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remuneration. That the iron masters, as a | already quoted in direct conflict with his subse

class, are extremely wealthy cannot be doubted, quent statement, the committee suddenly closed HIS INVENTIONS IN THE MANUFACTURE but there have been great periods of depres- the investigation, excluded all evidence in erOF BRITISH IRON.

sion, and the trade has for a century past been planation or refutation of his statements, and

in the hands of a sufficient number to ensure reported to the House that though a considerTHOMAS WEBSTER; M.A., F.R.S., &c., Barrister-at-Law. keen competition whenever the profits of manu- able share of merit was due to Henry Cort

facture might happen to yield an extraordinary they could not satisfy themselves it was suffiOn the 22nd May, 1800, Henry Cort died, and return on the capital employed.

cient to entitle the petitioner to a Parliamentary was buried in Hampstead churchyard, having The case of Henry Cort ought to be urged reward. The committee, further reported, reenjoyed only six years the pension of £200 as a claim on and against the nation rather than com

ommending that in consideration of Henry a year granted on the memorial to Wm. Pitt. the iron masters ; the nation at large has Cort's share of merit the expense of prosecuting The extension of a pension of £125 to his benefited by his genius and laborious per- the petition should be defrayed by a vote of widow was not likely to satisfy the sense of severing industry ;

the civilization, the the House. justice of those who were reaping the benefit of comforts, the convenience, the capacity of the It is more than probable that the same Cort's inventions without any payment to their community, has advanced with the manufacture political considerations which had led to the benefactor, the rest of the family being left of iron in a most wonderful manner ; the Rail-hasty and premature closing of the inquiry wholly without compensation for the injustice ways, the Britt inia Bridge, the Crystal Palace, rendered it advisable that the chairman should to their father.

and the Great Eastern, are types of this advance not move the vote of the payment of the exAt a general meeting of the British Iron of the iron age of the last half century. penses, amounting to £250, which the comTrade, held at the King's Head Inn, Gloucester, The iron-masters encouraged Cort's inven-mittee had recommended, and that all future on the 29th March, 1811, present the repre- tions, they were no party to the defalcations applications for any investigation of the sentatives of 14 firms of the principal manufac- and to the gross injustice of the seizing and excluded evidence which might have re-opened turers then using the patents for puddling and locking up the patents until after the expira- the whole question should be discouraged, rolling, a petition was presented by Mr. Robert tion of their respective terms. The gain from Certain it is that the House never was moved Thompson, uncle to the late Alderman Thomp- Cort's inventions has been a national gain ; the for the payment of the expenses so recomson, from Elizabeth Cort, the widow of Henry injustice which deprived him of his certain mended, that Mr. Coningsby Cort and the poor Cort, representing the pecuniary distress of reward was the fraud of public officials ; the applicants had to bear and discharge the exherself and family. The meeting in consideration compensation for such injustice should be a pense of the petition, amounting to £250, and that the iron trade was much indebted to her national act.

that the children of Henry Cort were never late husband for his inventions in the manufac

The meeting at Bristol was followed by a

able to obtain an inquiry into the voluminous ture of iron, petition to the House of Commons from of the close of the inquiry from the most

mass of evidence collected within three months Resolved,—“That a subscription be raised | Coningsby Cort, the eldest son of Henry Cort, eminent men, in refutation of the disengenuous for her relief, that the disposal of the same be as to which the journals (vol. 67, 24th January, and unexpected statement of Mr. Samuel referred to a committee of four gentlemen, to 1812, p. 77,) contain the entry, of the petition consider how it should be converted for the use on behalf of himself and the family of Henry

Homfray. of herself and family, and that such a subscrip- Cort, consisting of a widow and nine other

It cost Mr. Giddy, the chairman of the comtion be transmitted to the bank of Hill and children, being presented to the House of mittee, nothing to state, when this mass of Co., Stourbridge.”

Commons by Mr. Manners Sutton, by command evidence was laid before him, that had it been Resolved, “That such committee shall consist of Mr. Reynolds, for Shorpshire ; Mr. recommended it to the consideration of the for his omission of the simple act of justice to of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, who in time the report of the committee would have

been very different ; but there was no excuse Robert Thompson, for South Wales ; Mr. House. Gibbons, for Staffordshire ; Mr. Butler, for the A Committee of the House of Commons was

move for the payment of the expenses incurred North.”

moved for by Mr. Manners Sutton, then Judge by the petitioners in the investigation, as reThe list of subscribers composed forty-one Advocate, and appointed to inquire into the commended by the report which he had signed. firms then using the patents, and the sum sub-claims of the petitioner. The committee com

Public opinion never acquiesced in the described amounted to £871 ; being a contribu- prised the Secretary to the Treasury, the Secre- cision of the Committee of the House of tion of 30 guineas from one, and 20 guineas tary to the Admiralty, and the Comptroller of Commons upon Cort's claims. The following from forty firms, in acknowledgement of the the Navy; the son of the defaulter who had answer to the application to the Treasury was enjoyment during twenty years of inventions, ruined Henry Cort, and whose impeachment an evasion of the question, dictated probably which but for the extraordinary circumstances had taken place only a few years before, was at by the political considerations already referred above set forth would probably have yielded to the time first Lord of the Admiralty; votes the family a quarter of a million sterling. The influenced by the relatives of that defaulter

" Treasury Chambers, 14th Aug., 1812." firm of Crawshay, Hall, and Bailey, who were were important to the Ministry struggling to

“SIR, — My Lords Commissioners of His prominently indebted to Henry Cort

, he having carry on a war at a great cost in the face of a Majesty's Treasury having had under considerapersonally superintended the erection of their powerful opposition. This was an inconvenient, tion your memorial, dated 31st ultimo, praying works from his own plans, assisted by his own not to say a dangerous, crisis for the renewal of that some allowance may be granted to you workmen, headed the list with the largest sub- the political agitation attending the impeach towards reimbursing the expenses incurred by scription. The amount due from that firm ment of Henry Cort's destroyer only six years you in making application to Parliament for a under the contract signed by the late Mr. before, a revival which must have led to the reward on account of the discoveries made by Richard Crawshay, and secreted with the inevitable consequence of a full inquiry into your father in the mode of converting cast iron patents and other contracts by the Treasurer of the petitioner's claiins, involving as it would into malleable iron, and of the rolling it into the Navy in 1789, was not far short of £25,000, the merits of Henry Cort and the cause of his bars, but which was not granted ; I have it in for iron manufactured from 1789 to 1798, ruin.

command from their Lordships to acquaint you during the subsistence of the patent right. The case of the petitioner was supported by that your application having undergone the The amount so subscribed has been occasion- Mr. R. Hill

, brother to Mr. Anthony Hill

, the decision of the House of Commons, my Lords ally contrasted with the £250,000 which would only surviving iron-master who witnessed the cannot exercise a discretion in opposition to have been paid in royalties for patent right, and introductions of Cort's inventions ; Mr. Benja- the sense declared by the vote of that House

. with the much larger amount of profits made min Hall, father of Sir B. Hall, the present Lord

“I am, Sir, your obedient servant, by the manufacturer, by reason of Cort's labours Llanover, partner in the firm of Crawshay,

“H. WHARTON." during the subsistence of the patents; and Hall

, and Bailey ; and other experienced iron

“Mr. Coningsby Cort, King-street, Bloomsbury." contrasts have been suggested unfavourable to masters ; one witness was called by the chair- The expenses had never been brought before, the liberality or generosity of the persons man in opposition, Samuel Homfray, who or the subject of any vote of, the House of engaged in a trade which received so great an attributed the improvement in the iron manu- Commons, so that the above answer was, on impulse from the labours of Cort. But it may factures to some improvements of his own, any view, an evasion of the question. The be doubted whether this is quite a proper view founded on, so to speak, and involving the result of the petition to the House of Commons of the matter ; if the contracts and patent processes of Cort ; his “finer's metal,” as it was gave no great encouragement to the hopes of rights had been enforced the amount of the called, being subjected to the puddling process adequate compensation or remuneration to the royalty, and something probably in addition, of Cort. Upon such testimony, notwithstand- Cort family; the widow, Mrs. Cort

, continued would have been added to the trade price of the ing that Homfray had concurred in the resolu- to enjoy her pension of £125 until her death in manufactured iron. The public would have tions of the meeting at Gloucester, and been a 1816, and after her death a pension of £25 68

. paid in the price of the article the amount which subscriber to the fund then raised, and had was granted to each of her spinster daughters. Cort ought to have received as his reward and twenty-five years before written the letter Such was the only national acknowledgement

to :


of the merits and wrongs of Henry Cort until this movement has been undertaken can hardly

Dated Dec. 1, 1869. 1856, when by the bounty of Lord Palmerston fail to meet with a response, and to secure at 2716. G. K. Geyelin. Making close folding mea pension of £50 was conceded to Richard, the least some acknowledgement of what the tallic spring laths, mattresses, and bedsteads. youngest and only surviving son of Henry Cort. nation owes to the father by a suitable pro

2718. A. Mosselman. An aromal electrical girdle.

2720. J. Cocks. Improvements in the mode of By the exertions of Richard Cort, who after vision for the only three survivors of the name manufacturing cloths or materials for trowserings. nearly fifty years' service in offices of trust in of Cort.*

2722. W. E. Newton. Improved apparatus ap. the Penclawdd Copper, and British Iron, and

plicable for beating eggs, or mixing substances or other companies in succession, public opinion

TELEGRAPHS FOR TARGETS. liquids. (A communication.) has, through the press, been aroused to the in- The following will, we believe, prove a very useful facture of paper bags, and in the machinery or ap

2724. G. Davidson. Improvements in the manujustice of permitting the only three surviving suggestion :

paratus used therein. children of Henry Cort to end their days in a GENTLEMEN,– Rifle targets and “butts” are 2726. N. S. Dodge. Improvements in the conpenurious subsistence.

being constructed in great numbers in all parts struction of lamps. (A communication.) In May, 1855, Richard Cort addressed a of the country. It occurs to me that the employ

Dated Dec. 2, 1859. memorial to the Treasury, but their lordships ment of an electric telegraph to notify the position 2728. J. Moore. An improved damper of chimneys declined to re-open a question on which they of each shot would save much time, trouble, and and flues.

2730. D. Makinson and J. Hope. Certain improvehad adjudicated. The chairman of the council expense, as a substitute for the plan of bugle

ments in carding engines. of the Society of Arts, Dr. Booth, in his annual signals or other modes. A double wire telegraph laid from the shooting paddle wheels or propellers of steam ships.

2732. W. H. Aldridge. Certain improvements in address on the 21st of November, 1855, house to the target-man's pit (in front of the targets) alluding to the fortunes of the hapless inventor, would be a small proportionate addition to the ing india-rubber, gutta percha, and analogous gums.

2734. A. V. Newton. An improved mode of treatinstanced Henry Cort as one of those who expense of a practise ground, and would add much (A communication.) enrich the nation but beggar themselves,” to its completeness and safety.

Dated Dec. 3, 1859. neither he nor his audience being then aware The ground prepared for the corps to which I 2736. T. Hall. Certain improvements in the con. that he had been no victim of ordinary mis- belong, “The London Scottish Volunteers," at struction of cartridges. fortune or ill luck, but had been sacrificed to the Crystal Palace will cost about £500. The 2738. F. Palling. Improvements in the construc. official delinquency.

plan I suggest is as follows:-A dial and pointer tion of lamps ft burning oils and tallow. Since then the subject has been taken up by and a bell are to be fixed at each end of the wires,

2742. P. M. Parsons. Improvements in fire-arms

and projectiles. many of the most eminent men in the country, that is, at the shooting house, and in the target

2714. J. Rudkin. Improvements in stoppers for and sums of money have been subscribed to man's pit. When a ball strikes he will with his

bottles. enable Richard Cort to press the claims of the left hand move a handle that turns the pointer on

Dated Dec. o, 1859. three survivors on the attention of the nation. each dial to the exact direction of the hit on the

2748. J. Hawkins and C. Hawkins. Certain ima Richard Cort, with an energy and perseverance target, that is above, below, right or left, or in provements in the construction of furnaces for conworthy of his name, has since 1812 endeavoured the intermediate positions.

suming smoke, applicable to stationary and marine to rouse a sense of the claims of his family on

With his right hand he will then sound the boilers, and other closed fire-places.

bell (at the shooting house) by the electric current 2752. G. Feldwick. An improvement in roller national gratitude, and not wholly without

blinds. success, as evidenced by the pension conceded one, two, three, or four times, as the shot is in the outer, the inner, the third ring, or bull's eye, so as

2754. W. Hutton. Improvements in preventing by Lord Palmerston in 1856 already mentioned, to tell the value of the shot.

the destruction of the timbers of piers, docks, and

Yours, &c. the report of Sir Roderick Murchison and

other structures by the action of sea-worms, or other

Rob Roy, the Bugler. marine animals. Dr. Percy, directors of the Metallurgical De

Dated Dec. 6, 1359. partment of the School of Mines, on Cort's

2758. C. Sells. Improvements in marine steam. inventions.

Patents for Inventions. engines for driving screw and other propellers. The public press, with singular concurrence

2760. J. Jones and J. Hilton. Improvements in and unanimity, has urged the

claim of Richard PROVISIONAL PROTECTIONS. apparatus to be used in dyeing, dunging, soaping, Cort and his two aged spinster sisters on public

Dated Oct. 31, 1859.

and clearing


2764. F. Potts. Improvements in the mode of sympathy and support for their declining years, 2478. I. Brown. Improvements in the treatment manufacturing or finishing tubes for certain purposes. and greater unanimity of public opinion never of growing crops.

Dated Dec. 7, 1859. existed on any similar question ; and on a review

2482. X. Chevrier. Neutralizing the smell and

2765. F. Levick. A new or improved coke oven. of the parliamentary bounties which have been their being adulterated by the use of essence of spirits savour of all vegetable and animal substances without

2767. J. Anderson. Improvements in obtaining awarded it may be doubted whether any case and aromatical products.

motive power. can present claims comparable to these of

2768. T. Bradford. Certain improvements in ma

Dated Nov. 8, 1859. Henry Cort.

chinery or apparatus for wringing and mangling The present occasion is well 2538. A. Learch. An improved process of manu. textile fabrics. timed, the nation having at this moment a very facturing embossed sheet or stuffs, called embossed 2769. R. A. Brooman. Improvements in marine large and annually increasing surplus from the fictitious leather for hangings and household furni- steam-engines for driving screw and other propellers, funds levied on inventors under the new tures. (A communication.)

and in screw propellers. (A communication.)

Dated Nov. 14, 1859. system of patents.

2770. F. W. Schäfer. Improvements in cash, deed, The official fees paid by inventors during the

2683. H. J. Daniell. Improvements in the con jewel, and other boxes. struction of breech-loading fire-arms.

2771. R. H. Collyer. A chemical ink-pencil or first seven years ending the 1st of October,

Dated Nov. 19, 1859.

composition applicable as an instrument or means for 1859, reached an amount greatly in excess of 2622. C. Bosc. The manufacture of artificial writing, drawing, and marking. the expenditure during the same period, on marbles.

2772. M. Jacoby. Improvements in the manufac. objects for which inventors and inventions can 2626. J. Hollingsworth. Improvements in the ture of twist lace. derive any benefit, so that the nation now owes mode of and machinery for cutting irregular and other

2773. T. R. Harding. Improvements in combs or

hackles for combing, carding, or hackling flax, cotton, to inventors a very large surplus of cash in forms. (Partly a communication.) hand. Can there be a more appropriate appli

Dated Nov. 23, 1859.

silk, or other fibrous materials (which are also ap2648. W. H. Ward. Improved signal lanterns.

plicable to raising the nap or pile of woollen or other cation of a portion of the surplus so absorbed

Dated Nov. 25, 1859.

cloths), and in the making of pins or teeth for such by the Consolidation Fund than a bounty to

combs or hackles.

2666. W. Smith. Improvements in applying and meritorious inventors or their families, who working propellers in boats and vessels. (A com

2775. C. C. S. de Changy. Improvements in the

manufacture of bread, which improvements are also from whatever cause have not derived any munication.)

applicable in the preparation of dough or paste for adequate reward or remuneration for the bene

Dated Nov. 30, 1859.

other purposes. fits conferred on the nation.

2706. B. Samuelson and W. Manwaring. Im. 2776. J. Mabbott. Improvements in wind-guards

for chimneys. This, though pre-eminently an inventor's provements in reaping and mowing machines.

2708. E. Dorsett. A new manufacture of heavy oil. 2777. R. T. Pattison. Improvements in printing question, is not without deep interest to all 2710. H. de Matthys. Improvements in electric and dyeing certain woven fabrics and yarns. men of science and literature-in fact, to all telegraph cables.

Dated Dec. 8, 1859. who live by intellectual labour, in whatever form

2712. W. E. Newton. Improvements in the conit may be embodied. struction of pianofortes. (A communication.)

2778. W. Spence. Improvements in rotating har. -2714. J. Lawson and S. Cotton. Improvements in

rows. (A communication.) Mr. Fairbairn has recently come forward in machinery for cutting and forming the teeth or cogs manufacture of boilers, ships, tanks, and other hollow

2779. J. G. N. Alleyne. Improvements in the the most liberal manner to head a subscription, of wheels.

vessels of iron and steel. and a committee of influential persons, for the

, is

2780. J. Arrowsmith. A new or improved method purpose of securing to Richard Cort and his Chairman, consists of the Mayor of Manchester (Ivie of constructing land batteries and gun boats. two surviving sisters, all now between 70 and Mackie), Thomas Bazley, M.P., James A. Turner, M.P., 2781. J. Arrowsmith. Improvements in the manu. 80 years of age, some recognition of their Borbaran Condentem. Pre mesos: Whitworth, Hick, Penn; facture of beams or girders, and in machinery and claims on the national wealth created by the view of purchasing annuities for, or otherwise securing the inventions of their father. The disinterested comfort of, the declining years of the survivors of the

2783. R. Gray and T. H. Scholfield. Improvespirit of generosity and sympathy with which | Manchester, acts as Secretary. Cort Family.” Mr. David Morris, 1 Market-street, ments in flattening and tempering steel wire and sheet

steel, and also in the tubes employed in the furnaces.

0735. W. Prosser amper bags.

2781. T. Crook. Improvements in machinery or

Dated Dec. 13, 1859.

1995. T. Aveling. Locomotive engines. apparatus for making

2825. C. Vinall. Improvements in, and mechanism 1997. R. H. Collyer. Paper. J. Hogg. An improved for, retaining the rollers of window blinds, maps, 2008. J. F. F. Leroux. Apparatus for taking cooking apparatus particularly suitable for military charts, and other articles requiring to be wound on money purposes. rollers.

2028. A. V. Newton, Sewing machines, (A com. 2786. J. Norris, jun., and T. Till. Improvements in 2826. T. Redwood. Improvements in the manu. munication.) machinery to be used in manufacturing horse-nails facture of paper and of substances used in paper 2029. A. V. Newton. Weighing machines. (A and other wrought nails. making, and for other purposes.

communication.) 2787. F. H. Elliott and C. A. Elliott. An im 2827. G. Withers. Certain improvements in blocks 2058. M. M. Jackson. Generating steam. proved method of preventing drawing boards and for moulding and shaping glass during the process of 2135. L. Engler and E. F. Krauss. Insulators. other flat wooden surfaces from warping or twisting, blowing or forming glass, for blowing sheet glass, 2179. J. V. Collignon and L. George. Typography, and of adding to the strength thereof. glass shades, and such like articles.

2187. T. Beards. Ploughing by steam. 2783. A. Rumpff. An improved fastening for 2828. J.R. Johnson and J. S. Atkinson. Improve- 2206. E. H. Bentall. Screw presses. portemonnaies, portfolios, bags, and other like arti. ments in machinery for manufacturing printing types, 2214. S. R. English. Taking copies of writing. cles. (A communication)

2829. W. Harding. Improvements in breech. 2117. R. A. Brooman. Oils and fats. (A come 2789. J. Macintosh. Improvements in the manu. loading fire-arms and in cartridge carriers.

munication) facture of waterproof and other fabrics, and of moulded 2830. J. Barling. Improvements in propelling 2586. A. Jacquelain. Carbon. or forined articles. vessels.

2632. J. Cowan. Furniture. 2790. J. Macintosh. Improvements in setting 2831. W. Robinson. Improvements in cask wash- 2638. E. T. Hughes. Weaving. (A communica. artificial teeth. ing machines.

tion.) 2791. J. Macintosh. Improvements in cartridges 2833. J. II. Dickson. Improvements in the manu. 2613. T. B. Daft. Coating sheathing metal. and projectiles.

facture of yarns, and in the machinery to be employed 2675. F. Scheithauer. Printing fabrics. Dated Dec. 9, 1859.

in the preparation of certain fibres to be thus manu- 2692. C. Sells. Steam-engines, 2792. W. Boaler. An improved compound for factured into yarns.

2720. J. Cocks, Trowserings. washing purposes.

Dated Dec. 14, 1859.

2724. G. Davidson. Paper bags. 2793. J. Lawson and W. Hago. Improvements in

2727. W. Betts. Capsules. Apparatus to be used in spinning or twisting.

2835. W. Clark. A heating apparatus for boots and 2791. J. Spiller. Improvements in drying articles shoes and other coverings for the feet. (A com

2754. W. Hutton. Preventing the destruction of munication.)

timber. or bodies formed of plastic clay. 2795. J. Tenwick.' Improvements on the construc-ments of spindles, flyers, and bobbins, applicable to 2837. J. Champion. Certain improved arrange

2758. C. Sells. Marine steam-engines.

2767. J. Anderson. Motive power. tion of steering apparatus adapted for ships and such machinery or apparatus for preparing, spinning, and

2778. W. Spence. Harrows." (A communication.) like navigable vessels. 2796. H. Hughes and J. Moore. Improvements in

2794. J. Spiller. Drying articles.
doubling fibrous materials.
2839. G. Leach. An improved mode of, and ap-

2798. W. Betts. Capsules. machinery for transferring and for transferring and

2305. J. Farquhar. Gas meters. engraving designs and figures on to cylindrical and paratus for, oiling, preparing, and mixing wool.

2811. R. Lawson. Certain improvements in ma.

2806. W Whiteley. Looms. flat surfaces.

2817. P. Stirling. Traction engines. 2797. J. D. Dunniclif. An improvement in the chinery or apparatus for punching patterns or devices manufacture of bonnet fronts and ruches. upon metallic printing rollers or cylinders.

2930. J. Barling. Propelling vessels, 2793. W. Betts.

2373. T. Fairbanks. Scale.
2813. J. Rhodes. Improvements in steam hammers.
An improved manufacture of
2815. W. Watson. An improvement in preparing

The full titles of the patents in the above list can be ascapsules. indigo for dyeing and other purposes.

certained by referring back to their numbers in the list of 2799. J. Thomson, R. Thomson, and H. Thomson. An improved agricultural implement.

2847. W. R. Crocker. Improvements in cutting provisional protections previously published.
Dated Dec. 10, 1859.
corks and bungs, and in apparatus employed therein.

Opposition can be entered to the granting of a patent to

any of the parties in the above list who have given notice of 2300. R. Heilman. The preparation of a new

Dated Dec. 15, 1859.

their intention to proceed, within twenty-one days from the colour, called Azaleine, and its application to dyeing 2851. B. Predavalle. Improvements in producing at the Commissioners' ofice particulars in writing or the

date of the Gazette in which the notice appears, by leaving and printing. (A communication)

or obtaining motive power. 2801. F. C. Calvert and C. Lowe. Improvements

objection to the application.

2853. W. Westwood. Improvements in the manu. in dyeing and printing certain yarns and fabrics. facture and burning of Portland cement, 2802. G. Davies.

LIST OF SEALED PATENTS. An improvement in tobaeco 2855. J. K. Hardy, Improvements in the manu. pipes, mouthpieces, and cigar or cigarette holders. (A facture of bottle stands.

Sealed Dec. 23, 1859. communication.)

2857. C. Hancock. Improvements in insulating

1520. G. Redrup.

1601. J. Luis. 2303. W. Horton. An improvement or improve telegraphic conductors, and manufacturing cables for

1536. C. W. Williams. 1656. W. A. Mann ments in steam-boilers. telegraphic purposes.

1532. R. Dick.

1761. C. Kingsford. 2801. C. Gammon. An improved fastener for 2859. D. J. Fleetwood. Improvements in ma

1541. J. M. J. Baillie. 1765. J. H. Johnson. gloves and other articles. chinery for raising and stamping metal.

1515. W. and S. Wray. 1781. W. E. Newton. 2805. J. Farquhar. Improvements in gas.meters.

1519. W. J. T. Wil. 2423. F. N. Clerk and 2806. W. Whiteley. Improvements in looms for PATENTS APPLIED FOR WITH COMPLETE liamson.

C. Thomas. weaving.


1557. R. A. Brooman. 2445. J. Z. Kay. 2807. J. Chatterton. Improvements in the manu- 2873. T. Fairbanks. An improved scale for weigh

1567. B. Standen.

2511, L. Koch. facture of projectiles.

1579. R. W. Morville. 2808: 1. L. Bell. Improvements in the manufac- ing letters. Dated Dec. 17, 1859. ture of the sulphate of magnesia.

2875. M. Wright. Fastening packing cases by 2809. J. Chatterton and W. Smith. Improvements being detected, and termed by him“ detective l'astenwhich they cannot be opened without such opening PATENTS ON WHICII THE THIRD YEAR'S STAMP

DUTY HAS BEEN PAID. in insulating telegraphic conductors, and in the treating for packing cases.” Dated Dec. 17, 1859.

3023. W. J. Payne. 3054. W. Taylor. ment of gutta percha.

2896. J. Willcock. A new and improved machine 3028. T. L. Thurlow. 2810. S. W. Campain. Improved machinery for for cutting or mincing meat, vegetables, &c. (A

3055. J. S. Barraclough.

3029. W. H. Stratton. 3060. C. S. Rostaing. removing or elevating straw and other agricultural communication.) Dated Dec. 20, 1859.

3030. J. Redgate, E.

3079. J. Petrie and W. produce. 2811. W. W. Bonnin and F. Pons. A new system

Ellis, and J. Cropper. McNaught.

3034. W. B. Johnson. and improvements in locomotive engines.

3082. G. Ritchie. . WITH PATENTS.

3044. J. Lark. 2312. D. Strickland. An apparatus for separating,

3102. W. Bray. sifting, sorting, and cleansing mineral ores.

(From the London Gasette, Doc. 27, 1859.)
Dated Dec. 12, 1859.
1867. D. Campbell. Oils.


STAMP DUTY HAS BEEN PAID. 2813. R. Emery. Improvements in carriages for 1873. K. Bühring. Obtaining spring power. common roads.

1879. S. Harrison. Broiling meat.

1191. G. Beadon.

1180. W. Busfield. 2814. J. R. Breckon and R. Dixon. Improvements 1885. J. Poupard. Blackleading stoves.

1137. J. Roydes.

1192. A. D. Brown. in the construction of coke ovens.

1893. H. Medlock. Kilns or furnaces.

1161. G. Bower.

1853–21. J. B. Paseal. 2815. P. G. Gennerich. A new system of motive 1897. A. Yockney. Refining oils. power, applicable for working cranes and wheels. 1898. W. Grimshaw and S. Mason, jun. Machinery LIST OF SPECIFICATIONS, &c,

2316. T. Stather. Improvements in the ventila- for washing, &c. tion of buildings, ships, and enclosed places.

Published during the roeck ending Dec. 33, 1859. 1900. A. J. Canu. Crushing stones. 2817. P.Stirling. Improvements in traction engines. 1904. P. Salmon. Locomotives. 2818. G. C. Watson. Novel and artistic bricks or

No. Pr.

No, Pe.

1911. E. Hardon. Looms.

No. “lumps” for the reception, growth, and propagation 1912. W. Finegan. Lubricating machinery, of ferns, mosses, and other plants.

1914. G. W. Petter and T. D. Galpin. Printing 2819. G. Lough. An improved compound motive presses.

9210 512210 3 1230 0 3 1238 0 8 1246 0 312540 $

12140 10112230 912310 al 1239 0 5.1247 0 4 195510 3 power engine.

1917. J.J. O. Taylor. Separating silex from iron.

12150 312310 71232 0 7 124010 8 12450 S 12560 3 2820. G. H. Rollet. An improved machine for the 1920. I. Parkes. Cylinders.

12160 512250 3 1233 0 3 12410 10 1219 0 5 manufacture of pressed bullets.

1922. 0. Maggs. Taps and cocks.

121710 3 12260 3/1234 0 3 124:10 101 1250 1 1 2821. W, Clay. An improved mode of manufac. 1931. G. Pearson. Boots and shoes.

3 1227 0 10'123510 312430 6 1251'0 10 turing cannon and other ordnance.

12190 9 1228 0 71236 0 3 1344 0 71353'03 1933. J. Henry and J. E. H. Andrew. Looms.

12200 3 12290 10 12370 || 124510 311253 0 5 2822. J. R. Isaac. Improvements in the construc- 1934. J. Blake. Gauges. tion of hand boxes for travellers.

1941. A. P. Chamberlain. Cutting corks. 2823. J. Boiley. Improvements in the manufac- 1959. J. Whitworth. Firearms and ammunition. Note.-Specifications will be forwarded by post from the ture of corsets and stays.

1960. T. Meriton. Governors.

Great Seal Patent Office (publishing department) or 2824. W. Teall. Improvements in treating fatty 1963. W. Clark. Sewing machinery. (A com

ceipt of the amount of price and postage. Sum

exeeding and oily matters obtained from wash waters. A munication.)

58. must be remitted by Post Office Order, made parable communication.)

1971. J, Hare. Pianofortes.

at the Post Office, High Holborn, to Mr. Beanet Wordcroft, Great Seal Patent Office.

No. Pr.

Pr. ll No Pr.






Journal of Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, Manufactures, and Shipbuilding.


(Registered for transmission abroad.)


VOL. 2.- NO. 27. (NEW SERIKS.)



By Post 5d.


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Sociedade Register ” of Shipping ; General Shipowners IRONO SHIPS may be rendered FIRE



Our Copper Coinage...


Orders for Malleable Iron Castings executed within a New Submarine Telegraph Cables


(77) Mr. Bessemer and the Iron Manufacture

to be superior to all others, possessing Thirty-Five Per

1 Explosions at Gunpowder Works.....

Cent, more Holding Power than either Porter's

or Roger's, TO MANUFACTURERS, THE ENGINEERING, The Royal Polytechnic

and equivalent in all respects to ordinary Anchors of 28 per

cent. greater weight.
The Case of Henry Cort and his Inventions in the
Manufacture of British Iron...


“This appeared to the Committee of vast importance Money-Making at the Royal Mint.--No, IV.

to the Shipping Interests, &c."

and BUILDERS' SALESMEN, having opened (Vide their Official Report, 1853, 6 On the relative merits Registers for Public and Private Sales of all kinds of JOB Theory of Naval Architecture.-No. VIII. The Sewing Machine of different descriptions of Anchors," sanctioned and ap

LOTS, Surplus Stock, Stores, Tools, Implements, &c., &c., Fish-tail Propellers ....

(either Old or New,) beg to call the attention of all parties 7

proved by the Admiralty.). The Experimental Screw Propellers


to the only medium established of the kind, and to state Burnett's Patent Self-supporting Fire-proof Floors,

that they are prepared to receive consignments of any Nominated by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Roofs, and Arches

8 “to investigate and determine the relative merits of weight: bulk, or valuc, and of any class of Goods for Scott's Compensating Self-registering Thermometer.

Full particulars may be had for two Anchors,” in compliance with a requisition

from the prin; stamps, at the BUILDING TRADES REGISTRY OFFICES,

9 Literature

10 cipal shipowners, Underwriters, &c.,_of_the United (established 1857,) 13 EASTCHEAP, LONDON, E.C. The The New Iron Steam Ram..

10 Kingdom. Clifford's System of Lowering Boats

Rear-Admiral the Hon. Sir M. Stopford, K.C.B., Chair.

Public Sales by Auction are held Weekly, on EVERY

TUESDAY,, at QVE O'CLOCK, and for the present at the Proceedings of Societies........

BUILDERS SALE GROUNDS, (established 1858,) 23 and Law Cases ...

Capt. Superintendent Charles Hope, R.N., Her Majesty's


13 Dockyard, Sheerness. Abridged Specifications of Patents 13 Captain George Rodney Munday, R.N., Her Majesty's Catalogues, by Post for One Stamp., Advances on Ner

Goods. All communications are held private and con Provisional Protections 154 Ship“Nile."


(204) Patents Applied for with Complete Specifications... 16 Jonathan Aylen, Esq., R.N., Master Attendant, Her Notices of Intention to Proceed with Patents.. 16 Majesty's Dockyard, Sheerness.

TO RAILWAY COMPANIES, CONTRACTORS, List of Sealed Patents.... 16 James Tonkin, Esq., Master, R.N., Her Majesty's Ship

AND OTHERS. Patents on which the Third Year's Stamp Duty has “Waterloo,” 120 guns.


16 William Schaw Lindsay, Esq., M.P., &c., &c. List of Specifications, &c.

OIL MERCHANTS, 16 Duncan Dunbar, Esq., Chairman of General Shipowners' Particularly invite attention to their PATENT ARG AND List of Miscellaneous Tenders invited, and Engage- Society; Do. Mercantile Marine Board, London. Member ments open

LAMP OIL, for Railway Roof and Signal Lamps; alsoto 16 of the Committee of “Lloyd's Register" of Shipping, &c.

their EXTRA-REFINED ENGINE OIL, for Locomotive Prices Current of Metals

16 Anthony Ridley, Esq., Vice-Chairman of Mercantile
Marine Board; Member of the Committee of “

and Machine purposes. Prices forwarded on application.

“Lloyd's Register" of Shipping, &c.


William Drew, Esq., Member of the Mercantile Marine Agent at MANCHESTER-E. 8. ROGERS, 83 Cannon
Board ; Member of the Committee of "Lloyd's Register"


(281) the INDIAN of Shipping, &c.

TO SHIPBUILDERS. CHURKA.-All persons intending to submit gins for William Phillips, Esq., Member of the Committee of competition at the above trial, must forward them to the

RON offices of this Association on or before the 19th day of July Society, &c.

PROOF if internally in of next, after which day no gin will be received.

George Marshall, Esq., Member of the Committee of Deal. The trial will take place on Tuesday, the 26th day of July. "Lloyd's Register" of Shipping ; General Shipowners' Extract from a letter of the Captain of the Royal Bride Further particulars may be obtained by application at the Society, &c.

Steamer, trading between Bristol an Melbourne :-“25th offices of the Cotton Supply Association.


May, 1859.–From my experience of the last nine months G. R. HAYWOOD, Secretary

in all climates, I have no hesitation in saying there is no I Newall's Buildings, Manchester. (300) Also awarded this Invention tho First Class Medal, 1855. kind of lining I know of equal to your Fibrous Slab for

Iron Ships.-Yours, &c."(Signed), ALEX, NEWLAND.” GREAT REDUCTION IN THE COST OF STEAM Licensed Makers of Trotman's Improved Anchors :


Messrs. Hawks, Crawshay, and Sons, Newcastle-on-Tyne,

John Abbott and Co., Park Works, Gateshead, THE temperature of the products of burnt

(Limited) Durham, fuel escaping into the Smoke-boxes of Locomotive

15 Wellington-street North, Strand, London, W.C.

(270) and Portable Engines is upwards of 800°. DUNCAN,

J. and E. Lumsden, Strand Iron Works, SunderGWYNNE, and. C. WYE WILLIAM'S PATENT HEAT


ORIZONTAL HIGH-PRESSURE DIFFUSERS, placed in the Tubes, will utilize about 4009 N. Hingley and Sons, Cradley and Netherton Iron

STEAM ENGINES FOR SALE. of the heat, convert it into an équivalent of working steam,


One of 8-horse power, 8in. cylinder, and 18in. stroke. and reduce the temperature to about 350or 400°.

Proctor and Taylor, Milbank Forge, Hartlepool, One of 10-horse power, 10in. cylinder, and 24in. stroke. The Patentees are prepared to accept for Royalty a part

Henry Wood and Co., Goree Piazzas, Liverpool,

Two of 12-horse power, 12in. cylinder, and 24in. stroke. of the value of the fuel saved by the use of their simple

Wood Brothers, Chester, Wolverhampton, and One of 14-horse power, 12in.cylinder, and 36in. stroke. appliances.


Two of 14-horse power, 14in. cylinder, and 24in. stroke. Every information may be had on application to the

R. Wight and Sons, Iron Works, Sunderland and

One of 16-horse power, 14in.cylinder, and 36in. stroke. Manufacturers, GWYNNE & CO., Engineers, Essex-street


Twoof 30-horse power, 20in.cylinder, and 36in, stroke. Wharves, Strand, W.C., London.


Pow and Fawcus, 49 Lr. Shadwell, London, and
North Shields,

The above Engines are quite new, of superior manufacINGINEERS' TOOLS FOR SALE.A

ture and finish, and are to be sold at very low prices. John Gilbert, Cradley Heath, Staffordshire.

Apply to PAGE and CAMERON, 64 Old Broad-street, DEPÔTS,

London, E.C. TING LATHE, 7 in, centre and 7 ft. bed. A Ditto, 7 in. GEORGE WOOD & CO., 14 Fore-st., Limehouse, London,

(284) centre and 9 ft. bed. A PUNCHING and SHEARING

and at 4 Goree Piazza, Liverpool.

MACHINE, for i in. plates. Two Ditto for j in. plates,
and Two Ditto for fin. plates. VERTICAL DRILLING


consequence of numerous complaints, the Patenteo

begs to inform the above, that all genuine SMITH'S PA. and other LIFTING JACKS; RACHET BRACES, &c.

(249) TENT DOOR SPRINGS, for Swing Doors, are stamped Apply to PAGE and CAMERON, 64 Old Broad-st., E.C., TO STEAM SHIP BUILDERS, ENGINEERS, TOOL

with Name and Address, thus--Smith, Patentee, 69 PrincesLondon.


street, Leicester-square, London; and that Springs thus ATENT LEVER BREAKS for RAIL

marked are warranted. SMITH'S PATENT WEATHERTHE

derable experience in Marine Engineering and Iron admitted by all to be the most perfect invention for the able Break Rack. Can be applied to existing stock at a Shipbuilding, and who is an expert Draughtsman, is de- purpose. Diagrams and List of Prices on application. trifling expense. Royalty moderate.

sirous of meeting with a permanent Engagement as London Models can be seen at 34 Great George-street, West- | Agent, Manager of a Shipbuilding Yard, or to act in any

(143) minster, and the Breaks in action at the Works of the capacity in which ample knowledge of Mechanical Details

THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE.—Every Railway Carriage Company at the Peterborough Station, and a large connexion among Engineers, Ship Owners, and

1 person having an interest in domestic or farm animals on the Eastern Counties Railway; the Rugby Station, others, might be rendered available. The Advertiser hav- should obtain a supply of this celebrated and economical London and North-Western Railway; the Cardiff Docks | ing also been much engaged in working out some impor- food, which will prove invaluable during the approaching Station, Taff Vale Railway; and at the Works, Oldbury, tant patented inventions, would undertake to further the season. For keeping horses in good condition, it is unnear Birmingham, where all communications are requested objects of those having property of this kind, either to dis- cqualled. Pigs fatten with surprising rapidity upon it

, and to be sent. (275) pose of or to bring into operation. Apply by letter, to

their flesh increases in flavour and value. Cowkeepers NO ENGINEERS, MACHINISTS, &c.M. E., MECHANICS' MAGAZINE Office, 166 Fleet-street. (250) will find great advantage in the increased quantity and

improved quality of the milk during its use." All animals

TO ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, PATENT are benefited by it. A pamphlet on this interesting subcomplete FACTORY, freehold, or can be rented. It is


ject, accompanied by Testimonials from the principal Nofitted with machinery, and every convenience

Agriculturists, but (with the interest of the proprietor) could be increased.

and of any size, taken and reproduced at a most Part of the money may remain on security. This will be moderate rate of charge. Reproductions of faultless accn- Kingdom. Post Office Orders payable to JOSEPH TUORLEY,

50s., carriage paid to any Railway Station in the United found an excellent opportunity for a small capitalist. racy, of Machinery, Models, Drawings, &c. Orders atThere is a good dwelling attached. Apply by letter to Mr.

77 Newgate Street, London. tended to in town and country. Estimates forwarded.

N.B.-The public are cautioned against being imposed E. Ledger Lewisham-road, Greenwich. (301) SPENCER, READ, &Co., 4 Agar-street, Strand. W.C. (90) upon by worthless imitations.


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, , a





10 GOUGH-SQUARE, FLEET-STREET, EARNESTLY solicit the continued support of their numerous Friends, Agriculturists, Shippers, Undertakes trio preparation of Illustrated Catalogues and and others; the additions made to their works during the present year, in the erection of new sets of Workshops, fitted Circulars, for Engineers, Agricultural Implement Makers, with the best mechanical appliances for producing Machinery of the most improved construction, expeditiously and Ironmongers, Birmingham and Sheffield Warchouschen,

and economically, justifies their soliciting increased support, while their leading reputation as Inventors and Manufacturers hers; and from considerable experience in illustritof First Class Agricultural Machinery, is a sufficient guarantee that every Machine supplied from Leiston Works willing mechanical journals, can ensure accuracy of detail both prove to the entire satisfaction of the purchaser.

in the Drawing and Engraving. This is secured by enR. G. & S. are now manufacturing the following Machines and Implements, which they guarantee to be thoroughly ploying professed Mechanical Draughtsmen in the preparaefficient in every respect :

tion of the Drawings on the Wood Blocks, PORTABLE AND FIXED STEAM ENGINES. From 4 to 40 Horse Power, suited for every kind of work

to which Steam Power is applicd.


MILLWRIGHTS' WORK of all kinds.

SAWING MACHINERY, from 4 fo 20 Horse Power,




PORTABLE AND FIXED MACHINERY, for Thrashing and Dressing Corn.


Highly-approved EQUILIBRIUM WATER COCK CORN DRESSING MACHINES, for Hand, Horse, Water, and Steam Power.

or VALVE, suitable for Steam Boiler Feed Pipes, or any BARLEY AVELLING MACHINES.

cases where the valve is required to be opened against CHAFF CUTTERS, for Hand, Horse, Water, and Steam Power.


Address H., MECHANICS' MAGAZINE Office, 166 Fleet-st., where a Drawing may be seen.



Apply to the Secretary, 3 Newhall-street, Birmingham. CHAMBÉR'S PATENT BROADCAST MANURE DISTRIBUTOR.



DISINFECTANT, &c. &c. &c.

Not only Deoderizes but Disinfects y Orfectly, and of which full detailed particulars will be found in R. G. & SONS' ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, sent postage free to any

DESTROYS FOR EVER the cause of infection.

Is not poisonous, as it may be used to purify water. address, in English, French, or German ; and any of the above Machines will be shown in operation at R. G. & Sons'

Svolves no noxious or unpleasant gas. Cannot be mis. Farm, near the Woiks, on their receiving a few days' notice.

aken for any other fluid, thereby preventing death and A Copy of R. G. & SONS' new CoLONIAL List will be forwarded free to any of the Colonies, and Shippers will be lisense; and is therefore the best, safest, cheapest, and yupplied with these lists, with their names and addresses printed on, free of charge, by making application for the same. most pleasant disinfectant ever introduced.

This fluid has been examined and reported upon by the ADDRESS—R. GARRETT & SONS, LEISTON WORKS, SAXMUNDHAM, SUFFOLK. (161

Board of Health, all the most eminent Men and Chemists of the day, in all cases in the most satisfactory manne


The Public are recommended to use this Fluid, proper!

diluted with water, frequently and habitually in lardera, ENGINEER AND CONTRACTOR,

sculleries, dairics, musty cakes, sick rooms, closc places

&c., as it has numerous advantages, and can be used with PATENTEE OF VARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF

certain immediate success and perfect safety.

Sold in Quart Bottles, 4s.; Pints, 2s.; Hall-pints, 1s: IRON BUILDINGS, BRIDGES, ROOFS, AND FLOORS, and in bulk, 10s. per Gallon.

Free to Railway on receipt of Order or Stamps. (255) IRON BUILDING AND ROOFING WORKS,


to any other, and strongly recommend it. We were compelled to abandon the usc of our water gauge until applying


Wilcox and Co., Millwall Pottery Company. Roofs and Bodies of Luggage Vans, Trucks, and Coal Tanks, Casks, and Barrels.

These Tubes are superior to all others; being a clear Waggons. Iron Wheelbarrows, Cart Bodies, &c.

white, no mistake can arise in working. Guaranteed to Cast and Wrought Iron Columns, Stanchions, and Girders. Nay Racks, Mangers, Sheep Cribs, and Cattle Troughs.

stand a pressure of 500 lb. Ties, Straps, King-heads, Shoes, &c. Rick Stands, and Sliding Roofs of Wrought Iron.

Extensively used on all the principal lines. Fon Punts for Sugar Estates, &c., &c.

To be had only of E. MOORE, 55 Upper Marylebone

street, W.; and 72 Great Titchfield-street, w. SUBJECTS ILLUSTRATED IN LITHOGRAPHED SKETCHES.

"Price List of Gange Fittings, &c., on applicatio.l

. The application of Corrugated Iron Roofing Plates to Roofs of Timber Framing, particularly suitable for the Colonies, Railway Carriage Sheds, and Station Roofs ; Iron Sheds for Sugar and Coffee Estates, for Manufactories, Weaving

WILLIAM WARNE & CO., Sheds, &c.; Iron Roofs for Churches, Farm Buildings, Gasworks, &c. Iron Buildings, viz.-Warehouses, Sugar Refineries, Market Houses, Railway Stations, Stores, Dwellings, &c.,

Manufacturers of all descriptions of rrected in this country, in the East and West Indies, Egypt, China, the Cape of Good Hope, South America, and VULCANIZED INDIA - RUBBER, Australia. Plans and Estimates will be furnished on Application,


Sole Manufacturers of


For Doorways, Stairs, Baths, Carriages, Ships, &c., which

nover clog, require no beating, and, unlike all other Mats, 78 LOMBARD STREET, LONDON, E.C.,

are readily cleansed by water. Indestructible by damp,

these Mats are especially suitable for imcovered Passages, AND 36 DALE STREET, LIVERPOOL,

and out of door purposes. Seat Mats, Housemaids' Nats,

and Brushes for wooden and stone floors. AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL ENGINEERS,

Sole Manufacturers of

WARNE'S PATENT MINERALISED IMPROVED And Manufacturers of Portable and Fixed Steam Engines.


Possessing advantages over all the ordinary makes, in cs• Combined Threshing Machines, which dress the corn ready for market at

ceeding toughness, and flexibility, and consequent durame operation. Grinding Mills, Saw Benches, Pumps for Irrigation and

bility, while neither heat nor cold has effect upon Mining purposes, with all necessary gearing for being driven by steam power.

Widths, 3/45., 4/45., 6/4s., and 7/4s; Substances, s, Full particulars and estimates given on application to the above address.

and thicker if required. Length, 20 to 25 yards.

Patentees of the Red Mineralised India Rubber-the C. S. and Co.'s PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES are adapted for every

only Rubber not affected by Oil. parpose to which steam-power can be pplied. When intended for winding,

Warehouse, 9 Gresham-street West, E.C. Mills, TGmey are fitted with reversible link uction and winding gear. They are

tenham, N. ousy of removal, as may be seen by the engraving, and can be set to work Immediately on arrival. C. S. and Co. are now doing an extensive foreign and colonial business,

Apply to Mr. LEX STEVENS, C.E., 1 Fisb-streetand are prepared to send off engines and machinery of the before-mentioned

hill, E.C. kinds in a few days from the date of order. They would also call attention to the important reduction in prices made for the new year.


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MISSION AGENT, and CONTRACTOR for all des. For Exportation.---The above can be obtained through British Merchants,

criptions of RAILWAY PLANT and STORES. Shippers, and Colonial Agents.




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