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vice . . . be plainly wrought ... that our children may not want for strong models of devout womanhood on whom their characters can be molded. Do Thou reward thy servants with a glad sense of their eternal worth as teachers of the race, and in the heat of the day do Thou show them the spring by the wayside that flows from the eternal silence of God and gives new light to the eyes of all who drink it. Amen.


O guide all those to whom Thou hast entrusted it, that in their various stations they may do Thee hearty service; and when their task is completed, they may render up their account with joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.*

the best of ourselves in gratitude to Thee. May we fear to sit at ease, lest any seeing us see not Thee nor seek to know Thee, nor find the world better because we have lived in it. May we show our spiritual character by seeing God in common things and showing God in common tasks; may we be God-possessed to do our work in the kindling light of God's grace. We ask Thee for understanding minds, in thy Spirit, O God of Love. Amen.


of our hearts be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, our rock, and our redeemer. Amen. * From "A Chain of Prayer." By permission.


[AY we be still, and know that Thou art God.

Teach us, we pray Thee, to listen. Teach us to think, that we may be ready to receive the great ideas Thou wouldest have thy messengers understand. May we know when Thou art offering us thy wisdom, thy discretion, thy way of service, to the accomplishment of the needs of thy children. Give us that sense of thy working in the souls of men and waiting to "invade their lives through ideals," as shall be a revelation to us. Reveal thyself to us through the Bible, and help us to read much and to think more, and to love most. Give us to see what Thou dost open to us:-heal our blind eyes and our deaf ears and open our hearts to thy message, that we shall always hear the music of thy promises. Give us "supreme spiritual quietude” that knows and hears thy voice, O our Father, and is content. Amen.


"IVE us grace, O Lord, to work while it is day,

fulfilling diligently and patiently whatever duty Thou appointest us; doing small things in the day of small things, and great labors if Thou summon us to any; rising and working, sitting still and suffering, according to thy word. Go with me, and I will go; but if Thou go not with me, send me not: go before me, if Thou put me forth; let me hear thy voice when I follow.

.. Amen. * ET the tender compassion of our God. . . . guide our feet into the

way of

peace. * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

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into the way of peace.

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OUR Father, as we meet to decide upon details

of work, upon adjustments of petty import, may we not lose the sense of larger service nor ignora the great issues in the fret of small things. May we live as on a mountain seeing afar to other heights that we would attain in fresh ascents toward the heaven above. Let it be given us to bring back to the trail the lost children who have wandered off; and with helping hand and fellowship complete to lead them ever higher until the lure of the climb keep them on the upward way. Amen.


CHSAFE unto us clear and distinct percep tions of things, for Christ's sake. Amen.*


GOD, we pray Thee for our sisters, who are

leaving the ancient shelter of the home to earn their wage in the factory and the store amid the press of modern life. Save them from the strain of unremitting toil that would unfit them for the holy duties of home and motherhood which the future may lay upon them. Give them grace to cherish under the new surroundings the old sweetness and gentleness of womanhood, and in the rough mingling of life to keep their hearts pure and their lives untarnished. Save them from the terrors of utter want. Teach them to stand loyally by their sisters, that by united action * From "A Chain of Prayer.” By permission.

they may better their common lot. If it must be so that our women toil like men, help us still to reverence in them the mothers of the future. But make us determined to shield them from unequal burdens, that the women of our nation be not drained of strength and hope for the enrichment of a few, lest our homes grow poor in the wifely sweetness and motherly love which have been the saving strength and glory of our country. To such as yearn for the love and sovereign freedom of their own home grant in due time the fulfilment of their sweet desires. By Mary, the beloved, who bore the world's redemption in her bosom; by the memory of our own dear mothers, who kissed our souls awake; by the little daughters who must soon go out into that world which we are now fashioning for others, we beseech Thee that we may deal aright by all women. Amen.

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turn to Thee for strength. So much to do for Thee, and so little wherewith to do it!

O Christ, Thou who art touched with a feeling of our infirmities and hast been tempted even as we, look with thy great sympathy on thy servants. Thou knowest the drain of our daily work and the limitations of our bodies. Thou knowest that we carry but a little candle of knowledge to guide the feet of the erring amid the mazes of modern life. Thou knowest that our longing for holiness of heart is frustrated

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by the drag of our earthliness and the weight of ancient sins.

Fit us for our work, lest we fail Thee. We lean on Thee, Thou great giver of life, and pray for physical vigor and quiet strength. We call to Thee, Thou fountain of light, to flood our minds with thy radiance and to make all things clear and simple. We submit our inmost desires to thy holy will, and beseech Thee to make thy law sweet to our willing hearts.

Give, Lord, what Thou askest, and then ask what Thou wilt. We make our prayer, O God, by faith in Christ, our Lord. Amen.


E invoke thy grace and wisdom, O Lord, upon

the labor of men. Amid the numberless irritations and anxieties of their positions, help them to keep a quiet and patient temper, and to rule firmly and wisely, without harshness and anger. Since they hold power over the bread, the safety, and the hopes of the workers, may they wield their powers justly and with love as older brothers and leaders in the great fellowship of labor. Suffer not the heavenly light of compassion for the weak and the old to be quenched in their hearts. When they are tempted to follow the ruthless ways of others, and to sacrifice human health and life for profit, do Thou strengthen their will in the hour of need, and bring to naught the counsels of the heartless. Save them from repressing their workers into sullen submission and helpless fear. May they not sin against

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