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the Christ by using the bodies and souls of men as mere tools to make things, forgetting the human hearts and longings of these their brothers. Raise up among us employers who shall be makers of men as well as makers of goods. Give us masters of industry who will use their higher ability and knowledge in lifting the workers to increasing independence and vigor, and who will train their helpers for the larger responsibilities of the coming age. Give us men of faith and catch a vision of a nobler organization of our work, when all will still follow the leadership of the ablest, not in fear but by the glad will of all, and when none shall be master and none shall be man, but all shall stand side by side in a strong and righteous brotherhood of work. Amen.



END forth thy light and thy truth to all nations

and peoples upon earth, and show us wherein we may be thy messengers to those who know Thee not,here in our cities full of foreign-born, or in the distant lands which they call home. Bless all who have gone from their own land to carry the Good-Tidings of thy grace to those who sit in darkness. Especially help the suffering womanhood of the world, and quickly transform slavery and hopelessness into equality and liberty and the freedom that is in thy service. Give us a part in this great work, in thy Spirit, with our little or with much, in money, in prayer, in spoken word and kindly deed, -until we shall be all one in thy sight; one family of our Father eternal. Amen.


THOU great Champion of the outcast and the

weak, we remember before Thee the people of other nations who are coming to our land, seeking bread, a home, and a future. May we look with thy compassion upon those who have been drained and stunted by the poverty and oppression of centuries, and whose minds have been warped by superstition or seared by the dumb agony of revolt. We bless Thee for all that America has meant to the alien folk that have crossed the sea in the past, and for all the patient strength and God-fearing courage with which they have enriched our nation. We rejoice in the millions whose life has expanded in the wealth and liberty of our country, and whose children have grown to fairer stature and larger thoughts; for we, too, are the children of immigrants, who came with anxious hearts and halting feet on the westward path of hope. . . . For all the oppressed afar off who sigh for liberty; for all lovers of the people who strive to break their shackles; for all who dare to believe in democracy and the kingdom of God, make Thou our great commonwealth once more a pure beacon-light of hope and a guide on the path which leads to the perfect union of law and liberty. Amen.

E beseech thee, Lord, to behold us with favor,


Be patient stiil; suffer us yet a while longer :-with our broken purposes of good, our idle endeavors against evil; suffer us a little while longer, and (if it may be) help us to do better. Bless to us our extraordinary mercies; if the day come when these must be taken, brace us to play the man under affliction. Be with our friends: be with ourselves; go with each of us to rest; if any awake, temper to them the dark hour of watching; and when the day returns, return to us, our Sun and Comforter, and call us up with morning faces and morning hearts—eager to labor-eager to be happy, if happiness be our portion—and if the day be marked for sorrow, strong to endure it. Amen.


"HOU who art able to understand and to help,

pity spirit, brittle in temper, hounded by things undone, anxious, exhausted, and heavy of heart-pity us, AllMerciful. Put courage into us, All-Powerful. Cut out our canker of fear. Heal our irritations. Soothe us to restful sleep. Steady our wavering minds. Calm our incessantness.

Stand by us, O Lord, while we patch up our lives, or remake them. Yield us content on the lower plane, if this is our lot. Teach us acceptance of fallow-time, patience in drudgery, wholesome tranquillity, dogged remastery, ultimate come-back.

Stand by us, dear Lord.

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OD of hope, fill us with thine own Spirit of hope

fulness, that we, not knowing thy resources, may trust in Thee and in them, desire for ourselves what Thou dost desire for us, and be sure for ourselves, as Thou art sure for us, that if we fight with Thee we shall be conquerors and more than conquerors, through Him that loved us. Amen.

pass. Lord, if Thou seest this is well for us, and useful, Thou wilt grant it unto us to use for thine honor, but if Thou knowest it to be harmful, and of no profit, then take from us the longing. Lord, Thou knowest in what way it is better. Give unto us what Thou wilt, how much Thou wilt, when Thou wilt. Do with us as Thou desirest, put us where Thou seest fit, deal freely with us every day. We would not live unto ourselves, but unto Thee. And we would that we could do so, worthily and perfectly; through our teacher Jesus Christ. Amen.


GOD, we praise thy holy name, for Thou hast

brought us from afar, drawn together by the splendor of thy Kingdom, to take counsel for thy work. Be with us through all the strain of the days that are before us. ... Give us vision beyond the range of worldly prudence, and by thy wisdom make us wise, lest all our planning be futile. If difficulties confront us, give us the courageous faith that bids the mountains melt away. Smite a pathway even across the impassable sea for thy people. Hush all spirit of contention and self-will. Make us peaceful through love and through the unity of our desire. May this gathering set the standard of our Lord high up where in coming years we may see it and take courage to fulfil the vows we here make. Amen.


E would especially ask thy presence and guidance for this

great undertaking; pleading thy promises that “If in all our ways we acknowledge Thee, Thou wilt direct our paths.' With Thee we dare large plans, without Thee not one step of our way. Thou art more ready to give than we are to ask; therefore we ask Thee to open the hearts of those in this city who do not yet give toward the needs of girlhood, that they may see a new light, and joy in service; open the hearts and the hands of these girls that they be ready to receive life more abundantly in the spirit of Christ. Amen.


LIVING Lord, able and willing to help, we

thank Thee that in all our perplexities Thou art with us to lead us through them. . . . So often Thou leadest us in ways that seem strange to us, guiding us a long way around when to us the direct way had seemed the more beautiful and even the more servicefilled for Thee. . . . Yet always, knowing our weakness, Thou leadest us in thine own time to a high place whence looking backward we may see our road and cry with thankful hearts, “Hitherto has Thou

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