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Immodicis brevis est tas, & rara Voluptas:
Quicquid amas, cupias non placuile nimis.


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AMONG the innumerable Novelties

which have appeared in the World, within half a Century, I dồ not remember to have seen the Experience of a Child written by herself. Herein much Variety is not to be expected, nor any Art or Ornament at all: As the set down from time to time, merely for her own Use, just what occurred between God and her own Soul. But on this very Account, Persons of Understanding will set the greater Value upon it: because it contains only genuin Christian Experience, painted in its native Colours.

2. The Reflections occasionally interspersed, are always juft, frequently strong and affecting: particularly those on Death, or the Shortness of Life, especially from the Mouth of a Child. And the Language wherein they are expressed, altho'

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