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swing of habit, and that joy in overcoming that our good bodies teach us.

And, as after the long day of strenuous endeavor we are overtaken with utter physical content in every fibre of our being, may that other high emprise bring us this very perfection of peace of mind and of saturation of soul with the clear high air of thy spirit.

Thus pray we, Mountain Lovers, 0 Mountain God. Amen.

ET the earth and the water, the air and the

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Let the homes and marts, the forests and fields of my country be full, my God.

Let the promises and hopes, the deeds and words of my country be true, my God.

Let the lives and the hearts of the sons and daughters of my country be one, my God. Amen.

UR Father God, we thank Thee. In the silence

of our hearts we have looked up into thy face and found that Thou art loving; in the wonder of the hills, the waters, the sky, we have found that Thou art infinite; in the peoples of the world we have seen Thee working; in their cry of need we have heard Thee calling—for us.

And we now go out again to live among those who have not seen Thee here. In the chill of their indifference, in the fire of their mockings, in the shadowland of their unbelief, grant that we may hold fast. Keep our spirits broad awake. Help us to remember.

Thou hast not said that life depends upon how we feel. And for that we thank Thee. When feeling goes, help us to hold our wills steady that we may live steadily for Thee.

Give us each day to look into thy face. In laying hold of thy strength, help us to forget our weakness. In the quiet assurance of thy power help us to go joyously about our business.

And whether Thou leadest us into the loneliness of the country, the seething of mighty cities, or to thy children across the seas; whether we walk by quiet waters or are thrust into the heat of battle; whether the road winds up into the sunlight or down into deep darkness, help us to remember. Thou our Lord Christ, art there as Thou art here. And Thou art Light, and Life, and Love. Amen.

FATHER of a Son who was a lover of little

O BOATS, Huhese frest Swas woogwalue upon the lakes

whose teaching was of choice by the shore, we, here (where He would have loved to be) turn to Thee for his secrets of rest and re-creation.

We too have been torn and tormented by the problems of the burdens and pains and hardships of others, so that at times we also have scarce had time to sit down to eat. We have come apart awhile to get fresh courage and renewed balance that we may see more clearly and be shown how to choose, among many demands and desires for service, that one or two in which each of us is best qualified to serve. From thy Son we would learn not to fret at being but one-man or one-woman power, seeing that whatever we do— little or much—if done in thy service and in thy Spirit, is God-power. Thus pray we, O Vacation Giver. Amen.

ERE, by the sea, this day, the strength of God

pilot us, the power of God preserve us, the wisdom of God instruct us, the eye of God watch over us, the word of God give us sweet-talk, the hand of God defend us, the way of God guide us.

Christ, be with us,
Christ, before us,
Christ, after us,

Christ, in us.
Christ on our right hand,
Christ on our left hand,

Christ at our back.
Christ in the heart of everyone to whom we speak,
Christ in the eye of everyone who looks upon us, .
Christ in the ear of everyone who hears,

Here, by the sea, this day. Amen.
TE thank Thee, O Thou maker and giver of all

things beautiful, for the glory and grace of the world. For the wonders of sea and sky; for the delight of the eye in color of marsh, and wave of grassstem, and curl of breaker, and leap of foam; for the gladness in the call of a song sparrow; for the scent

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of thy sea; for the tonic touch of water and of air. Help us, O God, lest we forget, in any hour, whence these things come. Fill us with the gratitude that gives thanks, not in sentiment alone, but in living a life, large as thy sea, open and pure as thy sky, with grace in it, and growth. Amen.

ORD, we have often, as the sun dipped to the

edge of the world, and the day faded from serene and stately glory, thanked Thee dearly, and stored up the memory of that splendor to color some dull future prisoned times. As this summer ends we are heartful of gratitude for the richness and spaciousness of our re-creation. For us on the long beaches there are many special reasons. Our work done with the blue immensity and the mile long rollers under our eyes. The pure delight in being alive and in motion: the dip of the sail as the breeze freshens; the dive through the breaker, the shoot of the surf,—the adventure of it all. The freedoms, the friendships, the come-back of vigor, the readiness to tackle work again, the changing, multiplied, spacious glory. O generous Planner, it must have given Thee great gladness to have seen all this happiness. May we render it back in service. Amen.

GOD, who has promised to be an everlasting

presence among men, graciously go with us and before us that we may walk with thee and be thy disciples. May thy spirit sink into us, broadening and unfolding our lives into larger proportions. Give us


wider horizon and larger liberty. Make duty delightful and service freedom. Make shameful to us every act of sin; let the lure of evil fade from off it, and may the obedient and loyal spirit sway us like a passion. Grant us true fellowship with Jesus Christ that we may be able to enter deeper and deeper into His life and spirit. Amen.

"HOU, from whom my life has come, to whom it

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thanks this day for all I have come to know about Thee. Earth and sea and sky have been vocal with thy messages of power and of beauty: human beings around me have taught me much of thy tenderness: in the face of thy Son I have seen shining the love of thy perfect Fatherhood. My mind worships: my heart adores. Life is filled with a new glory: help me to live it radiantly until everything I touch shall be transfigured: until the ordinary and commonplace shall glow with sacred meaning and the whole of life become a sacrament. Give me, O my Father, the vision that comes to the pure in heart, even the discernment of thy presence through every hour of my days. Give me strength to bear, courage to stand, patience to wait. Help me to make the mind of Christ the standard of my actions, the cross of Christ the measure of my love, until through fellowship with Him my life reflects Thee truly. To Thee, my God and Father, I come with this my prayer, through Jesus Christ, my Lord.


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