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petty drudgery, for all who glory in the power to share thy gifts of joy, of knowledge and of growing life, we pray to Thee. Amen.

THOU Eternal, in whose appointment our life

standeth, Thou hast committed our work to us, and we would commit our cares to Thee. May we feel that we are not our own, and that Thou wilt heed our wants, while we are intent upon thy will. May we never dwell carelessly or say in our hearts: “I am here, and there is none over me,” nor anxiously, as though our path were hid; but with a mind simply fixed upon our trust, and choosing nothing but the dispositions of thy Providence. More and more fill us with that pity for others' troubles, which comes from forgetfulness of our own and the glad hope of children of eternity. And unto Thee, the Beginning and the End, Lord of the living, refuge of the dying, be thanks and praise forever. Amen.*

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"IVE us this day a collected mind and a tender

conscience, we who are called Christians, associated for thy service on many lines of work. We pray Thee to preserve us from mistakes in judgment; and wilt Thou also preserve us from letting slip the lessons we learn; and from unguarded words. O Lord, make us to care more for the souls of others, for their spiritual lives. We are thy stewards of all that Thou hast given us; make us faithful stewards, that we may * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

not misuse thy gifts, nor waste time, nor our master's goods, nor forget Thee. We are bound to serve Thee; help us to serve Thee truly, and cause thy service to be a delight to us. Give us more earnest and steadfast desire to bring others to Thee; no half-service, but our best. Increase our faith; and thus may our hearts be untroubled and not afraid, as we undertake for Thee, O our God. Amen.

"RANT to us, our Father, to go down into the

cheery word for every cross one, and may we be thy missionaries lending a helping hand. May we not be uneasy, discouraged or out of humor because practice falls short of precept in some particulars. May we see that thorns have roses, and work our best, subject to ultimate judgment,-God's, not man's. May we remember that the Church of our God stands for thy rule in however few, and through thy way of the patient endurance of love, however long. Amen.

us blameless, O Lord, our goings out and comings in this day. Fill us with the simplicity of a divine purpose, that we may be inwardly at one with thy holy will, and lifted above vain wishes of our own. Set free from every detaining desire or reluctance, may we heartily surrender all our powers to the work which Thou hast given us to do; rejoicing in any toil, and fainting under no hardness that may befall us as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. . . . Amen.* * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

W obrintives in every relation,

E bring to Thee, O God, as is most justly due: our lives in

.. in forbearance and forgiveness, in the bearing of one another's burdens, in mutual loyalty, in the unity of the Spirit, in love of one another even as Christ hath loved us; in assurance of being accepted in common cause against the powers of evil, in readiness to bear the Cross, in a solemn devotion and an abounding joy in Christ our Lord. Amen.


GREAT Lord of all the earth, Thou hast taught

us to know that "in this world it is not what we take up but what we give up that makes us rich ;” that when we lose all for Thee then are we filled; that when we are weak then are we strong. As Christians, we see ourselves “put into the world to do the impossible," for with Thee all things are possible; with Thee is the power, and the choice and the final outcome, according to thy Spirit. Amen.


MY dear Master, give me a deeper love for the

minds of those I teach. Keep me from forcing my opinions on them. Let me reverence them, and so teach them to reverence themselves. Deepen and quicken in us the sense of thy presence. Make us to know and feel that Thou art more ready to teach than we to learn.

Grant us dignity in our own eyes, by taking us into thy service. Humble us by laying bare before our eyes our littleness and our sin, and then exalt us by revealing thyself to us as our Counsellor, our Father, and our Friend: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Send out thy light and thy truth, O God, and lead us through the mists of ignorance, vanity, and fear, into the clear shining of the perfect day of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


E are far, our Father, from the homes in

which we were born, and many miles lie between us and dear familiar places. But Thou, Lord, art the Eternal Home of our spirits, and homesickness is, for us, impossible. Many whom we love are far distant from us, and our hearts reach out to them. But in the shelter of Thine everlasting arms they are safe, and we are at peace. For with Thee is no near or far. And they, and we, are Thine.

H Thou who art no respecter of persons, grant

procrastination, love our neighbor; to lavish it upon the poor where it is very easy, especially upon the rich who often need it most, most of all upon our equals where it is very difficult and for whom perhaps we each do least of all. May we also think thy thoughts after Thee and learn of Thee the democracy of the kingdom of God. Amen.


FATHER of love, look down upon the woman

hood of this suffering world: upon those left in disrupted homes who are facing, with leaden hearts the burden of sustaining families deprived of their men; upon young girls forced into men's work and missing the hope of marriage, the lonely laboring girls before whom stretch long monotonous years, and give to us who are associated in thy name, the joy of bringing beauty for ashes. Make us better than our best, for thy service, in thy spirit. Amen.

W Fana ploomeny whesstech... 7 E implore thy blessing, O God, on all the men

who teach ... the youth of our nation. . . . Grant them an abiding consciousness that they are co-workers with Thee, Thou great teacher of humanity, and that Thou hast charged them with the holy duty of bringing forth from the budding life of the young the mysterious stores of character and ability which Thou hast hidden in them. ... Gird them for their task with thy patience and tranquillity, with a great fatherly and motherly love for the young, and with special tenderness for the backward and afflicted. ... We bless Thee for the free and noble spirit that is breathing with quickening power upon the educational life of our day, and for the men and women of large mind and loving heart who have made that spirit our common possession by their teaching and example. But grant that a higher obedience and selfrestraint may grow in the new atmosphere of freedom. May the strength and beauty of Christ-like ser

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