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T a Time, when all Manner of ImmoА A

rality and Propbaneness seems to have overspread these Kingdoms like a De

luge ; when all Virtue and Public Spia rit has been openly ridiculed, and laughed out of Doors; whils Corruption, that Bane of all Goodnefs, Nursery of all Vice, and Root of all Evil, bas been as openly practised and defended; ta which bitter Fountain alone, are owing all the Calamities, under which this unhappy, and divided Nation has lately laboured, and without great Care, and due Amendment, may yet, we foar, languiso much longer. At such a Time, we say, when every Kind of Wickedness reigns triumphant, & Treatise, expressly calulated, to recommend and inforce the Practice of Virtue, by explaining and pointing out the full Extent of Every One's Duty, and at the same Infánt fhewing the Danger, and dreadful Consequences, of either neglecting or fwerving from it ; at such a Time, we repeat it, if ever, such a Treatise muft be absolutely neces; fary, though, sorry we are to jay it, there is then leaft Reason to hope for its being well received.

In effect, we do not much fatter ourselves with the Thought of seeing it in ihe Hands of the very Gay, the Fathionable, or Polite; and


much less in those of such refined Gentry, as glory in distinguishing themselves, by the modis Naine of Free-thinkers, under which they include Atheists, and Deifis, or somewhat yet worse: Nevertheless, bad as the Age is, we believe there are yet many, who are not arrived at that Heigbt of Licen tiousness, to make a Jeft of Damnation, and fcoff at all Religion ; ard from such, we do not despair of

a good Acceptance, even though they should be young, genteelly educated, and of à chearful Dilpohtion ; no Pains having been spared, to render it as agreeable and entertaining, as the Nature of the Thing would admit.

As for those, indeed, who are downright Giglers, and love nothing that will not make them laugh, or who are fond of loose Reading, they must not expeet to find any Thing to their vitiated Taste here; but, for such as have Solidity enough, to be pleased with a good Piece of History, or a mural Tale, whereby they may be at once improved, inftruled, and amused, they will here meet with abundant Matter of Entertainment. And there may be also fome Convenience, in this little Treatise, for those who are polite and fashionable ; provided they are not so far in the Height of the Mode, but they can bear to be seen sometimes in the Inside of a Church, and even to behave with Decency when there. To such as these, it is well known, that Sundays, with all the little Helps of Chit-Chat, Visiting, and Tea-Tables, are apt to hang very heavy upon their Hands; what then must they do, should they happen to be so much indisposed, that they can neither go Abroad, nor care to receive Company at Home? They may, perhaps, scruple to read a Play, or Prior's Poems, on such a Day; and to go through the Fatigue of poring over above a Chapter or two, in that Out


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of-the-way Book the Bible, might increase their Illness, by giving them the Vapours ; in such sad Cafe, then, they may find this short Treatise, neither quite so tedious as they think the latter, nor altogether fo improper for the Day, as the former ; besides its having the Charms of Novelty to recommend it." We shall freely own, however, it was not for any of these beforementioned it was chiefly compiled; no, it was designed for the Use of such, as believe it worth while, now and then to think, of their future State ; and to consider, whether they are in the Way to eternal Happiness, or endless Mifery: To all fuch, we are perfwaded, the being instructed in the full Extent of their Duty, with regard to each of the Commandments, and at the same Time agreeably entertained, will be deemed no fmall Advantages; and thefe, we doubt not, even in the present Times, are sufficiently numerous, to take off a larger Impreffion, than are now printed of these Sheets.

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P. 208


ARON bis bafe Compliance with

the idolatrous Jews amazing. Page 97

Transgreffor both of the second
and tenth Commandment. p. 97, 305.

Abednego, his Fortitude and Zeal.

for the Honour of God, with its good


p. 45

Abel, why hated by his Brother Cain. p. 301

Abelara and Alfonge, the fad Effect of their Cu-


Abiram, bis dreadful and uncommon Punishment,

P 305

Absalom, the Enormity and Complication of his Sin,
with its bitter Fruits.

Achan, bis Covetousness and Disobedience, how
terribly visited upon him.

P 272
Acontius, bis artful Stratagem, and good Su-


Adolphus, his unnatural Treatment of bis Father,

juftly rewarded

P, 214
Ahab, his Subornatiom of Perjury, and Murder,
bow dreadfully punished.

p. 285
Alfonge, jee Abelara.

Amphinomus and Anapius, their fingular Piety,

with its happy Effeats,

Amurath, Emperor of the Turks, his powerful

Adjuration, and its immediate Consequences, p. 147

Ananias and Sapphira, the bitter Fruits of tbeir

Collufion and Lje.

p. 273

* Abriachus, bis gigantic Impiety, and miserable


P 63, &c.

P: 300, &c.

Ariobarzanes, King of Cappadocia, bis extraor-

dinary Love to his Son; and the uncommon filial Piely

of the latter.


Belshazzar, his monftrous Wickedness, and imme-
diate Punishment.

P. 47,

Biron, the Duke de, the fatal Effects of bis Cu-

P 115
Buckingham, the avitty Duke, his mérry Way of
confuting à Popis Prieft.

p. 89
Buckingham, the Great Duke, the bitter Fruits of
bis Oppreffion,

P 276
Cain, bis wnparalleld Wickedness, Audaciousness,
and Infolenie.
Caligula, bis abominable Wilh.

p. 301
Calisthenes, the Philosopher, his bold and noble An-
fwer to Alexander's Parafites.

p. 25
Charles VI, of Austria, late Emperor, chiefly the

Author of his own Misfortunes, by his Breach of


p. 148, &c.

Coftandel, Prince of Georgia, his deserved End.

P. 217

Cydippe, fee Acontius.

Daniel, bis Boldness in Defence of Innocence. p. 291
Dathan, see Abiram.
David, his complicated Sin, how feverely visited

p. 233

Dinah, ber Rape, the bitter Fruits if it. P. 257

Dudley and Empfon, the. hopeful ifjue of their


Dudley, Jee Northumberland.


Eleazar, the Jewish Doctor, his noble Conftancy, in

Defence of his Religion ,

p. 70

Elders, their deferved Detection, and Punish-


p. 257, &c.

Empress, the present, in fome Measure accesary to

her own Misfortunes, hy ber Difregard to Right. P, 155


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