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Seventeen 17

XVII Eighty 80 LXXX Eighteen 18 XVIII Eighty five

85 LXXXV Nineteen

XIX Ninety


XX Ninety-five 95

Twenty-five 25 XXV One hundred 100

с Thirty

XXX Two hundred 200


Three hundred 300

40 XL
Four hundred 400


Five hundred 500



L Six hundred 600 DC

LV Seven hundred 700

DCi .

60 LX Eight hundred 800. DCCC
65 LXV
Nine hundred goo

Seventy 70
LXX A thousand




35. XXXV

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27 Twenty-seven
62 Sixty-two
173 One hundred and Seventy-three
704 Seven hundred and four
1609 One thousand Six hundred and Nine
1756 One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty-fix,



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Of Contrations of such Things as are necessary to be

understood; in which whole Words and Sentences

are known by certain Letters only.
A. B. or B. A. Bachelor of B. D. Batchelor of Divinity

Bp. Bishop
A. D. in the Year of our Lord Abp. Archbishop
A. M. or M. A. Mafter of Bart. Baronet

B. V. Blessed Virgin
A. R. Anna Regina, or

C. an Hundred
Queen Anne

Cwt. an Hundred-weight, or
A. P. G. Professor of Aftro. 112 Pounds
nomy in Gresham College Col. Colonel


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C. R. Charles Rex, or King L. Lord or Lady

LP Lordship
C. S. Keeper of the Seal Lady Ladyhip
C. P. S. Keeper of the Privy L. D. Lady Day

Lev. Leviticus
D. D. Doctor of Divinity

Lieut. Lieutenant Dec. (or rober) December LLD. Doctor of the Canon Deut. Deuteronomy

or Civil Law Ditto (or Do) the same

L' Letter Du. Duke

Luk Luke Dum Dukedom

M. Marquis E. Earl

Manip Manipulus, anHandful Earldm Earldom

Madm Madam Eccl. Ecclesiastes

M. D. Doctor of Physic Ecclus. Ecclefiafticus

Md Mejicine e. g. as for Example

Mdm Memorandum Ep. Epiftie

M Master Eph. Ephesians

Mrs Mistress Elai. Elaias

MS. Manuscript Erq". Esquire

MS). Manuscripts Ev Evangelist

N. Note Exon. Exeter

NB. Nota bene, mark well Ex. Exodus

Nov. or ober, November
Feb. February

F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal N S. New Style

Obj. Objection
Gal. Galatians

Obi obedient Gen Genesis

Oct. or 8ber. O&tober Genmo Generaliffimo

Parl Parliament Gent. Gentleman

Philom. A Lover of the Ma. Hon, honourable

thematics Hd honoured

P, M G. Professor of Music Heb. Hebrew

at Gresham College Id, or Idem, the same

PS. Postscript i. e. that is

P. T. G. Professor of TheoJ.H. S. Jesus the Saviour of

logy or Divinity in GreMen

- ham College Isa. Isaiah

Q. Queen or Question J. D. Doctor of Jury or Law

q. d. as if he should say Joh. or Jno John

9.1 as much as you please Josh. Jothua

9. f. a sufficient quantity J. R. James Rex, or King Reg' Register James

Reg. Dep deputed Register K. King

Rev. Revelation Km Kingdom

Rt Hon right honourable Knt Knight


Rt Worp right worshipful

vide, fee Revd reverend

viz. that is to say
R* Revd right reverend Wp. Worshipful
St Saint

Xpi Christopher
Sep', or 7ber, September Xt Chrift
Salop, Shropshire

Xin Christian
Sr Sir
SS TP. Professor of Divinity
Th. Thomas

y' your
Theos Theophilus
Thsis Thessalonians

& and
v.g. The same as e. g. &c. and the rest (or) and so


ye the

y” then

ye that

v. Verse

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A Colletion of Words nearly alike in Sound, but

different in Spelling and Signification.

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N. B. I think it very necessary that all such as can read pretty well, rould now learn to know the Meaning of Words, for without this, the Spelling Part only is of little Signification ; therefore, if the young Scholar was set eight or ten Words of this Table every Night, or two or three Times a Week, to spell, and tell the Meaning of, according to his Capacity, it would certainly be of great Service.

And tho' I would be thought to have the highest Regard for the Word of God, yet I would advise all Masters and Mistresses to set their Scholars a Collection of these Words (or of those in the following Tables) at their Breakingsoup; rather than to write out, and get by Heart a long Chapter, which they feldom mind to perform till within a Day or two of returning to School again ; and then loven over their Writing, and spoil their Hand; and after being corrected for this, and not getting the heavy Talk by Heart, they begin in their early Days to hate the Bible, and hold the best of Books in Contempt; which, if read at proper Times, would take quite a different Turn upon their little Minds.

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Accidents, Chances

Bawl, to cry out Accompt, Rockoning

Ballad, Song Account, Efteen

Ballot, Ball- Lot Acts, Deeds

Barbara, a Woman's Name Ax, to cut with

Barbary, a Country Affect, to move, or imitate Barberry, a Tree Effect, Purpose

Bare, naked Ail, Trouble

Bear, a Beat Ale, Malt Drink

Baron, a Lord Air, Element

Barren, unfruitful Are, Plural of is

Baize of Woollen E'er, ever

Bays, Bay-Trees Ere, before

Base, vile Heir to an Efate

Bass in Music Alder-Tree

Be, to exis Elder, older

Bee, an Infeet All, the whole

Bean, Kind of Pulse Awl, Cobler's Tool.

Been, have been Allow'd, granted

Bow, to post with Aloud, with Noise

Beau, a Fop Altar, for Sacrifice

Beer, Malt Drink Alter, to change

Bier for the Dead Ant, Pismire

Bel, an Idol Aunt, Uncle's Wift

Bell, to ring Arrant, notorious

Berry, Small Fruit Errand, Mesage

Bury, to inter Errant, wandering

Bile, Gall Ascent, Steepness

Boil, to bubble up Aflent, Consent

Blew, did blow Affiftance, Help

Blue, Colour Affiftants, Helpers

Boar, Male Swine Attendance, Waiting

Boor, a Clown Attendants, Waiters

Bore, to bore a Hole Auger, to bore with

Board, a Plank
Augar, a Soothsayer

Bor'd, did bore

Bolt, for a Door
Bacon, Swine-Fleso

Boult, to fift Baken in an Oven

Bomb, Mortar-foot Beacon, a Light to guide Ships Bum, Buttocks at Sea

Bough, Branch Beckon, with the Hand Bow, to bend Bail, Surety

Border, the Margin Bale of Silk

Bordure, in Heraldry Bald, without Hair

Boy, a Lad Ball, a round Solid

Buoy, bear up


Buy, to purchase

Choose, to cull, or pick By, near

Choir, Set of Singers Brace, a Couple

Quire, 24 Sheets Brase, folder with Brafs Choler, Wrath Breaches, broken Places

Collar, for the Neck Breeches, to wear

Coller, of Brawn Bread, to eat

Chord, in Music Bred, brought up,

Cord, a small Rope Brewing, of Ale

Cinque, Five Bruin, a Bear's Name

Sink, a Drain Brews, doth brew

Cion, a young shoot Bruise, to burt

Sion, a City Bruit, Report

Cite, to summon Brute, Beaft

Sight, Sering Borough, a Town-corporate Site, Situation Burrow, a Rabbit's Net Citron, Sort of Fruit C.

Cittern, a mufical Instrument Cain, a Man's Namo

Clause, an Article Cane, to walk with

Claws, Talons Calais, in France

Cleaver, for chopping Chalice, a Cup

Clever, ingenious Call by Name

Climb, to clamber, or get up Cawl, of a Wig or Bowels Clime, Climate Cannon, great Gun

Close, to put Canon, Rule

Clothes, Apparel Catch, to lay bold of

Coarse, not fine Ketch, small Ship

Course, Race, Way Cattle, Cowi, c

Coat, a Garment Kettle, for boiling

Cote, a Cottage Cieling, of a Room

Quote, to cite, or alledge Sealing, setting a Seal

Coin, Money Cellar, a Vault

Kine, Cows Seller, that sells

Coit, to play with Censer, for Incense

Kite, Bird of Prey Censor, Reformer

Comet, a Blazing Star Censure, Judgment

Commit, do, act Cent, an Hundred

Coming, approaching Sent, did fend

Cummin, a Plant Centaury, an Herb

Common, Public Century, 100 Years

Commune, converse Centry, Guard

Concert, of Music Chair, to fit on

Confort, Wife Chare, job of Work

Condemn, to fentence Chas'd, did chase

Contemn, to despise Chafte, continent

Confidence, Impudence Chews, doobchow


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