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446 Law of Attorneys.-Aggregate Meeting of Solicitors at Leets.- Correspondence. when they were not affected with the malady, SEPARATE ATTESTATIONS OF ARTICLES OF they were, to all intents and purposes, amenable to justice. So long as they could distin

On assigning the residue of the term of guish good from evil, so long would they be

my articles, is it necessary that the same peranswerable for their conduct. There was a son should witness the execution of the assign. third species of insanity, in which the patient menit by all parties, or will it be sufficient if fancied the existence of injury and sought an one affidavit shows the execution by the first opportunity of gratifying revenge by, some attorney, and a separate affidavit by another hostile act. If such a person was capable, in person of the execution by the second attorney other respects, of distinguishing right from and the clerk.

T. wrong, there was no excuse for any act of atrocity which he might commit under this descrip

[We have no doubt that separate affidavits tion of derangement. The witnesses who had will be sufficient.–Ed.] been called to support this extraordinary defence had given a very singular account, in AGGREGATE MEETING OF SOLICIorder to show that at the time of the commis

TORS AT LEEDS. sion of the crime the prisoner was insane. What might have been the state of his mind some time ago was perfectly immaterial. The single question was, whether at the time this At a Meeting of the Committee of Manageact was committed, he possessed a sufficient ment, held at the Law Library, Minster Gates, degree of understanding to distinguish good York, on Monday, the 18th of September ult. from evil, right from wrong, and whether murder was a crime not only against the laws of Henry Newton, Esq., the President, in the God, but the law of his country.”

Chair, it was resolved :

That a Deputation be appointed to attend LAW OF ATTORNEYS. the Aggregate Meeting of Solicitors, to be held

at Leeds, on the 18th October next, and that

such deputation consist of Henry Newton, I was admitted in 1822, and practised until Esq., the President of this Society, the Right the year ending in November, 1849, when I discontinued in consequence of ill health.

Hon. the Lord Mayor (George Leeman, Esq.), Must I undergo another examination before the Vice-President, Mr. Alderman Seymour, being permitted to renew my certificate ? Mr. Alderman Richardson, the Undersheriffs


of the County and City of York (William [We think no examination will be required. Gray, Esq., and E. R. Anderson, Esq.), James There is no instance of such examination, Richardson, Esq., and Thomas Hodgson, Esq., where the attorney has practised several years, the Secretary of this Society. and has ceased only during the last five years. -Ed.]


SPONDENCE. By the 53 Geo. 3, c. 184, the certificate duty payable by every solicitor residing within the

LAWYERS' HALP-HOLIDAY. limits of the twopenny-post in England was 121.

SIR, -A short time since


your By the recent Act of the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 63, readers, that 300 of the most eminent solicitors the certificate duty payable by a solicitor, if in London, had memorialised the Incorporated he shall reside within the distance of 10 miles Law Society to take steps, to secure to them from the General Post-office in the city of and their clerks, the advantages accruing from London, is to be 91., and if he shall reside the Saturday half-holiday movement; and that elsewhere it is to be 61. My place of business this Society in compliance with their request, is within 10 miles of London, but more than had applied to the Lord Chancellor, that his 10 miles from the General Post-office. To order "might be obtained, to close the Law which rate of duty shall I be liable under the Offices at two o'clock on that day. Unfortu. present Act.

B. nately the application was not made till the [It appears clear that the lesser duty of 61. commencement of Vacation: another term must will be sufficient, if the attorney does not prac- made.

commence before the required order can be tice within the 10 miles for more than 40 days Under these circumstances, your readers will in the year. The usual place of business being hear with pleasure, that some solicitors, relying beyond 10 miles, we presume the attorney will on the favourable opinion expressed by the not be liable to a penalty for occasionally the Vacation,

have anticipated the order and

Judges, and taking advantage of the leisure of transacting business within the 10 miles.- commenced giving the half-holiday. Ed.]





Selections from Correspondence. - List of Public General Acts.


of Assessed Taxes; and to authorise Justices Sır,—There is a grievance which, as it ap- of the Peace in Ireland to administer Oaths repears to me, might be redressed with great ad- quired in Matters relating to Income Tax. vantage to the Profession. A short time since 2. An act to supply the Sum of 8,000,0001. I obtained the common order for the delivery out of the Consolidated Fund to the Service and taxation of a solicitor's bill and delivery

of the

year 1854. up of papers. The bill was not delivered with- 3. An act for raising the Sum of 1,750,0001. in the time limited, and I moved for a four by Exchequer Bills, for the Service of the year day order, which was granted, and then the 1854. bill was delivered. On taxing the petitioner's

4. An act for punishing Mutiny and Decosts of taxation, the Master disallowed the sertion, and for the better Payment of the Army costs of the motion for the four day order, and, and their Quarters. I believe, according to the practice, he was

5. An act to admit Foreign Ships to the right, for I recollect a

case before Lord Coasting Trade. Eldon, 30 years ago, in which an order was 6. An act for the_Regulation of her Mamade upon a solicitor for payment of a jesty's Royal Marine Forces while on shore. sum of money. He refused to pay.

A 7. An act for extending the Time limited for second order was made to pay in a certain putting into execution the Act of the 14th & time. He refused. A tbird order was made 15th years of her present Majesty, for the to pay in a certain time or stand committed. better Management and Control of Highways He refused. A fourth order was made for his in South Wales. committal, but before it could be drawn up he

8. An act further to amend an Act relating tendered the money without costs, and upon

to the Valuation of rateable Property in Irean application being made to Lord Eldon

land. the subject, contended that he was right, ac

9. An act to authorise the Inclosure of cer. cording to the practice of the Court i re- tain Lands in pursuance of a Report of the member Lord Eldon saying, that if that

Inclosure Commissioners for England and the practice of the Court it was high time it

Wales. was altered, but I believe it never has been

10. An act for granting to her Majesty adaltered. In my case, the triding sum certified ditional Duties on Profits arising from Proto be due to the solicitor was immediately paid, perty, Professions, Trades, and Ofces. but not a paper will he give up, and unless

11. An act to amend the Laws relating to the Master of the Rolls can be induced to Ministers' Money, and the Church Tempomake a special order for the costs of proceed- ralities

(Ireland) Act. ing to get him into contempt for this new dis- 12. An act for raising the Sum of 16,024,1001. obedience of the order, he will also escape by Exchequer Bills, for the Service of the year them.


13. An act to amend the Acts relating to the

Malitia of the United Kingdom. COMPULSORY REFERENCE.

14. An act to continue her Majesty's Com

mission for building new Churches. There is another subject to which I beg to draw your attention.

15. An act to empower the Commissioners We have now com- of the Admiralty to construct a Tunnel between pulsory arbitrations, ought we not therefore to her Majesty's Dockyard at Devonport and her have public arbitrators paid by the State or out Majesty's Steam Factory Yard at Keyham, and of the Fee Fund-men of standing and respect- to acquire certain Property for her Majesty's ability ? So far as I know anything of the service. general body of attorneys, they have a horror 16. An act to amend the Act of the 13th & of references to barristers, and the enormous 14th Victoria, chapter 61, and the Act of the charges of all descriptions of arbitrators are 15th & 16th Victoria, chapter 54. too notorious to need more than mention.

17. An act to make further Provision for deJ. C.

fining the Boundaries of Counties, Baronies,

Half Baronies, Parishes, Town Lands, and COMMON LAW PROCEDURE ACT. other Divisions and Denominations of Land in In an ordinary running down case, will it Ireland for Public purposes. be open to the plaintiff to bring an action for 18. An act for the Encouragement of Seaa mandamus, under the new Common Law men and the more effectual Manning of her Procedure Act, to obtain a specific reparation Majesty's Navy during the present War. of the injury done to the defendant's barge, 19. An act for facilitating the Payment of ship, &c., instead of an action for damages in her Majesty's Navy, and the Payment and

Distribution of Prize, Bounty, Salvage, and

other Monies to and amongst the Officers and LIST OF PUBLIC GENERAL ACTS. Crews of her Majesty's Ships and Vessels of

and for the better Regulation of the Ac17 & 18 Vict.

counts relating thereto.

20. An act to repeal an Act of the 53rd year Cap. 1. An act to explain and amend an of King George the Third, chapter 72, and an Act of the last Session relating to the Duties Act of the 8th year of her present Majesty,



the usual way?




List of Public General Acts-17 & 18 Vict. chapter 21 ; and for making Provision for the 40. An act to continue an Act of the last Appointment and for Remuneration of a Sti. Session of Parliament, for extending for a pendiary Justice for the Division of Manches- limited time the Provision for Abatement ter in the County of Lancaster, and of Clerks of Income Tax in respect of Insurance on to such Justices and the Justices for the Lives. Borough of Salford ; and for other purposes. 41. An act to continue the Poor Law Board.

21. An act to apply the Sum of 8,000,000l. 42. An act to continue certain Acts for reout of the Consolidated Fund to the Service of gulating Turnpike Roads in Ireland. the year 1854.

43. An act to continue an Act of the 17th 22. An act to enable the Collector General of year of her present Majesty, for charging Dublin to levy Money to repay a certain Out- the Maintenance of certain poor Persons in lay by the Corporation for preserving and im- Unions in England and Wales upon the proving the Port of Dublin in and about re- Common Fund. pairing the Quay Wall of the River Liffey, and 44. An act for regulating and maintaining for future Repairs thereof, and for repairing and the Harbours of Holyhead, and for vesting rebuilding Bridges over the said River. them in the Admiralty.

23. An act for raising the Sum of 6,000,0001. 45. An act to amend the Dublin Carriage by Exchequer Bonds and Exchequer Bills. Act, 1853.

24. An Act for granting to her Majesty an 46. An act to continue certain Acts relating increased Rate of Duty on Profits arising from to Linen, Hempen, and other Manufactures in Property, Professions, Trades and Offices. Ireland. 25. An act to amend the Industrial and

47. An act to alter and improve the Mode Provident Societies' Act, 1852.

of taking Evidence in the Ecclesiastical Courts 26, An act to assimilate the Law and Prac. of England and Wales. tice existing in Cases of High Treason in Ire- 48. An act to authorise the Inclosure of cer. land to the Law and Practice existing in Cases tain Lands, in pursuance of a Special Report of of High Treason in England.

the Inclosure Commissioners for England and 27. An act for granting certain additional Wales. Rates and Duties of Excise.

49. An act for the Settlement of Claims 28. An act to alter and amend certain upon and over the New Forest. Duties of Customs.

50. An act to continue an Act of the 12th 29. An act to alter the Duties of Customs year of her present Majesty, for amending the on Sugar, Molasses, and Spirits.

Laws relating to Savings Banks in Ireland; 30. An act for granting certain Duties of and to authorise Friendly Societies to invest Excise on Sugar made in the United Kingdom. the whole of their Funds in Savings Banks.

31. An act for the better Regulation of the 51. An act to confirm certain Provisional Traffic on Railways and Canals.

Orders made under an Act of the 15th year of 32. An act to facilitate the Apportionment her present Majesty, to facilitate Arrangements of the Rent when Parts of Lands in Lease are for the Relief of Turnpike Trusts, and to make taken for the Purposes of the Church Building certain Provisions respecting Exemptions from Acts.

Tolls. 33. An act to place Public Statues within 52. An act to continue an Act for authoristhe Metropolitan Police District under the ing the Application of Highway Rates to TurnControl of the Commissioners of her Majesty's pike Roads. Works and Public Buildings.

53. An act to confirm Provisional Orders of 34. An act to enable the Courts of Law in the General Board of Health for the Districts England, Ireland, and Scotland to issue Pro- of Plymouth, Haworth, Aberdare

, Bishop cess to compel the Attendance of Witnesses Auckland, Willenhall, and Over Darwen. out of their Jurisdiction, and to give effect to 54. An act to guarantee the Liquidation of the Service of such Process in any part of the a Loan or Loans for the Service of the Colony United Kingdom.

of Jamaica. 35. An act to repeal certain Provisions of 55. An act for the Registration of Bills of an Act of the 5th and 6th years of her present Sale in Ireland. Majesty, concerning the holding of Assizes for 56. An act to make further Provisions in the County of Warwick.

relation to certain Friendly Societies. 36. An act for Preventing Frauds upon 57. An act to amend the Law relating to the Creditors by secret Bills of Sale of Personal Appointment of Returning Officers in certain Chattels.

Cases. 37. An act for establishing the Validity of 58. An act to continue certain Turnpike certain Proceedings in her Majesty's Court of Acts in Great Britain, and to make further Vice-Admiralty in Mauritius.

Provisions concerning Turnpike Roads in 38. An act for the Suppression of Gaming England. Houses.

59. An act to allow Verdicts on Trials by 39. An act to indemnify such Persons in the Jury in Civil Causes in Scotland to be reUnited Kidgdom as have omitted to qualify turned although the Jury may not be unanithemselves for Offices and Employments, and mous. to extend the Time limited for those purposes 60. An act to amend an Act of the 12th respectively.

and 13th years of her present Majesty for List of Public General Acts-17 & 18 Vict.

449 the more effectual Prevention of Cruelty to 81. An act to make further Provision for Animals.

the good Government and Extension of the 61. An Act to authorise the Application of University of Oxford, of the Colleges therein, a Sum of Money out of the forfeited and un- and of the College of Saint Mary, Winchester. claimed Army Prize Fund in enlarging and 82. An act further to improve the Adminiimproving the Royal Military Asylum. stration of Justice in the Court of Chancery of

62. An act to extend the benefits of two the County Palatine of Lancaster. Acts of her Majesty relating to the Constitu- 83. An act to amend the Laws relating to tion, Transmission, and Extinction of He- the Stamp Duties. ritable Securities in Scotland.

84. An act to extend the Provisions of the 63. An act to continue the Poor Law Com- Acts for the Augmentation of Benefices. mission for Ireland.

85. An act for better securing the collect64. An act to amend an Act of the last ing and accounting for the Land Tax, AssessSession, for extending the Public Libraries ed Taxes, and Income Tax, by the Collectors Act, 1850, to Ireland and Scotland.

thereof. 65. An act for further continuing certain 86. An act for the better Care and Retemporary Provisions conce

cerning Ecclesiastical formation of Youthful Offenders in Great Jurisdiction in England.

Britain. 66. An act to continue the Exemption of 87. An act to make further Provision for Inhabitants from Liability to be rated as such the Burial of the Dead in England beyond the in respect of Stock in Trade or other Property Limits of the Metropolis. to the Relief of the Poor.

88. An act to render valid certain Marriages 67. An act to facilitate the Purchase of of British Subjects in Mexico. Common, Commonable, and other Rights, 89. An act to amend the Laws for the better by the Principal Officers of her Majesty's Prevention of the Sale of Spirits by unlicensed Ordnance,

Persons, and for the Suppression of Illicit Dis68. An act to provide for the Application of tillation, in Ireland. certain Stock purchased with Moneys which 90. An act to repeal the Laws relating to arose from the Sale of Part of the Land Re-Usury and to the Enrolment of Annuities. venues of the Crown in Ireland.

91. An act for the Valuation of Lands and 69. An act to indemnify Local Boards of Heritages in Scotland. Health as regards rating for the Repair of 92. An act to continue an Act of the 11th Highways under the Public Health Act, 1848. year her present Majesty, for the better Pre

70. An act to enable the Trustees of Port- vention of Crime and Outrage in certain Parts land Chapel, Oxford Chapel, and Welbeck of Ireland. Chapel, in the parish of Saint Marylebone, to 93. An act for the Exchange of the Office augment the Salaries of the Ministers of the in Somerset House of the Duchy of Cornwall said Chapels.

for an office to be erected in Pimlico on the 71. An act to amend the Law concerning Hereditary Possessions of the Crown. the making of Borough Rates in Boroughs not 94. An act to alter the Mode of providing within the Municipal Corporation Acts. for certain Expenses now charged upon cer

72. An act to provide for Payment of the tain Branches of the Public Revenues and Salaries of the Sheriff and Sheriff Clerk of upon the Consolidated Fund. Chancery in Scotland.

95. An act to make better Provision for the 73. An act to amend the Acts for the Regu- Administration of the Laws relating to the lation of Joint Stock Banks in Scotland. Public Health.

74. An act to render Reformatory and In- 96. An act for allowing Gold Wares to be dastrial Schools in Scotland more available manufactured at a lower Standard than that for the Benefit of Vagrant Children.

now allowed by Law, and to amend the Law 75. An Act to remove Doubts concerning relating to the assaying of Gold and Silver the due Acknowledgment of Deeds by Married Wares. Women in certain Cases.

97. An act to amend and extend the Acts 76. An act for the Formation, Regulation, for the Inclosure, Exchange, and Improveand Government of Convict Prisons in Ireland. ment of Land.

77. An act to provide for the Mode of pass- 98. An act to regulate the Salaries of the ing Letters Patent and other Acts of the Crown Parochial Schoolmasters of Scotland. relating to India, and for vesting certain 99. An act to provide for the Establishment Powers in the Governor General of India in of a National Gallery of Paintings, Sculpture, Council.

and the Fine Arts, for the Care of a Public 78. An Act to appoint Persons to adminis- Library, and the Erection of a Public Museum, ter Oaths, and to substitute Stamps in lieu of in Dublin. Fees, and for other purposes, in the High 100. An Act to make further provision for Court of Admiralty of England.

the more speedy and efficient Despatch of 79. An act for further regulating the Sale Business in the High Court of Chancery. of Beer and other Liquors on the Lord's Day. 101. An act to continue and amend the Acts

80. An act to provide for the better Regis- pow in force relating to Friendly Societies. tration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in 102. An Act to consolidate and amend the Scotland.

Laws relating to Bribery, Treating, and undue


List of Public and General Acts.-List of Local and Personal Acts.

Influence at Elections of Members of Parlia- Amendment of the Laws and Duties of ment.

Customs. 103. An act to make better Provision for 123. An act to render any Dealing with the paving, lighting, draining, cleansing, sup- Securities issued during the present War beplying with Water, and Regulation of Towns tween Russia and England by the Russian in Ireland.

Government a misdemeanor. 104. An act to amend and consolidate the 124. An act to settle the Contribution to be Acts relating to Merchant Shipping.

made by certain Baronies in Roscommon and 105. An act to amend the Laws relating to Galway and the County of the Town of Gal. the Militia in England and Wales.

way to the Midland Great Western Railway of 106. An act for amending the Laws relating Ireland Company. to the Militia, and raising a Volunteer Force, 125. An act for the further Amendment of in Scotland.

the Process, Practice, and Mode of Pleading 107. An act to amend the Laws relating to in and enlarging the Jurisdiction of the Su. the Militia, and for raising a Volunteer Militia perior Courts of Common Law at Westminster, Force, in Ireland.

and of the Superior Courts of Common Law 108. An act to suspend the making of Lists of the Counties Palatine of Lancaster and and the Ballots for the Militia of the United Durham. Kingdom.

109. An act to defray the Charge of the LIST OF LOCAL AND PERSONAL Pay, Clothing, and contingent and other Ex

ACTS. penses of the Disembodied Militia in Great Britain and Ireland ; to grant Allowances in Declared Public, and to be Judicially Noticed. certain Cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermasters, Surgeons, Assist

17 & 18 Vict. 1854. ant Surgeons, Surgeone' Mates, and Serjeant- 1. An act for better supplying with Gas Majors of the Militia; and to authorise the Em- the town of Middleton and the neighbourhood ployment of the Non.commissioned Officers. thereof in the County Palatine of Lancaster.

110. An act to provide for the repayment 2. An act to enable the London Life Assoof Moneys advanced from the Exchequer to ciation to increase the amount authorised by the county of Mayo for Public purposes. their Deed of Settlement to be assured upon a

111. An act to continue and amend the single Life in the said Society. Metropolitan Sewers' Acts.

3. An act for granting further powers to 112. An act to afford greater Facilities for "The Radcliffe and Pilkington Gas Comthe Establishment of Institutions for the Pro- pany." motion of Literature and Science and the Fine 4. An act to enable the Leeds New Gas Arts, and to provide for their better Regulation. Company to raise a further Sum of Money; to

113. An Act to amend the Law relating to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to the the Administration of the Estates of deceased Company; and for other purposes. Persons.

5. An act for enabling the Brighton, Hove, 114. An act to extend the Rights enjoyed and Preston Constant Service Waterworks by the Graduates of the Universities

of Oxford Company to purchase the undertaking of the and Cambridge in respect to the Practice of Brighton, Hove, and Preston Waterworks Physic to the Graduates of the University of Company; and for granting to the first-named London.

Company all necessary powers for supplying 115. An act to amend the Law relative to with water the parishes of Brighton, Hove, and the Removal of Prisoners in Custody.

Preston in the County of Sussex. 116. An act to continue and amend an Act 6. An act for incorporating and extending to facilitate the Management and Improvement the powers of the Hastings and Saint Leonards of Episcopal and Capitular Estates in England. Gas Company.

117. An act to facilitate the Sale and Trans- 7. An act for enabling the Norwich Equitfer of Incumbered Estates in the West Indies. able Fire Assurance Company to sue and be

118. An act to empower the Legislature of sued in that name, and for other purposes. Canada to alter the Constitution of the Legis- 8. An act for the Improvement of the holative Council for that Province, and for

other rough of Warrington ; and for enabling the purposes.

Council thereof to erect a covered Market; 119. An Act for regulating Appointments and for other purposes. to Offices in the Court of Bankruptcy, and for

9. An act to warp and improve certain Lands amending the Laws relating to Bankrupts. in the Level of Hatfield Chase.

120. An act to repeal certain Acts and Parts 10. An act for enabling the Nottingham of Acts relating to Merchant Shipping, and to Waterworks Company to raise a further Sam continue certain Provisions in the said Acts. of Money; and 'for amending some of the

121. An act to apply a sum out of the Con. Provisions of the Act relating to such Com. solidated Fund and certain other Sums to the

pany. Service of the year 1854, and to appropriate ii. An act to consolidate the Stock and the Supplies granted in this Session of Par- Powers of the Corporation of “ The Royal Esliament.

change Assurance of Houses and Goods from 122. An act for the further Alteration and Fire," with the Stock and

Powers of the Cor.

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