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Confidents, truffy Friends Doer, Performer
Council, Asembly

Door, of an House
Counsel, Advice

Dollar, Dutch Coin Currant, a Berry

Dolour, Grief Current, palable

Done, performed Cousin, a Relation

Dun, a Colour Cozen, to cheat

Dragon, a Serpent Creek, of the Sea

Dragoon, a Soldier Crick, in the Neck

E se, to fail to and fro Ear, to hear with Cruse, a little Veffil

E’er, ever
Cygnet, a young Swan Year, 12 Months
Signet, a Seal

Early, foon
Cymbal, a musical Instrument Yearly, Year by Year
Cymbol, a Mark

Earn, to get by Work
Cypress, a Tree

Yearn, to melt in Pity
Cyprus, an Island

East, Sun-Rising

Yeaft, Barm
Dane, of Denmark

Eafter, Chrif's Refurre&tion Dean, nex: a Bishop

Ether, a Woman's Name Deign, vouchlafc

Eaten, swallow'd Dear, valuable

Eton, a Town Deer, a Stag

Emerge, to pop up Debtor, that oweth

Immerge, to plunge or to dip Deter, to frighten or keep Eminent, noted Decease, Death

Imminent, över head Disease, Diftemper

Emit, to ferd forth Defer, to delivy

Emmit, an Ani Differ, disagree

Enter, to go

in Deference, Repeat

Interr, to bury Difference, Disagreement Envoy, an Anbasador Dependence, relying on Envy, Ill-Will Dependents, Hangers on Er, Yudal's Son Descent, going down

Err, to mifake Diffent, disagree

Ewe, Female Sheep Derbe, in Afia

Yew, Tree Derby, in Énland

You, yourself Devices, Inventions

Ewer, a Bafor Devises, inventeth

Ure, Cuftom, Use Devizes, a Torin

Your, own Dew, on the Grass

Exercise, Employment Due, owin

Exorcise, to conjure 3 Do, proform

Extant, ija being Doe, the Deer

Extent, Distance Dough, Poble

Eye, 10 fee with


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1, myself


Faint, weary

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G. Eyes, io fee with

Gallon, 4 Quarts Ice, frozen Water

Galloon, narrow Ribbon

Gall, a Bile Fain, deforous

Gaul, a Frenchman" Feign, diffemble

Gantlet, Hand- Armour

Gantlope, Panifoment Feint, a Pretence

Gesture, Ation Fair, handsome

Jester, a oker Fare, Food

Gilt, gilded Fat, Suet

Guilt, Sin Vat, Brewing Veel

Glutinous, sticking Favour, Kindness

Glattonous, greedy Fever, Diftemper

Gnat, a finging Fly. Feat, Exploit

Nat, Nathaniet Feet, our Feei

Grain, Corn Fellon, Whitlow

Grane, an Island Felon, a Criminal

Grate, for Coals File, of Steel

Great, large

21 Foil, to overcome

Grater, for Nutmeg Vile, base, mean

Greater, larger Filip, with the Finger

Greaves, Lig-Armour Philip, a Man's Name

Grieves, lamenteth Fir, Deal Tree

Groan, hard Sigb Fur, of wild Brafts

Grown, increafed Flea, an Infect

Groat, Four-pence Flee, to fly

Grot, a Cave Flay, the-Skin of

Guess'd, did gues Flew, did Aly

Guest, a Visitor Flue, Rabbit's Down

H. Flour, for Bread

Hail, frozen Water Flower, of the Find

Hale, draw after Fold, a Plait

Hair, of the Head Fould, made dirty

Hare, Beajt of Chace Foul, filiby

Hall, great House

1 Fowl, a Bird

Haul, to pull Frays, Quarrel

Hallow, to confecrate
Phrase, a Sentence

Hollow, empty
Frances, a Woman's Name Harass, to tire, or fatigue
Francis, a Man's Name Arrass, Hangings
Freeze, to congeal

Harsh, fevere
Frieze, a Sort of Cloth

Hath, minc'd Meat Furs, the Plural of Fur

Hart, Deer Furz, a prickly Shrub

Heart, the Szat of Lift



Heal, to cure

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Haven, an Harbour

In, within Heaven, God's Thronę ir Inn, a public House

0.sü Incite, to ftir up Heel, of a Shoe

Insight, Knowledge He'll, he will

Indite, to compose Hear, biarken

Indict, to impeach Here, in this Place

Ingenious, of good Parts Heard, did bear

Ingenuous, candid, free Herd, of Cattle

Innocence, Harmlessness Hew, to cut

Innocents, Babes Hue, Colour

Intense, excellove Hugh, a Max's Name

Intents, Purposes Hie, to haple

K. High, lofiy

Kill, to murder Hoy, Small Ship

Kiln, to dry Mall Higher, more high

Kis, Saul's Fatber Hire, Wages

Kiss, with the Lips Him, that Mar

Knave, a Rogne Hymn, a godly Song

Nave, of a Wheel His, bis own

Knead, Dough Hiss, to deride

Need, Want
Hoar, frozen Dew

Knell, Paffing-Bell
Whore, a lewd Woman Nell, Eleanor
Hole, a Cavity,

Knew, did know
Whole, not broken

New, not worn, or used Holm, Holly

Knight, a Title of Honour Home, Dwelling

Night, Darkness Whom, who

Knit, knitting Stockings Hoop, for a Tub

Nit, a small Louse Whoop, te bollow

Knot, Knob Hour, of the Day

Not, denying
Our, our own

Know, understand
Hungary, a Country
Hungry, wanting Food


Lade, with a Dilo
Idle, laxy

Laid, placed Idol, an Image

Latin, a Tongue or Language I'll, I will

Latten, Tin Ile, of a Church

Lattice, a Window Ine, an Isand

Lettice, a Woman's Name 'Oil, liquid Fat

Lettuce, a Salad Imploy, to set to Work Leak, to run out Imply, to signify

Leek, a Kind of Onion Impoftor, a Cheat

Lease, Denise Impofture, Deceit

Lealh, Ibres



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Lead, Metal

Mare, Sbe Horse Led, condueted

Mayor, of a Town Leaper, a Jumper

Marsh, watry Ground Leper, ore Leporous

Mash, to mince Leaft, Smalleji

Marshal, Head General Left, for Fear

Martial, warlike | Legislator, Law-Giver Marten, a Bird

Legislature, Parliament Martin, a Man's Name i Leffen, to make less

Mary, a Woman's Name Lesson, in reading

Marry, to wed
Lesser, Smaller

Maul, to beat foundly
Leffor, that grants a Leaf Moll, Mary
Liar, a false Story-Teller Mead, Meadow
Lier, in Wait

Mede, Medianite
Lyre, a Harp

Mean, of small Value Lien, lain

Mien, Behaviour Lying, telling Lies

Meat, Flesh Lies, Untruths

Mete, to measure Lice, Vermin

Medal, a Coin Limb, Leg or Arm

Meddle, to interferé Limn, to paint

Medlar, a Fruit Limber, pliant

Medler, a Buly Body Limner, Painter

Melt, to make liquid Line, Length

Milt, Roe of a Fifo. Loin, of Veal

Message, Érrand Lo, bebold

Messuage, House Low, mean, humble

Metal, Gold, Silver, &c. Loth, unwilling

Mettle, Vigeun Lothe, to naufeate

Mews, as a Cat Loose, not faft

Muse, to think Lose, not win

Might, Power Louse, on the Body

Mite, in Cheese Loud, noisy

Mighty, powerful Low'd, did bellow

Mity, full of Mites Lower, more love

Moiecy, Half
Lour, to frown

Mile, 8 Furlongs

Moil, labour
Made, finished

Moan, Lamentation Maid, a Virgin

Mown, cut down Main, chief

Moat, a Ditch Mane, of a Horse

Mote, an Atom Mail, Armour

Moor, a Fen or Marso Male, he or him

More, in Quantity Manner, Custom

Mower, that motus
Manor, Lordship

Morning, before Noon
D 2


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Mourning, lamenting

Parson, a Priest Muscle, a Shell-Fish

T'erson, He or She Muzzle, to lie the Mouth

Paschal, of Easter
Muslin, fine Linnen

Pasquil, Italian Lampoon
Muzzling, tying the Mount Paftor, a Minister

Pasture, grazing Land
Naught, bad

Patience, Mildness Nought, Nothing

Patients, fick People Nay, dewying

Patron, Protector Neigh, as a Horse

Pattern, Copy Near, nigh

Pause, a Stop Ne'er, never

Paws, of a Bear Neither, of the Towo

Peace, Quietnes Nether, lower

Peas, Pulje None, not any

Piece, a Part Nun, a religious Maid Peal, in ringing 0.

Peel, 10 Arip of Oar, to row with

Peer, Nobleman O'er, over

Pier, of a Bridge Ore, uncaft Metal

Penitence, Repentance Of, belonging to

Penitents, Repenters Off, diftant, or from

Peter, a Man's Name Oh, alas

Petre, Salt-Petre Owe, indebted

Pick, chuse One, in Number

Pique, a Grudge Own, acknowledge

Pies, Pastry Order, Rank

Poise, to balance,
Ordure, Dung

Pilate, a Judge

Pilot, a Guide at Sea
Pail, for Water

Pillar, round Column Pale, wan, or white

Pillow, to lay the Head on Pain, Torment

Pint, half a Quart Pane, of Glas

Point, the marp End Pair, Two

Piftol, small Gun Pare, to cut, or chip

Pistole, a Spanish Coin Pear, a Fruit

Place, to set in Order Palate, Tafle, Relilo

Plaice, a Kind of Fill Pallet, Trundle-Bed

Plait, a Fold Pall, Funeral-Cloth

Plate, Silver Paul, a Man's Name

Pleas, Excuses Poll, Mary

Please, to satisfy Parasite, a Flatterer

Poesy, Poetry Parricide, a Parent-Killer Posy, Nofegay Parcel, small Bundle

Pole, a long Stick Partial, biased

Poll, Head, Vote


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