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Superior Courts : V. C. Stuart.-V. C. Wood.- Queen's Bench.

505 The Vice-Chancellor granted the applica

The Vice-Chancellor said, that although the tion.

course might be very inconvenient, yet it could

not be held that what had taken place amount. Vice-Chancellar Stuart.

ed to a waiver by the defendants of their right

to demur within the time limited by the orders. Tucker v. Hernamann. March 8; April 21, If the motion had originated with them, it 1855.

might have been regarded as a step in the EXCEPTIONS TO CHIEF Clerk's CERTIFI- cause, but here they had in fact been brought CATE.-ABANDONED MOTION.COSTS.

into Court to defend themselves against an apCertain creditors in an administration suit plication by the defendant, and their having

gave notices of motion to vary the chief filed affidavits for such purpose, could not be
clerk's certificate, but afterwards aban- considered as a waiver of their rights.
doned the same : Held, that the plaintiff
was entitled to tax his costs, and was not
limited to the 40s. under the Order of 5th

Court af Queen's Bench.
August, 1818, there being affidavits filed in Regina v. Pratt. April 21, 1855.

INDICTMENT UNDER GAME ACT.-TRESPASS It appeared that certain creditors had given notices of motion to vary the chief clerk's certificate in this administration suit, but that

An indictment under the 1 & 2 Wm. 4, c. 32, they had afterwards abandoned the same, and

$. 30, charged the appellant with committendered the plaintiff 40s. each for costs, under

ting a trespass by being in the day time an the order of August 5, 1818, which provides,

certain land, the property of B., in search that “if a party gives notice of motion and

of game. It appeared he was out in the does not move accordingly, he shall

, when no

highway, which was between B.'s property, affidavit is filed, pay to the other side 40s.

with a gun, and that his dog had run into

B.'s close, and started a pheasant, which costs, upon production of the notice of motion; but where an affidavit is filed by either party, the

the appellant shot at : Held, that the eviparty giving such notice of motion and pot mov

dence supported the conviction, which was ing, shall pay to the other side costs, to be taxed

affirmed. by the Master, unless the Court itself shall

On the trial of this indictment, charging the direct, upon the production of the notice of appellant with committing a trespass, by being motion, what sum shall be paid for costs.”

in the day time on certain land, the property of Bacon and Schomberg for the plaintiff, con George Bowyer, in search of game, it appeared 'tended, that he was entitled to taxed costs, as that he carried a gun and was walking along affidavits had been filed in support, and the the public highway with his dog, when the dog application was in the nature of exceptions. ran off the road into Mr. Bowyer's land, and Cairns for the creditors, contrà.

started a pheasant, which the appellant had Cur, ad. vult.

fired at in crossing the road. The Vice-Chancellor, after consulting the acted, that “if any person whatsoever shall

By the 1 & 2 Wm. 4, c. 32, s. 30, it is enother Judges said, that the plaintiff was en- commit any trespass by entering or being, in titled to his taxed costs of the several motions. the day time, upon any land in search or pur

suit of game," &c., " such person shall, on Vice-Chancellor uwood,

conviction thereof before a justice of the peace,

forfeit and pay such sum of money not exceedSheppard v. Oxenford. April 24, 1855.

ing 21., as to the justice shall seem meet, toDEMURRER TO BILL FOR WANT OF EQUITY, gether with the costs of the conviction.”

AFTER MOTION FOR INJUNCTION AND AF- Carrington and Lawrence in support of the FIDAVITS FILED.

conviction ; Dowdeswell for the appellant. On a motion for an injunction, the defendants The Court, after referring to the above secfiled affidavits in opposition : Held, that tion said, that the evidence was sufficient to they had not thereby waived their right to support the charge, as he was bodily on the demur to the bill for want of equitysuch | land of Mr. Bowyer by being on the highproceeding not being a step in the cause on way, which clearly was his soil and freehold, their part.

notwithstanding the right of the public over it, This was a demurrer to this bill for want of he being the owner of the adjoining lands on equity, and which it appeared had been filed both sides, and the conviction was accordingly after a motion for an injunction had been affirmed. granted.

Rolt and Baggallay, for the plaintiff, took a Regina v. Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway preliminary objection on the ground that the defendants, by filing affidavits on the hearing

Company. April 23, 1855. of the motion against the injunction, had sub- TAXATION mitted to the equity of the bill, and waived their right to demur. Daniel and Toller, contrà.

Where, on the taxation before the clerk of the


of the peace.






Superior Courts: Queen's Bench.—Common Pleas. peace of the costs of an appeal to the Ses- of Lord Mansfield, in Rex v. Wilkes, 4 Burr. sions against a rate by a railway com- 2,551.' pany, they had attended by their managing The Court said, that it was quite irrespectire clerk: Held, that they could not take an of the merits of the case whether the place was objection, on the ground of the reference beyond or within the jurisdiction, and the for taxation to the clerk of the peace being parties had the opportunity on the trial of improper.

taking the technical objection, but had not This was a motion for a rule nisi to quash done so. The jury had found the defendants the order made by the Herefordshire Sessions, guilty of the offence, and it would be highly allowing the costs of an appeal against a rate prejudicial to the interests of justice to grant by the above railway company. It appeared

the present application. But irrespective of that the costs were taxed by the clerk of the the merits of this particular case, this Court peace, and that the company's managing clerk the Attorney-General, where he had to exer

had no jurisdiction to review the decision of had attended the taxation.

Scotland in support, on the ground that the cise, and had exercised, his discretion in a taxation was improperly celegated to the clerk judicial or quasi judicial office. If the At

torney-General had altogether refused to hear The Court said, that the company, by at the application, this Court would grant a mantending the taxation, were prevented from

damus to compel such hearing, and if he had taking the objection, whether it was good or

misconducted himself he was liable to be pronot, and the rule would therefore be refused.

ceeded against in the proper quarter. As to the dictum cited, Lord Mansfield had himself

said Sir James Burrows' reports were not alRegina v. Newton and others. April 23, 1855. ways accurate, and it was very doubtful whe

ther it bad been uttered by Lord Mansfield.

MISDE- The rule would therefore be refused.

Court of Commou Pleas.
Held, that this Court will not interfere with
the decision of the Attorney-General on an

Bennett v. Oriental and Peninsular Steam Naapplication for his fiat for a writ of error

vigation Company. April 21, 1855. on an indictment for a misdemeanor, where BILL OF EXCEPTIONS.-NON-SIGNATURE OF

it appears he has exercised his discretion. Where the Attorney-General refuses to hear

Where a bill of exceptions was not signed in the application altogether, a mandamus will consequence of the Judge being unable lo be granted to compel such hearing.

attend and settle it as intended, and ke A technical objection to an indictment, on the

afterwards was unable through ill health to ground that the offence charged to be with

undertake the matter : Held, that the ar. in the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal

rangement having failed through the fault Court, was not within such jurisdiction,

of none of the parties, a rule would be made overruled, where it had not been taken at

absolute for a new trial. the trial.

It appeared in this action that it had been Semble, the dictum of Lord Mansfield in Rex arranged for the defendants to be at liberty to v. Wilkes, 4 Burr. 2551, that in a mis

tender bill of exceptions after a motion for demeanor, if there be probable cause, it a new trial on the ground of misdirection had ought not to be denied this Court would been disposed of, and that upon the rule oborder the Attorney-General to grant his tained accordingly being discharged a bill of fiat,is incorrectly reported.

exceptions as settled by counsel was sent to

Lord Truro, who presided at the trial, to seal, This was a motion for a rule nisi on the but that not approving of the form of the erAttorney-General to grant his fiat for a writ of ceptions, his lordship had stated his intention error on this indictment at the Central Crimi- to settle them. The matter had not been atnal Court charging the defendants with wound- tended to in consequence of his lordship's ing with intent, &c., and on which they were numerous engagements, and it appeared his found guilty of unlawfully wounding. The state of health now prevented his being application to the Attorney-General for his fiat troubled with the matter. had been made on the ground that the indict- Petersdorff now moved for a new trial; ment charged the offence to have been com- Prentice showed cause in the first instance.' mitted in the parish of Lambeth within the The Court said, that as the arrangement had jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, failed without fault on either side, it must be whereas it was in the parish of Croydon and treated as inoperative, and the rule voald beyond the jurisdiction of the Court. The therefore be made absolate for a new trial. Attorney-General refused to grant his fiat, inasmuch as the error assigned alleged a fact in

In a misdemeanor, if there be probable contradiction of the record.

cause, it ought not to be denied; this Court H.J. Hodgson, in support, urged that the writ would order the Attorney-General to grant his of error was ex debito justitie, citing the dictum fiat.”






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ration of (M.K.)

, Peacock (ž. R.) :

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PAGE in re, gent, one, &c. (Q. B.).. 347 Evans v. Robinson (Exch.).

284 Acaster v. Anderson (M.K.) .. 263 Ewart v. Williams (V. C. K.)

150 Alcenius v. Nigren (C.P.)

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(c. P.) 97
v. Woollard (L.J.)

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97 )

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v. Womersley (Q. B.)

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Hancock vernors of (V.C. W.)

226 (V. c. W.)

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328 Bruton, exparte Perpetual Curate of (ü.C.K.) 225 Hislop v. Wickham (V.C.K.

465 Buckley v. Cook (V.C. W)

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re (V.C.S.)
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Hope (L. C.).

19 and Lougbor Railway Company, in re, Houlding v. Cross (V. C.K.)

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Paramore (L.J.);

v.c.S.) 245, 503 Chelsea Waterworks' Company, in re (Excb.) 247 Hutchinson v. Marker (Q.B.)

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(Q. B. P. C.)

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Company Drayson v. Andrews (Exch.)

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in Ar Edwards v. Hodges (C. P.)

bitration between (V.C.W.)

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.. 407

.. 224 .. 114

Calendar to feesdale (v.c.K.)




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PAGE Ludlam, in re (L. C.) 586 Reay's estate, in re (V.C.K.)

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386 Mackenzie v. Sligo and Shannon Railway Ripley v. Tiplady (M, R.)

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. 504 Mathison v. Clark (V.C. K.) 37 Rye's Trust, in re (V.C.K.)..

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S88 Meadows, exparte (Q. B.) ::

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484 (V.C. W.)

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Zygomale (Q. B.)

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and another (L.J.)

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465 Parkinson v. Chambers (V.C. W.)

135 Stanley and others v. Wrigley and others Pearce v. Blagrave (C. P.)


S05 Pearse, in re, exparte Littledale (Court of Ch.) 365 Steel v. Haddock (Esch.)

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466 (Court of Ch.) 133 Stiles ř. Shipton (V.C.K.)

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283 Picton's Estate, in re, and the South Wales Suitors' Fund, in re (L. C.)

245 Railway Company (V.C.W.)

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505 5. Bristol, Recorder of, (Q. B.) 96 | Turner v. Letts (M. R.)

426 v. De la Beche (Q. B.)

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307 P. Hicks (Q. B.)

265 Ward, Lord, exparte; Croft v. Lumley v. Leapingwell (Q. B.)

(Q. B.)
v. Luck and others (Cr. Ca. Res.) .. 285 Watson, in re (L. J.)

v. Newton and others (Q.B.) .. 505 Watson v. Humphrey and another (Exch.)
v. Pratt (Q. B.)

.. 505 Wells v. Wells (L. C.)
V. Saunders and others (Q. B.) 245 Weston, in re (Insolv.)
v. Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway Wigg and another, in re (Bank.)

588 Company (Q. B.) 505 Wilkins v. Smith (Q. B.)

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60 Wood v. Grazebrook (V.C. wij v. South Wales Railway Company,

v. Scaith (V. C. W.)

S67 (Q. B.)

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pány (V. C.W.)

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78 Yeates v. Roberts (V. C. K.) Read v. Prest (V.C. W.)

135 Zuccani v. Baxendale and others (c. P. 40


285 484


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1801 ..

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exparte, % Dowl. P. C. 110

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.. 357 .. 442 .. 53

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182, 335

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