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504 Annual Registration of Attorneys.Queries of Articled Clerks.-Legal Obituary. the Office six days before a Certificate can be received by the Registrar of Attorneys during granted.

the present vacation. The names marked thus 3. No Certificate will be delivered out till * were Members of the Incorporated Law SoMonday, November 20.

ciety. 4. In the first six days commencing on Nov. 20, Certificates will be delivered only to such

Hobhouse, Right Hon. Henry, Keeper of London Agents as shall in due time previously; Ecclesiastical

Commissioners for England, aged

her Majesty's State Papers, and one of the have sent in the Declarations of themselves and their Country Clients, accompanied by a List 78. He was called to the Bar at the Middle thereof arranged in alphabetical order, and writ- Temple Jan. 23, 1801, appointed Solicitor to ten on foolscap paper bookwise.

the Customs in 1806, and Solicitor to the 5. These six days will be appropriated among Secretary of State for the Home Department

Treasury in 1812. He held the office of Under the London Agents, in the following order :

from June, 1817, to July, 1827. He was apThe Letters refer to the initial of the Agent's pointed Keeper of the State Papers in May, surname or that of the senior partner in the 1826, and sworn a Privy Councillor in June, case of a Firm.

1828. Died April 13, 1854. Those commencing with

Holt, William, Solicitor, of Liverpool (firm A, or B,

Nov. 20 Holt and Rowe). Admitted on the Roll Hilary
C, D, E, or F,

Term, 1830. Died 1853.
G, H, I, or J,

22 Horner, Robert Ryder, Solicitor, of Glouces. K, L, M, N, O, or P,

23 ter. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1839. Q, R, or S,

24 Died April 15, 1853. T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Ż

25 *Hutchison, Andrew Kennedy, Solicitor, of 6. On every day subsequent to November 25, 13, Furnival's Inn, Holborn (firm Hutchison the Certificates will be delivered to the rest of and Boyd). Admitted on the Roll Trinity the Profession.

Term, 1812. Died Feb., 1853. 7. The Fee of 18. 6d. fixed by the Act for to Trustees of Turnpike Roads, Perpetual Com.

Ingle, Thomas, Solicitor, of Belper, Clerk issuing each Certificate is to be paid on taking missioner, Clerk to the County Court and Bel

. per Gas Company. Admitted on the Roll ROBERT MAUGHAM, Secretary. Hilary Term, 1822. Died April 11, 1853. October, 1854.

Jackson, William Windale, Solicitor, of 2,

Field Court, Gray's Inn, and Hammersmith, ARTICLED CLERKS' QUERIES.

aged 41. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1842. Died April 24, 1852.

James, John, Solicitor, Secondary of London,

aged 69. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Is there any rule of law which prevents an Term, 1805. Died July 21, 1852. articled clerk from being examined before he Jameson, Hon.

Robert Sympson, Vice-Chanhas attained the age of 21; and if there be, is cellor of Upper Canada. Called to the Bar at such rule ever relaxed when the clerk will be the Middle Temple, Nov. 28, 1823. Died within one month of that age at the time of the August 1, 1854. examination, and the effect of strictly carrying

Jardine, Thomas, Solicitor, of Bolton-leout the rule would be to throw him over the Moors. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Long Vacation ?

Term, 1815. Died Nov. 5, 1853.

Jarvis, Edward Kern, Solicitor, of Hinckley, [The Examiners cannot certify that a minor Perpetual Commissioner. Admitted on the is “ fit and capable” to act as an attorney, and Roll Hilary Term, 1827. Died Jan, 1, 1853. therefore they decline to examine persons

Jennings, Thomas Robert, Solicitor, of Everunder age, unless they will attain their ma

shot. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Tirm, 1842.

Died March 21, 1853. jority during the Term in which the examina

Jennings, Joseph Crew, Solicitor, of Ever. tion takes place. They are then examined de shot. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1830. bene esse, 'and the certificates are delivered Died March 23, 1854. when they are of age, but it must be in the ford, Registrar of the Archdeaconry Court of

Johns, Henry William, Solicitor, of Bland. same Term, as the Examiners are changed Dorset, aged 76, Admitted on the Roll Mi. each Term.-ED.]

chaelmas Term, 1798. Died May 26, 1854.

Johnson, Thomas Edward, Solicitor, of 58,

Lincoln's Inn Fields. Admitted on the Roll
Michaelmas Term, 1837. Died 1853.

Johnson, John, Solicitor, of 19, Cockspur [Concluded from p. 487.]

Street, Pall Mall. Admitted on the Roll This list comprises the names of solicitors

Michaelmas Term, 1809. Died 1853.

Johnstone, John, Solicitor, of Bishops Stortand barristers who died since our former ford. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, Obituary, page 207, ante, including the names 1834. Died 1853.



Legal Obituary.

505 Jones, John, Solicitor, of Beaumaris. Ad- Roll Hilary Term, 1825. Died May 23, mitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1823. Died 1852. 1853.

Liddell, Alexander, Solicitor, of Poulton-inJones, Henry Julius, Solicitor, of 30, Bury the-Fylde, Clerk to the Magistrates. Ad. Street, St. James. Admitted on the Roll mitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1824. Died Michaelmas Term, 1838. Died May, 1853. Sept., 1853.

Jones, John Alexander, Solicitor, of 9, Quality Livett, Andrew, Solicitor, Notary, and PerCourt, Chancery Lane, aged 27. Admitted on petual Commissioner, of Bristol (firm A. J. and the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1845. Died Jan. H. Livett). Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas 28, 1852.

Term, 1805. Died Sept. 30, 1852. Keeling, William, Solicitor, of Newport, Sa- * Lumley, Robert Wheatley, Solicitor, of lop. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1843. 18, Carey Street (firm Lumley, Nicholl, and Died Aug. 6, 1854.

Smyth). Several years a member of the Kelsali

, Henry, Solicitor, of Chester, Per. Council of the Incorporated Law Society, petual Commissioner. Admitted on the Roll Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1827. Died Trinity Term, 1820. Died Oct. 4, 1853. July, 1852.

* Kewell, Wm., Solicitor, of 8, Angel Court, Lush, James Wilmot, Solicitor, 33, Spital Throgmorton Street (firm Gregson and Kewell), Square (firm Lush and Merceron), Chief Bailiff aged 58. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, of the Tower of London, one of the Clerks to 1822. Died July 30, 1852.

Lieutenancy and the Commissioners of Land King, John Algernon, Solicitor, of Holbeach, and Assessed Taxes for Tower Division. AdLincolnshire (firm Sturton, Key, and King), mitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1805. Died aged 30. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, June 16, 1853. 1847. Died July 28, 1854.

*Luttly, Beaumont Charles, Solicitor, of Kingsford, Philip, Barrister-at-Law, of 1, Dyers' Hall

, College Street, Dowgate Hill, and Middle Temple Lane. Called to the Bar at the Wandsworth, Surrey (firm Luttly and Batt), Middle Temple, Nov. 19, 1847. Died Sept. 3, Clerk to the Dyers Company, and to the 1854.

Commissioners of Taxes for West Brixton. * Kitson, Frederick, Solicitor, Proctor, and Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1817. Notary, of Exeter (firm Sanders and Kitson). Died July, 1852. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1841. Macaulay, Colin Campbell, Solicitor, of Died June, 1853.

Leicester (firın Berridge and Macaulay). Ad. Knight, Henry, Solicitor, of so, Basinghall mitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1823. Died Street. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Oct. 20, 1853. Term, 1843. Died 1853.

Malden, Alexander Lloyd, Solicitor, of WorLamb, Henry, Solicitor, of Kettering. Ad- cester. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas mitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1812. Died Term, 1851. Died Feb. 12, 1852. Aug. 1852.

Martin, Charles, Solicitor, of the Vintners' Lampitt, Edward, Solicitor, of Watlington. Hall, Upper Thames Street, Clerk of the VintAdmitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1826. ners' Company. Admitted on the Roli Trinity Died 1853.

Term, 1815. Died Sept., 1852. * Lane, John, Solicitor, of Goldsmiths' Hall, Matthews, John, Solicitor, and Perpetual Foster Lane (firm Lane and Prideaux), Clerk Commissioner, of Oxford, aged 50. Admitted to the Goldsmiths' Company, Admitted on on the Roll Hilary Term, 1828. Died Aug. 25, the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1810. Died Jan. 1854. 16, 1852.

Medwyn, John Hay Forbes, Lord, formerly Langley, John Henry, Solicitor, of Cardiff. a Lord of Justiciary, aged 77. He was called Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1829. to the Scottish Bar in 1799, was appointed Died Dec., 1853.

Sheriff-depute of the County of Perth in 1807, Law, Charles John, Solicitor, of Oxford. Judge of the Court of Session in Jan., 1825, Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1840. and Lord of Justiciary in 1830. Died July 25, Died Aug., 1853.

1854. Lawrence, Juner Perry, Solicitor, of Cam. * Meggy, Robert, Solicitor, of 34, Trinity bridge, aged 34, Clerk to the Magistrates and Square, and 11, Three Crown Square, Southto the Commissioners of Land and Assessed wark, aged 46. Admitted on the Roll MichaelTaxes of the Division of Bottisham. Admitted mas Term, 1826. Died March 27, 1852. on the Roll Hilary Term, 1837. Died Feb. 14, Miller, Giles, Solicitor and Perpetual Com. 1852.

missioner, of Goudhurst (firm Miller and * Lediard, Samuel, Solicitor, of Cirencester, Hinds). Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Perpetual Commissioner for Gloucester, Wilts, Term, 1817. Died 1853. and Berks. Admitted on the Roll Trinity *Millett, Charles, Solicitor, of Hindon, Wilts. Term, 1828. Died 1852.

Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1799. Lee, Thomas Eyre, Solicitor, of Birming- Died Feb., 1854. ham (firm Lee, Pinson, and Best), aged 62. Millett, John Fortescue, Solicitor, of MaraAdmitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1812. zion and Penzance, Cornwall, aged 48. AdDied May 20, 1852.

mitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1828. Died Leigh, Robert, Solicitor, of Knotts Oak, near June 29, 1852. Ilminster, Somersetshire. Admitted on the Minshull, Samuel, Solicitor, of Liverpool.


Legal Obituary. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1825. kins). Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, Died Oct., 1852.

1839. Died July 24, 1854. *Molloy, Charles, Solicitor, of 8, New Square, Osborne, Robert, Solicitor, of Bristol, aged Lincoln's Inn. Admitted on the Roll Easter 46 (firm Osborne, Ward, Knapp, and Fellows). Term, 1820. Died May 12, 1852.

Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1833. Moore, Samuel, Solicitor, of Castlegate, Not-Died June 1, 1854. tingham, Clerk of the Peace for the Town, Clerk Ostler, William, Solicitor, of Grantham, Perto Charity Trustees, and Perpetual Commis- petual Commissioner (firm Ostler, Sons, and sioner. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, Cochrane). Admitted on the Roll Easter 1835. Died Nov., 1852.

Term, 1793. Died 1853. *Moorhouse, Thomas, Solicitor, of Halifax, Page, William Sagon, Solicitor, of ScarYorkshire, aged 38. Admitted on the Roll borough. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Trinity Term, 1835. Died June 4, 1852. Term, 1822. Died 1853.

Morgan, John, Solicitor and Perpetual Com- Palmer, Edward Seymour, Solicitor, of Birmissioner, of Llandovery (firm Morgan and mingham (firm W. & É. S. Palmer). Admitted Evans). Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas on the Roll Easter Term, 1841. Died 1853., Term, 1817. Died 1853,

Palmer, James, Solicitor, of Ormskirk. Ad* Mortimer, Thomas Hill, Solicitor, of 4, mitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1805. Died Albany Court Yard, Piccadilly. Admitted on Jan. 1854. the Roll Nov. 21, 1842. Died March 22, 1853. Palmer, Richard, Solicitor, of Preston. Ad

Moseley, Thomas, Solicitor, of 13, Bedford mitted on the Roll April 4, 1794. Died Dec. Street, Covent Garden, Vestry Clerk and Clerk 6, 1852. to Committee of Management of St. Paul, Co- * Parr, Robert Henning, Solicitor, of Poole vent Garden. Admitted on the Roll, Easter and Packstone, Dorset (firm R. H. and R. W. Term, 1827. Died Nov. 26, 1852.

Parr), aged 56, formerly Town Clerk of Poole. * Mott, Thomas Samuel, Solicitor and Per- Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term 1821. Died petual Commissioner, of Much Hadham, Herts Jan. 7, 1852. (firm Mott, Gayton, and Mott), aged 69. Ad- Parry, James, Solicitor, of Newcastle Em. mitted on the 'Roll Michaelmas Term, 1806. lyn. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, Died June 14, 1854.

1830. Died 1853. *Mousley, William Eaton, Solicitor and Per

Payne, John, Solicitor, of Milverton, Clerk petual Commissioner, of Derby (firm Mousley to the Magistrates for Division of Milverton and Son). Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, and Lydeard, and Clerk to Commissioners of 1811. Died Jan. 6, 1853.

Taxes for Bishop's Lydeard Division, and Per* Mullins, Edward, Solicitor, of 15, Token- petual Commissioner. Admitted on the Roll house Yard, Lothbury (firm Mullins and Pad- Easter Term, 1819. Died Oct. 3, 1853. dison), Joint Solicitor and Secretary to the Peren, Henry Burchall, Solicitor, of South Royal British Bank, and to the Irish Peat Petherton (firm Hayward and Peren). Ad. Company, and Notary. Admitted on the Roll mitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1843. Died Michaelmas Term, 1833. Died Dec. 11, 1853. Aug. 8, 1852.

Nash, James, Solicitor, of Henley on Thames, Peter, Simon, Solicitor, of Liskeard (firm Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1833. Died Childs and Peter). Admitted on the Roll Nov. 5, 1853.

Easter Term, 1845. Died March 11, 1853. *Newbold, John, Solicitor, of 41, Bedford Petty, George, Solicitor, of Stockton-onRow (firm Sharp, Field, Jackson, and New. Tees, Ďurham, Assistant Clerk to the County bold), aged 46. "Admitted on the Roll Easter Court. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, Term, 1827. Died May 4, 1852.

1836. Died Feb. 15, 1852. Nicholson, Henry, Solicitor, of 8, Furnival's Pirie, William, Barrister-at-Law, of 4, Old Inn, Holborn. Admitted on the Roll Michael Square, Lincoln's Inn. Called to the Bar at mas Term, 1845. Died 1853.

Lincoln's Inn, Jan, 28, 1841. Died Sept. 15, Nicholson, George, Solicitor, of 4, Old 1854. Palace Yard, Westminster. Admitted on the *Price, John Dutton, Solicitor, of 7, Sion Roll Hilary Term, 1815. Died 1853. Row, Twickenham. Admitted on the Roll

Nicholson, James, Solicitor, of 90, New Bond Michaelmas Term, 1826. Died Oct. 1852. Street. Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, * Pringle, William, Solicitor, of 3, King's 1825. Died March, 1853.

Road, Bedford Row, Commissioner of Oaths in Nicholson, Richard, Solicitor, of Ripon, Town Chancery (firm Pringle, Shum, Wilson, and Clerk, Clerk to the Magistrates, and to the Ure Crossman). Admitted on the Roll Hilary Navigation Company and Trust of Pateley Term, 1819. Died June 4, 1854. Bridge and Hewick Roads, and Perpetual Com- Ramsden, Thomas, Solicitor, of Wakefield. missioner. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, 1839. 1814. Died 1853.

Died 1852. Norris, John, Solicitor, of Manchester (firm Raven, John, Solicitor, of Hawkshead, AmJohn and William Norris). Admitted on the bleside, and Bowness (firm Slater and Raven), Roll Trinity Term, 1822. Died 1853. joint Steward of the Manor of Bayesbroune,

Oliver, John Bass, Solicitor, of 31, St. 'and Clerk to the Magistrates at Hawkshead. Swithin's Lane, London, and 3, Rue Brede- Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1847. rode, Brussels, aged 38 (firm Oliver and Wil. Died 1853.

Legal Obituary.

507 Rawlings, Benjamin William, Solicitor, of Street, Lincoln's Inn. Clerk to Commissioners 16, Furnival's Inn, Holborn, and Romford, of Taxes for the districte of Duchy of LancasVestry Clerk of Romford. Admitted on the ter and St. Clement's, and Clerk to Paving Roll Hilary Term, 1838. Died 1853.

Board of St. Clement's Danes. Admitted on Raynar, John, Solicitor, of Leeds (firm J. the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1847. Died 1853. and W. T. Raynar). Admitted on the Roll *Scott, Charles Davison, Solicitor, of 7, Michaelmas Term, 1808. Died Feb. 16, 1853. Furnival's Inn. Admitted on the Roll Hilary

Reed, Henry, Solicitor, of Bridgwater. Ad-Term, 1827. Died August 25, 1852. mitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1809. Scruton, Walter, Solicitor, of Durham, aged Died March, 1853.

52. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Admitted on Reynolds, John Hamilton, Solicitor, of New- the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1820. Died March port, Isle of Wight, Clerk of the County Court. 12, 1852. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1822. Sharman, Alexander, Solicitor, of Bedford Died 1853.

(firm Sharman and Turnley) Admitted on the * Robinson, James, Solicitor, of 7, Queen's Roll Michaelmas Term, 1824. Died 1853. Street Place, Upper Thames Street, City (firm *Sheffield, William, Solicitor, of 68, Old J. and C. Robinson), aged 63. Admitted on the Broad Street, City (firm Isaac and William Roll Trinity Term, 1814. Died Aug. 4, 1854. Sheffield). Admitted on the Roll Trinity

Robinson, George, Solicitor, late of Welling. Term, 1828. Died Sept. 7, 1852. borough, then of Hastings. Admitted on the Short, Francis, Solicitor, of Bristol (firm Roll Trinity Term, 1849. Died Jan. 26, 1854. Short and Strickland). Admitted on the Roll

* Roe, James, Solicitor, of the Hythe, Stains. Michaelmas Term, 1817. Died Feb., 1853. Died 1853.

Shotter, James, Solicitor, of Farnham, *Roe, Thomas, Solicitor, Temple Chambers, Steward of Manor of Farnborough (firm Falcon Court, Fleet Street. Admitted on the Shotter and Evans). Admitted on the Roll Roll Hilary Term, 1809. Died Dec. 6, 1853. Hilary Term, 1794.' Died July 5, 1852.

Rogers, Robert, Solicitor, of 3, Union Court, * Simpson, William Robert, Solicitor, of Red Old Broad Street, City. Admitted on the Roll Lion Street, Clerkenwell, aged 76. Admitted Hilary Term, 1813. Died June 24, 1854. on the Roll Easter Term, 1807. Died March

Rogers, Samuel, Solicitor, of 2, Bank Cham-6, 1852. bers, Lothbury. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Skegg, William Harper, Solicitor, of 39, Term, 1832. Died 1853.

Brudenell Place, New North Road, Hoxton. Rose, John, Solicitor, of the Queen's Bench Vestry Clerk of St. John, Hoxton, and RegisOffice, aged 71. Admitted on the Roll Michael- trar of Births and Deaths for Hoxton New mas Term, 1826. Died March 13, 1852. Town district. Admitted on the Roll Mi.

Rowley, Alexander Butler, Solicitor, of Man-chaelmas Term, 1815. Died Oct., 1852. chester (firm A. B. and J. C. Rowley), aged Smith, George, Solicitor, of Bath. Admitted 48. Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1829. on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1822. Died Died July 23, 1854.

July, 1853. Rush, John Brook, Solicitor, of Erith. Ad- Sole, Edward, Solicitor, of Devonport, Agent mitted ou the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1840. to West of England Insurance Company (firm Died Oct., 1853.

Edward and Henry Sole). Admitted on the Russell, Thomas Adams, Solicitor, of Aln- Roll Easter Term, 1817. Died August, 1853. wick, Coroner for Northumberland (firm T. A. Sorby, James, Solicitor, of Sheffield, Yorkand J. Russell). Admitted on the Roll Hilary shire, aged 58. Admitted on the Roll, Easter Term, 1814. Died May, 1853.

Term, 1816. Died Aug. 4, 1852.
Rycroft, Dawson, Solicitor, of Idle and Spraggett, George, Solicitor, of Southam,
Bradford, Yorkshire. Admitted on the Roll Warwickshire (firm Welchman and Spraggett),
Michaelmas Term, 1840. Died May, 1853. aged 27. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas

Salthouse, John, Solicitor, of Poulton, in the Term, 1846. Died May 9, 1852.
Fylde. Admitted on the Roll Aug. 16, 1838. *Stafford, William, Solicitor, of 13, Buck-
Died June, 1852.

ingham Street, Strand (firm Stafford, Gee, and Sanders, Samuel Harford, Solicitor, of Exe- Stafford), aged 55. Admitted on the Roll ter. Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1844. Michaelmas Term, 1817. Died Jan. 6, 1852.

*Stevenson, John, Solicitor, 3, King's Road, Sangster, Martin, Solicitor, of 31, St. Swith- Bedford Row (firm Pringle, Stevenson, and in’s Lane, City. Admitted on the Roll Mi- Skum). Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, chaelmas Term, 1827. Died 1853.

1836. Died Oct. 28, 1852. Sawyer, John, Solicitor, of Edmonton and *Stone, Joseph, Solicitor, of Dorchester, Enfield

, aged 79. Clerk to the Enfield Union, Town Clerk and Clerk of County Court, and Superintendent Registrar, Clerk to the Treasurer of Dorsetshire, and Steward of Petty Sessions, Assistant Clerk to the Com- Royal Manor of Portland (firm Stone and missioners of Taxes for the Hundred, Clerk to Symonds). Admitted on the Roll Hilary the Board of Inspectors for Lighting, and Term, 1818. Died Dec. 29, 1853. Deputy Steward of the Manor. Admitted on Sutcliffe, John Knapp, Solicitor (firm Sutthe Roll Michaelmas Term, 1828. Died May cliffe and Sumners), of 5, New Bridge Street, 26, 1852.

Blackfriars. Admitted on the Roli, Hilary Score, Charles Call, Solicitor, of 43, Carey Term, 1815. Died 1852.

Died Nov. 1853.


Legal Obituary. Sweetlove, David Tanner, Solicitor, of Maid- Wakeman, James, Solicitor, of Worcester. stone. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1820. 1811. Died Oct., 1852.

Died Jan., 1853. Teague, James Alexander, Solicitor, of 3, Wall, William, Solicitor, of Brentwood, Mayfield Terrace, Dalston. Admitted on the Clerk to the Subdivisional Meeting of LieuRoll Easter Term, 1833. Died Feb. 14, 1852. tenancy, and Joint Clerk to Commissioners of

Teale, Edward John, Solicitor, of Leeds, Assessed and Land Taxes. Admitted on the Registrar of Archdeaconry of Craven, and Roll Nov, 29, 1793. Died July, 1853. Clerk to West Riding Magistrates for the *Walton, William, Solicitor, of Girdlers' Wapentake of Skyrack (firm E. J. and T. G. Hall, 39, Basinghall Street, Clerk to the Teale). Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, Company. Admitted on the Roll Hilary 1824. Died 1853.

Term, 1819. Died March 1, 1852. *Thomas, William, Solicitor, of 16, Grove Ward, William, Solicitor, of Leeds, Solici. Place North, Brixton. Admitted on the Roll tor to the Leeds Banking Company (firm W. Michaelmas Term, 1817. Died Dec. I, 1852. and W. S. Ward). Admitted on the Roll

Thomas, Edmund, Solicitor, of Worcester, Trinity Term, 1810. Died Nov. 25, 1852. Clerk to Magistrates of Worcester Division *Warren, Augustus, Solicitor, of 57. Great (firm Thomas and Roberts). Admitted on Russell Street, Bloomsbury, one of the Council the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1844. Died July, of the Incorporated Law Society (firm Bray, 1852.

Warren, and Harding). Admitted on the Thompson, William, Solicitor, of Stamford Roll Michaelmas Term, 1812. Died Oct. 26, (firm Thompson, Son, and Co.) Admitted on 1853. the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1795. Died June Watkins, James Kyrke, Solicitor, of Bolton17, 1853.

le-Moors. Clerk to Subdivision Meetings of Thorney, John, Solicitor, of Hull, Coroner Lieutenancy and Commissioners of Land and for Hull, Superintendent Registrar of the Hull Assessed Taxes (firm Watkins and Son). District, and Solicitor to the Hull Glass Com- Adınitted on the Roll Hilary 'Term, 1821. Died pany, (firm J. and J. J. Thorney). Admitted April, 1853, on the Roll Easter Term, 1825. Died Sept. Watson, John, of 6, Park Place, Paddington 1853.

Green, Solicitor, aged 65. Admitted on the Tiffen, John, Solicitor, of Wigton (firm Roll Hilary Term, 1820. Died Aug. 16, 1854. Studholme and Tiffen. Admitted on the Roll Webster, John, Solicitor, of Lancaster. AdMichaelmas Term, 1840. Died Jan. 16, 1853. mitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1797. Died

Todd, Joshua, Solicitor, of Manchester. Feb. 15, 1852. . Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1833. Weddell, David William, Solicitor, of 22, Died 1853.

Brownlow Street, Holborn, aged 69. AdmitTowne, John. Edward, Solicitor, of Wrex- ted on the Roll Easter Term, 1809. Died ham, Agent to Manchester Fire and Pelican July 8, 1852. Life Insurance Office. Admitted on the Roll *West, Thomas, Solicitor, of 77, Lower Trinity Term, 1850. Died Dec. 3, 1853. Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square. Admit

Tribe, Edward, Solicitor, of 14, Barge Yard ted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1796. Died Chambers, Bucklersbury. Admitted on the Nov. 3, 1852. Roll Hilary Term, 1828. Died 1853.

Westwood, William, Solicitor, of 8, Gray's Turnbull, John, Solicitor, of 'Threepwood Inn Square (firm Chauntler and Westwood), House, Haydon Bridge, Northumberland. Ad- aged 34. Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, mitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1839. Died 1841. Died Nov. 28, 1852. June 11, 1854.

Weymouth, Isaac, Solicitor, of Kingsbridge. Turner, William, Solicitor, of 32, Red Lion Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1808. Square. Admitted on the Roll Michaelmas / Died June, 1852. Term, 1854. Died July 9, 1852.

Whitaker, Alfred, Solicitor, of Frome. AdTurton, Sir T. E. M., Bart., late Registrar mitted on the Roll Hilary Term, 1822. Died of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, aged 64. 1852. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 6, Wheeler, John Rogers, Solicitor, of Woking1818. Died April 13, 1854.

ham, Berkshire. Admitted on the Roll MiTwigg, Francis, Solicitor, of Burslem. Ad chaelmas Term, 1820. Died April, 1852, mitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1849. White, William, Solicitor, of Moreton HampDied Feb. 26, 1853.

stead. Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, Twist, John, Solicitor, of Coventry, Vestry 1837. Died 1853. Clerk of Trinity Church, Coventry, and Ste- Whiston, Henry Wilmott, Solicitor, of Derby ward of the Manor of Barkeswell (firm Wood (firm Whiston and Sons). Admitted on the cock, Twist, and Son). Admitted on the Roll Roll Hilary Term, 1844. Died May, 1853. Michaelmas Term, 1800. Died 1853.

Wilks, John, Solicitor, of 3, Finsbury Square. Turner, Robert Ridgway, Solicitor, of Man- He was the son of the late Rev. Matthew chester. Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, Wilks, of Whitfield's Tabernacle, Moorfields, 1835. Died Jan. 25, 1852.

and was admitted on the King's Bench Roll Viner, Robert, Solicitor, of Bath. Admitted in Hilary Term, 1800, and carried on business

the Roll Hilary Term, 1833. Died August, first at 41, Hoxton Sqgare, and afterwards at 1853.

18, Finsbury Place. He held the offices of

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