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HE Grant to Private Builders is intended primarily to facilitate the erection of the smaller type of house. Suitable designs for this type will be found in the booklet, "Type Plans and Elevations of Houses designed by the Ministry of Health in connection with State-aided Housing Schemes," obtainable through the Stationery Office, and in the plans which have already appeared from time to time in HOUSING.

At the same time, the maximum amount of floor space-1,400 square feet-of a house eligible for the

grant permits of the construction of a distinctive and pleasing residence.

The following designs illustrate a bungalow and various two-storey houses erected in different parts of the country, all of which are eligible to receive the maximum grant of £260. These plans need not be rigorously adhered to, but they may offer ideas to the would-be builder of the largest type of house eligible for the Grant. As each will no doubt desire to have special ideas of his own incorporated, the designs may offer scope for personal and distinctive adaptation.

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for that region. Many members of that staff, recruited from other parts of the country, have been compelled to seek accommodation in boarding-houses or furnished houses, at very high rentals.

what it is possible to achieve with the aid of this grant.

The first step was the preparation of suitable plans, and, after due consideration, it was decided that the bungalow type, in view of its low cost, convenience and

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attractive appearance, was the most suitable for the giving a height of 11 ft. The dining-room is connected purpose. by a convenient serving passage with the kitchen.

The term bungalow generally conveys the idea of a timber frame building, covered with weather board and roofed with felt, making a draughty and generally uncomfortable house of a temporary nature. This is quite a mistaken idea. Bungalows, if properly constructed and planned, are even more comfortable, convenient and easily worked than the orthodox twostorey house. The plan reproduced represents a house which is at once attractive and comfortable, as the detailed description following will show.

Sites have been selected for the erection of these

bungalows, and estimates secured, and after negotiations by the Chief Architect of the Region, Mr. D. G. Tanner, a contract was entered into with Messrs. A. Francis & Co., of Birmingham, at the rate of £940 each, plus the Government subsidy. This sum includes installation of gas and water, connecting drains to the main sewer, making paths, and finishing the house ready for occupation.

Each bungalow is to be built on about a quarter of an acre of ground, the method of construction consisting of an external 4 in. brick wall separated by a 1 in. cavity from the internal facing of 3 in. breeze blocks. Both bricks and blocks are set in cement, and the whole of the internal walls and ceilings plastered in the orthodox way. The plinth and chimney are of brindled bricks, the upper part of the walls being rough cast, and the roof tiled.

A wide porch leads into the lounge hall, which is a prominent feature of the design. It is 17 ft. 6 in. in length by 12 ft. 6 in. in width, and 16 ft. high, and it is treated in the Jacobean style, with oak king-posts, stone fireplace and "minstrels' gallery." Leading out of the lounge is the dining-room, measuring 16 ft. 6 in. (inclusive of bay) by 12 ft. 6 in. The ceiling is barrelled,

The kitchen is divided into two, one portion forming a comfortable sitting-room for the domestic help, while the other is the working kitchen proper. In the former, convenient to the dining-room, is a dresser with drawers for plate and silver, and glass-fronted cupboards for china and glass.

Free use is made in the main kitchen of labour-saving devices, the room being fitted with a gas-cooker, sink with two draining boards and cupboards under, storecupboards, etc., and an independent slow combustion boiler supplying constant hot water to the sink, the bathroom, the lavatory, and a radiator in the lounge hall. A larder fitted with slate shelves opens out of the kitchen.

The bedrooms are grouped at one end of the house, measuring 16 ft. 6 in. by 12 ft. 6 in., 12 ft. 6 in. by 10 ft. 9 in., 11 ft. by 9 ft., and 9 ft. 9 in. by 7 ft. 3 in., all being 8 ft. 8 in. high. The bathroom contains a 5 ft. 6 in. bath, 20 in. lavatory basin and w.c., and the hot water from the boiler heats a towel rail in the bathroom and a

linen cupboard just outside it.

Accommodation for storage can be obtained in the roof, with a head-room of about 6 ft. 3 in., and a dormer window gives light to this roof-space.

Only one chimney-stack is provided, serving the open fireplace in the lounge-hall and the independent boiler. The remainder of the house is heated by gas-fires, the necessary air being introduced direct from outside the building, and the products of combustion carried off in special 9 in. by 3 in. flues, concealed in the cavity of the wall and terminating under the eaves in special ventilators made by Messrs. Thomas Ash & Co. The result is both to reduce the cost of building and to increase the attractiveness of the elevation, which is pleasing without useless and meaningless ornament.



LEVATIONS and plans are shown on the opposite page of a house conforming to the requirements of the Ministry of Health in order to be available for the Government Grant, but somewhat more distinctive in appearance and arrangement than those provided for in the usual housing scheme.

This house provides a floor space of 1,396 ft. super, and the cost, on a basis of 1s. 9d. per ft. cube, is about £1,550. The specification provides for the use of 9 in. brick walls, chimney and plinth, the walls being rough The roof is of timber, covered with pantiles or bridgewater tiles.


The house is designed for a northerly aspect, and the dining room, living room, kitchen and three main

bedrooms are all given an outlook to the garden on the south side.

ground floor is solid throughout, the floors of the hall and All windows and doors are of painted wood, and the dining room being in 9 in. red quarry tiles, of the drawing room and kitchen in solid wood, and of the pantry and offices granolithic.

An example of the thought and care displayed in planning is shown in the fact that the kitchen is completely cut off from the rest of the house, and is only approached through the pantry, so that noise and smell from this source are allowed to penetrate the house as little as possible.

T. A. L.

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