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Serials of an International Character

PREFATORY NOTE At the annual conference of the Eastern College Librarians held at Columbia University on November 29, 1919, an address on “The Institute of International Education” was given by its Director, Professor Stephen P. Duggan. After describing the origin and general scope of the Institute, he outlined plans which might be carried out in co-operation with librarians-plans which would be beneficial to libraries and librarians as well as promote the purposes of the Institute. At the close of his address the following resolution was adopted by the Conference. Resolved by the Conference of Eastern College Librarians that

they would be glad to co-operate with the Institute of International Education in providing the means (through the improvement of library collections in the United States, the publication of union lists, and otherwise) for extending in the United States an understanding of other countries; and that a committee of five be appointed to consult with the Director on means of co-operation. Further, that the committee have power to add to its membership from any other library association or research library.

The following organizing committee was appointed: Mr. Hicks of Columbia, temporary chairman; Mr. Koopman of Brown; Mr. Richardson of Princeton; Mr. Lane of Harvard; and Mr. Austen of Cornell.

A preliminary report of this committee was made to the Conference held on November 27, 1920, and the following resolution adopted: "Believing that any effective co-operation of College and

University Libraries either among themselves or with other institutions and societies having similar aims depends on .the active support and participation of the boards of trustees, library committees and responsible heads of such institutions, and believing further that effective results can be obtained by co-operation with the Institute of International Education; Be it resolved by the Conference of Eastern College Librarians:

1. That the present committee on co-operation with the Institute of International Education be continued and that it be requested to act with a similar committee appointed by the Conference of Western College Librarians in bringing this matter to the attention of the American Library Association in order that we may enlist the co-operation of the official organ of American libraries in the work of the Institute of International Education.

2. That the committee be requested and authorized to assist in the work of the Institute by stimulating the production of international lists within the scope of the Institute and in bringing these lists to its attention.”

In the spirit of these resolutions, though not with the active participation of the committee, the following list of periodicals and serials of an international character has been prepared. The list consists of two parts: first, periodicals proper, including annuals; and second, reports and proceedings of international congresses and conferences. The latter are not in every case held periodically, but their publications are usually issued in numbered series.

For these lists no claim of completeness is made. They constitute the first attempt of one library to lay the basis for more complete lists. They are compiled chiefly from the catalogues of the Columbia University Library, the printed cards of the Library of Congress, and the Harvard and John Crerar libraries.

In the list of periodicals, the earliest and latest dates of publication, with the corresponding volume numbers are given, as far as known to the compilers. A plus mark (+) indicates that as far as known the periodical is still published. The list of proceedings of international congresses and conferences is confined to volumes of which the titles have been seen. It is not a list of congresses, but of publications of congresses. Confessedly, the list is incomplete, but as far goes,

is intended to be accurate. The actual work of compilation has been done by Miss Elizabeth Haldeman and Miss Elsie Basset.

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