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Contains fome Leffons in Words of one Syllable, alike in Sound, natural to the Ear, and therefore easy to fpell and pronounce.


All call


hat rat


fall fhall Bat cat
Ake cake make wake Ben
Art cart dart fmart Cap
Are care hare mare
Ark bark dark mark

Dash lafh pash rafh
Dip hip nip pip
Fan man nan pan
Got hot pot fot
In pin fin win
Ink link pink wink

hen, men gap hap nap Clock dock lock mock Cock block flock fhock


Lace mace pace race
Make rake fake wake
Ail bail hail pail

Book cook hook look

Beat heat meat neat

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Eafy Leffons of one Syllable, of Things more natural and common to Children.

1. Of the Things and Terms ufed at Play.

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gloves lace fcarf

4. Things belonging to a Houfe, &c.

beam bolt broom cup


lime door key




Пlate floor chair




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* I have taken the Liberty to fpell feven in one Syllable, rather than break the Order of Number, for the Child's Sake.

If any of the following Leffons be too long, they are fo ordered that the Child may spell and read only a Part of them, according to his Capacity.

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Leffons in Words of one Syllable, very easy to spell and read, and by which which a Child may learn to know bis Duty to God and Man.

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Spend your Time well, and God will bless you, he will love you and do you good.

LESSON III. Of the Creation.

By the Word of the Lord were all Things made. God made the World; he made both Man and Beaft. He made the Fowls of the Air and Fish of the Sea. He made the Sun to rule the Day, and the Moon and Stars to rule the Night.. How great are thy Works, O Lord!

LESSON IV. Of God, &c.

The Fool fays in his Heart there is no God: But a wife and good Man knows that there is a God, and that the Lord he is God. God is our Lord, he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Who is like the Lord our God? There is none like the Lord our God."


LESSON V. Of God's Attributes, &c.

The Lord God will be our Judge. God is a true, wife, and just God; he plants, he builds, and he lifts up. The Word of the Lord is true, it shall come to pass. The Lord is the Lord of Hofts. All

Things change, but God fays, I change not, I am the fame God, I have no End. There is but one true God. The Lord our God is one Lord: The Lord of Hofts is his Name..

LESSON VI. Of Christ our Redeemer.

Chrift is God as well as Man.

The Word was with God, and the Word was God. Chrift is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. None can come to God but by Chrift; for he took upon him the Form of Man. He was made Man to fave us from the Wrath to come. He was made poor for our Sakes. He is the Prince of the Kings of the Earth; and he fhall judge the Quick and Dead at laft: The Lord of Hofts is his Name.

LESSON VII. Duty to God.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, with all thy Soul, with all thy Mind, and with all thy Strength. A good Child will love God; he will put his whole Trust in him; he will call on him; he will love his Name and his Word; and he will ferve him and fear him all the Days of his Life.

LESSON VIII. Of the Child's Duty to himself and others.

A good Child will not lie, fwear, nor steal, nor will he take God's Name in vain. He will be

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