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who, that may have survived until then, shall still survive, when God doeth this,—when He sendeth forth so universal an invitation, and maketh so large a slaughter? It is probably one of the grand transactions which are yet to come, and neither the period, nor the manner of it, can hitherto, with any precision, be declared. However, be the time of this vision most remote, and its exact meaning impene. trably obscure, nevertheless, you must surely adopt a conviction that the spiritually-minded alone can expect to be saved in that day, and that the horrible destruction therein portrayed, is nothing more than a just emblem of somewhat in store, for every soul and body alike of the many who will serve the world and the flesh. Having no incorruptible stay—no “life “ hidden with Christ in God," the crowds who choose these masters, must needs turn miserably to corruption, and perish as totally vile and refuse, without any earnest of protection from above, or the consolation of a good hope in their deaths.

What therefore, you are ready to ask, shall we do, in order not to be thus cast out, and consumed? I will answer, my brethren, with a view profitably to conclude my discourse, “Watch and pray,” and give continual diligence, that, according to the supplication made for you in your baptism, all carnal affections may die in you, and all things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in you. Bear in mind the Scripture which saith, that " whoso “ liveth in pleasure is dead while he liveth,” (1 Timothy v. 6.) and consider it as fully applicable to every soul that liveth only unto earthly cares and occupations. Be sure, that every one of merely such a life, is dead in the judgment of his Creator, so as that he must, either presently revive, or become abominable, and be doomed to perish for ever; and, being sure of this, hearken instantly to the voice which crieth,-“ Awake thou that sleepest, and “ arise from the dead, and Christ shall give. “ thee light.” (Ephesians v. 14.) And take heed that ye bestir yourselves entirely to awake and arise, as you are called upon, in reliance on the gift of Christ. There is no safety in imperfect efforts, and half measures. haps would allege—“We are not far enough “ gone to require such a decisive mode of ad“ dress; though fallen and sinful, and without

spiritual health and strength, still we are not “ in a deep sleep, nor dead; we have remain

ing in us some spiritual sense and thoughts.” But these may exist, and be experienced, and yet have no preserving power. It is a fact, which none are ignorant of, that birds of prey

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will cruelly begin to devour any fallen and helpless animal which they can find, disregarding its feeble struggles, and the breath of life which has not left it; in like manner, numbers of the human race are daily seized, and sorely handled, by their besetting sins, and kept hold of by them even unto destruction, notwithstanding some better sentiments and desires, because they do not attend sufficiently to the good Shepherd, and use the proper means to attract His aid. Let no man, then, trust in his own spirit, and in the little life (scarcely at the best deserving to be called life) which it may be still retaining, as if that shall save him from the incursions of the destroyer. On the contrary, let every person, who hath once stumbled and fallen, know, that he can never recover himself, and defy his enemies, except by calling to the Saviour of the flock for His timely interference and succour. Let him that is down entreat--Raise Thou me up, and him that standeth-Hold Thou me up, and I shall be safe ; and let all souls depend without ceasing on His Spirit, to keep them from those that seek their hurt, in passing through the present evil world. So, may you confidently hope to be always preserved, and to be made joyful at the last in His salvation. It is not indeed to be disguised, that you must


needs die, and be turned to corruption in the grave; such is the universal lot, which none can by any means escape. Yet, if there be a man who will firmly join himself unto Christ through faith, and will humbly follow, and be led by the Spirit which He imparts, his flesh may surely rest in hope. He shall not be of the number of those, who perish like beasts, and “ lie in the hell like sheep, with death gnaw

ing upon them.” But in his dying hour, with whatever terrible circumstances it may come upon him, he will be able to comfort himself with remembering, “I know that my Re“ deemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the “ latter day upon the earth : and though after

my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my “ flesh shall I see God. I shall awake up after “ his likeness, incorruptible, and be satisfied “ with it more and more.” (Job xix. 25, 26. Psalm xvii. 15.)



1 PETER iv. 18.

If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the un

godly and the sinner appear? THE Epistle from which these words are taken, appears, by the general tone and matter of it, to have been written under an apprehension of great dangers and perplexities at hand. There is much in it about impending trials, and many arguments to prepare the scattered strangers, unto whom it is addressed, for a patient endurance of the things which were foreseen to be coming upon them. They were probably inclined to suppose, that, because of their Christian profession, the Almighty would exempt them from any share in the approaching calamities. Instead, however, of permitting them to cherish so unwarrantable a notion, St. Peter urges various considerations, derived from the example of Christ in the flesh, to put them upon arming themselves with a mind like unto His, of patience and submission under suffering wrongfully inflicted. He admonishes them on no account to deserve punishment as

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