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OOD Lord, deliver us from envy, hatred and

malice, from all uncharitableness, from needless perplexity, from untimely projects, from the devil's power and craft, from the deceitfulness of riches, from all sin and from eternal death.

Good Lord, deliver us from coldness to thy merits and death, from the loss of our joy in Thee, from error and misunderstanding, from hypocrisy and fanaticism, from pride, vanity, and hardness of heart, from unhallowed ambition, and from the influence of the spirit of this world. Amen.

ORD, we give ourselves to Thee—we trust Thee

loving to us than we can be to ourselves. Deign to fulfill thy high purposes in us, whatever they may be —work in, and through us.

We ask not to see. We ask not to know. . We ask simply to be used. Amen.

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HY kingdom come, our Father, who art in

we are thine. All that we have failed to be, as part of thy kingdom of love and eternal life, do Thou, we entreat Thee, blot out from thy remembrance, that we may turn with new hope to that which Thou canst make of us, as women working together in thy service, striving to win our sisters into the safety and joy of thy kingdom, in a fellowship of love wide as thy world. Amen.

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GOD: light of the hearts that see Thee; life of

the souls that love Thee; strength of the thoughts that seek Thee; from whom to turn away is to fall; to whom to turn to is to rise; in whom to abide is to stand fast forever; vouchsafe to us the knowledge of thy presence, as we gather here to turn to Thee, to set our purposes and our faces for another week toward that light and life and strength. Grant unto us, we beseech Thee, that we may desire earnestly, search wisely, perceive truly, and fulfill perfectly, those things that are pleasing in thy sight. Amen.


UR loving Father, who considerest even the spar

row's fall, be with those we love, from whom we are parted. May we never doubt that they are safe in thy care, for we know whom we have believed, and are persuaded that Thou art able to keep those we have committed unto Thee. May we remember that with confidence they and we may go "with God over the sea,” but “without Him, not over the threshold." This we ask in the name of Him who taught us that God is Love, and watches between them and us when we are absent, one from another.


E worship Thee, O God: in thy Church

throughout the world, in the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth in every holy impulse and every holy life, in every victory over evil within and without, in every outgoing of love, service, and devotion, in every vision of thy purpose and thy kingdom on earth. Amen.


GOD, the Sovereign Good of the soul, who

requirest the hearts of all thy children, deliver us from all sloth in thy work, all coldness in thy cause; and grant us by looking unto Thee to rekindle our love, and by waiting upon Thee to renew our strength; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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have mercy

GOD, whose nature and property it is ever to

and to forgive, receive our humble confessions :—for our fretful sufferance of wrong;... for our intolerance, injustice and uncharitableness; for our readiness to blame and our want of thoughtfulness, patience, kindness, and sympathy in our social relations; for all the goodness of life which we have received thanklessly; for the strength which we have wasted; for the gifts we have not cultivated; for the opportunities which we have neglected; . . . for our selfish comfort amid the wrongs, oppressions and sorrows of life; for our undue and exclusive regard to our own interests; for our lack of brotherhood and neglect of the service of humanity,—have mercy upon us, O Lord. Amen.


THE Lord's name be praised for the work we are

to learn; for whatever of good there has been in our past lives, and for all the hopes and aspirations which

lead us on toward better things; for the order and constancy of nature; for the beauty and bounty of the world; . . . for all the comforts and gladness of life; for our homes and all our home blessings; for our friends and all the pleasures of social intercourse; for the desire and power to help others; for every opportunity of serving our generation according to thy will, and manifesting the grace of Christ to men; for all the discipline of life; for the tasks and trials by which we are trained to patience, self-knowledge and self-conquest, and brought into closer sympathy with our suffering brethren; and for troubles that have lifted us nearer Thee and drawn us into deeper fellowship with Jesus Christ. Amen.

GOD, the Strength of the weak, the Refuge of

the sorrowful, we pray Thee to have compassion on those who are worn with toil; to defend and cherish all little children; to bless and support all aged persons; to protect all who travel by land or sea; to comfort those who are suffering in body or mind; to extend thy mercy to the oppressed, and especially to those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake; to deliver the tempted and bring back all who have wandered from thy way. Amen.


LORD, our Saviour, who hast warned us that

Thou wilt require much of those to whom much is given; grant that we whose lot is cast in so goodly a heritage may strive together the more abundantly by prayer, by almsgiving, by fasting, and by every other appointed means, to extend to others what we so richly enjoy; and as we have entered into the labors of other men, so to labor that in their turn other men may enter into ours, to the fulfilment of thy holy will;

.. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.*


GOD, the Father of the forsaken, the help of

the weak, the supplier of the needy, who hast diffused and proportioned thy gifts to body and soul, in such sort that all may acknowledge and perform the joyous duty of mutual service; who teachest us that love towards the race of men is the bond of perfectness, and the imitation of thy blessed self; open our eyes and touch our hearts, that we may see and do, both for this world and for that which is to come, the things which belong to our peace. Strengthen us in the work we have undertaken; give us counsel and wisdom, perseverance, faith and zeal, and in thine own good time, and according to thy pleasure, prosper the issue. Pour into us a spirit of humility; let nothing be done but in devout obedience to thy will, and thankfulness for thine unspeakable mercies. ... Amen.*


E pray Thee for that which we most deeply

want, we open to Thee the realities of our heart and seek the blessing most sincerely desired to know the will of God and to do it. Make us openminded to good, free from the curse of conceit; may * From "A Chain of Prayer." By permission.

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