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nefs your conduct will merit, if fhame or floth, or this unreasonable pretence I have been expofing, fhould any longer prevail to hold back from your duty?


THIRDLY, Ihave now only to address myfelf in a few words to those who have taken Chrift's yoke upon them, and are enrolled among his followers.

Your honor and privilege, my friends, is very great far greater than if you were the difciples of the wifeft man, or the servants. of the most powerful prince on earth. It is by false measures we too commonly make our estimate of what we call real happiness and glory. The wealth and grandeur of the world strike our imagination, and the opinions and customs of mankind govern our inclinations and pursuits. But when the vail of fenfe is drawn afide, and faith presents to our view the adorable Jefus arrayed in all his infinite perfections; what amazing fplendor does the majefty of his character reflect on the meanest of his followers ?

Myriads of happy fpirits furround his throne; and they all account it their chief felicity to contemplate his excellencies, and their higheft honor to obey his commands. Who would not wish then to make one in the


number of his retinue? This is your diftinguishing privilege. And whatever circumstances of poverty or affliction may attend your outward condition, if he owns you for his difciples, and you bear any refemblance to him; there is more real dignity in your character and profeffion, than the proudest monarch can boast of, who is a flave to fin and fenfe. Angels congratulate you-good men love you-even the wicked themselves on fome occafions revere you.

Need I after this say? Be not ashamed of the yoke of Chrift-You are not. It is your highest honor; and with the great apostle you chearfully join iffue, God forbid that I fhould glory fave in the cross of Christ1. On the other hand, need I caution you to beware, how you difgrace your profeffion by an unfuitable temper and conduct? It is your dread: keep in mind therefore the obligations which Chrift hath laid upon you, and your voluntary engagements to him. His interefts and yours are united: by the love therefore you bear to him, and the concern you feel for your own happiness, be perfuaded to ftand at a distance from fin. You have named the name of Chrift; depart therefore from all iniquity. You are the

▲ Gal. vi. 14.

i 2 Tim. ii. 19.


expectants of a better world; be not therefore conformed to this*. You are children of the light; have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness'.

Neither be you weary of the yoke of Christ. There are circumftances, as you have heard, which do fometimes make it painful. Afflictions of various kinds you muft expect to meet with; and animal nature is not always in a like capacity to bear them. Many active fervices alfo are required of us; and the want of a lively temper of mind, will fometimes render them rather tedious and irkfome. But be careful amidst all, that you indulge not an unkind thought of your Mafter, or of his fervice. Cultivate a fincere and cordial love to him; and this will make you fuperiour to every difficulty and difcouragement. It is happy to be able to fay, after having tried his yoke, I love my Mafter, I will not go out free". Maintain daily communion with him; and this will put life and vigor into your obedience. If ever there was a time, when Peter was tempted to think hardly of Chrift's yoke, it was when he followed him afar off". Neutrality in religion is dangerous. The very m Exod. xxi. 5.

k Rom. xii. 2.
» Matth, xxvi. 58,

1 Eph, v. 8, 11.

first symptoms of it are therefore to be watched and dreaded. Call to mind the many enlivening exhortations of God's word; and confider well the examples it fets before you. And pray earnestly for divine grace to enable you to persevere.

To conclude. Amidst all the fatigues and forrows of the prefent life, and which attend the faithful difcharge of your duty; be comforted with the joyful profpc&t of a future happy immortality. There remaineth a reft for the people of God. You fhall ere long ceafe from your labors, and receive your reward. Your Mafter endured the cross and defpifed the fhame ; and he is now fet down on the right hand of the throne of God. And he hath promised that they who suffer with him, fhall reign with him; and that where he is there his fervant fhall be alfo'. O happy day, when you shall arrive at your home! and Chrift fhall himself welcome you thither, with thofe kind and transporting words, Well done, good and faithful fervant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord'.

• Heb. iv. 9. John xii. 26.

P Chap. xii. 2.

• Matth. xxv. 21.

2 Tim. ii. 12.


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Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

OULD we convince men that the service of Chrift is not that


uneafy yoke, that grievous burden, which through the preju

dices of corrupt nature it is generally understood to be, it were methinks a confi


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