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The Kingsnorth Estate, near the improving town of Ashford, in the county of Kent.

The Auberies Estate, on the borders of Suffolk.


TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE, at the Mart, on Friday, June 20, at 12, in lots, the KINGSNORTH ESTATE, a valuable freehold property, situate in the parishes of Kingsnorth, Ashford, Shaddoxhurst, Warehorn, and Orlestone; about two miles from the rapidly increasing and improving town of Ashford, in the county of Kent, and about the same distance from the Ashford station on the South-Eastern Railway; it extends over upwards of 1,100 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, with farm-houses, farm buildings, cottages, &c., and produces, at the present moderate rentals, about £1,200 per annum. The arrangement of the lots will be as follows:-Lot 1. The Court Lodge Farm and Magpie's Hall Farm, bounded and intersected by capital roads, the greater portion laid down in pasture, and tile drained, with fine old farmhouse, farin buildings, cottages, and numerous enclosures of arable, meadow, and pasture land, containing, together, 385a. 2r. 11p.. principally in the occupation of Mr. Back, a highlyrespectable tenant, and Mr. Goodwin. Lot 2. The Pound Farm, close to Kingsnorth Church, and adjoining lot 1, with excellent farmhouse and farm buildings, and several enclosures of exceedingly good arable and pasture land, containing together 163a. Or. 38p., in the occupation of Mr. Lot 3. West Hawk Farm, a very compact little property, lying well together, and imme liately opposite lots 1 and 2, with snug farmhouse, farm buildings, and several enclosures of arable and meadow land, containing with the Brook meadows, 95a. Ir, 27p., in the occupation of Mr. John Barton. Lot 4. Three Freehold Enclosures of Marsh Land, known as Gudgeon's and Judd's-hill-fields, containing 42a. 2r. 27p., in the occupation of Mr. W. Theobold Lot 5. Tailor's Farm, with farm cottage and farm buildings, and several enclosures of arable and meadow land, containing together 120a. 2r. 28p. Lot 6. Bromleygreen Farm, with farmhouse, buildings, and several enclosures of arable and meadow land, containing together 111a. 3r. 3p., in the occupation of Mr. Goodwin. Lot 7. Horn Ash Farm, with cottages, farm buildings, and about 65a. Or. 32p. of arable and meadow land. Lot 8. Four Enclosures of Arable Land, recently drained, and improved part of south lands, containing together 71a. Or. 13p. Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 will consist of various accommodation Enclosures of Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land, containing 47a. Ir. 10p. May be viewed, and particulars had at the Saracen's-head, Ashford; of Messrs. Sinith and Alliston, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street; at the Mart; and of Messrs. Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange. In Chancery:-"Evans v. Nixon and another."-Valuable Reversionary Interests.



TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Friday, the 6th of June next, at 12 at noon, in two lots, pursuant to a decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause of "Evans v. Nixon and another," with the approbation of the Judge to whose court the said cause is attached, the valuabie REVERSIONARY INTEREST in ONE MOIETY of £121,767 8s. 7d. Bank £3 per Cent. Annuities, and £955 1s 1d. New £3 per Cent Annuities; also in one moiety of freehold, copyhold, and leasehold estates, situate at Tring, Marsworth, and Wigginton, in the counties of Herts and Bucks, comprising Tring Manor, mansion-house, outbuildings, gardens, and Sark Hastol, Miswell Parsonage, Sark-hill, Shire-lane, Great and Little Longmarston, Gamuel, Tring, Grange Parsonage Bottom, Great and Little Wilston, the Wick or Park-hill, Dumsley, Red-house, and Gubblecote Farms, silk-mills, dwelling-houses, cottages, quit-rents, tithe rent charges, and other property, producing rentals amounting to about £5,890 per annum. Farticulars of sale and conditions may be had of Mr. Thomas Brodrick, Lamb-buildings, Middle Temple, London, the solicitor to the Plaintiff; of Mr. Thomas Parker, 18. St. Paul's churchyard, solicitor of the defendants; the principal hotels at Aylesbury and Tring; at the Mart; and of Messrs, Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, the auctioneers, at their office, 62, Old Broad-street, in the city of London.

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TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE, at the Mart, on Friday, June 6, at 12, the AUBERIES, a valuable Freehold Estate, situate on the borders of Suffolk, about two miles from the market towu of Sudbury, where there is a branch station on the London and Colchester line of railway, and within two hours and a half's journey of the metropolis. This beautiful property extends over about 636 acres of highly productive land, bounded by capital roads, and lying nearly within a ring fence. The mansion, which is exceedingly well built, of handsome elevation, and arranged with every possible accommodation for the comfort and enjoyment of a family, is seated in a finely-timbered park of about 150 acres, ornamented with a sheet of water and luxuriant plantations, and approached by two lodge entrances; it contains upwards of 20 bed rooms for visitors and servants, with dressing room and water-closets, private apartments for the family, consisting of two sitting rooms and seven bed chambers. The reception rooms (which open on a lawn, flower garden, and terrace walk filled with American and flowering shrubs of every description, and communicating with the park) consist of library, dining room, drawing room, and billiard room opening to a beautiful conservatory, forming one entire suit of rooms upwards of 170 feet in length, with lofty ceilings, and elegantly fitted up throughout; morning room, gentleman's dressing room, bath room, &c.; the servants' offices are very numerous and good, with capital cellars; the whole abundantly supplied with fine water. Detached are stall-stabling and loose boxes for upwards of 20 horses, with coach-houses, lofts, harness-rooms, and servants' rooms. An excellent kitchen garden of nearly two acres, principally walled in, with greenhouses, hothouses, forcing pits, &c, and an ice-house, near the lower lodge. The lands which immediately adjoin the park are divided into handsome enclosures of fine rich arable meadow and pasture, thoroughly drained, and in the highest state of cultivation, with farm-houses, farm-build&c., with woods at a convenient distance, and the estate ings, arranged on modern principles, labourers' cottages, abounds with game in every variety. The whole of the property is in hand, but there would be no difficulty whatever in letting any portion a resident owner might require, to highly respectable and responsible tenants. The rental, that may fairly be expected, would be at least £1,100 per annum, independent of the mansion-house, offices, gardens, and pleasure grounds, so that nothing can be more adapted for any gentleman requiring a moderate and elegant occupation combined with thoroughly safe investiment. May be viewed by tickets only, and particulars had at the principal inns, Sudbury; the Cups, Colchester; the White Hart, Brentwood; of Messrs. Young and Jackson, Essex-street, Strand; at the Mart; and of Messrs. Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange.

Cheapside.-Very valuable Freehold Properties, producing (at low rentals) £385 per annum.


TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE, at the Mart, in the month of June next, the following valuable and important FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, viz., a capital and substantial shop, dwelling-house, and offices, site the Atlas Assurance office and King-street, one of the most eligibly situate No. 70, Cheapside, immediately oppobest positions in the city of London, let to Mr. Garrett, at a very low rent of £220 per annum; also two excellent shops, dwelling-houses, and offices adjoining, situate Nos. 90 and 91, Queen-street, Cheapside, let to Messrs. Hadland and Plews and Mr. Kirkpatrick, at low rents, amounting together to £165 per annum. A more descriptive advertisement will appear when the day of sale is fixed. Particulars may be had of Messrs. Wilde, Rees, Humphrey, and Wilde, solicitors. 21, College-hill; at the Mart; and of Messrs. Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange.

Cheapside.-Well-secured Net Freehold Rental of £200 per


TRIST have received instructions to OFFER for

MESSRS, NORTON, HOGGART, and FREEHOLD RENTAL of 2200, May 23, at 12, a valuable

TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE, at the Mart, on Friday, June 13, at 12, a valuable FREEHOLD RENT CHARGE in lieu of TITHES, commuted at £65 138. per annum, extending over about 425 acres of land, in the township of Ullenhall, in the county of Warwick, subject to deductions for poor's rates, &c. Particulars may be had of Mr. Cooper, resident agent; and at the Swan Inn, Henley-in-Arden; the Hen and Chickens, Birmingham; the principal inns in Warwick, Leamington, and Stratford; of Messrs Bircham, Dalrymple, and Drake, 46, Parliamentstreet, Westminster; Messrs. Park and Pollock, 63, Lincoln'sinn-fields; E. T. Whitaker. Esq., 11, Lincoln's-inn-fields; at the Mart; and of Mess: s. Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange.

LO. AD., MAY 10, 1856.

per annum, secured upon and arising out of the capital business premises and dwellinghouse, situate No. 131, Cheapside. They consist of four light joining premises, No. 130, with dwelling-house over, conwarerooms, which are now laid into and form part of the adtaining two attics, bed room, two parlours, and kitchen, with separate private entrance. Let on lease to Messrs. C. and J. Weldon, highly responsible tenants, for an unexpired term of 32 years from Midsummer last, at a clear net rent of £200 per annum, and offering a very eligible and sound investment. May be viewed by permission of the tenants, and particulars had of Messrs. Marson, Dadley, and Marson, solicitors, 1, Anchor-terrace, Bridge-street, Southwark; at the Mart; and of Messrs. Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange.



The Barrells Estate, near Leamington, Warwick, Stratford,

and Birmingham.

Spitalfields.-Freehold Estate.

BERTS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart. on Tuesday, May 13, at 12, in two lots, FOUR brick-built DWELLING-HOUSES, with gardens in the rear, situate Nos. 20 to 23 (inclusive), Hunt-street, Spicer-street, Spitalfields (near the new Catholic Chapel), each containing 4 rooms, kitchen, and wash-house, and other conveniences, let to Messrs. Noquet, Craggs, Renew, and Gibbs, at rents amounting to £79 per annum. May be viewed, and printed particulars had at the Mart; of Messrs. Walter and Penber ton, 8, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury; add of Messrs. H Brown and T. A. Roberts, 22, Throgmorton-street.


TRIST have received instructions to offer for SALE, at the Mart, on Friday, June 13, at 12, in 15 lots (unless previously disposed of by private contract in one lot), the BARRELLS ESTATE, an important and valuable freehold property, situate close to the town of Henley-in-Arden, in the counties of Warwick and Worcester, about 12 miles from Leamington, 10 from Warwick, 12 from Birmingham, and 8 from Stratford, and within three hours' journey of London. This fine estate extends over upwards of 3,040 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, park, and wood land, with the Manors of Oldberrow, Ullenhall, and Apsleigh, and is divided into farms, with farm buildings and cottages, suitable Grenada.-Valuable Sugar Estate, in a high state of cultivaThe mansion, which is subfor the several occupations.

stantially constructed, is placed within the park, and con-
tains four good reception rooms, with numerous bed rooms
and offices, excellent walled garden. &c.; it, however, re-
quires some judicious outlay to render it complete for the
The situation of the property is
residence of a gentleman.
exceedingly desirable, whether as regards the markets for
the sale of produce, or from its contiguity to good society
and field sports of every description. The present income,
which is capable of very considerable improvement, amounts
to about £3,600 per annum, and should the estate not be
sold previously by private contract in one lot, the mode of
devision will be as follows:-Lot 1. the Mansion, Park, and
Oldberrow-court Farm, with farm-house and farm buildings
Lot 2. Oldberrow-
containing together upwards of 540 acres.
hill and Boarded-house Farms, with farmhouses and build-
Lot 3. Crowley's Farm
ings, containing about 362 acres.
and farmhouses and buildings, containing about 256 acres.
Lot 4. Heath's farm, and part of Oldberrow-hill, with farm-
house and buildings, containing about 361 acres. Lot 5.
Impsley and Botley-hill Farms, with farm-houses and
Lot 6. Great All End
buildings, containing about 306 acres.
and Chapel-house Farms, with farmhouse, farm-cottage,
Lot 7. Mount
buildings, and cottages, containing 240 acres.
Pleasant Farm, with farm-house and buildings, beautifully
situate, immediately opposite the Barrels Mansion and Park,
Lot 8. Moat House Farm, with
containing about 121 acres.
farm house and buildings, and Mockley-wood, containing
Lot 9. Fordhall Farm, with farm-
together about 321 acres.
Lot 10.
house and buildings, containing about 168 acres.
Beaudesert-park Farm, with good farm house and farm
buildings, close to the town of Henley-in-Arden, containing
about 213 acres. Lot 11. Henley Farm, close to the town of
Henley-in-Arden, containing about 175 acres, with farm
buildings, an old farm-house and buildings, and shop for-
merly used as a butcher's shop. The remaining lots will
comprise the Swan Commercial Inn, a freehold residence,
and other houses in the town of Henley-in-Arden, the Spur
public-house, near to the Barrells Mansion, and various
The whole of the lots
accomodation lots, near to the town.
May be viewed by application
are bounded by good roads.
to Mr. Cooper, who resides at Henley-in-Arden; and par-
ticulars had at the Swan Inn, Henley-in-Arden; the Hen
and Chickens, Birmingham; the principal inns in Warwick,
Leamington, and Stratford; of Messrs. Bircham, Dalrymple,
and Drake, 46, Parliament-street Westminster; Messrs.
Park and Pollock, 63, Lincoln's-Inn-fields; E. T. Whitaker.
Esq., 12 Lincoln's-inn-fields; at the Mart; and of Messrs.
Norton, Hoggart, and Trist, 62, Old Broad-street. Royal

Reversion to a Moiety of £1.405 78. 8d. Consols.


BERTS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Tuesday, May 13, at 12, the REVERSION to a MOIETY of £1,405 78. 8d. Consols, standing in the names of the Trustees, receivable at the death of the survivor of a gentleman and lady, each of the age of 61 years. Particulars may be had of Wm. Tatham, Esq., 22, Throgmorton-street, and of Messrs. H. Brown and T. A. Roberts, 22, Throgmorton-street.


Leasehold Estates, held direct from the Duke of Bedford. ESSRS. H. BROWN and T. A. ROBERTS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, on Tuesday, the 13th of May, at 12 o'clock, in lots, by order of the Mortgagee, desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATES, comprising those extensive premises in Bury-place and Bloomsbury-market, on lease to and in the occupation of Mr. Charles Burton, perambulator manufacturer; Nos. 9 & 10 Bloomsbury-market, in the occupation of Messrs. Grigson and Cooper; and No. 1, Market-street adjoining, let to Mr. Wood, bootmaker; also Four Dwelling-houses and Shops, being Nos. 13. 14, 16, and 18, Francis-street, Tottenham-court-road, let to Messrs. Morton, Slater, Roberts, and Glanfield; the whole producing £531 per annum, and held direct from the Duke of Bedford under various leases, principally for long terms, at ground rents varying from £5 to £36 per annum. May be viewed, and printed particulars shortly had of Messrs. Sheard and Baker, solicitors, 3, Cloaklane; and of Messrs. II. Brown and T. A. Roberts, 22, Throgmorton-street, city.


FOX is directed to SELL

MR. EDOTION, at the Mart, on Wednesday, May 14,

at 12, the RIVER ANTOINE ESTATE, situate in St. Patrick's, in the Island of Grenada, containing 451 acres of very fertile land, adapted for cane or other cultivation, and at present in excellent culture, but still capable of considerable extension, with all necessary out-buildings in good order, comprising an excellent watermill, boiling and curing house, liquor loft and rum store, a spacious megass house, large cattle pens, and all necessary implements and overseer's house. Particulars may be obtained of Messrs. appurtenances; excellent residence for manager, and an II. and S. R. Lewin, solicitors, 32, Southampton-street, Strand; of Messrs. Mackenzie and Baillie, W.S., Hill-strect, Edinburgh; at the Mart; and at Mr. Edwin Fox's offices, 41, Coleman-street, Bank.

on the North Western Railway. Bushey, Herts, 10 minutes' walk from the Bushey Station



by order of the Mortgagee, a compact COTTAGE RESIDENCE, with large garden, paddock, and four small tenements adjoining (advantageously let off), situate near the town of Bushey, and known as Mead Cottages, Water-lane. The residence contains 10 rooms, with stabling, barn, &c., and is fit for immediate possession; held on lease for 194 years, at a reserved rental. May be viewed, and particulars had of H. W. Eleum, Esq., solicitor, 13, Bedford-row; and at Mr. Edwin Fox's offices, 41, Coleman-street, Bank.

Islington, Middlesex.-Long Leasehold Estate.

in two lots, by order of the Mortgagee under a power of sale,
capital LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, comprising five excellent
brick-built dwelling-houses, situate and being Nos. 26, 27,
23, and 29, St. Paul's-place, near St. Paul's Church, Ball's-
pond, Islington, in the occupation of respectable tenants, at
rents amounting to £195 per annum; held for an unexpired
term of 70 years, at the low ground rent of £2 each house.
Also Nos. 8, 9, and 10, St. Paul's-terrace, Ball's-pond,
Islington, let at rents amounting to £111 per annum, and
held for an unexpired term of 69 years, at a ground rent.
May be viewed by permission of the tenants.
and conditions of sale had at the Mart; of H. W. Elcum,
Esq., 13, Bedford-row; and at Mr. Edwin Fox's offices, 41,
Coleman-street, Bank.


Valuable Absolute Reversion.

[R. EDWIN FOX will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on Wednesday, May 14, at 12, the ABSOLUTE REVERSION to one-fourth part of £3,150 and £1,108 17s. 3d., New Three per Cents., standing in the names of highly respectable trustees, and payable on the decease of a gentleman, aged 77 years. Printed particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained on application to Nr. Price, solicitor, Burford; Messrs. R. Mullings, Daubeney, and Chubb, solicitors, Cirencester; of Messrs. Trinder and Eyre, solicitors, 1, John-street, Bebford-row; and at Mr. Edwin Fox's offices, 41, Coleman-street, Bank.

Chelsea. Five neatly-built Leasehold Houses.

R. W. F. HAMMOND will SELL by AUCTION, June 17 (unless previously sold), the above compact LEASEHOLD INVESTMENT, being Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Camera-street, Chelsea; held for a term of 50 years from June, 1856, at a ground rent of £50, and all let to very respectable tenants, producing £150 per annum.-Mr. C. Hooper, solicitor, 7, Staple-inn, Holborn; auctioneer's office, 3, Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn.


BERS, Furnished, Carey-street, opposite Lincoln's-inn Gateway, a pleasant Room, furnished as a Library, including coals, candles, and cleaning. Rent, 30 guineas per annum. Can be let only to a barrister. Apply to Mr. W. F. Hammond, 3, Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn.

L. O. AD., MAY 10, 1856.

The Legal Observer,



Still attorneyed at your service."-Shakespeare

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1856.



Society for the Protection of Trade, in favou of the Lord Chancellor's County Court Amendment Bill, praying that instead of PARLIAMENT has adjourned for the diction, if both parties consented, in cases the optional clause giving the Court jurisWhitsuntide holidays, but will re-assemble where the amount exceeded 501., the plainon the 16th instant. According to the tiff should be at liberty to bring such cases modern objectionable course of continuing into the Court without the defendant's prethe Session to the middle of August, there vious consent,-leaving the defendant to yet remain nearly three months for the de- require that the case should be tried in the bate and consideration of the numerous County Courts. Bills in progress or intended to be brought forward. So far as the members of the Profession or their clients are concerned, it is incumbent vigilantly to watch the proposed alterations in the Law;-and we shall continue therefore from time to time to call attention to such of them as seem to be important.

It will be recollected that the usual protracted sittings of both Houses deprive the Profession of the services of many of the members who are engaged on the Circuits, which commence about the 10th July, so that if it should be the purpose, on either side of the House, to press forward an objectionable measure of Law Reform, the probability of success is greater when most of the lawyers have departed for the Assizes. There ought to be a time fixed for each Session, after which no Law Bills should be passed, unless of acknowledged urgency for the due administration of justice.

ject of the petition had received his anxious
The Lord Chancellor said, that the sub-
prepared by one of the Commissioners, Mr.
attention, and a very able paper had been
Pitt Taylor, who had framed a number of
clauses, which would be introduced on the
2nd reading, when he should move that the
Bill be committed pro forma for that pur-
We shall wait for these clauses with

some curiosity, if they are intended to give
jurisdiction to the County Courts beyond
the sum of 50l. Is it proposed that the
County Courts are to be "Courts of First
Instance," and the Superior Courts only
Courts of Appeal?

was discussed in the House of Lords on the The Mercantile Law Amendment Bill 2nd instant, in reference particularly to the repeal of the 17th clause of the Statute of Frauds, which requires contracts for the sale of goods above the value of 10l. to be The recent discussions in Parliament re- sioners that in Glasgow, Liverpool, Manin writing. It is stated by the Commislating to the principal Bills under consider-chester, and other places, contracts in writation, were in substance as follows::A petition was presented on the 2nd May tions of trade and commerce, which are safely ing are not required in the ordinary operaby Lord Brougham from the Yorkshire

This is the proposition of the Government, but the adjournment may extend to the 19th. No. 1,470.



porter of the Debate, and that the Superior This, we presume, is a mistake of the ReCourts were here intended.



Progress of Law Bills in Parliament.

and conveniently carried on to a great ex- several points of the Treaty of Peace.

tent without the supposed protection of written agreements.

When that subject has been exhausted, and
the Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget
(at present appointed for the 19th inst.)
has passed through the ordeal of the House,
we may expect that prompt exertions will
be made to pass such Bills as are likely to.
gain credit with the public, and promote the
interests of the ministry.

Many of the merchants of London, however, object to the proposed alteration of the law; but it was explained, in the course of the debate, that a broker could not bind his principal except so far as he was authorised, and that the merchant might direct, in writing or otherwise, how far the autho- The Qualification of Justices of the Peace rity of his broker or agent, should extend. Bill is evidently a proper and judicious Lord Campbell concurred with the Lord measure. At present no one can be placed Chancellor in the expediency of repealing in the Commission who has not 100%. athe section in question, the cases on which year in land. A man with 5,000l. a-year had filled many volumes of reports. It will in the funds cannot be appointed. It is be recollected that exceptions have been in- proposed that 3007. a-year of personal protroduced in the construction of the 17th perty shall be a sufficient qualification. The section in cases where the contract has been Bill has been amended and is re-committed partly executed, or where part payment has for further consideration on the 21st inst. been made, and subtle distinctions have been The alteration proposed on the part of the raised to evade the provisions of the Statute. Attorneys and Solicitors will, we underLord Overstone and Lord Harrowby ad- stand, be adopted. dressed the House on this topic, and ultimately the report was received and the Bill now stands for 3rd reading.3

The County and Borough Police Bill occupied the House of Commons for several hours on the 2nd instant, various alterations were made, and its further consideration was postponed till the 9th instant.

The difficult subject of the Ecclesiastical Courts has received a further addition in the Bill just introduced by Sir Fitz Roy Kelly, an abridgement of which will be found in a subsequent page. There are now three Bills before the House :-the 1st by the Solicitor-General; the 2nd by Mr. Collier; and now 3rdly that of Sir F. Kelly. Mr. Mullings has also given notice of a Bill on the same fruitful subject. There are also rival Bills on Church Discipline and Matrimonial Causes.

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The Settled Estates Bill still lingers in the lower House, after having passed the upper; but we trust it will soon be taken up and expedited.

The complicated subject of Church Rates, we fear, can scarcely yet be satisfactorily settled; and connected with this measure is that of the proposed amendment in the formation of parishes.

The proposed appointment of a Public Prosecutor, with numerous assistant prosecutors, district agents, and official prosecuting attorneys, remains under the consideration of a Select Committee. We hope a full report will be made of the evidence and of the reasons, as well in opposition to, as in favour of the project.

The following are the stages at which the several Bills have arrived :

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The next important branch of legislation is that of the Law of Partnership and of Joint-Stock Companies, including the "limited liability principle. These measures In the House of Lords the Bills are the make but slow progress, but it is ex- Divorce and Matrimonial Causes; Clergy pected they will be matured into Statutes Offences; Charitable Uses; Drainage of before the end of the Session. The Go- Land; and Winding-up Acts Amendvernment have had some difficulties to sur-ment.

mount. They were indeed several times In the House of Commons, the Bills in left in a minority (though on compara- this stage are: Leases and Sales of Settled tively minor questions), but obtained a very Estates; Law of Partnership (No. 2); satisfactory majority on the question of Judgments Execution; Procedure and Evicensure raised by the Protectionist party dence Amendment; Specialty and Simple regarding the surrender of Kars. There Contract Debts; Wills and Administrations may yet be prolonged discussions on the (Solicitor-General); Wills and Administrations (Sir F. Kelly); Ecclesiastical Courts (Mr. Collier); Koor Removal; Church


This questionable alteration will undergo Rates Abolition; Advowsons; Summary

further discussion.

Progress of Law Bills in Parliament.—Testamentary and Matrimonial Jurisdiction Bill. 23

Jurisdiction of Justices of Peace; London
Corporation; Medical Qualification and

In the House of Lords, the only Bill in
this stage of progress is the County Courts
Amendment Bill.

Judges of other Courts to sit with or in the absence of the Judge; s. 13.

Rank of Judge; s. 14.

Secretary, usher, and trainbearer; s. 15.
Salaries of Judge and other officers; s. 16.
Retiring pension; s. 17.

Judge may appoint persons to keep order in
Court; s. 18.

Power to supply vacancies in office of Judge
appointed under this Act; s. 19.
Seals of the Court; s. 20.
Establishment of testamentary office; s.

In the House of Commons are the following:-Oath of Abjuration; Church Rates; Amended Formation of Parishes; County and Borough Police; Qualification of Jus-21. tices of the Peace; Metropolis Local Management; Sleeping Statutes Repeal.


Shipping Tolls, &c.; Medical Profession; Public Prosecutors; Tithe Commutation Rent Charge.

In the House of Lords, the Mercantile Law Amendment Bills for England and Scotland.


In the House of Commons the Bills in this stage are the Reversionary Interests of Married Women, on which some observations and suggestions appeared last week, and Joint-Stock Companies.



District office; s. 22.

Officers of the Court; s. 23.

Power to increase number of registrars; s.

Appointments to offices; s. 25.
Principal registrar; s. 26.

Qualification of future registrars; s. 27.
Officers to execute office in person; s. 28.
Advocates admitted to practise as barristers;

s. 29.

Admission of proctors as solicitors; s. 30. Admission of articled clerks to proctors as solicitors; s. 31.

Solicitors and attorneys; s. 32.

Laws in force concerning attorneys and solicitors extended to attorneys and solicitors of the Court; s. 33.

Exclusive right to transact common form business in the testamentary office; s. 34.

Effect of probate taken out by executor as

Marriage with Deceased Wife's Sister; to real estate; s. 35. Aggravated Assaults.

[blocks in formation]

Summons to executors, &c., to prove will of real estate. In default, grant to be made to applicant; s. 36.

Such grant not to prejudice any subsequent

one; s. 37.

Devisee of real estate devised by will may obtain probate of such will; s. 38.

Administration with will annexed of personal estate to have the same effect as to real estate as probate; s. 39.

Where a person dies, leaving an instrument affecting real estate, and another instrument be granted, but in no other case; s. 40. affecting personal estate, separate probate to

Unrestricted grant to be evidence that testator left no other will; s. 41.

Restricted grant to be evidence, as the case may be; s. 42.

Expense of probate to be borne by person applying for same; s. 43.

Probate to be evidence of contents of will as to real as well as to personal property; s. 44. No person to claim as heir, &c., without certificate of intestacy; s. 45.

Certificate of intestacy; s. 46.
Orders, &c., of the Court liable to appeal;

s. 47.

Probates, &c., to be obtained as in Prerogative Court; s. 48.

Affidavits to be made; s. 49.

Judge may appoint commissioners; s. 50.
Probates to be obtained in district offices;

Her Majesty empowered to appoint Judges. 51. of the Court; s. 12.

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