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ed, except brother Rice, who yester. flections on these and other places, day had a relapse. We shall be have led us to determine to make an obliged to pay our physicians not less attempt at Bombay, as a first step, than 150 rupees For our passage

unless something should appear to to the Isle of France we pay 1600 render it unwise.” rupees. While at the Isle of France "The places which now seem to our expenses must be great; for liv- us next in order to Bombay, are Java, ing is far dearer there than we are Prince of Wales's Island, and Maaccustomed to think of in America. lacca. Though we have thought it A voyage from that place must be most likely that we should go to very dear; as ship provisions in that Bombay, for some weeks, it is but a island are so very expensive. We little while since we have given up feel it to be our indispensable duty to the idea of going to the Isle of adopt and pursue the most rigid France. But finding that Govern. economy. We hope we shall be ena. ment will allow us to go to Ceylon, bled to do it, so far as to satisfy our we have chosen to go thither, as that employers, our consciences, and our route will cost less time, expense, Judge.”

and trouble. There are no vessels, We close, dear Sir, praying that however, going to that island as yet; grace, mercy, and peace, may bo and we may still be detained some multiplied to the Board of Commis. weeks in Calcutta. We hope that sionéis, and to all the friends of God will continue to shed light on Zion,

GORDON HALL, our path, and that he will bless the
Luther Rice, attempt we expect to make. Pray

SAMUEL NOTT." for us, dear Sir, for a divine blessing Rev. Dr. Worcester,

upon us, that we may be enabled to Secretary.

guide our affairs with discretion, and

be made eminently useful in the "Calcutta, Oct. 231, 1812. church of God. Before we write you “Rev and dear Sir,

again we hope to have gone forth to We have delayed writing you to atiempt something for his honor 60 late an hour on account of some sumething for the Heathen who are particular circumstances which ren. perishing for lack of knowledge. dered it desirable to delay, that we "You will be surprised to receive have now time to say but little. We a letter written from us alone; and have been detained bere much longer we are surprised, and distressed, than we anticipated when we wrote that it is so. Broiher Rice has been Jast, the vessel in which we were go led to change his sentiments on the ing to the Isle of France not having subject of baptism; and brother Jud. yet gone. We shall not, however, go son and himself will probably attempt in her at all, having conceived a dif. a mission to Java. What the Lord ferent design

means by thus dividing us in senti. "Our later letters have given you ments, and separating us from cacha reason to believe, that Madagascar other, we cannot tell. This we know; did not hold the same place in our the Lord seeth not as man seeth; and views, as when we first arrived. it ill becomes us to be dissatisfied Not because we deem it of less im. with wbat he does. We hope, and portance, but because increasing in. pray, that these unexpecled things formation led us to think other places may not damp the missionary spirit less inaccessible. During the time which has been kindled; but that it of our stay here, we have been mak. may burn with a brighter and purer ing all the inquiries which we could flame, We know r.othing yet of to enable us to form that decision Brother Newell, but hope he has ar. which would meet the approbation of rived at the Isle of France. You God, the Board, and our Christian will hear from us again by the Harfriends. We mentioned, some iime mony, if we live; and, should we bave since, some hopes of Bombay and acted then, we shall give you a full Durat. Our further inquiries and re. detail of the ground of our decision.

[blocks in formation]

With much respect and Christian and lead us forth, and say to us, “Sit affection, GORDON HALL,

down bere; labor for me, and you SAMUEL NOTT." shall have a crown of rejoicing,' ! Rev. Dr. Worcester,

pray daily that it may be soon; and Cor. Sec.

that we and you may have occasion

fur'much rejoicing in the goodness of Extracts from a letter from Mr. Nott God. The King's business requiretk to the Rev. Dr. Griffin,

haste; not a moment is to be lost, “Calcutta, Oct. 18, 1812. while the miserable pagans are dying “Rev. and dear Sir,

without the offer of salvation. It is now about ten weeks since "I have found much comfort and 'we landed in India, during which we edification since I have been here in have enjoyed many mercies, and suf. the company of Mr. Thomason, one fered many trials. We (the four who of the episcopal clergymen of this sailed from Philadelphia] have all Presidency; and lately in that of Mr. been more or less afflicted with sick, Corrie, wbo is stationed up in the ness; and brother Rice is still in the northern parts of Hindostan. They doctor's hands. Messrs Hall, Jud. are indeed men of a great savor of son, and myself, and our wives are godliness; men from whose company all well, and all as yet remain at one cannot go away unprofited, men Calcutta.

deeply engaged for the salvation of “Our last leiter to our friends men. sinners, and very faidhful in the dis. tioned our expectation of sailing in a pensation of divine truth. · To these, few days to the Isle of France. But as laboring in this denomination, may the ship in which we had engaged be added Mr. Martyn, who is now in our passage has been detained a Persia perfecting his knowledge of month; and now we cannot say when the Persian language, in order to we shall go. The probability is, that complete a translation of the Scripwe shall be away from Calcutta ere tures into that language. Mr. Tho. long, either for the Isle of France, or máson is engaged in the Arabic, and Ceylon, neither of which places will Mr. Corrie in the Hindostanee; and probably be our final destination. is also much engaged in laboring at There are so many uncertainties al- his station among nominal Christians tending any missionary plan, and so and Heatbens. An Auxiliary Bible many difficulties in knowing what Society was formed here last win. should be done, that we hope to be ter, and another very lately at Co. forgiven if we speak variously when lombo in the island of Ceylon. Though we speak, and it, for a season, we there is abounding wickedness here: sometimes“ choose nut to speak at There is a grain of mustard seed. It all. Most sincerely do I hope, that will, we hope, shoot forth its branch: we are not neglecting our work; and es to a wide extent. Do all you can. the various views we entertain result my dear Sir, lo excite those that love from an'attention to it in some degree. Christ in your flock, in the affection

“We think much less of Madagas. of some of whom I think I enjoy a car than we did, and because we have share, to pray much for me, and for some hopes of succeeding in some all who are with me, that we may of the places contemplated by us with have wisdom and grace, and, if the strong desire when we came out, but Lord please, a blessing." which once appeared as almost im- "Yours with respect and affection, practicable. Should any thing appear

S. Nott." io render them really so, Madagascar Rev. Dr. Griffin. has the same calls to our minds that it ever had.

MASSACHUSETTS MISSIONARY $0. "You may well think we have indeed been tried. Our situation has been responsible, our way difficult, The time of the year is approaching our prospects dark, God's dealings when the friends and patrons of the with us distressing and mysteriousBut afier he has chastened us, we *This Society was formed Jan. 19 hope he will take us by the hand 1811.


Massachusetts Missionary Society ex, press their liberality by donations and REVIVALS OF RELIGIOX. collections in congregations. It may be gratifying to such persons to be the friends of Christ will rejoice to informed, that the field of usefulness hear, that there have lately been very is continually opening and extending considerable revivals of religion at before the Society. To the district Bradford, and Haverhill, (Mass.) and of Maine, a very important part of that very great revivals now esist at New England, the efforts of the Soci. Newark and Elizabethtown, (N. J.) ety are and will be directed. There and at New Hartford, (Con.) We are in that district great numbers of hope to be favored with particulars. newly settled towns, in which a judi. hereafter, cious distribution of missionaries will greatly hasten the establishment of the Gospel by means of settled min.

THE INQUISITION, isters. Let all the friends of this Society be animated with increased The Spanish Cortes have decreed, zeal, and much, very much, may be by 94 voies against 43, that the Indone for the glory of God, and the quisition is incompatible with the good of mankind.

Constitution of Spain. This event, The members of the Society, it is which will give joy to all the friends hoped, will generally attend the next of justice and liberty throughout the annual meeting. Others, who may world, took place on the 22d of Janu. wish to become members, are in ary last. The prospect is at present, formed, that a subscriprion of two

ibat this horrible tribunal will soon dollars a year, payable at the annual forever cease to torment and disgrace meeting, constitutes membership. mankind. It has but a bare exisience. If any, who cannot conveniently at. in some of the Portuguese colotend the annual meeting, should wishonies, and will probably be banisher to become members, a written re. thence by the influence of the British, quest to have their names entered never more to find a resting place on may be addressed to the Treasurer, earth. and will be duly attended to.


4. From the church in Windham, (v.) by Mr. Hall

March 2, 1813. From the Ladies' Cent Society in East
Guilford, (Con.) by the Rev. John Elliot,

$25 00 3 From the Cent Society in Rindge, (N. H.) by the Rev.

74 06

$11 50 From the church in Grafion, (Vt.)

2 50 From a friend to the cause

6 00- -20 00 8. From individuals in Hartford, (Con.) and the vicinity, by Mr. Peter W. Gaullandet, towards the translations 150 00 -towards repairing the Serampore loss

100 00250 00 15. Avails of gold trinkets presented to the Board

,50 16. From the Piscataqua Branch of the Foreign Mis.

sionary Society, by Peyton R. Freeman, Esq. the

Treasurer 20. From the Union Society (of females,) in Weymouth, by the Rev. D. A. Clark

8 46 Carried forward $468 02.

90 00

Brought forward $468 02 24. From individuals in Chester, (Mass.) by the Rev. Dr. Lyman

24 25 From Mr.Solomon Goodellof Jamaica, (Vt.)

123 90 From the Foreign Mission Society of Northampton and the neighboring lowns

25 50-~-173 65

$641 67


The Foreign Mission Society of the North Association in Hartford County and the vicinity was formed on ihe 4th ult. when the following gentlemen were chosen officers; Viz.

Rev. NATHAN PERKINS, D. D. President.
Rev. NEHEMIAH PECOD DE N, and } Vice Presidents.
Rev. HESRY A. RowLAND, Secretary.
ENOCH PERKINS, Esq. Treasurer.

Mr. CHARLES B. King, Auditor. The Rev. Mr. Prudden was appointed to preach a sermon at the annual meeting of the Society on the ibird Wednesday of Oct. next.

At the late annual meeting of the Foreign Mission Society of Brunswick and Topsham, the following gentlemen were chosen officers;f siz.

Hon. EEJAMIN J. PORTER, Esq President.

John Perry, jun. Esq. Secretary.
JACOB BBOT, Esq. Treasurer.

David DUNLAP, Esq. Auditor. At the annual meeting of the Foreign Mission Society of Hallowell, Augusta, and the vicinity, holden at Augusta, Jan. 6, 1813, ihe following gentle. men were chosen officersit viz.

Rev. ELIPHALET GILLET, Hallowell; President.
Rev. BENJAMIN TAPPAN, Augusta, Vice Presidents.
Rev. David THURSTON, Winthrop, }
Gen. HENRY SEWALL, Augusta, Secretary,

John SEWALL, Esq. Hallowell, Treasurer.



FIELD, (Con.)! The annual meeting of the Foreign Mission Society for the County of Litchfield, embracing the two consociations m 'said county, was held at Laichheid on the 10th day of Feb. ult. The following persons were chosen officers of the Society for the year ensuing, viz.

His Honor JOHN Orton SMITH, Esq. President.

Vice Presidents.

} Thit sum is part of the $ 510 mentioned in the Panoplist for Febr. 1814. Mr. Goodeli hus uiso remiited $5u as interest on the $1,000 which he devoted to the permanent fund

The memoranda of these Societies were mislaid, or they would have been pub. dished last month,

The following account was transmitted by the Secretary,

JAMES MORRIS, Esq. Secretary.
URIEL HOLMES, Esq. Treasnrer.

AARON SMITH, Esq. Auditor. An appropriate and animated sermon was delivered on the occasion by the Rev. Bennett Tyler, from Heb. x, 36. For ye have need of patience; that afico ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. The clergy of ...3 county, and many of the most respectable characters from the various to vos, were present. The assembly was very large; and I can truly say, thui ! never witnessed an assembly of people, who in their appearance manifested so deep an interest, and so much complacency. Nor did the countenance belie the heart. At the close of the meeting it was a common cxclamation: “We have never seen such a day as this!" It was truly a good day. The united prayers of Christians ascended as incense to the throne of grace, for the outpouring of the Divine Spirit on the nations of the earth, for the pros. perity of the Redeemer's kingdom, and that the Word of Life may spread among the nations that never heard of the Savior. The missionary zeal, which was kindled on this occasion, will, it is hoped, pervade the country, awaken new importunity in prayer, increased liberality, and a more united effort in all our towns to pour their contributions into the Treasury of the Lord.

There is to be hereafter, annually, a meeting at 10 o'clock A. M. on the day of the annual meeting of the Society, to pray for the revival of religion in our towns and churches, and for the blessing of God upon the great aitempt which is now making to evangelize the nations that call not on the name of the Lord.

At this annual meeting, the money paid into the treasury for the transla. tion of the Holy Scriplures, and to aid foreign missionary labors, amounted to $1,304 86, (after deducting some trifling contingent expenses;) which sum is to be paid over to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and to be appropriated to translations or missions, as the donors have designated.t

OBITUARY. Died, at Edenion, (N. C.) in Au. he had received a liberal education, gust last, WILLIAM SKINNER, Esq. and was graduated with the honors aged 21 years and 4 mon.hs. He had of that seminary. just finished that course which is The native warmth and benevo. considered requisite in the study of lence of his heart were conspicuous the law, and had obtained license in all his conduct; and he was en. to practice in our different courts deared to his numerous young friends when a haemoptysis, or discharge of for his various information, and conblood from the lungs, brought on by cilialing deportment. He manifesto sedentary and close application, ed a most dutiful and affectionate rewhich baffled the aid of medicine, gård to his béreaved parents, his disprematurely terminated his promis- consolate sister, and mourning brothe ing but shori career.

ers,-lois absence from them is se• He at all early period of life dis. verely felt, and deeply.deplored; may covered proofs of a strong and vigor. they derive consolation from the re. ous understanding, which enabled flection, that, "although absent from him to acquire the elements of learn. the body he is present with the ing with uncommon facility, and Lord," and that "ihough he cannot soon rendered him capable of enter return to them, they can go to him.” ing the Junior class at Princeton Possessing a clear and discriminatCollege, where he continued much ing mind be improved the adranta. beloved by his fellow-students, till ges of reading the best, and most

Our correspondent has very obligingly transmitted an account of the cums contributed in each town, which we de fer publishing for the present. When the money is remitted to the treasury of the Board, these particulars evi!l come with propriety into the monthly list of donutions. To avoid all mistake and confusion, it has been found necessary not to publish, in the monthly list, any cums which are Hot aetually thus remitted.

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