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ed, as he advanced in divine allotted for his work, few have knowledge. The poor and the been the instruments of doing afflicted ever found in him a more for their divine Master. comforter and benefactor. To his connexions and acquaintance,

MEMOIRS he was, invariably, a faithful

OF CAPT. ABIJAH PERKINS, WHO friend, and able counsellor. He DIED AT WINDHAM, SCOTLAND was most scrupulously exact in SOCIETY, (conn.) DEC. 11, keeping the commandments of 1812, IN THE 34TH YEAR OF God, and in ordering his conversation in conformity to the precepts of the Gospel. Accord. This man was blessed with a ing to this principle, it was his Christian education, was in the invariable practice to spend his habit, from his childhood, of attime, either in doing, or in con- tending the public worship of versing on, things of momentous God, and had a speculative beconcern. Though, in his relig. Jief in the doctrines of the Gosion, he was careful to avoid every pel. He was, in his manners, thing ostentatious, there is the easy and agreeable; in his dealmost abundant evidence, that he ing's, upright; and in his general spent much time in secret devo- intercourse with mankind, calcution. Any violation of the di- lated to gain their friendship vine law by others, always gave and esteem. But, by his own him more pain than temporal confession, he lived, ill a short afflictions.

time before his death, without Having made respectable at God in the world, a stranger to tainments, in human and divine the exercise and comforts of re. knowledge, and possessing a ligion. It pleased a sovereign heart deeply impressed with the and merciful God, however, to worth of souls, and the import- call him by his grace, and to ance of eternal things, his give him great joy and peace in preaching was original, doc. believing, and a hope unshaken trinal, distinguishing, and in the awful moments of dissopeculiarly edifying, and im lution. The following sketch pressive; and afforded, at all of the dealings of God towards times, a word in season, which him was given by himself, but seldom failed of leaving an abide two days before his death, Being impression on the hearers. ing attended by an intimate The doctrines of grace, and the friend, he awoke, as it were, extent, and spirituality of the di- from meditation, and thus advine law, were ever clearly set dressed his attendant: “Come, I forth, and faithiully inculcated,

want to tell you how God has in his sermons; and nothing dealt with mc."

He then procould induce him to keep back ceeded, “You know my manner from his hearers any truths con- of life, which I think has been, tained in the revealed will of for the most part, orderly and God. Many have lived in more moral, I having been from my conspicuous, and popular situa- youth taught to attend meeting, tions; but considering those and reverence the Sabbath. I which were assigned him, by had felt in general no great redivine providence, and the time morse of conscience on account


of the transactions of my life, till der. My complaint, I soon conabout four years ago. Then, in cluded, must destroy my body. conversation with a friend, I My concern for my body, how. was warned of the great evil ever, was nothing compared to and dangerous consequences of that for my soul. The horrors using profane language, to which of my mind were so great, as to I was in some degree addicted. deprive me of rest or ease in This timely and friendly reproof any way, and even of satisfacgave me such a view of this tion in the company of iny nearsin, and made such an impres cst friends. I viewed myself as sion on my mind, that I have a sinner both by nature and been restrained from it ever practice. My sins appeared so since. Having no evidence, great, that I began to despair, that I was a new creature, I be thinking God could not have gan from that time to meditate

mercy on

so great a sinner. more on the doctrines of the Jn this distress I cried to the Gospel, and to attend

Son of God to intercede for strictly to preaching, and felt me before the Father. But more powerfully than ever, that in these requests, I had doubts I had nothing of my own to re• resting on my mind; and again commend me to the grace of despair got almost full posses. God, but stood in infinite need of sion of my soul. Still, however, the Savior of sinners, to plead I continued my cries to the my cause before the Father. Lord Jesus, without any relief Bút being busily engaged in the till the morning of the 25th concerns of the world, I became November, when, as I humbly in a measure inattentive to the

hope, and trust, God on a sud.. concerns of my soul, and nothing den appeared for my soul. This of particular importance occure transition, I cannot fully de. red till the last spring or sum scribe. I saw the perfections of mer. Being then with a neigh God in every thing I beheld. I bor in the fields, he observed to saw that my afflictions and sick. me: "Your concerns are numer ness were all ordered in wise ous and complicated, and should dom, and that God could do me you be taken away suddenly, nu injustice. With wonder and your estate would be a difficult astonishment I viewed the love one to settle.” To which I an and compassion of Christ to sin. swered: “no: my accounts are all

From this moment I beadjusted, and may be easily at gan to loathe myself, and to won. tended to by another.” He re. der how Christ could take noplied: What is right; we ought tice of such a vile wretch as I always so to conduct our busi was. But he was infinitely precness, that we may be ready to jous to my soul, and I longed 10 live or die.” This observation leave this world and all its enso operated on my mind, that joyments, that I might go and the following night I could not behold him face to face. In this sleep as usual. I was almost happy state of mind,” continued continually reflecting upon it, he, “I remained till the 29th of will seized with the sickness November in the afternoon, whịch I am now languishing un when it pleased God to hide his


face from me. No tongue can with me and support me through cxpress the horrors I then felt, the gloomy valley. There is having, as I supposed, been per- but one thing I wish to stay any mitted to taste the joys of the re- longer for, and that is, that I deemed,and being now thrust out might make a public profession of the presence of my God. In of my faith in Christ; be admitthis deep distress I cried to the ted into the church, and give my Savior, who, I humbly trust, children up to God in baptism.” heard my prayers, had compas. On being informed, that if he sion on me, and interceded for lived till morning his request my help. My fears and doubts might be complied with, i he began soon to be dispelled, and seemed to be animated, and my hope has been daily strengthe said, “if I may live to accomening to the present time.” plish this object, is it be God's He then added, "I hope I am will, I hope with submission to not deceived, for, if I am, how depart, for I long to be with awful is my situation! I have to my dear Redeemer.” It was appearance almost done with the then said to him, "your hope apworld.”—He then prayed, “O pears to be strong and unshaken, God, if I am deceived, for as eternity draws nearer to your Christ's sake may I be unde- view, and it is expected your ceived and plucked as a brand continuance here must be short; from the burning before I die." it is desired you would briefly He concluded his narrative of state what are the particular God's remarkable dealings to- articles of your faith.” He then wards him, by expressing the with solemnity said, "I believe benevolent feelings of his heart in God the Father, God the Son, in humble prayer, that not only and God the Holy Ghost

; and his family and friends but all his that God is a God of justice, as fellow creatures might come and well as of mercy, and will by no taste the joys of the blessed; that means spare the guilty. I beall might look to the Savior, lieve that God has ordained all and find mercy. On being ask- things that come to pass. I be. cd, if he might live and get well, lieve that man in his natural whether this would not be stute, has nothing to recommend his choice, he answered, “I him to the divine grace or favcr, would choose it should be just and that all who do not exercise as God plcases, but if I should genuine repentance for their recover I am afraid I should sins, and like faith in the Lord again mingle with the world and Jesus Christ, will be doomed to dishonor God, so that if it be his eternal misery.” He then made will, I desire to depart and be some observations on the conwith my Redeemer.” Being nexion which God has ordained asked if he was not afraid to die, between means and ends, the he said, “O no, my greatest importance of prayer, as a mean fears are, that I shall not be wil- of obtaining mercy, &c. and uniling to wait God's time. My formly manifested his firm be. hopes of a blessed immortality lief, in the special agency of the far outweigh all fear of death, Divine Spirit in convincing, confor I believe that God will be verting, and sanctifying the soul.

In short, he was a firm believer ing, perceiving that his deparin the great doctrines of grace. ture drew near. He looked upFor he expressly declared at the on her with a smile, and said, close of his account respecting “Olive, don't weep for me; I am his faith, “I would plead no mer- going home.”

going home." Then turning to je of my own, for after all that his attendant, he added, "How God has done for me, if he troubled this woman is about should at last send me down to the fate of this body.” Holding hell, he would do me no injus- his wife by the hand, he thus adtice. For it is all of grace if I dressed her. “Olive, I love am · saved.” He then gave a

you more than any of God's kind of sigh or groan, but im. creatureb; but I love my Jesus mediately observed, "Shall I better. I can freely leave you complain, when this poor body and my dear children, to go and is afflicted? No; when I think be with him. Teach my chil how much Jesus suffered that I dren to keep the Sabbath; teach might live, I am ashamed to them the Catechism; teach them complain.” He then raised his what is the chiel end of man; hands and looking on them said, and let this in particular be "Jesus had nails driven through. strongly impressed on their his hands and feet, that he might minds. It was now light. He finish the work of redemption, repeated his request to be adthat sinners might be brought mitted to the church, and to give home to glory. Am I deceived? up his children in the ordi. I think I am not, I think I am nance of baptism. The Rev. willing to pass through this sea Mr. Fisher and the church of troubles, that I may go and were immediately sent for, and be with my Redeemer. Come came as soon as was expedient. Lord Jesus, o come quickly, He assented to the covenant and why are thy chariot wheels so was admitted to the church. long in coming. I long to be His strength of body was so far with thee. May God forgive, if exhausted, that it was expected I am impatient. Not my will he would need assistance in dedbut thine be done." Early on icating his children to God. the next following morning his But he remarkably revived, and mother came in to see him, and said he must give them up him. thus addressed him, “I had self. The children were in tears, doubts, my son, when I retired, but he addressed them with a whether I should see you alive smile, “I am going to give you again.” He with a smile, repli- up to God; I am a going to give ed, “Yes, it has pleased a holy you to a better Father than I God, to spare me to see you am. He went through the

But this is of no whole with the greatest steadiconsequence, mother, don't be ness and composure of mind, troubled about this body. I have and the most apparent satisfac. got almost well." She asked tion. He appeared to be strength him if he was willing to give up ened for this duly, and to have all. “C) yes, said he, if it be joy unspeakable in performing God's will I shall soon be gone. this his last work. His wife stood by his bed weep Solemnity and astonishment;

once more.

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were visible on the countenan- shall soon be at rest.” He often ces of all present. He exhibited prayed that he might not be de. to all, “a mortal paleness on his ceived, and if he was, that God cheek, but glory in his soul.would undeceive him. He gev. When these exercises

eral times repeated the followover, he appeared to be exhaust- ing lines; ed; but soon revived, and in prayer commended himself, his "Jesus can make a dying bed wife and family, to God. When

Feel soft as downy pillows are,

While on his breast I lean my head, persons came in, who lived with. And breathe my life out sweetly there." out religion, he warned them to look immediately to the Savior Thus he continued till the

When professing last, rejoicing in hope. When Christians visited him, he took he was informed that his dissothem by the hand, and exclaim. lulion drew near, being in the ed O how I love you because perfect exercise of his reason, you love my Jesus.” A few he whispered with a smile, hours before he died, being ask. "Good news, Come Lord Jesus, ed if his hope remained strong: Come quickly," and soon expir"yes, said he, I believe that ed.

E. L. Gud will support me, and that I Canterbury, July 28th, 1812.

for mercy.


PLAIN SCRIPTURE READINGS. conception. The opinion to

which I have alluded, is, that No. II.

the second person in the Trinity

became the Son of God when he I INTENDED to have observed in became the Messiah; that, antemy first number, and will there. cedently to this event, the relafore observe now, that if the alter- tion of Father and Son did not ation proposed by Griesbach in subsist between the first and Matt. i, 18, has any effect upon second persons in the Trinity; the meaning of the passage, the and that, in the words of Bishop effect is to make the passage Horsley, the “Son of God is a ti. more evidently teach the doc- tle which belongs to our Lord in trine of the incarnation of Christ, lis human character, describing as this doctrine was understood him as that man who became the by Bishop Horsley, and is now un Son of God by union with the derstood by many, if not most, Godhead.” Posthu. Ser. vol. i, Trinitarians. Admitting the al. pp. 93, 94. Am. Ed. It will be teration, the verse will read remembered, that the angel thus: Now the generation of said to Mary, Luke i, 35. ThereChrist was on this wise, &c. or fore," i. e. in consequence of which is the same thing, Now the miraculons conception, which the generation of the

Messiah was had just been revealed, thereon this wise, &c. Then follows fore, also, thut holy thing, which the account of the miraculous shall be born of thec, shall be cala, VOL. V. New Series.


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