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Legal Obituary.--List of Local and Personal Acts.

509 vestry clerk and clerk to the trustees for light-Wright). Admitted on the Roll Easter Term, ing, watching, paving, &c., of St. Luke, Old 1843. Died 1853. Street, and retired from practice in the year 1828. Young, Thomas, sen., Solicitor, of 29, Mark For many years he was Secretary to the Pro- Lane (firm Young and Son). Admitted on the testant Society and to the Royal Institution for Roll Michaelmas Term, 1815. Died Nov. 9, the Education of the Poor. Died Aug. 25, 1854. 1852. “Although,” says the Morning Advertiser, "a Nonconformist by persuasion, Mr. Wilks was never very prominent in the public mea- LIST OF LOCAL AND PERSONAL sures with which his community was identified.

ACTS. He, nevertheless stood nobly forth in behalf of

17 & 18 VICT. the principles of civil and religious liberty in connexion

with the Society for the Protection of Religious Liberty, At a period when the friends

Concluded from p. 491.] of popular education were few and feeble, Mr. 153. An act to enable the Eastern Counties Wilks took a prominent part in the founda- Railway Company to enlarge and improve tion of the Cowper Street Schools, Finsbury, their Goods Station in the Parish of Saint for the instruction of a thousand children on Matthew Bethnal Green, in the County of the Lancasterian principle, which have since Middlesex. been known as the Royal British Institute,

154. An act to enable the granting Building Cowper Street Mr. Wilks was a descend- Leases of Parts of the Camden Town Cemetery ant of that excellent man and amiable poet, belonging to the Parish of Saint Martin in the Shenstone. In his earlier days he used to Fields not heretofore used for the Purpose of delight crowded audiences by his very elo- Interment, and for other purposes. quent harangues at the anniversaries of the 155. An act to enable the Caledonian RailSociety for the Protection of Civil and Re-way Company to make certain Branch Railligious Liberty, when the advocacy of free ways and other Works in the County of dom was by no means so popular as it now is, Lanark; and for other purposes. The deceased gentleman was three times re- 156. An act for altering the Lines authoturned as a Member of Parliament for Bos- rised by the Caledonian Railway (Lesmahagow ton, and in his seat in the House of Commons Branches) Act, 1851, and for otherwise amendhe was always found to advocate those great ing that Act. principles of ecclesiastical and civil freedom 157. An act to confer further Powers on the which he had advocated in social life.” Mr. Dukinfield Gas Company. Wilks was in his 80th year at the time of 158. An act for enabling the South Wales his death, having for several years survived Railway Company to acquire additional Land both his sons, John and Rowland, who were at Swansea, and for enlarging the Powers of members of the Profession. His remains were Lease or Sale to and Contribution by the interred, on September 1, in Kensal Green Great Western Railway Company, and for Cemetery.

authorising Arrangements between the South *Williams, William, Solicitor, of 31, Alfred Wales Railway Company and the Vale of Place, Bedford Square. Admitted on the Roll Neath Railway Company, and for other Hilary Term, 1822. Died June 30, 1852. purposes.

Willis, Charles, Solicitor, of Cranbrook, 159. An act for the Improvement of the Coroner for Kent (firm Willis and Neve). Borough of Bolton, and for other purposes, Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1811. and of which the Short Title is “Bolton ImDied April, 1853.

provement Act, 1854."
Wilson, Isaac, Solicitor, of Northallerton, 160. An act for making a Railway from the
Yorkshire, aged 30. Admitted on the Roli Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax Junction Rail-
Easter Term, 1844. Died June 22, 1854. way, near Leeds, to Wakefield all in the West

Woodroffe, Henry, Solicitor (formerly Henry Riding of the County of York, to be called
Chester), of 1, Church Row, Newington Butts, “The Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds Rail-
and Poyle, Surrey (firm Chester and Sons). way;" and for other purposes.
Admitted on the Roll Trinity Term, 1808. 161. An act for the Improvement and Re-
Died July 22, 1854.

gulation of the Town of Lowestoft, and the *Wratislaw, William Ferdinand, Solicitor, Parishes of Lowestoft and Kirkley, otherwise of Rugby (firm Wratislaw and Sons). Ad Kirtley, in the County of Suffolk, and for other mitted on the Roll Michaelmas Term, 1810. purposes. Died May, 1853. (See pedigree, ante, vol. 37. 162. An act to enable the Leeds, Bradford, pp. 185, 206).

and Halifax Junction Railway Company to Wright, William Harding, Solicitor, of 23, construct a Railway in extension of and to Essex Street, Strand (firm Wright and Kings- alter the Levels of Part of their Railway from ford). Admitted on the Roll Hilary Term, Gildersome Street to East Ardsley in the West 1831. Died Nov. 13, 1853.

Riding of the County of York; and for other Wright, Edward, Solicitor, of Richmond, purposes. Yorkshire, Clerk to Trustees of Borobridge 163. An act for the better paving, draining, and Piersebridge and Richmond to Lucy lighting, cleansing, and otherwise Improvin Cross, &c., Turnpike Roads (firm E. & T. the Parish of West Bromwich, in the County


List of Local and Personal Acts. of Stafford, and for constructing Cemeteries and Improvement of certain Lands in the there, and for making, maintaining, and regu- Wapentake of Ouse and Derwent in the East lating Markets and Market Places therein; Riding of the County of York, and for other and for other purposes.

purposes. 164. An act to confer additional Powers on 179. An act to reduce the Capital and dethe York, Newcastle, and Berwick Railway fine the Undertaking of the Shropshire Union Company for constructing Docks at Jarrow Railways and Canal Company, Slake, and a Branch Railway thereto; and to 180. An act for making a Railway from the enable the Dean and Chapter of Durham to Town of Wells to join the Norfolk Railway at appropriate a portion of the Money payable to Fakenham, to be called “The Wells and fathem for the Purchase of Lands for the same kenham Railway." to the Endowment of a Church; and for other 181. An act to enable the Local Board of purposes.

Health for the Township of Darlington to 165. An Act to repeal the Act for more ef-supply Gas and Water within their District, fectually repairing and maintaining the Turn- and to purchase the Works of the Darlington pike Road from Chapel-en-le-Frith to or near Gas and Water Company; to establish and reto Enterclough Bridge in the County of Derby, gulate Markets and Slaughter-houses, and a and other Roads therein-mentioned, in the Public Park to construct Sewage Works ; and County of Derby and in the County Palatine raise Money; and for other purposes. of Chester; and to make other Provisions in 182. An act for vesting the Ardrossan Raillieu thereof.

way in the Glasgow and South-western Railway 166. An act to re-incorporate the Patent Company, and for other purposes. Solid Sewage Manure Company, and to extend 183. An act for transferring to the Mayor, its Powers.

Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of 167. An act_for supplying with Gas the Blackburn all the Powers and Property now Townships of Farnworth and Kearsley in the vested in "The Blackburn Improvement ComCounty Palatine of Lancaster.

missioners," and certain Powers and Property

of 168. An act to enable the Bangor and Caer- by the Private Act of the 4th and 5th years narvon Railway Company to raise additional the reign of her present Majesty, chapter 46, Capital, and to authorise the Sale or Lease of vested in the Overseers of the Poor of the the said Company's Railway to the Chester Township of Blackburn, authorising the Corand Holyhead Railway Company.

poration to purchase the Property of the 169. An act for the Provision, Regulation, Blackburn Waterworks' Company, and conand Maintenance of County Industrial Schools ferring on them further Powers for the Im. in Middlesex.

provement and Regulation of the Borough; 170. An act for the Embankment, Reclama- and for other purposes. tion, and Drainage of Lands in the Bay of 184. An act for vesting in the Caledonian Bannow in the County of Wexford.

Railway Company certain Portions of the Un171. An act to amend the Acts relating to dertaking of the General Terminus and Glasthe Ambergate, Nottingham, and Boston and gow Harbour Railway Company. Eastern Junction Railway Company, and to 185. An act to enable the Newport Dock authorise the Reduction and Regulation of and Company to construct a new Dock and other certain arrangements as to the Capital of the Works ; and for other purposes. said Company; and for other purposes.

186. An act to enable the Portsmouth Rail. 172. An act for more effectually draining way Company to make certain alterations in certain Fen Lands and Wet Grounds called the Line and Levels of their Railway, and to “The Great West Fen," in the Parish of Hil- extend their said Line from Godalming to gay in the County of Norfolk.

Shalford; and for other purposes. 173. An act for more effectually repairing 187. An act to authorise the Great North of the Road from Stourbridge in the County of Scotland Railway Company to divert their Worcester to Bridgenorth in the County of Railway, and to make a short Branch to the Salop.

Victoria Docks at Aberdeen, to enter into Ar174. An act to enable the Shrewsbury and rangements with the Aberdeen Harbour ComHereford Railway Company to lease their Un- missioners and the Aberdeen Railway Comdertaking.

pany with respect to a Tramway to connect the 175. An act to enable the Dublin and Wick- Two Railways ; and for other purposes. low and the Dublin and Kingston Railway 188. An act for the more effectual Drainage Companies to alter certain existing Contracts and improvement of certain Lands in the therein mentioned ; and for other purposes.

Parish of Methwold in the County of Norfolk, 176. An act for making a railway from the and for other purposes. Town of Inverness to the Town of Nairn. 189. An act for making a Railway from

177. An act to consolidate the several Acts the South Devon Railway near Plymouth to relating to the Port and Harbour of London- Tavistock, with a Branch, to be called “The derry; for the Improvement of the Naviga- South Devon and Tavistock Railway," and for tion of the Lough and River of Louth Foyle ; other purposes. and to authorise the Construction of a uni- 190. An act for incorporating and regulating form Line of Quays, Docks, and other Works. a Company to be called “The Royal Conical

178. An act for the more effectual Drainage Flour Mill Company," and to enable the said

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List of Local and Personal Acts.

511 Company to purchase, work, and use certain 204. An act for determining the existing Letters Patent; and for other purposes.

Lease of the West London Railway to the 191. An act to enable the Newport and Pill- London and North Western Railway Comgwenlly Waterworks Company to increase and pany, and for enabling the last-mentioned extend their Supply of Water, and to construct Company and the West London Railway new Works; and for other purposes. Company to enter into fresh Arrangements for

192. An act for authorising Arrangements the Sale or Lease of the Undertaking of the with respect to the South Reserve at Birken. West London Railway Company to the London head, and for other purposes, and of which and North Western Railway Company, and for the Short Title is "The Birkenhead Dock the Settlement of all Disputes between the said Trustees Act, 1854.”

Companies; and for other purposes. 193. An act for making a Railway from 205. An act for making a Railway from the Rhymney to a Point of Junction with the Parish of Saint John the Evangelist in the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford Rail- City and Liberty of Westminster to Clapham way, near Bedllewyn, with a Branch up the in the County of Surrey, with a Branch from Bargoed Rumney Valley, to be called The such Railway to join the authorised Line of Rhymney Railway,” and for other purposes. the West End of London and Crystal Palace

194. An act to enable the North Stafford - Railway at Long Hedge Farm in the Parish of shire Railway Company to make a Railway Saint Mary Battersea in the County of Surrey. from Stoke-upon-Trent to Congleton, with 206. An act to extend the Po ers of the Branches therefrom.

Cork and Waterford Railway Company, and to 195. An act to repeal, alter, amend, and enable them to abandon Part of their Railway extend some of the Powers and Provisions of to Waterford, and the Branch to Tranmore; * The Tees Conservancy and Stockton Dock and for other purposes. Act, 1852," and for other purposes relating to 207. An act to alter the Lines and Levels the Conservancy of the Tees.

of the Stratford-upon-Avon and Stourbridge 196. An act for making a Turnpike Road Branches of the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolfrom Garth-Penbryn to Adwyddu in the verhampton Railway: to construct certain County of Merioneth, with a Bridge over the Branch Railways and Works connected thereEstuary of Traethbach in the said County. with;

to amend the Acts relating to the Ox197. An act to incorporate a Company for ford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway the purpose of lighting with Gas the Parishes Company; and for other purposes. of Tormoham and Saint Mary Church, in the 208. An act to authorise Agreements beCounty of Devon.

tween the Direct London and Portsmouth 198. An act for transferring to a Company Railway Company and the Portsmouth Railthe Powers vested in the Commissioners under way Company, and for winding up the Affairs "The North Shields Quay Act, 1851." of the Direct London and Portsmouth Railway

199. An act for making a Railway from the Company. Town and Royal Burgh of Selkirk to the 209. An act for enabling the Oxford, WorHawick Branch of the North British Railway, cester, and Wolverhampton Railway Company about a Mile Southwards from the Galashiels to construct a Branch Line of Railway to the Station of the said Branch; and for other Town of Chipping Norton in the County of purposes.

Oxford, and for regulating the Working and 200. An act for making a Railway from the Use of the same by such Company. London and North Western Railway, near Stock- 210. An act to enable the West End of port, to Disley and Whaley Bridge, all in the London and Crystal Palace Railway Company County of Chester; and for other purposes. to make a Railway from Norwood to Bromley

201. An act for authorising the Transfer to and Farnborough, and for other purposes. the London and North Western Railway Com- 211. An act to dissolve the York and North pany of the Haydon Square Branch of the Midland and Leeds Northern Railway Com. London and Blackwall Railway, and for other panies, and to vest their Undertakings in the purposes; and of which the Short Title is York, Newcastle, and Berwick Railway Com. * The London and North Western Railway pany, to be thenceforth called “The North Act, 1854."

Eastern Railway Company," and to alter the 202. An act for enabling the Great Western Constitution of that Company, and to authoRailway Company to make a Branch Railway rise working Arrangements with the Malton to connect the Berks and Hants Railway with and Driffield Junction Railway Company, and the Main Line of the Great Western Railway the Amalgamation of that Company with such near Reading; for extending the Time for United Company; and for other purposes. Completion of Parts of the Wilts, Somerset, 212. An act for making a Railway from the and Weymouth Railway, and for reviving the Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Carlisle Railway, at Powers for Purchase of Land for, and for or near Hexham in the County of Northumcompleting other Portions of that Railway ; berland, to or near the Belling in the Parish and for other purposes.

of Falstone in the same County, to be called 203. An act for limiting the Liability of the “The Border Counties' Railway (North Tyno Shareholders in the Electric Telegraph Com- Section);" and for other purposes. pany, and for granting additional Powers to 213. An act for relieving the Ratcliff Gassuch Company.

light and Coke Company, and their Servants


512 List of Local and Personal Acts.- Professional Lists.-Notes of the Week. and Agents, from certain Penalties and Penal far as regards the said Henry Harriss. Sept. Actions.

29. 214. An act to authorise Working Arrange- Keeling, Frederic Page, William Howard, ments between the Ambergate, Nottingham, and James Inglis, Colchester, Attorneys, Soand Boston, and Eastern Junction Railway licitors, and Conveyancers, so far as regards Company and the Great Northern Railway the said Frederic Page Keeling. Oct. 17. Company, or lease or sale to the last named Lawford, Edward, John Lawford, and Henry Company.

Smith Lawford, Drapers' Hall, Throgmorton 215. An act for making a Railway from the Street, Attorneys and Solicitors. Oct. 20. London and South Western Railway at Sa- Lovett, Philip William, and Thomas West, lisbury to Yeovil, and to form a Junction with Guildford, Solicitors. Oct. 3. the Railways at Yeovil of the Great Western Parker, Henry, Thomas James Rooke, Henry and Bristol and Exeter Railway Companies re- Parker, jun., and William Matthew Mills spectively; and for other purposes.

Whitehouse, 17, Bedford Row, Attorneys and 216. An act to repeal and amend the Act Solicitors, so far a regards the said William for incorporating the British Guarantee Asso- Matthew Mills Whitehouse. Sept. 29. ciation, and to make further provisions as to Philipps, Henry, Robert Voss, and Edward the Management and Regulation thereof. Augustus Marsden, 4, Sise Lane, City, Attor

217. An act to transfer the Paisley Water- neys and Solicitors, so far as regards the said works to the Magistrates and Council of Pais- Robert Voss. Oct. 10. ley, and to enable them to construct additional Wells, Robert, Joseph Coltman Smith, and Works for supplying Paisley, Johnstone, and Edward Dodd, jun., Kingston-upon-Hull

, AtPlaces adjacent, with Water.

torneys and Solicitors, so far as relates to the 218. An act for making a Railway from the said Édward Dodd, jun. Oct. 3. South Wales Railway at or near the Borough of Carmarthen to the Town of Newcastle COUNTRY COMMISSIONERS TO ADMINISTER Emlyn,

with a view of being hereafter extended to the Town and Harbour of Cardigan ; and Appointed under the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 78, with for other purposes.

dates when gazetted. 219. An act to repeal an “ Act for better regulating the Poor within the City of Oxford,”

Hulbert, Wm., East Ilsley, Berkshire. Oct. 20. and to grant further and more effectual Powers

Seagram, John, Warminster. Oct. 10. in lieu thereof; and also to provide for rating to the Relief of the Poor certain Hereditaments

NOTES OF THE WEEK, within the University of Oxford. 220. An act for authorising and confirming

LAW PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. Arrangements and Agreements between the The Queen has been pleased to appoint Eastern Counties Railway Company and all or James Hensley, Esq., Attorney-General, and any of the Norfolk, the Eastern Union, the William Swabey, Esq., Registrar of Deeds and East Anglian, and the Newmarket Railway Keeper of Plans for the Island of Prince Ed. Companies, and for other purposes, and of ward, to be Members of the Executive Council which the Short Title is “ The Eastern Coun- of that Island. ties, and the Norfolk, the Eastern Union, the William Wright Eaden, Esq., of Canterbury, East Anglian, and the Newmarket Railways has been appointed Deputy Coroner for Kent. Act, 1854."

.J. H. Smith, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, has 221. An act to alter and extend the North been appointed Registrar of the Irish Court of Metropolitan Railway, and to consolidate and Bankruptcy, in the room of Hercules M.Don. amend the provisions relating thereto.

nell, Esq. 222. An act to authorise the Consolidation Frederick Walter Grundy, Esq., has been apinto One Undertaking of the Great Western, pointed Clerk of the Bridport County Court. the Shrewsbury and Birmingham, and the Francis Smith, Esq., has been appointed AtShrewsbury and Chester Railways, and the torney-General of Van Diemen's Land. Union into One Company of the Three several Valentine Fleming, Esq., has been appointed Companies to whom the said Railway respec-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Van tively belong.

Diemen's Land, in the room of Sir John Lewis

Pedder, resigned.


Joseph Acton, Esq., for Wigan, in the room

of Ralph Anthony Thicknesse, Esq., deceased. From 26th Sept. to 20th October, 1854, both Adam Duncan Haldane, commonly called

inclusive, with dates when gazetted. Viscount Duncan, for the County of Forfar, in Brooke, Zachary, and William Henry Drage, the room of Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. LauderNew Bosweli Court, Lincoln's Inn, Solicitors dale Maule, deceased. and Attorneys. Oct. 3. Guy, John, Joseph James Reed, and Henry

NEW ELECTION AUDITOR. Harriss, 8, Cannon Row, Westminster, and Donald Mackenzie Dunlop, Esq., of the Inner Hampton Wick, Solicitors and Attorneys, so Temple, Barrister-at-Law, for the city of Bath.





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