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Poor, needy

Raise, to lift up
Pore, to look close

Rays, Beams of Light
Poplar, a Tree

Raifin, dry'd Grape
Popular, lov'd by the People

Reason, Argument
Porcelain, China Ware

Rare, choice
Purslain, an Herb

Rear, to erect
Pour, down

Read, to read Power, Might

Reed, a Ruso Practice, Exercise

Red, a Colour Practise, to profess, to Audy

Read, did read Praise, Commendation

Regimen, Diet Prays, intreateth

Regiment, of Soldiers Pray, to befeecha

Relick, Remainder Prey, a Booty

Relia, a Widow Precedent, Example

Reft, Ease Prefident, a Governor

Wrest, to force Presence, comedy

Rheum, Spittle Presents, Gifts

Rome, in Italy Princes, King's Sons

Room, Chamber ; Princess, King's Daughter Rhyme, Verse Principal, Chief

Rime, Front Principle, Rulé

Rice, Indian Corn Profit, Gain

Rife, Advancement Prophet, Seer

Rie, Kind of Grain Prophecy, foretelling

Rye, a Town in Suffex Prophely, to foretell

Wry, crooked Proud, baughty

Rigger, that rigs or fits out Prude, a precise Woman Rigour, Severity Q.

Ring, Circle Quarry, a Stone Pit

Wring, 10 t wift Query, a Qurftion

Right, just, true Querry, a Groom

Rite, a Coremony
Quaver, 10 Jhake a Note Wright, a Surname
Quiver, for Arrows

Write, to write a Letter
Quean, a Harlst, or Slut Rhode, an Island
Queen, King's Wife

Road, High-Ilay

Rode, did ride
Race, running

Row'd, did row Raze, demolill

Roe, Deer Raddish, Garden Root

Row, Rank Reddish, inclining to red Rotc, with:ut Book , Rain, Water

Wrote, did qurile Reign, to rule

Ruff, Neckcloth Rein, of a Bridle

Rough, uneven Wrer, small Bild

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Rung, did ring

Shore, Sea-Coat
Wrung, twilled

Shower, bafty Rain

Shone, did Shine
Sail, of a Ship

Shown, made appear Sale, selling

Sine, a Line Sage, wise

Sign, a Token Sedge, Sheer-Grah

Sink, a Kennel Scent, a Smell

Cinque, Five Sent, order'd away

Sleight, Dexterity Sense, Understanding

Slight, to defpife Since, afterswards

Sloe, wild Plumb Saver, that faves

Slough, miry Place Saviour, Déliverer

Slow, not speedy Savour, Tape

So, thus Say, Speak

Sow, the Land Sey, Sort of Cloth

Soal, a Kind of Fifs Scene, Sight in

Sole, of the Foot Seen, bebeld

Soul, Spirit Sea, Ocean

Soar, to mount upwards See, bebold

Sore, an Ulcer Seal, an Impression

Sower, that forus Zeal, ardent Affection

Some, Part Sealing, a Lelter

Sum, the whole Cieling, of a Room

Son, Male Child Seam, a joining

Sun, Spring of Light Seem, to pretend.

Soon, quickly Seas, the Sea

Swoon, to faint Sees, doih see

Stair, Step Seize, lay bold on

Stare, to look earnestly Season, proper Time

Stead, Place Seizin, taking Pofeffion Steed, a Horje Sects, Parties in Religion Steal, to pilfer Sex, Male and Female

Steel, barden'd Iron Seignior, Great Turk

Straight, direct Senior, Elder

Strait, narrow Sew, with a Needle

Streight, of the Sea Sue, to intreat

Succour, Help Shear, to clip

Sucker, a Twig Sheer, to go off

Sute, to fit Shire, a County

Suit, at Law Sheep, Mutton

Suitor, Petitioner Ship, that fails

Suture, a Seam Shew, make appear

Surplice, a white Robe Shoe, for the Foot

Surplus, over and above Shoar, a Prop

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Wait, to farty

Treaties, Conventions Tacks, small Nails

Treatise, Discourse Tax, Tribute, Duty

V. Tail, the End

Vale, a Valley Tale, a Story

Veil, a Covering Talents, good Parts

Vain, foolish Talons, Claws

Vane, a Weather-Cock Tame, gentle

Vein, a Blood-Vesel Thame, a Tawn's Name ***** Valleys, a Dale Tares, among Wbeat

Value, Worth Tears, from the Eyes? z Vial, small Bottle Team, Set of Horses

Viol, a Fiddle Teem, with Child

Vice, Wickedness Than, in Comparison

Vise, a Screru Then, that Time

Voice, Sound The, fingular Number

W. Thee, thou

Wade, in the Water
Their, belonging to them Weighd, in Balance
There, that place

Wain, 'a Cart
Threw, did throw
Through, by Means of

Weight, for Scales
Throne, Chair of State Whale, a Mark
Thrown, hurled

Whale, a Fish Thyme, Garden Herb.

Ware, Merchandise Time, Leisure

Wear, to put on Tide, Flux of the Sea

Were, was Ty'd, made fapt

Where, at what Place Tie, ta faften

Way, Road Toy, a Play-thing

Weigh, counter poise Ties, doth tie

Wey, 40 Bufbels Toise, a Fathom

Whey, Milk and Runnet Tile, on an House

Week, feven Days Toil, Labour

Weak, faint Title, of Honour

Weal, Wealth, Good Tittle, Point, Fot

Veal, Calf's Flesha To, unto

Wheal, a Pimple Toe, Part of the Foot

Wheel, of a Cart Tow, Hemp or Flax

Weather, fine or foul Too, 'alf

Whether, which Two, a Couple

Wither, to decay Told, reported

Whither, to what Place Toll'd, did toll

Which, this or that Tongs, for the Fire

Witch, a Sorceress Tongues, Languages

Vile, base Tour, a Journey

Wile, a Trick Tower, Fort



While, in the mean Time
Whift, Silence
Wift, knew
White, a Colour
Wight, an Ipand
Who, what Perfon
Woe, Sorrow

Wood, Jmall Timber
Wou'd, was willing
Won, did win
One, in Number
Yew, a Tree
You, yourself
Ewe, a Sheep

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A Dialogue between Master and SCHOLAR, con

cerning the Stops and Marks made use of in Reading and Writing 1. B. This also may be set by Way of Talk, a few Questions at a Time, which would be of great Service.

Master. How many Points, or Stops, are used in Reading and Writing?

Scholar. There are Six, viz, a Corima, a Colon, a Semicolon, a Period, or full Stop, a Note of Interrogation, and a Note of Admiration.


M. Please to tell me how they are made ?

S. A Comma is mark'd or made thus ( , ) a Colon thus (:) a Semicolon chus (;) a Period, or full Stop, thus ( ;) a Note of Interrogation thus. (?) and a Note of Admiration thus (!).

M. Pray tell me their Use in Reading ?

S. A Comma is the shortest of all Stops, and serves to divide Words of the same Kind, or short: Sentences, till you come to the full Sense, or End of the Sentence.

M. Pray give me an Example ? S. Be a good Boy, and mind your Book, fay" your Prayers, Night and Morning, and as soon as you rise, wash your Face and Hands clean, and comb out your Hair, and behave well, and God will bless you. Or thus: I am persuaded, that neither Death, nor Life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor Things present, nor Things to come, nor Height, nor Depth, nor any other Creature, shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom. viii. v. 28, 29.

M. Pray what is the Use of a Colon?

S. A Colon (:) parts several Sentences, every one of which has a full Meaning of its own ; tho" at the fame Time, it leaves us in Expectation of Something that is to follow.

M. Pray give me an Example ?

S. He is a wise and prudent Boy, that minds his Book : For Learning, and good Education, are better than Riches.

M. What is the Use of a Semicolon ?

S. A Semicclon (;) serves also to part Senin tences; and is often used when the Sentences are contrary, or joint to a different End.


M Girone


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