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Enter, to go in
Interr, to bury
Envoy, an Anbafador
Envy, Ill-Will
Er, Judah's Son
Err, to mifiake.
Ewe, Female Sheep
Yew, Tree
You, yourself
Ewer, a Bafon
Ure, Cuftom, Use
Your, own

Exercife, Employment
Exorcife, to conjure

Extant, in being
Extent, Distance

Eye, 10 fee with


I, myself
Eyes, to fee with

Ice, frozen Water


Fain, defirous
Feign, dissemble

Faint, weary

Feint, a Pretence

Fair, handfome
Fare, Food
Fat, Suet

Vat, Brewing Veffel
Favour, Kindness
Fever, Distemper
Feat, Exploit
Feet, our Feet
Fellon, Whitlow

Felon, a Criminal

File, of Steel

Foil, to overcome
Vile, base, mean
Filip, with the Finger

Philip, a Man's Name
Fir, Deal Tree

Fur, of wild Beafts
Flea, an Infect
Flee, to fly
Flay, the Skin off
Flew, did fly

Flue, Rabbit's Down'

Flour, for Bread


Gallon, 4 Quarts

Galloon, narrow Ribbon
Gall, a Bile

Gaul, a Frenchman
Gantlet, Hand-Armour
Gantlope, Panishment
Gesture, Action
Jefter, a Joker
Gilt, gilded
Guilt, Sin
Glutinous, flicking
Gluttonous, greedy
Gnat, a flinging Fly
Nat, Nathaniel
Grain, Corn
Grane, an Island
Grate, for Coals
Great, large
Grater, for Nutmeg
Greater, larger

Greaves, Lig-Armour

Grieves, lamenteth

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Flower, of the Field

Hale, draw after

Fold, a Plait

Hair, of the Head

Foul'd, made dirty

Foul, filthy

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Hare, Braft of Chace

Hall, great House

Fowl, a Bird

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Haul, to pull

Frays, Quarrel

Hallow, to confecrate

Phrafe, a Sentence

Frances, a Woman's Name

Francis, a Man's Name

Freeze, to congeal
Frieze, a Sort of Cloth
Furs, the Plural of Fur
Furz, a prickly Shrub

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Lies, Untruths

Lice, Vermin Limb, Leg or Arm Limn, to paint Limber, pliant Limner, Painter

Line, Length

Loin, of Veal
Lo, behold

Low, mean, humble

Loth, unwilling

Lothe, to nauseate

Loose, not faft

Lofe, not win

Loufe, on the Body
Loud, noify
Low'd, did bellow

Lower, more low

Lour, to frown


[blocks in formation]

Mare, She Horse

Mayor, of a Town
Marth, watry Ground
Mash, to mince

Marfhal, Head General·
Martial, warlike

Marten, a Bird

Martin, a Man's Name
Mary, a Woman's Name
Marry, to wed
Maul, to beat foundly
Moll, Mary

Mead, Meadows

Mede, Medianite

Mean, of fmall Value
Mien, Behaviour
Meat, Fle
Mete, to measure
Medal, a Coin

Meddle, to interféré.
Medlar, a Fruit
Medler, a Bufy Bodys
Melt, to make liquid
Milt, Roe of a Fif
Meffage, Errand
Meffuage, House

Metal, Gold, Silver, &c.

Mettle, Vigeur

Mews, as a Cat


Mufe, to think

Might, Power Mite, in Cheese Mighty, powerful Mity, full of Mites Moiety, Half Mile, 8 Furlongs Moil, labour

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Moan, Lamentation
Mown, cut down
Moat, a Ditch
Mote, an Atom

Moor, a Fen or Marsh
More, in Quantity
Mower, that mors
Morning, before Noon

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Oh, alas

Owe, indebted
One, in Number

Own, acknowledge:

Order, Rank

Ordure, Dung


Pail, for Water
Pale, wan, or white
Pain, Torment
Pane, of Glas
Pair, Two

Pare, to cut, or chip
Pear, a Fruit
Palate, Tafe, Relifo
Pallet, Trundle-Bed
Pall, Funeral-Cloth
Paul, aMan's Name
Poll, Mary
Parafite, a Flatterer
Parricide, a Parent-Killer
Parcel, Small Bundle
Partial, biased

Peer, Nobleman
Pier, of a Bridge
Penitence, Repentance
Penitents, Repenters
Peter, a Man's Name
Petre, Salt-Petre

Pick, chufe

Pique, a Grudge

Pies, Paftry

Poife, to balance.

Pilate, a Judge
Pilot, a Guide at Sea
Pillar, round Column
Pillow, to lay the Head on
Pint, half a Quart
Point, the harp End
Piftol, Small Gun
Piftole, a Spanish Coin
Place, to fet in Order
Plaice, a Kind of Fish
Plait, a Fold
Plate, Silver
Pleas, Excufes
Please, to fatisfy
Poefy, Poetry
Pofy, Nofegay
Pole, a long Stick

Poll, Head, Vote


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