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AFTER many: Delays and Disap

pointments, the Printing of the following JOURNAL is at last finished: But the Publisher being sometimes from Hone, and at other Times burried, (the Proofs coming at unseasonable Hours) bad not the Opportunity of correcting been needfut; wherejomppears to have Reader will excuse the many Defects which are to be found in it. In several Places it is wrong pointed, in others are no Points at all, where they are very necessary; by which Means the Sense is greatly alter'd; and where there should be Capitals are small Letters, whereby the Work appears to a very great Dijadvantage. It can't be expected, there being such a Multitude of Blunders, that all will be taken Notice of in the Errata : It may suffice, if none that are of any Confequence are omitted; and Care has been taken that it may not be the Cafe.


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· AMONG the innumerable Novelties

which have appeared in the World, within half a Century, I do not remember to have seen the Experience of a Child written by herself. Herein much Variety is not to be expected, nor any Art or Ornament at all: As the set down from time to time, merely for her own Ufe, just what occurred between God and her own Soul. But on this

very Account, Persons of Understanding will set the greater Value upon it: because it contains only genuin Christian Experience, painted in its native Colours.

2. The Reflections occasionally interfperfed, are always just, frequently strong and affecting: particularly those on Death, or the Shortness of Life, especially from thie Mouth of a Child. And the Language wherein they are expressed, altho'


plain and altogether unsturlied, is yet pure and terse in the highest Degree, yea frequently elegant: Such as the most

polite either of our Lawyers or Divines would not easily alter for the better, Such Language I hardly know where to find, unless in the almost inimitable Letters of fane Cooper : between whoni and Ali's Gilbert there was a remarkable Resemblance, botli in Sentiment and Expreffon. And had it pleased the All-wise Disposer of all things, to give her a few more Years on Earth, and an increase of Grace in Proportion to her Years, the would have been another Jane Cooper.

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