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we stop and let Thee speak to us, asking for the grace of Jesus Christ. May we keep the soil of life soft, its sympathy tender. Keep our souls in training, O great Physician, ready for the strain and effort of life; not the slave of circumstance; bearing with incompleteness, working not for temporary results but for permanent achievement. May there be more considerateness in our daily life, a natural and spontaneous self-forgetfulness, a free and generous offering of uncalled-for kindness. May we keep room for God, and give to others the message given to us by Thee.


RANT, O Lord, that all whom Thou dost choose

to work for Thee may this day labor in union with thy holy purposes and in living unity with thy dear Son Jesus Christ, that by the power of thy Holy Spirit they may accomplish far more than they ever know, and work not for results, but for the single love of Thee. Amen.*

humbly beseech Thee, O Lord, give us knowl

edge of ourselves, our powers and weaknesses. Teach us by thy Word, by the judgment of others, by examination of ourselves: give us earnest desire to strengthen ourselves continually by study, by diligence, by prayer and meditation; and save us from all delusions and prejudices, individual or corporate. Chiefly, O Lord, we pray Thee, give us knowledge of Thee, * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

to see Thee in all thy works, always to feel thy presence near and to hear thy call. Uplift our hearts in new love, energy, and devotion, that we may be unburdened from the grief and shame of past faithlessness and go forth in thy strength to persevere through success and failure, through good report and evil report ever to the end. Amen.

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OUR Father! Thou knowest us, thy children,

better than we know ourselves. Thou knowest our essential weaknesses and our potential strengths. Give, we pray Thee, thy Fatherly correction to what is wrong in us and in our work; and nerve us with thy indwelling Spirit to make ourselves and our endeavors worthy of Thee, by whose Name we are called. Enlarge our horizons that we may see beyond the present plans into futures glowing with beauty and beneficence. May we ever press forward-our hands clinging to thy leading hand, our ears listening to thy voice, hour by hour, day after day, and our eyes looking upward into thy face, that we may reflect the glory of thy presence with us. Amen.


GOD, day by day lead us deeper into the mys

tery of life, and make us interpreters of life to our fellows.

O blessed Jesus, who didst bid all those who carry heavy burdens to come unto Thee; refresh us with thy presence and thy power. Quiet our understandings and give ease to our hearts by bringing us close to things infinite and eternal. Open to us the mind of God, that in his light we may see light. And crown thy choice of us to be thy ministers by making us springs of strength and joy for those whom Thou hast sent us to serve.



GOD of unchangeable power and eternal light,

look favorably upon thy whole Church: . . . let the whole world feel and see that things which were cast down are being raised up, that those which had grown old are being made new, and that all things are returning to perfection; through Him from whom they took their origin, even Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.*

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UR Father, may we step out of self-life into

Christ-life. Lay thy healing hands upon our souls, and draw all the hurry and fever from our veins. May we realize that we are not mighty, or important, but only little children with a Father's gentle bidding to heed and fulfil. Let us lay our busy plans and ambitions confidently in thy hands. May we serve Thee by waiting, cease to hurry so that we lose sight of thy face; learn to follow Thee and not run ahead of orders; cease to live in self and for self, and live in Thee for Thee; love thy honor more than our own; and be a clear medium for thy life-tide to shine and glow through. We make this our consecration, and in it we rest.

Amen. * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

ELIVER and cleanse us, Saviour divine, from

Dell Strike and jealousy," frosa conteniment with

the lesser where Thou offerest the greater good, from self-seeking and grudging effort, from stubborn greed and bitter wrangling, from fear lest Thou fail us, from eyes blinded to thy goodness, or ears that hear not the cry of the needy. Amen.

Deliver and cleanse us, Saviour divine, from all arrogance and vanity of life, from trifling self-complacency, and limp indifference, from empty words and hearts grown dull, from restless haste and fretful questioning, from sloth in thought and sloth in prayer, from doubt and hatred and disdain of people, from overt act and hidden shame. Amen.

Deliver and cleanse us, Saviour divine, from love of darkness rather than light; from shirking where Thou callest to advance, from stinging words instead of gentleness, from unholy ambitions and false standards of truth, from heedlessness and heartlessness, and from all deafness to thy Spirit's call. Amen.

That Thou hast not left a few of thy servants to struggle with a task too great for them, but hast called together from many places and divers interests those who in unity of spirit and burning faith shall guide and direct the work of thy kingdom, shall lead and inspire the ranks of thy followers, shall ever pass onward to larger endeavor, we bless and magnify thy name, Father eternal. Amen.

For all who are among the cities' thronging multitudes, who dwell in comfort and know no ceaseless struggle for their daily bread, for those who bear the burden of the world's long days, for all borne down with bitter grief or anguished sorrow, for all who find thy radiant joy along the way, for all who serve the aged or the sick, for all who guide the footsteps of thy little ones, we intercede before thy throne, Spirit of Love. Amen.

For all who press along the paths of truth, who seek for wisdom and would know thy laws, who dare to probe the mystery of the universe, yet challenge every phase of truth or call it false, who long for freedom and the better way, yet strive half-hearted or with flagging will, for those who question and for those who find, we intercede before thy throne, Spirit of Love. Amen.

For all who toil before the dawn and tarry working till the night is spent, for all deprived the right of play, who break beneath the load they cannot bear, for all who come from distant nations to our gates and grope in baffled weariness before our curious speech and stranger ways, for all unfriendly and in peril's path, we intercede before thy throne, Spirit of Love.

Amen. For all who dwell apart and long for comradeship, for all who face the sharp temptations of their loneliness, for all discouraged by the common round of

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