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ed in accordance with the provisions of the said United Church of Canada Act, being chapter 100 of the Statutes of Canada for the year 1924, be otherwise allocated.

7. The portion of the property heretofore belonging to Alberta College which is more particularly set out in schedule A to this Act shall, subject to any trust affecting the same, be vested in St. Stephen's College.

8. All property which has been or hereafter shall be vesting of granted, conveyed, devised or bequeathed to any person in trust property trust for or for the benefit of St. Stephen's College or otherwise in connection therewith, subject always to the trust affecting the same, is hereby vested in the corporation, and upon presentation to the proper Registrar of Land Titles of any instrument setting forth the fact of the trust and of the purpose of vesting the lands affected in the corporation as hereby created, such Registrar shall forthwith cancel the existing Certificate of Title and issue a new Certificate of Title to the corporation.


9. The said St. Stephen's College shall have and is hereby Power to given full power and authority to borrow such sum or sums money, etc. of money from time to time as may be necessary for its purposes either with or without security and shall have power and authority to mortgage or pledge any or all of its land, tenements or hereditaments or any other of its property to secure the moneys so borrowed or to secure any part of the purchase price of any of such land, tenements or hereditaments.

10. For ordinary business seven members shall consti- Quorum tute a quorum of the board of management.

11. The board shall elect one of its number to preside Chairman as chairman over all meetings.


12. The board of management shall have power to ap- Executive point an executive committee, of which the principal or principals of the college shall be a member or members, to which it may assign such business as it deems necessary or expedient.

13. There shall be a senate composed of the faculty of Senate the college and such other members as shall be appointed by the General Council of the United Church, and the senate shall have power and authority to direct the studies, lectures and examinations of the students and shall have the management and supervision of such affairs of the college as shall from time to time be assigned it by the board of management.

Enrolment of graduates

14. All graduates in theology of Alberta College and of Robertson College who so desire shall be enrolled as graduates of St. Stephen's College.

15. This Act shall come into force on the day upon which it is assented to.



1. Leasehold interest and all other interest of Alberta College in Lot "A" in the City of Edmonton, in the Province of. Alberta, as shown on Plan 3190 A.K. of a subdivision of part of River Lot Five (5) of the Edmonton Settlement, of record in the Land Titles Office for the North Alberta Land Registration District and the buildings situate thereon and the contents thereof.

2. Lots Twenty-two (22) and Twenty-three (23), in Block One Hundred and Seventy-seven (177) in River Lot Seven (7) according to a plan of part of the City of Edmonton known as Garneau, of record in the Land Titles Office for the North Alberta Land Registration District as Plan 4000 R.


An Act to Incorporate the Mennonite Brethren in

Christ Church.

(Assented to April 2, 1927.)

W HEREAS the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, Preamble hereinafter referred to and designated as "the Church," has for its objects the promotion of religious and charitable work, the unification and extension of the interests of the gospel in Alberta and the mission fields of the world, the promotion and support of Christian Missions and missionary and Bible schools and colleges throughout Alberta, the erection, maintenance and conduct of churches, schools and colleges in Alberta, and the administration in Alberta of the property, business and other temporal affairs of the church; and

Whereas a petition has been presented by the Reverend Alvin Traub, the Reverend Clifford Hallman, Theodore Reist, Melanchthon Shantz and Norman Betzner Snyder, praying that the members of the Church from time to time engaged in the carrying out of the said objects in the Province of Alberta, be incorporated under the name of "Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church"; and

Whereas it is expedient to grant the prayer of the said petition;

Therefore His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Alberta, enacts as follows:

1. The Reverend Alvin Traub, Clergyman; the Reverend Incorporation Clifford Hallman, Clergyman; Theodore Reist, Farmer, Melanchthon Shantz, Farmer, all of the Town of Didsbury, in the Province of Alberta, and Norman Betzner Snyder, of the Village of Carstairs, in the said Province, Farmer, and such other persons who are or may become members of the church and resident in the Province of Alberta, shall be and are hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate by the name of "Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church" for the purposes and objects in this Act mentioned.

2. The said corporation shall have perpetual succession and a common seal and may at all times hereafter contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded in any manner whatsoever in all Courts in this Province.

Head office



Present trustees


3. The Domicile or head office of the Church shall be at the Town of Didsbury, in the Province of Alberta, or in such other place in Alberta as may from time to time be designated by by-laws of the Church.

4. The objects of the corporation are to promote religious and charitable work and unify and extend the interests of the gospel in Alberta and the mission fields of the world, and to promote and support Christian Missions and Missionary Schools and Colleges throughout Alberta, and to erect, maintain, and conduct churches, schools and colleges in Alberta, and to administer in Alberta the property, business and other temporal affairs of the Church.

5. The affairs of the Church shall be managed and administered by a Board of five trustees, two of whom shall be the Chairman and Treasurer of the Annual Conference of the Church in Alberta and three others to be elected by the members of the Church at each Annual Conference. Three members shall constitute a quorum.

6. The Reverend Alvin Traub and Melanchthon Shantz, both of Didsbury, in the Province of Alberta, Chairman and Treasurer respectively of the Conference of the Church in Alberta, by virtue of their said offices of Chairman and Treasurer aforesaid, and their successors in office, the Reverend Clifford Hallman and Theodore Reist, both of Didsbury, Alberta, and Norman Betzner Snyder, of Carstairs, Alberta, being the present Trustees of the Church, shall continue as the Trustees of the Church until the holding of the First Annual Conference of the Church, when a Board of Trustees shall be elected to hold office until the next Annual Conference of the Church, and so on from year to year.

7. The Church may, from time to time, make by-laws not contrary to law for

(a) the appointment, subject as herein provided, of a
board of trustees for the administration, manage-
ment and control of the property, business and other
temporal affairs of the Church and defining the
powers of the trustees;

(b) the appointment, functions, duties and remuneration
of all officers, agents and servants of the Church;
(c) the appointment of committees and defining their

(d) the calling of meetings, regular or special, of the
Church or of committees;

(e) the fixing of the necessary quorum and procedure in all things at such meetings;

(f) generally the carrying out of the objects and purposes of the Church.

and holding

8. From and after the coming into force of this Act the Acquisition Church may purchase, take, have, hold, receive, possess, re- of real estate tain and enjoy property, real or personal, corporeal or incorporeal, whatsoever, and for any or every estate of interest therein whatsoever given, granted, devised or bequeathed to it, or appropriated, purchased or acquired by it in any manner or way whatsoever, to, for, or in favour of the uses and purposes of the Church, or to, for or in favour of any religious, educational, eleemosynary or other institution established, or intended to be established, by, under the management of, or in connection with the uses or purposes of the Church.


9. All property, real and personal, within the Province of Property Alberta belonging to or held in trust for or to the use of the belonging to Church, shall upon the coming into force of this Act be vested the Church in the Church to be held, used and administered subject to the provisions of this Act.

real estate

10. Subject always to the terms of any trust relating Disposal of thereto, the Church may also sell, convey, exchange, lease or demise any real property held by the Church.

11.—(1) The Church may from time to time for the pur- Borrowing poses of the Church

(a) borrow money upon the credit of the Church;
(b) make, draw, accept, endorse or become party to
promissory notes and bills of exchange (but it shall
not be necessary to have the Seal of the Church
affixed to any such note or bill);

(c) mortgage, hypothecate or pledge any property of
the Church, real or personal, to secure the repay-
ment of any money borrowed for the purposes of
the Church.

(2) The powers enumerated in subsection (1), clauses (a) and (b), of this section may be exercised by the Trustees without calling a general meeting of the Church, but subject to the restrictions and limitations, if any, imposed by the Church in general meeting or by the by-laws in force from time to time.



12. In so far as authorization by the Legislature of Power to Alberta is necessary, any person in whose name any prop- property held erty, real or personal, is held, in trust or otherwise, for in trust the uses and purposes of the Church, or any person to whom any such property devolves, may, subject always to the terms and conditions of any trust relating to such property, transfer such property or any part thereof to the Church.


13. All instruments relating to real property shall be Execution of executed under the seal of the Church attested as provided affecting by by-law of the Church.

real estate

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