't fit Language find,

We praife, believe, adore!

With joyful Hearts and Souls refign'd, And wish we could do more.

2. On our SAVIOUR's Crucifixion, or Good Friday,

O Songs of Trump now be fung,

No Ceafe all your sprightly Airs;

Let Sorrow filence every Tongue, And Joy diffolve to Tears.

If at this Sight we don't repent, What other Sight can move? Ingrateful! fhall we not relent, And pay him Love with Love.



EAR SAVIOUR, oh! what ails this Heart,
Sure 'tis of Stone, it cannot smart,

Nor yet relent the Death of thee,
Whofe Death alone could ranfom me :
Can I behold thy Pains fo great,
Thy dying Sighs, thy bloody Sweat ?

Thy Back with Whips and Scourges torn;
Thy facred Temples crown'd with Thorn;
Thy Hands and Feet nail'd to the Wood;
And all thy Body drown'd in Blood;


Can't thou pour forth fuch Streams for me,
And I not drop one Tear for thee.



F Angels fung a Saviour's Birth,
On that aufpicious Morn ;

Then let us imitate their Mirth,
Now he again is born.

Grieve not vain Man, who mortal, art, That thou to Earth muft fall,

It was his Portion; 'twas the Part Of him, who faved us all.

Himfelf he humbled to the Grave

Made Flesh; like us, to show

That we as certainly fhall have A Refurrection too.

4. On WHIT-SUNDAY, or fending the Holy Ghost, commonly called Pentecoft.


E's come, let every Knee be bent,
All Hearts new Joy refume:

Let Nations fing with one Confent,
The Comforter is come.

As Pilots by the Compafs fteer Till they their Harbour find:

So does thy facred Breathing here, Guide every wand'ring Mind.

O bleffed Spirit; not a Soul, But does thy Influence feel!

Thou doft our darling Sins controul, And fix our wavering Zeal.


OME Holy Spirit, come and breathe
fpicy Odours on the Face

C Thy

Of our dull Region here beneath;

And fill our Souls with thy fweet Grace.
Come and root out thofe poisonous Weeds,

Which overrun and choak our Lives:

And in our Hearts plant thine own Seeds,
Whofe quickening Pow'r our Spirit revives.
We can alas, nor be, nor grow;
Unless thy pow'rful Mercy please!
Thy Hand must plant and water too,
Thy Hand alone must give th' Increase.



Contains VERSES upon feveral Occafions, and proper for WRITING-PIECES.



EARN to contemn all Praise betimes,
For Flatt'ry is the Nurfe of Crimes :

With early Vertue plant thy Breaft,

The fpecious Arts of Vice deteft.



Youth, like the softened Wax, with Eafe will take
Thofe Images that firft Impreffions make :
If those are fair their Actions will be bright;
If foul, they'll clouded be with Shades of Night.

Virtue's the chiefeft Beauty of the Mind,
The nobleft Ornaments of Human-kind :
Virtue's our Safe-guard, and our guiding Star,
That stirs up Reason when our Senfes err.


Religion prompts us to a future State,

The last Appeal from Fortune, and from Fate ;
Where GOD's all-righteous Ways will be declar'd,
The Bad meet Punishment, the Good Reward.


From Art and Study true Contentment flow,
For 'tis a God-like Attribute to know.

He most improves who ftudies with Delight,
And learns found Morals whilft he learns to write.

Flee Sloth, the Canker of good Senfe and Parts,
Of Health, of Wealth, of Honour, and of Arts:
Those that court Fame muft not their Senses please,
Her Chariot lags when drawn by Sloth and Ease.

7. IDLE.

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