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Raife, to lift up ·

Rays, Beams of Light Raifin, dry'd Grape Reason, Argument

Rare, choice

Rear, to erect

Read, to read

Reed, a Rush

Red, a Colour
Read, did read
Regimen, Diet

Regiment, of Soldiers
Relick, Remainder
Relict, a Widow

Reft, Ease

Wreft, to force

Rheum, Spittle

Rome, in Italy Room, Chamber

[blocks in formation]

Profit, Gain

[blocks in formation]

Rife, Advancement

Rie, Kind of Grain

Rye, a Town in Suffer
Wry, crooked

Rigger, that rigs or fits our
Rigour, Severity
Ring, Circle
Wring, to twift

Right, juft, true
Rite, a Ceremony
Wright, a Surname
Write, to write a Letter
Rhode, an Island
Road, High-Way
Rode, did ride

Row'd, did row
Roe, Deer
Row, Rank
Rote, without Book
Wrote, did avrite
Ruff, Neckcloth

Rough, uneven

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Seen, beheld

Sea, Ocean

See, behold
Seal, an Impreffion
Zeal, ardent Affection
Sealing, a Letter
Cieling, of a Room
Seam, a joining
Seem, to pretend
Seas, the Sea

Sees, doth fee

Seize, lay hold on
Seafon, proper Time
Seizin, taking Poffeffion
Seats, Parties in Religion
Sex, Male and Female
Seignior, Great Turk
Senior, Elder

Sew, with a Needle

Sue, to intreat

[blocks in formation]

Shore, Sea-Coaft
Shower, hafty Rain
Shone, did fine

Shown, made appear ·

Sine, a Line
Sign, a Token
Sink, a Kennel
Cinque, Five
Sleight, Dexterity
Slight, to defpife
Sloe, wild Plumb
Slough, miry Place
Slow, not speedy
So, thus
Sow, the Land
Soal, a Kind of Fif
Sole, of the Foot
Soul, Spirit

Soar, to mount upwards
Sore, an Ulcer

Sower, that fors

Some, Part

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Treaties, Conventions Treatife, Difcourfe


Vale, a Valley
Veil, a Covering
Vain, fooli

Vane, a Weather-Cock
Vein, a Blood-Veffel
Valley, a Dale.
Value, Worth
Vial, Small Bottle
Viol, a Fiddle
Vice, Wickedness
Vife, a Screw
Voice, Sound


Wade, in the Water
Weigh'd, in Balance
Wain, a Cart
Wait, to tarty
Weight, for Scales.
Whale, a Mark
Whale, a Fish
Ware, Merchandize
Wear, to put on
Were, was

Where, at what Place

Way, Road

Weigh, counterpoife

Wey, 40 Bubels

Whey, Milk and Runnet

Week, Seven Days Weak, faint

Weal, Wealth, Good

Veal, Calf's Flesh
Wheal, a Pimple
Wheel, of a Cart

Weather, fine or foul
Whether, which
Wither, to decay

Whither, to what Place

Which, this or that

Witch, a Sorceress

Vile, bafe

Wile, a Trick

[blocks in formation]
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Wood, Small Timber
Wou'd, was willing
Won, did win
One, in Number
Yew, a Tree

You, yourself
Ewe, a Sheep

[blocks in formation]

A Dialogue between MASTER and SCHOLAR, concerning the Stops and Marks made use of in Reading and Writing.

N. B. This alfo may be fet by Way of Tafk, a few Questions at a Time, which would be of great Service.

Mafter. How many Points, or Stops, are used in Reading and Writing?

Scholar. There are Six, viz. a Comma, a Colon, a Semicolon, a Period, or full Stop, a Note of Interrogation, and a Note of Admiration.


M. Please to tell me how they are made?

S. A Comma is mark'd or made thus (,) a Colon thus (:) a Semicolon chus (;) a Period, or full Stop, thus (,) a Note of Interrogation thus (?) and a Note of Admiration thus (!).

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M. Pray tell me their Ufe in Reading?

S. A Comma is the fhorteft of all Stops, and ferves to divide Words of the fame Kind, or short Sentences, till you come to the full Sense, or End of the Sentence.

M. Pray give me an Example?

S. Be a good Boy, and mind your Book, fay your Prayers, Night and Morning, and as foon as you rife, wash your Face and Hands clean, and comb out your Hair, and behave well, and God will blefs you. Or thus: I am perfuaded, that neither Death, nor Life, nor Angels, nor Principalities, nor Powers, nor Things prefent, nor Things to come, nor Height, nor Depth, nor any other Creature, fhall be able to feparate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom. viii. v. 28, 29.

M. Pray what is the Ufe of a Colon?

S. A Colon (:) parts feveral Sentences, every one of which has a full Meaning of its own; tho at the fame Time, it leaves us in Expectation of Something that is to follow.

M. Pray give me an Example?

S. He is a wife and prudent Boy, that minds his Book: For Learning, and good Education, are better than Riches.

M. What is the Ufe of a Semicolon?

S. A Semicolon (;) ferves alfo to part Sen tences; and is often used when the Sentences are contrary, or point to a different End..

D 5

M Gice

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