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Mayer (Alfred M.) and Barnard (Charles). Light: a Series of Simple, Entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Light, for the Use of Students of Every Age. By Alfred M. Mayer and Charles Barnard. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877. (8vo, 112 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 419.]

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 757.] Tait (P. G.). Sketch of Thermodynamics. By P. G. Tait, M.A., formerly Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edition, Revised and Extended. Edinburgh : David Douglas. 1877.

[Nature, XVII., 257-259.] Tyndall (John). Six Lectures on Light. Delivered in America in 1872–73. By John Tyndall, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. Second Edition. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877. (12mo, 264 pp. Price, $1 50.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 242, 243.]

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM. Dolbear (A. E.). The Telephone: an Account of the Phenomena of Electricity, Magnetism, and Sound, as Involved in its Action ; with Directions for Making a Speaking Telephone. By Prof. A. E. Dolbear. Boston: Lee & Shepard. 1877. (12mo, 128 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XV., 160.] Prescott (George B.). Electricity and the Electric Telegraph. By George B. Prescott. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877. (8vo, 978 pp. Price, $500.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIII., 467.]

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 116.] Spang (Henry W.). A Practical Treatise on Lightning Protection. By Henry W. Spang. Philadelphia : Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. 1877. (12mo, 180 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 77.] Tyndall (John). Lessons in Electricity at the Royal Institution. By John Tyndall, F.R.S. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877. (8vo, 113 pp. Price, $1 00.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 116.]


CYCLOPÆDIA. New Encyclopædia of Chemistry. Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical, and Analytical, as applied to Arts and Manufactures. On the Basis of Dr. Mus

pratt's Works. Parts XV. to XX. Philadelphia : Lippincott & Co. (Price, 50 cents per Number.)

[Popular (The) Science Montlıly, X., 753.]

Church (Arthur Herbert). A Manual of Practical Chemistry, for
Colleges and Schools. Specially Arranged for Agricultural Students. By
Arthur Herbert Church, M.A., Professor of Chemistry in the Agricultural
College, Cirencester. Fourth Edition, Revised. London: John Van
Voorst. 1877.

[Nature, XVI., 160.j
Fowne. Fowne's Inorganic Chemistry. Edited by Henry Watts, B.A.,
F.R.S. Twelfth Edition. London: J. & A. Churchill. 1877.

[Nature, XVI., 6.] Mott (Henry A., Jr.). The Chemist's Manual: a Practical Treatise on Chemistry, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Stoichiometry, Blowpipe Analysis, Mineralogy, Assaying, Toxicology, etc. By Henry A. Mott, Jr., E.M., Ph.D. New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1877. (8vo, 625 pp. Price, $6 00.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIII., 404.]

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 246.] Peckham (S. F.). Elementary Chemistry: a Text-book for Beginners. Designed as an Introduction to Barker's Chemistry. By S. F. Peckham, A.M. Louisville, Ky. : John P. Morton & Co. 1877. (254 pp. Price, $1 00.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 501.] Remsen (Ira). Principles of Theoretical Chemistry, with Special Reference to the Constitution of Chemical Compounds. By Ira Remsen, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry in the Johns Hopkins University. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea. 1877. (231 pp. Price, $1 25.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 759.] Thorpe (T. E.). A Manual of Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. II., The Metals. By T. E. Thorpe, Ph.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Yorkshire College of Science, Leeds. New Edition. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1877. (8vo, 406 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 419.] Wheeler (C. Gilbert). Outlines of Modern Chemistry, Organic. Based in Part upon Riche's “Manuel de Chimie." By C. Gilbert Wheeler, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Chicago. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co. 1877. (12mo, 231 pp. Price, $1 75.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XII., 370.]


Douglass (Silas H.) and Albert B. Prescott. Qualitative Chemical Analysis. A Guide to the Practical Study of Chemistry and of the Work

of Analysis. By Silas H. Douglass and Albert B. Prescott, of the University of Michigan. Second Edition. New York: D. Van Nostrand. (254 pp. Price, $3 50.)

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 246.] Muir (M. M. Pattison). A System of Volumetric Analysis. By Dr. Emil Fleischer. Translated, with Notes and Additions, from the Second German Edition, by M. M. Pattison Muir, F.R.S.E. London: Macmillan & Co. 1877. (8vo, 274 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 419.]

SPECTROSCOPY. Capron (J.R.). Photographic Spectra. 136 Photographs of Metallic, Gaseous, and other Spectra printed by the Permanent Autotype Process. With Introduction, Description, etc. By J. R. Capron, F.R.A.S. London: E. and F. N. Spon.

[Nature, XVII., 259. ] Proctor (Richard A.). The Spectroscope and its Work. By Richard A. Proctor. London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1877.

[Nature, XVII., 360.] Vogel (Hermann W.). Practische Spectralanalyse irdischer Stoffe. Von Dr. Hermann W. Vogel. Nördlingen: C. H. Beck.

[Nature, XVII., 99.]


Ratton (J. J. L.). A Hand-book of Common Salt. By J. J. L. Ratton, M.D., M. C. Madras College. Madras : Higginbotham and Co. 1877.

[Nature, XVII., 302.]

MINERALOGY. Dana (Edward Salisbury). Text-book of Mineralogy, with an Extended Treatise on Crystallography and Physical Mineralogy. By Edward Salisbury Dana, Curator in Mineralogy, Yale College ; on the Plan and with the Co-operation of Prof. James D. Dana. With over 800 Woodcuts and Colored Plates. New York: Jno. Wiley & Sons, 15 Astor Place. 1877. (Large 8vo, 486 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIII., 317.] Frazer (Persifor, Jr.). Tables for the Determination of Minerals. Based upon the Tables of Weisbach. Enlarged, and Furnished with a Set of Mineral Formulas, a Column of Specific Gravities, and Some of the Characteristic Blow-pipe Analyses. By Persifor Frazer, Jr., A.M. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1878. (8vo, 119 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XV., 66.] Naumann (Carl Friedrich). Elemente der Mineralogie. Von Carl Friedrich Naumann. Zehnte gänzlich neubearteitete Auflage von Dr. Ferdinand Zirkel. Leipzig: Wilhelm Engelmann. 1877. (8vo, 714 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 424.]


GENERAL Cook (Joseph). Biology: with Preludes on Current Events. By Joseph Cook. Boston: James R. Osgood & Co. (12mo, 325 pp.)

[Am. Nat. XII., 48.]

[Popular (The) Science Monthly.] (An anti-scientific work.)

Hoppe-Seyler (Fel.). Allgemeine Biologie. Von Fel. Hoppe-Seyler. Mit 4 eingedructen Holzschnitten. Berlin : Hirschwald. (8vo.)

Letourneau (Ch.). La Biologie. Par Ch. Letourneau. Paris: Reinwald et Cie.

MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. New York State Museum of Natural History. Twenty-eighth Annual Report of the New York State Museum of Natural History by the Regents of the University of the State of New York. Transmitted to the Legislature March 30, 1875. Albany: 1875. (8vo, 100 pp., with 34 Plates.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 494.]


GENERAL, Baillon (H.). Dictionnaire de Botanique. Par M. H. Baillon. Paris : Hachette et Cie.

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIII., 320.]

SYSTEMATIC. Thomé (Otto W.). Text-book of Structural and Physiological Botany. By Otto W. Thomé. Translated and Edited by Alfred W. Bennett, M.A., B.Sc. London: Longmans, Green, & Co. 1877.

[Nature, XVI., 453–455.]

PHYSIOLOGY. Cohn (Ferdinand). Beiträge zur Biologie der Pflanzen. Herausgegeben von Dr. Ferdinand Cohn. Zweiter Band. Breslau : J. U. Kern. 1876.

[Nature, XVI., 435-437.)
Darwin (Charles). The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the
Same Species. By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S. With Illustrations.
New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877. (12mo.)

[Am. Nat. XII., 115, 116.]
[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XV., 67-71; also p. 221.)

Darwin (Charles). The Effects of Cross and Self Fertilization in the Vegetable Kingdom. By Charles Darwin, M.A., F.R.S. New York: D. Appleton & Co. (482 pp. Price, $2 00.)

[Nature, XV., 329-332.]

[Popular (The) Science Monthly, XI., 244.] Darwin (Charles). The Various Contrivances by which Orchids are Fertilized by Insects. By Charles Darwin. Second Edition. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1877.

[Am. Journ. S. & A. (3), XIII., 395.]


Africa. Baker (John G.). Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles : a Description of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of those Islands. By J. G. Baker, F.L.S. London: L. Reeve & Co. 1877.

[Nature, XVII., 77, 78.]

Europe. Crepin (François). Guide du Botaniste en Belgique (Plantes vivantes et fossiles). Par François Crepin. Bruxelles. 1878. (18mo, 495 pp.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XV., 224.] De Crespigny (E. Ch.). A New London Flora; or, Hand-book to the Botanical Localities of the Metropolitan Districts. By E. Ch. De Crespigny, M.D. London: Hardwicke and Bogue. 1877.

[Nature, XVI., 338.]

North America. Goodale (George L.). The Wild Flowers of America. Illustrated by Isaac Sprague. Text by George L. Goodale, M.D., Assistant Professor of Vegetable Physiology, and Instructor in Botany in Harvard University. Part II. Boston: H. O. Houghton & Co. 1877.

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 497.]

[Am. Nat., XI., 753.] Willis (Oliver R.). Catalogue of Plants Growing without Cultivation in the State of New Jersey, with a Specific Description of all the Species of Violet found therein. Directions for Collecting, Drying, Labelling, and Preserving Botanical Specimens, and a Description of Suitable Apparatus therefor; with Suggestions to Teachers Prosecuting the Study of Botany. To which are Added Directions for Commencing the Study of Botany, also a Directory of Living Botanists of North America and the West Indies. By Oliver R. Willis, Ph.D., Instructor of Natural Sciences in the Alexander Institute. Revised and Enlarged Edition. New York, etc. : A. S. Barnes & Co. (8vo, 88 pp.) (On cover entitled, Catalogus Plantarum in Cæsarea Repertarum.)

[Am. Journ. S. and A. (3), XIV., 498.]

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