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AY an influence for good reach every dweller

in this house, and go forth from it, through us, to all whose lives our lives touch. Thou dost make men to be of one mind in a house. Let it be in this house to-day; may we live together in peace, as a Christian household. Make us ready to help one another, and teach us to be merciful to one another's faults. Keep us from provoking one another in word or deed, and make us willing to forgive. Amen.

THOU who art able to do exceeding abun

dantly above all that we ask or think, send us forth this morning with a clean spirit and a joyful courage, and with strength sufficient for our needs. Let not the needful study and business of this life steal away our hearts from Thee. Sanctify both our thought and our work, that we begin an action only with pure intent, and continue it only with thy blessing. Help us to see a little into the heart of trouble, and to do something to uplift those who are discouraged or unhappy, or forgotten of their fellow-men. To us Thou hast given this day in trust; may we return it to Thee in service. To do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with Thee, our God, or to go, this day, one step nearer thereto—this is our pur

pose. Amen.


RACIOUS God, remember us, we beseech Thee,

in our work this day. If it be thy will, give unto us a prosperous day. May all our work be well done. May we turn nothing out half done. May we glorify Thee by honest good work; for the sake of Him who completed his work for us, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

N this hour of this day, fill us, O Lord, with thy

mercy, that rejoicing throughout the whole day, we may take delight in thy praise; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.*


EAR Lord, we do here vow and promise to do

our utmost endeavor that what Thou willest we also shall will. Come sickness, come health; come pleasure, come pain; bitter, or sweet; cold, or dry; whatever Thou willest, that shall we also will; and desire altogether to come out from our own will, and to yield a whole and willing obedience, and not to desire aught else, either in will or thought, only to let thy will be accomplished in us, that thy kingdom come, which same kingdom of heaven cometh, not even when thy will is our law, but when thy will is


our will.


UR constant appeal to Thee, our King, so works

upon our personality as to make it possible for Thee to control our destinies to our fullest benefit, giving to our life of prayer that security which fellowship with Thee imparts. Thy unlooked for succour rushes in to support us in moments of trial, handling our affairs according to thy large purpose, managing * From "A Chain of Prayer." By permission.

our concerns to our advantage. Make us skilled to hear the music of thy counsels. Thou rememberest what we have placed in thy hands—let us forget to be anxious. May we give service that is love translated into action, occupied in thy work without division of interests. Let us begin this day with a cheerful outlook, enter heaven and sojourn there in order to understand the meaning of life and do the work that lies before us in the world. Amen.


"HOU Eternal not ourselves that maketh for

righteousness, so give us to breathe the atmosphere of thy influence that we show in our living that a little integrity is better than any career; nor forget that no performance is worth loss of geniality; and assume always toward our neighbor that attitude that expects nobleness.

Keep our faces to the cheer and the certainties of our rich opportunities. Check our barking at the negatives, and nerve us with incessant affirmatives. And let our good hours cease to be occasional. We ask in thy Spirit. Amen.




"HOU art not weary of our prayers—let us not

weary praying. Let us talk with Thee and listen to thy answers to our speech, as friend talks with friend, in intimate discussion and closest confidence. Oh, our Great Companion, enter the very heart of our life with the sense of thy nearness and loving friendship, that no intimacy of earth may seem nearer, nor any lack Thee in the closest ties of family. Though we are so unworthy, Thou hast delivered ourselves to our own care, as if to say: "I had no fitter to trust than you.” May we accept such trust, in wonder of affection toward Thee who wilt give grace to us that we may honor thy belief in our best selves. Give us to live greatly, with free spirit and deep joy because we are beyond any doubt the children of God, and the loved companions of Jesus Christ. Amen.

AY the blessing of God be with us all, that what

soever we do, in word or in deed, we do all in the spirit of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father. Amen.

MAY the great Head of the Church so enrich us


that at the last we shall hear Him saying unto us :-Well done, good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

Amen. GOD, Inspirer and Teacher of men, who art

the truth Thou lovest; send out thy light and illumine us.

Give us a deep and clear knowledge of ourselves; help us to a growing knowledge of our world; confirm in us the holiness of true reason; strengthen in us the aspiration towards noble and spacious thinking, ... through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

MASTER-BUILDER, in this great city of


ask Thee to use us, who come before Thee, this day. We see many evil places that should be torn down and rebuilt for safe living; waste places that should be made fruitful; and opportunities for new building of character. We are appalled at our own littleness, until we turn our eyes to thy greatness. Give us, we beseech Thee, strength and wisdom for the planning now before us; may we have large comprehension, and keen insight, and courage from thy companionship in work. Teach us to know what we should do and how it should be done. Give us, we pray, more workers to share our burdens, more givers of thy riches in trust. Use us, that we may be in thy great plannor left alone to our own small doing; use us, that we may grow in grace and in the knowledge of Thee, whom to know is life eternal. Amen.

'IVE to us, every one, the "preparedness of the

Gospel of peace," that lifting power that makes the most of adversity, that invincible love that voluntarily overspreads and saturates the necessary, that surplus tenderness and unwearied willingness to overpass all boundaries so that the sting of compulsion is gone. May we have that supernally divine sense that never discovers limits to love in all our wide horizons, so exhaustless in its willingness to serve with unstinted, superabundant heartiness that work and duty are glorified privilege, all blessings large with thy favor, all trials meaningful with purpose. May the surprises of kindliness carry us beyond obligation to the second mile of unmeasured love and service, not only to those we love but to all the peoples of the earth. Amen.

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