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[blocks in formation]


wí-dow-head Yél-low-nefs

[blocks in formation]

con-fump-tive JE-HO-VAH re-fem-ble




con-tri-vance in-car-nate fep-tem-ber

in-cum-bent fpec-ta-tor






in-form-er Tar-pau-lin




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Words of three Syllables, accented on the laft Syllable..

[blocks in formation]

cir-cum-cife Ma-ca-roon

cir-cum-vent ma-ga-zine re-pre-fent





[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Leffons in Words not exceeding three Syllables.

LESSON I. Of Duty to God.


You have heard and read in Lef-fons be-fore this, what your Du-ty to God and Man is; but left you should for-get it, or not think your-felf bound to do it, I re-mind you of it a-gain.

Re-mem-ber then, God ex-pects your ear-ly youth-ful Days fhould be spent well. He gives. you a ftrict Charge, and you muft o-bey him. You must not neg-lect to ferve him at Church, in pub-lick Wor-fhip; but be ve-ry rea-dy at all. Times, when you are call-ed up-on, to ferve him; and you must not go to ferve God by Force, nor be an-gry or vex-ed when you are call-ed to Church,. or to Pray-ers; for then he will be an-gry with you, be-caufe you dif-o-bey him and your Pa


LESSON II. Of Duty to Parents, &c. undivided for Trial.

He that knows his Duty towards God, as he ought to do, will not fail to please and obey his Parents.

Let God be firft in your Thoughts when you awake, and last of all Things when you go to Bed; for if you thus think of God, and fear him all the Day long, he will give you all the good Things. that this World can afford, and much more than you can defire, or are worthy to deserve.


He that loves God, will love and obey his Parents, and will strive to please them in all Things they require of him to do.

A good Boy will not pout and be fullen, when he is told of a Fault, but will mind what his Father, Mother, Mafter, or Friends, fay to him; and if he has any good Nature or good Manners, he will endeavour to amend his former Faults, and do fo no more: For those Children that disobey their Parents, feldom profper, but often come to Sorrow and fome ill End.


III. Selected out of the Pfalms, and out of the Proverbs of Solomon.

Bleffed is the Man that hath not walked in the Counsel of the Ungodly, nor ftood in the Way of Sinners, and hath not fat in the Seat of the Scornful; but his Delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in that Law will he exercife himself Day and Night.

As for the Ungodly, it is not fo with them; but they are like the Chaff which the Wind driveth away from the Face of the Earth..

The Lord knoweth the Way of the Righteous; but the Way of the Ungodly fhall perish.

A wife Son maketh a glad Father; but a foolish Son is the Heavinefs of his Mother.

The Way of a Fool is right in his own Eyes; but he that hearkeneth to good Counfel is wife. When a Man's Ways please the Lord, he maketh even his Enemies to be at Peace with him. The Lord is far from the Wicked; but he heareth the Prayer of the Righteous.


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